Oxygen Games Ch. 03


[Recap: While trying to get his wife pregnant, Aidan has come up with a game to spice up their love life. It appears to be harmless enough, so Rosa reluctantly agrees. She won the first round, and her husband had to give her oral, but despite the lovemaking that followed she didn’t get pregnant. Aidan decides he’s upping the stakes for the next round.]


They sit in the car in silence in the car park of the medical centre, the little paper bag between them. The sky is blue and Rosa is watching a mother with her young daughter. The mother is holding her child’s hand and talking to her, explaining how to cross the road safely. The little girl is wide-eyed, watching out for cars, as they begin to cross.

“Fuck it,” Rosa says, “Got any water?”

Aidan hands her a water bottle and Rosa rummages in the little bag, extracting a small white box. She opens it and pops a couple of pills out of the foil. They sit for a moment in her hand.

“Fuck it,” she says again, knocking the pills into her mouth and taking a swig of water.

Aidan takes the water back and slips it into the bottle holder in the car door. He starts the engine and they pull out into traffic. The medical centre recedes in the rear-view mirror.

He doesn’t quite know what to feel, watching his wife as she glances out of her window. She’s quiet, surveying the shops as they pass, the people walking, but Aidan knows she’s brooding. It had been a big call to go back to the doctor and get a referral, but her time of the month had just rolled around exactly on schedule and they knew it hadn’t worked. Her quiet disappointment is still vivid in his memory, the way she just took herself off to the couch. It broke his heart.

He knows that his wife is used to winning. She is accustomed to putting in the effort and then being rewarded with a place on the podium. He knows he’s the same, which is how they met, talking over drinks in the bar by the beach, still sweaty in their running gear after completing the Ironman competition. Aidan had finished third-fastest man, but Rosa had won the women’s event. He can still recall her smugly superior attitude at netting herself the gold when he only got bronze. It had endeared her to him immediately. That, and her sexy little smile, that look that told him that she was into him as well. Sitting in the car park, it feels like a lifetime ago.

Aidan doesn’t drive them straight home. Instead, he takes them to the park, pulling up next to the adventure playground, noticing too late.

“Sorry,” he says.

Rosa looks over at the kids swinging on the monkey bars.

“I swear the world is suddenly full of the little fuckers,” she growls. “There never used to be this many kids everywhere.”

Aidan gets out of the car, opens her door, keen to direct her away. There’s a small grassy area next to the little lake. He fishes a picnic rug out of the back of the car and a small bag. Rosa follows dutifully.

In the shade of a tree, he spreads the rug out and sits down. Aidan pats the place next to him.

“What, like I’m a dog?”

Aidan grimaces.

“No. Nothing like that. Like you’re my wife and I want to spend some time with you.”

Rosa relents and plops down next to Aidan, allowing him to wrap his arms around her.

“I brought something to eat.”

“I’m fine thanks, I’m not really in a mood for eating.”

Aidan draws her down to lie next to him, turning so they’re face to face.

“I think it’s good,” Aidan begins, “The doc said that there’s plenty more options. If the pills don’t work there’s a lot further we can still go.”

Rosa grimaces but doesn’t answer.

“It’s going to be okay.”

Rosa sighs and closes her eyes, saying, “You don’t know that. Can we just stop with this positivity Bostancı Escort bullshit?”

Aidan exhales, a long, low breath. He knows his job: he takes the shit on the chin. He takes the shit for both of them and doesn’t bitch about it. Given what Rosa’s going through, it’s the least he can do.

“Okay. What do you want to do?”

Rosa rolls over onto her back; for a long moment she just stares up at the sky.

“Next bet,” she says, “You got one?”

Aidan’s hand rests on her stomach, thumb gently teasing her skin under the fabric of her top.

“I planned something, yes.”

“Like you knew it wasn’t going to work this cycle? Like a bit of oral and a good fucking wouldn’t be enough?”

Aidan’s face darkens, and he retorts, “No, as in I knew how sad you would be if it failed so I called Davey this morning before we came to the clinic and pitched a deal. Well, more like pulled a favour.”

“And what is it?”

“Sanctuary Point, the V.I.P. suite with an overnight stay.”

“And what’s that going to cost us?”

“We’ll do a post, put it on our socials.”

“And how the fuck is that helping us?”

Aidan can see that Rosa is building up to a confrontation.

“It’s helping us by you getting to spend the weekend in a luxury spa at the right time of the month. The bet, since you asked, is the private suite. Winner gets treated by loser.”

Aidan has clearly put the effort in, and Rosa softens. She exhales.

“Sounds nice,” she says, “Sorry. I’m just….”

