Out for a run parts 10-12


Out for a run parts 10-12Part 10What a week has been, last time I wrote Kim and me played with my group of guys in the park, and even added 2 more to the group to make 6 guys. When I got home, I found out that my husband had been hiding in the bushes watching and taking pictures the whole time. We looked at the pictures when I got home from the park and fucked like crazy, but it was now that my husband voiced some concerns that were very real. Someone could very easy hear us from the trail – I am very verbal during sex and have not been careful out in the park, and our secret location is only about 20 feet from a very busy trail. Probably the only reason that more people have not seen my action is that it is midweek and not many people use the park at this time. Getting caught is not a big deal, but getting arrested or someone gets offended is a big deal and could cause all kinds of problems. We talked and decided to move to a much more secluded place in the park, so that my being verbal would not matter. The park is massive, and we would have to look for a new site. In the morning I would go with my husband to search for the perfect spot, he was coming along so that he could set up and have his secret area too, to watch and get some good pictures. The morning was warm and clear, I dressed in my normal park clothing and we set off to explore the park. We spent about 4 hours hiking along the different trails, finding areas that lead off to secluded locations, and we found lots of spots that I thought would work, but usually there was something wrong with the site. Mid-afternoon came and we were a good 3 miles into the backcountry of the park and headed off the trail, we walked a good 200 yards and came upon a place that took my breath away. There was a stream running through a small meadow, at this area the stream got about 30 feet wide and ran nice and slow, there were trees all around, and it looked like no one had been hear before. At least they were not using it actively. My husband scouted out the area and found a perfect observation area that was well concealed, but gave him a great view and he would be comfortable while doing his observations and camera work. I had him go back to the trail and I made all kinds of noises and when he returned he said that he did not hear a thing. Perfect. I figured I should see how the area felt without cloths on, so off they came – It was wonderful, I had a new secrete place, and it felt good to be standing nude in the middle of my meadow, the only thing that was missing was my tree stump from the old place. This was the stump that Kim and I laid on to take some of the pressure off our bodies while the guys screwed the shit out of our holes. I would have to figure something out, and I would have to let the guys know our new location – quite a bit farther for them to go to get a piece of ass, I hope they will not mind. My husband sneaked up behind me and grabbed me, he had lost his cloths too, and he just slide his cock right into my wet hairy pussy and standing there in the meadow he bent me forward and screwed me, cumming in my pussy while I was grunting and groaning. We were like k**s, after he came, I pushed him in the stream, and we splashed and played in the water. The cool water made my nipples stick straight out giving my husband something to suck on – this water will be good for cleaning up after some good fucking. When we got out of the water my husband got me on my knees and screwed me hard and deep in my asshole, making me make little screaming noises until we both came. We than just laid back naked out in the warn sun and dozed off to sleep. I woke up with my husbands face in my pussy, licking away – anyone that has not woke up this way is really missing something. I came a few times on his face and than we relaxed some more. It was a great time, lying around, screwing when we wanted to and not having a care in the world. As it was starting to get late in the day, we didn’t want to get caught in the park once it got dark. We needed to remember how to get back to this spot, so we got our stuff together, got dressed and headed down the trail. It was quite a distance longer than my last spot. And on the trip back I wanted to stop and get anything we had left at the old area. We turned off the trail and found my spot; we collected my very used and somewhat sticky and crunchy blanket and headed back home. Once I got home I sent an e-mail to the guys and Kim that due to safety and security reasons I would need to change our meeting location, and that next Tuesday we could meet at our usual location and I would show them the new spot. In a matter of 5 minutes sending my message I had all 6 guys reply that this sounded good and that they would all be ready for the new spot on Tuesday, and Kim sent me a message saying that she had recovered from our last gang fuck, and that she was in güvenilir bahis siteleri for Tuesday. Now, the only thing was the wait until Tuesday, and what to do without my tree stump to make it easier to fuck and suck my guys??? Part 11It has been another fun and exciting week, with my move to the new spot in the park and my Tuesday with the guys. I let the guys know about moving to a new more seclude place in the park that I jog in, and that on Tuesday I would meet them at our old spot and we could all go and have fun playing at the new spot. Kim was going to meet me at my house, so that we could both meet the guys together and head on over to the spot. Tuesday morning rolled around and I got a call from Kim, her mother was sick and she was going to have to leave town this morning and she might be gone for a couple of weeks depending on how her mother does. This did present me with a problem, 6 young guys wanting to fuck my brains out and little old me trying to make them happy, was I up to the job today?? It was too late to let the guys know of the change, so I guess I could try taking on all 6, how different could it be from screwing 4 guys. I got ready, and got into my jogging cloths and headed off to the park, walking to the park entrance and jogging at a steady pace towards the old spot to meet the guys. It felt good to be out in the fresh air and getting my heart going. I rounded the last turn and took the cut-off to the spot, and found all 6 guys waiting for me. They asked about Kim, and I let them know that she would not be joining us today, and it may be a few weeks until we see her again, and if they were ready to head over to our new location. Everyone was ready, we made sure