Part 2 – Dinner for 3 & 2 Unexpected Guests.


Part 2 – Dinner for 3 & 2 Unexpected Guests.This is part 2, The first part ended at the Camp Cove car park, with the Husband Sam & I swapping mobile phone numbers. I never called Sam, however some 4 months after our chance meeting, (thanks to alice !!) Sam sent me a message asking me if he could call me. Due to being at work, I asked him to call back at 6pm.I sent both my girls an sms telling them that Sam had made contact, but I was not sure why at this stage. If you have been reading my posts, you will know that both my girls are show off’s & they get off on it, so they both got excited.Having got home & had both girls naked and collared I took both into the play room and gave them both 20 each with the cane & hog tied alice, blindfolded & ear plugged her. As she wanted to know why Sam called & what was going to happen. This is a great way to mindfuck a slave. diana was told to start the cooking.I had a little paperwork to do, so started on that. Right on 6pm the phone goes off, It was Sam. We chatted for about 15 to 20 minutes, as a result of that he & his wife Cindy would be coming over for a BBQ on Saturday afternoon. Sam told me that both he and Cindy were very interested in learning more about our lifestyle. They both had trouble sleeping due to what they saw & were told that night at Watsons Bay. I told diana that she was NOT to tell alice anything about the call or about the up coming Saturday visit.Not long after that call dinner was ready, so diana & myself sat down to eat, we chatted about work & other things as well as Sam & Cindy. Once we had eaten our dinner, I directed diana to cut up alice’s food and put it in the dog bowl, while she was doing that, I released alice, placed the chain leash on the collar & walked her on all 4’s into the lounge room where her dog bowl was with her food. She ate away until it was all eaten.Saturday morning arrived, so we all went shopping, 6 fresh cut Fillet Steaks were bought & a good salad for the BBQ. All this time alice wanted to know what was happening. Of course I wouldn’t tell her. Both girls were sent off to get waxed while I grabbed a coffee.By 3-30pm all the house work was done, so the 3 of us got into the pool to cool off and relax. Sam & Cindy were arriving at 5pm. Both girls were told to get the table set up for 3 & to get the salad ready, then they were to come into the study. When they arrived güvenilir bahis they were naked & directed to take up the Nadu position. I directed both slaves with the following, they were to complete their hair & make up, then to check that all the food & drinks were right to go & they were to both wear their Black Heels, my Ownership tags were to be clean & shiny. This was when I told alice that Sam & Cindy were both coming to see us & learn about our lifestyle. I had no idea how far they wanted to go with this, so I told the girls they were to be on their best behavior all night & that they would not be eating with myself or our visitors, however they would be able to eat in the kitchen when not serving us. Further when the Door Bell rang, alice would open the door, greet them & let them in, then diana would ask them to follow her into the lounge room, where I was waiting. Then I would take it from there.Right on 5pm I heard a car pull into the driveway, so I took a seat & both slaves took their positions at the door. The bell rang and alice opened the door, they were surprised that she was naked, then they saw diana naked as well, I could tell by their faces when they took a seat on the lounge. Both slaves were directed to kneel in the Nadu position in front of each visitor (which clearly shows what they have) & ask them if they would like a drink, eye contact was not permitted at this stage.Drinks served, both slaves took up their Nadu position in front of us, Sam & Cindy were told that if they wanted anything they were to ask one of the slave girls & they would get it for them. I now asked them both how I could help them & what did they want to do/see ?Sam replied that Cindy had found a book “Gorean Slave” & she had read it & wanted to learn more about being a slave, she wanted to be like my 2 slaves. This was a big change from when we first met at Watsons Bay. I asked Sam if he wanted to learn about Dominating his female wife the way I Dom my 2 slaves & if he really wanted Cindy as his slave. To which he replied “Yes” he then asked me if I was willing to help them both. I looked at Cindy & before I could ask her, she said “Yes I want to be like your 2 slaves & she wanted to learn to be a real slave” I did tell them I would need to think about it, because this is a very serious thing & should not be taken lightly. So from there he and I türkçe bahis went out to the BBQ to cook the steak & chat.I called both both my slaves & told