“I know.”

“I don’t mean to be a bitch.”

“I get that, really. It’s okay.”

“Though I warn you, it’s going to get worse, once those hormone pills kick in.”

Aidan’s eyes widen in mock surprise. “I thought they already had.”

Rosa looks at him for a moment. “Bastard,” she says, but her eyes are smiling.

Aidan begins to feel her mood lift.

“What we gonna bet on?” she asks.

“Dunno, what’s on at the moment?”

Rosa sits up. “Let’s go find out.”

“We done here then?”

Rosa gives Aidan a sympathetic look and says, “Yeah. Sorry. I appreciate the effort, but y’know I never was one for taking it lying down.”

Basketball is not her game. This game, in particular, is not going her way.

“It’s not fair,” she groans as the ball is turned over again. “You knew how shit my team were, didn’t you.”

“Hey, I let you pick first, you could have had the other guys. But yes, they are.”

“Is there really any point watching anymore?”

“It’s a fifteen-point spread with six on the clock. There’s every chance that I could end up giving you the treatment. They could really pull a miracle out of the bag.”

Rosa huffs. The bar is almost deserted, and their glasses are empty. Then she rounds on her husband.

“Hold on. Treatment? We never clarified.”

“Oh baby, too late now.”

“No way. Stop the clock, I want a timeout.”

“You should have asked that question before the bet started.”

“I didn’t….”

“You didn’t think you were gonna lose, did you?”

“Just tell me.”

Aidan leans close so he can whisper in her ear, and tells her, “Waxed and then FBM.”

“What the fuck is FBM?”

He can hear the uncertainty in her voice. “It’s… you don’t mean like S the sudden silence is profound. Aidan looks up at the ring of skylights, seeing blue sky. Late afternoon sun divides the circular reception area into areas of bright light and stark shadow.

“Nice,” Rosa murmurs. It seems inappropriate to speak any louder than a whisper in this place.

Aidan begins to wheel the luggage towards the woman behind a solid wooden reception desk.

“Let’s check in and get you prepared,” he says, his voice low and muted.

Rosa leans back, Anadolu Yakası Escort hair flicked over a shoulder, fanned by the light breeze. In the distance behind her, the wide expanse of the lake sparkles in the late afternoon sun. She brings her knees up slightly so that the straps of her tiny white bikini bottoms draw Aidan’s eye up over her thigh and in towards the triangle of white fabric nestling between her legs.

“Just like that,” he calls, and takes the picture.

Rosa smiles at him and he takes another shot. There’s something about the look in her eye. Even if Davey never uses that shot, Aidan thinks he’ll keep it himself: his wife’s perfect body reclining on the spa deck in the afternoon sun.

“Head further back,” he calls.

“Girls out?”


Rosa arches her back, forcing her bikini top to jut out, showing off the curve of her small, pert breasts. Her skin is perfect. Aidan takes more shots, moving around her to get different angles. She laughs, showing off white teeth. Aidan captures the moment.

“Where do you want me next?” she calls out, “By the railing?”

“No,” Aidan replies, “On the bed. Naked. Davey’s got what he asked for.”

Rosa laughs again, rolling her hips to get up to a kneeling position. Aidan can’t help himself. He takes another photo.

“I thought the shoot was over.”

“That one wasn’t for Davey, it’s for me,” Aidan grins, “For the long winter evenings.”

Rosa gets up and Aidan walks over to her, wrapping her in a hug.

“Was I hot?”

“You were scorching. I can’t believe I got to marry you.”

“You’ll say anything to get me into bed.”

Aidan’s hands descend to his wife’s bottom and he begins to knead the firm flesh. She presses herself close to him and looks down.

“Oh, hello.”

He can feel her groin against his stiffening manhood, conscious of being fully dressed while his wife is wearing a tiny white bikini doing its best to cover her crotch. In the bikini, she’s already practically naked in his arms. He bends down to her mouth and slips his tongue between her lips. She sucks hungrily.

“Fuck now, or fuck after the FBM?” Rosa asks between kisses. “Or both?”

“I… uh, I dunno.”

Her hand is on his crotch now. He can feel her fingertips stroking his balls.

“Getting difficult to think, with all that semen washing around in the lower brain?”

“That’s your fault.”

Rosa kisses him again and grins slyly, fondling him through his shorts.

“It worked though, didn’t it? Three days and I can feel you’re full to bursting.”


“Why? You gonna fuck me out here in public? That’d be a good shot for old Davey boy. Me spread wide, naked on his deck, just begging to be fucked,” Rosa grins, slyly, “Would that make a good picture? I bet we’d get a ton of likes.”