that we did not leave anything at the old location – god, am I going to miss the tree stump that I used to lay over and get screwed good on. One last look, and off we went as a group to the new spot. It took us another 30 minutes to hike to the new location, but when we got there and the guys saw the pond , the meadow, and how secluded it was, they all felt like I did – it was worth the extra distance. The guys spent a couple of minutes looking around, becoming comfortable in their new surroundings, and than they started dropping their cloths. As I was spreading out my blanket, they all got naked, and were splashing in the pond and waiting for me to get started. I finished spreading out the blanket and turned around to see 6 naked young men, all with hard erections waiting for me. I took my top and bra off – releasing my 36 D’s followed rapidly by my shorts and panties – letting my thick hairy pussy feel the nice cool breeze. I laid back on the blanket, and the fun began, first 2 of the guys wrapped their lips around each of my nipples and went to work suckling like babies, another guy moved in between my legs and started to lick my pussy lips, and another guy laid over top my face – like doing a push-up and put his hard cock straight into my mouth and started pumping – it felt so wonderful being in the center of all these guys, making them feel good and having them make me feel good. After a couple of minutes the guy who was eating my pussy, moved up and pushed his cock deep into my wet pussy, it felt so good, and he started pumping away. When the guy in my mouth came, one of the breast guys moved up to take his place, and one of the guys watching took over at the breast. It worked out like clockwork, as one would cum, he would be replaced by another guy, they must have worked this all out in advance, because there were no arguments about whose turn it was, or who was doing what, it just worked out. The only change happened about 3 guys in, the guy wanted to fuck my asshole, and how I was laying made it almost impossible. They got me up on all fours, and he put his cock into my ass doggie style, as the breast guys laid down under my swinging breasts and sucked from underneath, and I took the guy in frond down my throat. This went on for the next 2 guys, but my knees started to ach, so we went back to me being on my back and the guys over me. We were all having a great time, and the guys would jump into the pond and swim around when it wasn’t their turn, and they even brought drinks from home to give me to keep me hydrated. After each of the guys had taken their first turns with me, I took a short rest, and than fucked each guy separate this next time. Most of the guys screwed me in the missionary position, 2 wanted a turn in my ass, and one wanted to eat out my pussy – messy, but he didn’t seem to mind. After they had all had their turn, I took a nice swim in the pond to cool off, and play around with the guys. 6 nude young guys (18 and 19) and this 50+ year old women, it was like heaven for me, I felt so alive and I think the guys were enjoying their time with me. After my swim I got out and laid back on the blanket and ended up canlı bahis siteleri screwing 4 of the guys again, and my little pussy eater moved right in after the fourth one was done and cleaned me out good. When the guys were all done, we all laid out in the sun, or swam in the pond, or played around naked. As it started to cool down, our signal to start heading back home, it was hard to get dressed into cloths after being naked most of the day. We found a safe spot to store the blanket, and the guys left a small cooler with drinks in it in that same spot. After everyone was dressed I said goodbye to my guys and they headed home before me. I just put on my shirt, leaving my bra with the blanket and just my running shorts, leaving my panties behind, and off I went. It was cooler now and my nipples were hard as little erasers sticking through my shirt. It was nice jogging like this, only I had to watch my speed – my breasts swing too much and hurt after awhile if I am not careful. I got down to the park entrance and was just starting to walk the last little bit home when up drives a car, it was my husband asking how my adventure went, and if I needed a ride home – I told him I would let him know how things went when I got home, and that I would be wanting to ride him when I got home. I met him in the front yard and we quickly moved into the house and screwed each other silly as I let him in on all the details of the new spot. Part 12This week like every week was very busy, but the big difference was the weather. It has been raining this past week and I had to cancel my weekly trip to the park, and this is not making me happy, or my park buddies. Over the weekend I just stayed in and watched TV and did very little, I did get an e-mail from my friend Kim saying that her mother was not as bad as first thought and she would be coming home on Sunday. Kim is my friend who knows about my adventures in the park with my guys and has joined me once to help satisfy the guys. She and I have also played a little with each other, and we both seem to enjoy it. So, here I was, Saturday afternoon, raining outside, horny as can be, and my husband at work. I figured, maybe going shopping would help out my disposition, and make me feel better. I got dressed in casual cloths – Bra, nice white t-shirt, panties, jeans and nice high open toed shoes. I put my jacket on and headed out to the car. It was raining very hard, and it made it slow going to the mall. At the mall it continued to dump rain, making the walk from the car to the stores impossible. I put the car into drive and headed home, on the way, I drove past the park that I enjoy jogging in and felt the need to stop in. I turned the car into the main entrance and parked over by the trail area. It was still dumping rain, but it felt good to be sitting there relaxing hearing the rain hitting the car. The parking lot was empty, and with the rain coming down it was dark out side. I opened the car window and even thou it was raining it was still warm out, so I got an idea – ideas in the past have gotten me into trouble. I slipped off my shoes, than down came my pants, followed by my panties, than I took my t-shirt and bra off. I was sitting in the car naked, but got scared, and put my t-shirt back on. I had a duffel bag in the car truck with extra cloths and an old pair of running shoes in it. So I got out of the car and went to the truck to get my shoes, and by the time I returned