Out of Nowhere…!


I couldn’t help myself. Seeing her without any clothes on turned me on instantly, as would the sight of just about any woman exposing herself exclusively to me. I was quite sure she hadn’t had any type of sexual contact in years. And by the looks she was giving me, I was positive she was thinking the same nasty thoughts I was. I’m still not sure what exactly was in those drinks we had just a few minutes ago, but they were evidently kicking our moral compasses square in the crotch. My heart was almost beating out of my chest in anticipation of putting my hands all over every inch of her soft skin.

Out of nowhere, she had asked me for assistance in removing her under garments. I was a bit stunned but only for a split second. Mom lifted her hair from the back in order for me to manage the clasp from her fancy black brassiere. I did so with one hand still holding her steady from around her waist and with a snap, the bra fell to the floor. Mom turned around and made no effort to hide her perfectly chiseled bosom from my eager gaze. There was no doubting the fact that she did have an excellent set of tits and were very pleasing to the eyes to say the least. Playfully, Mom turned away from me and stuck both of her thumbs in the waistline of her pretty matching panties and began to motion for more assistance in their removal. As I slid them down her sculpted thighs and calves, I couldn’t seem to focus on anything but her amazing ass. It was incredibly tight and didn’t move at all even as I watched her step through her panties while still keeping her shoes on.

My Mother had an amazing looking body for a gal of her age. She was curvaceously toned with a petite and slender frame. Mom was also inexplicably tanned in a perfect shade of golden-brown at all times. It would seem she had worked at it, and from the obvious notion of seeing zero tan-lines, had done so topless or nude. I guess I had never really looked at her in this manner before, but I found myself overwhelmed with an immediate lust. All she did was call me upstairs to help her decide on which dress to wear to this stupid party tonight. It sounded innocent enough at first, but now here the two of us were aching to make incestuous contact. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, it was like seeing a completely different woman. She looked fantastic with her long, dark hair put up and now she was only wearing nothing but a pair of black heels.

I never thought I would see the day where my naked Mother was just sprawled out on her bed, taunting me me to make the first move in what would be blatant incest. I didn’t even try to overt my gaze in shame or offer to cover her up. In any other case I would just close the door and pretend I just didn’t see my mother in the nude and turn beet-red with embarrassment. But not this time. Pushing the door open and spotting Mom in her current condition seemed almost inviting. It was clear that neither one of us were in our right minds. Something was very different.

We quickly pushed all the dresses and stockings she had laid out completely off the bed in a haste. As I stood above her, I began to remove the rest of my clothes. kurtköy escort I hardly noticed that I was fully erect and had been so the entire time. Mom looked at my length and began to smile at me with ill intent. Were we really doing this? How did we get to this point? I’m sure she didn’t have this in mind as she was in here completely nude, or did she? Mom didn’t say a word and she didn’t have to. One thing was certain, two unclothed, curious, and consenting adults could end only in one possible conclusion.

Related or not, the feeling of unbridled sexual ‘want’ was taking hold of our flesh and neither one of us new why. There had been no previous attempts or advances on our parts for sexual intimacy. I was just her son and now she was ogling me like some kind of sexual boy-toy. I too was sizing her up and wanted nothing more than to perform the most debauched and perverted acts with this woman right away. At the same time I was pushing thoughts of what was deemed morally right and wrong deep down in the recesses of my mind only to selfishly fulfill my physical cravings. Could I really fuck my own Mother?

I stroked my cock as I looked at her with a mischievous grin. What the hell was wrong with us? It was like the two of us were possessed by some horny teenagers all of a sudden. Was it HER that put something in our drinks? Clearly Mom had made peace with the moral consequences and began to smile even bigger as I continued to point my rock hard shaft in her direction. The aroma of her sweet glistening pussy mixed with her perfume was intoxicating and began to beckon me to do unspeakable physical things with her dainty body.

“What do you intend on doing with that?” She asked with a smirk eyeing my swollen pecker.

“What would you like me to do with this?” I retorted.

She began to giggle. “I think you should share that with your Mother.”

“Okay, where would you like me to share it?” I asked slyly.

Mom closed her eyes. “You can put it wherever you like.”

I wasted no time in parting Mom’s gorgeous legs. All rational thought had somehow vanished from my brain as I was now acting on primal basic instincts. I pulled Mom’s lower lips apart with my thumbs and quickly pushed my drippy cock deep within her fuzzy chasm. Mom began to cry aloud with the first initial thrusts. Seconds later her surprisingly tight vaginal walls had gradually relaxed and accepted me inside. I almost felt bad for Mom as her slender frame had no choice in the matter of receiving my girth inside her. I wasn’t HUGE but In comparison to her petite build, I was considerably ill proportioned to her smaller, luscious opening.

My Mother’s legs straightened over my shoulders as I began to pummel her defenseless pussy. Both of my hands had a firm grasp around each of her slender ankles as the two of us continued to collide our groins together. She did everything she could to hide the pain of me cramming my cock all the way inside of her. The poor woman’s only relief was crying out in agonizing bliss while her own Son feverishly split her down the middle over and over again.

“Oh YES! Fuck me honey! aydıntepe escort Fuck me all you want to! It’s alright. You can fuck Mommy’s pussy all night!” She shouted while gasping for air. “Keep fucking Mommy’s pussy baby!”