them that Cindy wanted to learn how to be a slave like them & they were to help her with questions she may have & to explain further what they do & how they behave as slaves.While we were chatting, diana walked up to us & asked if Cindy could start off on learning now, I looked at Sam he said “He was okay if I was” So I nodded yes. The girls were explaining that when they talk to me or ask me anything its with Sir & that she would need to start off by addressing Sam in that way. Further she would need to be naked & learn the Gorean Slave Positions. So with that Sam & I were told later, my 2 slaves took Cindy into the lounge room and took off her clothes, they then showed her the 6 slaves positions I have them use. This all went very well they told me. It was then that alice came out & asked me if she could use the spare training collar I have in the Dungeon for Cindy ! Which I said “Yes” too. So not long later the 3 girls walked out into the backyard naked (which was Cindy’s first time naked in front of any one but Sam) with the training Collar, then alice handed me the Collar, Sam was very surprised by Cindy being so forward, but was happy with her, I went to hand the Collar to Sam, when he asked me if I would put it on her. She was already in the Nadu position so I replied with “Are you sure about this ?”He said “yes”So I pulled Cindy up by her hair, directed her to the “Examination Position” which my slaves helped put her in. She was nervous that was easy to tell, I then felt each nipple & breast, then felt her tight butt & had her bend over and spread her legs wide, I looked closely at her pussy, to my surprise she was very wet. I then ordered her to stand, I had diana lift her hair while I placed the Training Collar around her neck.I then informed her that if she now confirmed that she wanted to learn more about becoming a 24/7 slave to Sam, & learn from me plus my slaves now is the time to do it. Cindy looked at Sam & replied “yes I do want this & I know Sam wants this as well”.As for the meal here tonight, Cindy you will not be eating at the table, you will eat in the kitchen with my slaves & you will all serve Sam & myself. So the dinner went well we were served by the 3 girls, while Sam güvenilir bahis siteleri & I chatted, Sam would need to learn from what I do, then decide if that is the way he wants to control his new slave, as what is right for me may not be right for him. He also asked if his slave could stay the following weekend as he had to head to Brisbane for 4 days with work commitments. He said that if that was okay with me, she would be under my complete control for that period, in the same way that O was when she attended the Chateau Roissy (the slave training school, in the Movie, Story of O) I replied with “You saw that movie then, what did you think about it ?” He said “Yes we watched it 3 times & number 2 as well, but we liked 1 the best”. My girls love the movie plus a few others, do you fully understand that if you hand Cindy over to me, like in the movie, I will treat her in the same way I treat my 2 slaves ! He said “Yes, I understand that, we both know that”I called Cindy to come to the table, & asked Sam to tell her what we had agreed to. I also told Cindy that she would have the right to use a Safe Word at any time during her stay with us, I then sent her back into the kitchen & directed her to have my girls explain what a Safe word was.After eating, I took Sam into the Dungeon & set up the spanking bench & the breast pump to Milk my girls, as I have written in others posts, I milk my slaves at least 3 times every day, I explained to Sam that all the milk we use in our home comes from my slaves & this has been the case for over 12 months now. I called the girls into the Dungeon & had alice get into position, once she was cuffed & locked on the bench I turned the milking machine on, placed the cap on each nipple, then some 20 seconds later we could see milk starting to fill the bottle. That is when I walked around to the rear of alice & pointed out to Sam that he should watch her pussy as she will start to leak clear cum, then I placed the container under her to catch it.While that was taking place, I put diana on the St Andrews X to give her a canning to warm her up when it was her turn to be milked. I told Cindy to stand to the side so she could watch both my girls in action. I also had Cindy stand in the same way my girls stand, that is Shoulders back, breasts forward, legs 45cm apart at the knees & that she will keep herself waxed from now on, no hair. By the time both were milked Sam & Cindy were both horny, so I put Cindy on the X for the first time, Sam took her there & then, we left them at this point.Part 3 will be posted here shortly, I just need time to put it into words.

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