to the driver’s side and got back into the car I was soaked. I looked down and my t-shirt was soaked, like in a wet t-shirt contest, you could make out my breasts and nipples through my shirt. I put on my shoes and since it wasn’t cold out, I decided to go for a little walk in the rain. Out I went, it continued to rain hard, but it felt great on my body – the mud under my feet, and rain running down my hair, dripping off my nose, I got maybe 100 feet up the trail and turned to see if I could still see my car, it was gone, blocked out by the rain, I went up the trail further and was having a wonderful time playing in the rain. It felt great, and no one around to bother me, I looked down and saw that my t-shirt was almost transparent, and I was feeling pretty horny. I found a little clearing off the side of the trail and decided “what the fuck” and took off my t-shirt and laid it on the ground, I sat down on it and brought my knees up and spread them as far out as I could. The rain was really coming down when I brought my finger to my hairy pussy and started to run my finger around the outer lips, dipping a finger into my opening from time to time, as the rain came down I really started playing with my very hot / wet pussy. I got to the point that I was pumping 3 fingers in and out of my pussy and moaning, groaning and whimpering as I was coming, I must have come a few times laying out in that field on my back naked bahis firmaları with the rain coming down. I finally had cum enough and relaxed there – my fingers still up inside of me, eyes closed – feeling like I was the only women in the world. After laying there for some time enjoying the rain, I got myself up and picked up my shirt off the ground – big mistake, because it was covered in mud, and it was my only clothing to get to the car. Here I was naked, muddy shirt in hand in a public park and nothing to protect me if someone came up the path. Nothing else to do, but hope for the best and head back towards the car and my dry cloths. It was pretty steep and slippery on the way back to the car, and I slipped in the mud, falling on my ass a couple of times. As I approached the parking area I was pretty muddy, but it was than that I saw the park ranger shinning a light into my car, before I had a chance to duck for cover, the light was shinned up at me – standing there butt ass naked, a 51 year old women in all her glory – muddy legs and butt, hairy old pussy, and rain running off my 36 D breasts. I heard a strong voice tell me to come hear, and not knowing what to do I followed the command. As I moved closer, the light was kept on me, making me feel even more naked than I was, and it was starting to make me hot again. As I got to within 5 feet of the ranger, I was able to see that it was a younger woman, about 35 with a very pretty face. I couldn’t see anything else because she was wearing her rain gear. The first thing she asked was what was I doing, and I had to explain that I loved the rain, and how my shirt got all muddy, and that I was hopping to get to my car without being seen – I left out the masturbating part. She had more questions, and had me walk over to the bathroom area that was out of the rain and had lighting, hear she asked my name, and started to ask more about how it felt being naked in the rain. I explained how I enjoy being naked at home and the rain was just another wonderful experience that I had to try. Standing there naked in front of this stranger felt strange, but after I figured out that I probably was not going to be arrested, it started to excite me more. After some more talk, I told her that she should try being naked in the rain, and that I could help her enjoy the feeling, she took some time to think about it, but than said – why not, no one is in the park today, and it would be an experience. Behind the bathrooms was the ranger office – she went in and in a minute or two came back out dressed only in her work boots – she looked great – 5’5”, 125 lbs, hairy pussy, nice dangling breasts – 38C’s. She looked nervous, so I said, lets go find a more secluded place just in case someone comes, she said lead the way, and off we went. I was muddy, and we slipped and feel into the mud a couple of times, laughing, and helping each other up when we would fall. A ways down the trail we found a nice place and both twirled around in the rain and just let the rain fall on our naked bodies. It was fun spinning around, and we were doing it – that’s when we both spun around at the same time, being to close to each other and ended up bumping face to face into each other. There, standing in the rain, naked in each others arms, we kissed each other on the lips – it felt warm and inviting, so I slipped my tongue into her mouth and we tongue played for awhile. During this time both of us let our hands wonder all over each others bodies, breasts, butts, and down to some serious pussy fingering. We both broke our kissing and started laughing because it was such a sight, and to find a more comfortable place. We really didn’t see any place better that the little grassy area we were standing on, so down we went. We rolled around on the grass, feeling each others bodies, kissing and having a great time. The rain continued, when we both at the same time turned around into a classic 69 position and started licking and sucking each others hot cunts. We continued sucking each others pussies and using our fingers to bring each other to multiple organisms. When we were done we just laid there in each others arms with the rain falling on us. We finished up with some nice tit to tit body rubbing and kissing as we rolled around on the grass and into the mud – we got mud everywhere, and just continued to enjoy each others bodies. We finally came up for air, and figured that we had better head back and get cleaned up. We got back to the ranger shack, and my ranger got dried and cleaned up, we had another hot kiss goodbye, and I told her that I jog in the park and maybe we can see each other again – she said she knew that I jogged in the park and she had seen me, and had even seen some of my activities from a distance. I left it at that, and said goodbye and I would see her soon – I got to my car, and drove home naked – only a couple of blocks. And went in and took a nice hot shower. I needed to think – things were starting to get out of control, here another person has seen me screwing my guys, and now I have a lesbianish girlfriend that I know I will be playing with in the future.

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