“Rosa, don’t,” Aidan gasps, “I’m trying to keep it together here.”

“Oh, sweetheart. Let me know if this is torturing you.”

Her fingers press against his rigid shaft, sending a sudden bolt of pleasure through his body. Roughly, Aidan pulls away.

“Hey, stop,” Aidan grunts, “I’ve got a bet to collect.”

“Sure. Let’s get to it then,” Rosa replies and brushes past him, back into the suite.

Aidan takes a moment to refocus and follows behind, cock raging in the tight confines of his shorts. He finds the sleeping area deserted, the huge white bed still clean and crisp. He hears a sound through another doorway and follows it.

In the next room, Rosa is waiting for him, leaning against a leather massage table that she’s spread with fluffy white towels. The contrast between the white towels in the background and the abundance of her golden skin on display for him makes Aidan want to frame this moment forever: Pendik Escort the tiny white bikini, the knowing, sultry half-smile on her lips.

“Shall we get down to business?” Rosa murmurs.

Aidan realises that he’s stumbled to a halt in the doorway, and his wife’s question spurs him to action. He crosses the floor to lay his hands on her body, lifting her onto the table and laying her out. Rosa begins to undo her bikini.

“I reckon this has served its purpose,” she says, stripping herself quickly. “The wax should be warm enough now. I put it on before we started the shoot.”

Aidan looks around the room until he finds what she’s talking about. There’s a bowl on the side with a spatula and a collection of white strips on a tray. He brings the tray over to her and looks down at her perfect, naked body and the neat strip of pubic hair between her legs.

“Do you know how to do it?” Rosa asks.

“I think so.”

“That’s reassuring,” Rosa laughs. “How about just small areas at a time. If you mess up, I’ll let you know.”

Aidan is hesitant. The idea of making Rosa smooth and hairless was something he’d just thrown into the bet, but now, faced with the prospect of having his wife fully waxed, something within him awakens. Within the confines of his underwear, his rigid cock is straining to be free.

“You sure you want to go hair free?”

Rosa cocks her head and frowns.

“You want me like this, don’t you?”

Aidan’s mouth has gone dry. He nods in reply.

“Then I’ll do it,” she says, “For you. Just be careful, don’t hurt me.”

“I’ll try.”

Rosa lays down on the soft, white towels, folding her arms behind her head in a way that seems to put her entire naked body on display for him.

“Is it going to get you off, seeing my pussy all waxed and clean?”

Aidan swallows, finding his voice. “Yes,” he rasps.

“Then this is all worth it.”

Aidan shudders inwardly, forced by his wife to admit how much the thought of her hairless was turning him on. He can already picture her smooth, waxed skin waiting for him to lower his lips to kiss it. Aidan takes the spatula and daubs some of the purple wax onto the edge of her area, rubbing quickly over the top with a strip as the wax sets. He presses with his thumb, feeling Rosa react to his touch.

“How’s that feel?”

“Nice. Now, just pull.”

“This might hurt.”

“Just pull.”

Aidan hesitates and then tugs the edge of the strip, ripping it away from Rosa’s crotch, leaving behind a patch of smooth, pink skin.

“Not so bad for your virgin attempt,” Rosa giggles. “How do I look?”

Aidan runs his fingers over the area.

“Ooh, that feels nice,” Rosa sighs.

“Good. Okay, let’s do the rest.”

Aidan works carefully in small sections, revealing more and more pink flesh, running his fingers over the revealed skin. Rosa sighs.

“How does it feel?”

Rosa shrugs. “Strange. So sensitive on the skin, like I’ve never been touched there before.”

Aidan’s fingers drift to her labia, feeling the warmth there.

“You seem to be enjoying it. Now, I need to get into the… uh.”

In response, Rosa spreads herself wide, wrapping her feet under the sides of the table, splaying herself to give him full access to her most intimate area. The look on her face is half amusement, half challenge. Aidan begins to smear the gooey purple wax around her pussy lips, mopping up the last patches. When he pulls, Rosa lets out a tiny shriek each time. Aidan can see moisture glistening between her labia. He puts one last blob on the area above her clit hood, rubbing the strip down firmly, feeling the hard nub of her engorged clit beneath the paper. He continues to rub, watching Rosa’s face begin to colour with passion. Her eyes close as he continues his ministrations. She sighs.

Aidan tugs the strip, hard, forcing Rosa to gasp in surprise.

“Oww,” she shrieks, “Bastard.”

In response, Aidan runs a hand over her smooth, polished mons. He bends down and begins to kiss the pink, hairless skin.

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