part 2 from taken in public


part 2 from taken in publicello this is an adult story if you are not over 18 please close this page immediatly. Thisstory deals with crossdressing gay males if you are offended by this type of material pleaseclose this page also.Thanks for all the replies to my first story; sorry it has taken so long but school hasstarted (college for all you perverts=:) so I have not had much time to write.As I left the movie theater my mind was racing; I could not believe what I had just didand what that man did to me aswell. The hot air hit me as I left the movie theater; standingon the corner waiting for the light to change I felt woozey. Luckily I was not that far frommy house; as I entered I quickly went to the laundry room and put my clothes into the machine. I then ran upstairs and got into the shower. Washing the sweat off my hand wentfor my ass. I easily put in two fingers up to my knuckles. It felt so good my dick beganto grow. I came so quickly thinking back what had just happened to me.I was still so horny.After drying myself off I went over to my computer; as I paged thru the porn sites I was facinated by the women. I did not want to fuck them I wanted to be them. Wild thoughts wentthru bahis siteleri my head. I went around the house looking for things which I can fuck myself with. I got a cuccumber from the frig; I smothered it with olive oil. This was not very satisfying.I could not get the cuccomber to stay up with all the oil on it and it also did not feellike the real thing. I then remembered several sex shops on South st not far from my house.I got dressed and jumped onto my bike a rode over.The first store I think catered to women;they only had the mechanical vibratorsand they were not to big either. it makes me laugh now because even back then I was a size queen but I did not even know it what a “size queen was”I went over to the next store which is actually off the main street. Can’t really name the store so I dont get into trouble. I was really self conscious abut being in the store; thelady behind the counter was talking to another girl but both seemed to be lesbians so theydid not pay much attention to me. Now i hit the jackpot with this store. they must have had 20 differnet types of dildos. I tried to gauge the size with m hand. I wanted a cockwhich was at least the size of my own. Then canlı bahis siteleri I practically jumped out of my skin. A guy askedme if I needed any help. He must have been in the back and came out while I was in la la landlooking at the various dildos infront of me. I sheepishly relied “no just looking”. He replied “no problem” . “these are the better dildo’s over on this side” pointing to the rightside of the shelf. “cyberskin they call it! Feels like the real thing.” he said proudly.’Ok I’ll take one of those” I said. ‘You sure?” he questions; this is the large one. He says”Yes I want that one””Good choice what color would you like? He states. I begin to stutter “UM” is all I couldreply so I just point to the flesh colored one. He winks at me “i’ll throw some lube in forya” he wispers. As we walk over to the register the girls move out of the way. “its $120.00” he says. Oh my god, I wanted to pay cash so that they can’t trace me back but I only had 58.00 on me. I was so embarassed I fumbled for my wallet. I pull out my debitcard and hand it over to him. How am I gonna explain to my mom that I just spent 120 bucks at a sex shop? he hands me the bag and I leave. I get on my canlı bahis bike and pedal as fast as I can home. Its now 3 o’clock my mom comes home around 6 so i got plenty of time. I set some more vids up on my computer, strip and set up a towel on the floor. I lubed up a few fingersand begin to work my magic. My ass opens easily in now time I have 4 fingers going in andout of my ass. I set the dildo up and squat down. wow it hurts now I think I made a mistakethis thng is big. I slowly begin to try to work it in. easing up and down I finally get thehead in. I get off and apply more lube to it. The girl on my laptop is bouncing up and downon a huge cock. This thing is sliding in all the way and then back out. I think if she can get that in so can I. I reach back and slide the head back in.I get a good portion in nowand the pain is gone; it feels nice now; just like at the movie theater. I want to see myselfgetting fucked so I get up and move over to the closet. I have a full length mirror on mycloset door and have a another mirror positioned so I can see my back. I onl have about1/3 in me at most. I’m now bouncing up and down wildly storking my cock. I cum and then colapseonto the floor. the dildo making a loud pop as it leaves my ass. exhausted i fall asleep.I wake up after an hour or so because I’m hungry its now near 5pm and I have not eatenanything sense this morning and at that time I only had a bowl of cereal.

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