Hearing the sound of my own Mother’s voice commanding me with such terrible language made me even hotter. I never wanted to hear such filth from her lips before, but hearing it while I continued slamming my cock into her slimy cunt hole made it even more taboo.

“Oh yeah, does that feel good Mommy? You like my hard cock in you don’t you?” I spat back. “I’m gonna fuck your pretty pussy HARD!”

Seconds later, Mom removed her body from my length and spun herself around so she was on her hands and knees facing away from me. She arched her beck and began to rest herself on her elbows to position her puffy gash at the perfect angle for me to continue the ruthless poundings. I knelt down behind her and once again pushed myself in as deep as I could go. Mom let out a sensuous gasp as I entered her from the back. The sight of watching my slippery hard-on disappear into my Mother’s abdomen was almost magical. Her perfectly rounded, and sweaty ass parted in sync with every intrusion. I enjoyed watching her slick labia roll over every centimeter of my vein riddled shaft. The tempo had gotten increasingly faster and the sounds of our moist genitals smashing together was almost deafening now. Mom’s head began to lower and I held on to one of her shoulders. My other hand was playfully exploring one her silky breasts as she continued to sheath my cock in her birth canal.

“Oooh… you fuck me so good baby! That feels so good! Do you like fucking Mommy’s little pussy? Keep fucking me. Yeah.. Fuck me harder baby!” Mom commanded.

“Yeah, I like fucking you Mommy. I’m gonna fuck your tight little pussy all night long!” I said gritting my teeth.

“Tell me what else you want to do to me baby.” She screeched. “What do you want to do to Mommy?”

“I want to shove my tongue deep in your hot little ass. then I want to ram my cock down your throat!” I said angrily.

Mom liked hearing that and began to paw at her own tits as she continued to smile and howl with delight. I had just told my own Mother I wanted to eat her pussy then suck my dick and she was in to it. Something was really wrong with us tonight.

I grabbed Mom around her waist and was now pulling her backwards. Something came over me and I began to jack-hammer my poor little Mother’s body with cruel intent. Mom was on the brink and let out one continuous howl as her body was being defiled by her only Son. As I continued to fill her, I reached down and gave her a quick slap on the ass. Mom gasped in response and smiled as she looked back at me. I decided to incorporate a few more harder slaps to her behind and she yelped with glee every time. This sent her into over-drive and later let out a sound that could only signify her reaching orgasm. I marveled at the red hand-print forming on my Mother’s bronzed bottom.

Once again she spun her body around and spread her legs wide open.

“Oh fuck, tuzla içmeler escort that felt so good baby! what have you done to Mommy’s pussy?” she asked playfully, still trying to catch her breath..

I sunk my cock back inside the very hole that gave me life and continued our feverish fuck session until the urge to release aroze. Completely crazed I wanted nothing more than to fill this woman’s vagina with a gallon of my own seed.

“I’m gonna CUM! I’m gonna cum in your pussy!” I grunted.

“Yes baby, you can go in me. Shoot your cum deep into Mommy’s pussy!” She yelled. “It’s okay baby, let it all out.”

My sac tightened and with a few more grunts and thrusts, a river of pearly white fluid began to fill my Mother’s cunt to the brim. The stuff began to seep out of the sides before I even removed my shaft from her shiny red hole. There was so much of my fluid in her that it began to run back out of her swollen pussy and onto her bed sheets. Mom stuck a few of her fingers back in her twat and licked the goo from them. The sight of my Mother tasting my semen had gotten me a bit worked up yet again. Without a word I pushed my Mother’s head over my cock and shoved it deep down her throat. It seemed that Mom was less that hesitant and continued gobbling my length into the deepest part of her neck. I simply watched in delight as My own Mother’s pretty little head bobbed up and down as she looked at me with satisfaction. Her ruby red lips formed a warm, tight suction around my junk as she slurped and licked the entire thing clean.

“Mmmm that tastes so good baby. You need to try some.” She said as she laid back with her knees apart.

“Go ahead baby, lick Mommy’s pussy.” She moaned.

I was a little hesitant about tasting my own cum at first, but at the same time couldn’t resist a chance to prod that delectable little pussy with my tongue. I shoved my face between her legs while Mom held the back of my head. I lapped the shiny goop from Mom’s delicious orifice and was pleasantly surprised at how the both of our fluids intermixed had tasted. Before long, I had licked her snatch clean. She bucked wildly with every lick. Her moans were orgasmic and it made me want to eat her yummy snatch even more. I could feel her legs squirming around as she tried to wrap them around my back. Her high-heels were starting to dig into my sides as I tongued her box into another orgasm. Mom had made a series of shallow gasps and a new warmer taste filled my mouth. She had indeed cum one more time. I looked up at her with my slick face in total bliss.

“Isn’t that good baby? I told you. Did you like tasting Mommy’s pussy?” She said with a huge grin on her face. “You just let me know when you are ready for more. We have all night just the two of us.”

Mom sat up as she kicked off her shoes and caressed her now red and tender vaginal area. This woman was insatiable. I was really starting to wonder what the hell was going on with the two of us. We were no where near drunk especially after one small drink, and yet there was some very obvious chemical imbalances at work here. Part of me wanted to examine the bottle she poured them from and get to the bottom of this. But the other part of me wanted me to keep skewering my Mother and her newly formed slutty persona. I just needed a recharge after a few minutes and I would be re-entering my birth canal once again.

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