Subject: Part of Me Chapter Four HOLA PEEPS!! I wanna THANK YOU, all of you, sending feedback to me with every chapter. The fact that fraternal twins, separated at birth, falls in love having NO idea they’re related is SUCH an interesting concept, so I’m glad you guys have felt the same haha. It’s so much appreciated. Just what a writer, with writer’s block needs, lol! As always, my email is [email protected] if y’all wanna get in touch xx Stay safe, Ryan PART OF ME CHAPTER FOUR “Want a lift?” David held his phone in his hand as he read and re-read the simple WhatsApp message sent to him by Brandon. What the fuck was going on? A month ago, he was so into girls, he’d fuck a watermelon in order to get his rocks off, thinking that it was a pussy. Now…since he had met and gotten to know Brandon Williams…the most perfect, stunning and beautiful human being he had ever seen in his entire life… Fuck about, man! This was hardcore shit. David started to type a reply to Brandon but he stopped halfway through the rest. Is this was he really wanted? He was currently dating the most popular girl in school. Jill was badass, she was hot, she was everything a man desired…and I mean her boobs…man oh man…he could, and have sucked on them for hours… …but he literally, just couldn’t get Brandon out of his mind. The guy’s lips …they weren’t soft, like a girls. They ere tough, like he was. His floppy black hair which for some reason, so much resembled his own, and the way his cheeky chappy smile seemed to make his heart catch fire … David knew he read somewhere, that in these new times people were living in, it was more than likely that a guy would experiment with another sexually, to see what all the hype was about. It wasn’t such a big deal in 2020. Lord knows he had kissed Brandon any times since they had met and guess what…the world did not stop! He finally finished the reply to his new friend… “Sure, I’ll be waiting outside. Gimme ten or so minutes yeah?” He had hardly placed his phone back down onto the bedside table when Brandon’s reply came through. “Wear something sexy.” David smiled. The guy cracked him up! How was he supposed to do that? The school’s uniform was compulsory…wait… wait just a fucking minute. David pulled off his pyjama shirt he was wearing so that he stood shirtless in front of his mirror. He took his phone and quickly snapped a selfie of his exposed six-pack and ripped torso. That’s what soccer and hours on end in the gym gets ya! He quickly uploaded the photo from his phone to his laptop and printed it. He then folded it in half as to not cause suspicion. Within ten minutes he was dressed and hastily waved goodbye to his parents as he slammed the door shut in quick excess. His folks were like statues, staring at the door in disbelief. “Is it just me, or was he a little too keen on getting out of here just now?” Kyle Connelly asked his wife, Jackie with a frown on his face. Jackie sipped the last of her coffee and blinked her eyes, twice. “Must be keen to get to see Jill. That look in one’s eyes can only mean one thing. Love.” ** Brandon pulled his dad’s car out of the garage and securely parked it to where David could easily see it. They were running way early for school but he knew that David was just as eager to see him, as he was David. Slow down, Tiger. You can’t go and catch feelings for this guy. He was straight and he was only dating Jill, of all girls. Anyone finds out that they have been fucking around and it will be the end for him. Not so much David, but as the new kid, Brandon would be toast, socially. He already had next to no friends as it was. The door of the car opened swiftly and in popped the most sexiest dude he had seen in his seventeen years of being on this green earth…God he smelled like heaven…wait…what the hell was stapled to his shirt… “Oh…my…God!” Brandon whispered as he saw what was on the parchment stuck to David’s chest. “Well, you said to wear something sexy…” David smirked and pulled the picture off his shirt, folding it neatly before placing it on the dashboard. He could see Brandon’s turquoise eyes flickering towards it. “What? Cat got your tongue?” he smirked as he saw that Brandon wasn’t smiling back, at all. Oh God. “Did I do…or say something wrong? Dude, come on, that picture was just a joke!” David said in agony, the last thing he wanted to do was hurt this guy. From the first day they met he had a funny feeling about him, like he wanted to protect him and guard him against everything he knew to be raw and ugly. He never really understood it. Brandon took a deep breath as his fingers clenched into fists. “David…the picture is awesome. Why wouldn’t it be? You’re…jesus…I can’t get over how hot you are, but dude…you can’t give me things like this and expect me not to wonder where this is going.” David frowned…where WHAT was going? Before he could ask the question, Brandon answered it for him. “When we get to school, are you gonna stick with me, or are you gonna go hang out with Jill?” Ahhh. Now he got it. David sighed and turned towards Brandon completely. He nervously looked around out the window, but everyone outside of the car was pretty much minding their own business. He placed his hand on Brandon’s shoulder and he could literally feel the poor guy shuddering at his touch. “Hey…we’re having just fun, aren’t we? Nothing serious! Brandon…you know I’m straight…” “…then why the hell did you kiss me? Not twice. Not even three times. You near damn ravaged me in the school bathroom the other day and again on your bed…” “…I…damn man I can’t explain it! God…do we really need labels? Can’t I still be dating Jill and have some fun on the side with you? Come on man, we’re young! We’re alive! We need to try out stuff, and explore and experience, not to get attached!” Brandon nodded. Oh, he understood perfectly. “Okay, David. Know what? When I drop you off now, you stay away from me. No, I mean it. You go to your friends, and I’ll go to mine. Then there can be no mistake on what you want and WHO you want!” David sunk miserably back into his chair. He should have never taken the fucking picture in the first place! “Brandon listen man…look, I dig you. Really I do. I wouldn’t have kissed you if I didn’t…but come on buddy…did you really honestly think I was gonna leave Jill for you? Or for any other GUY?” Brandon wanted to say something in retaliation but at the last second he kept his mouth shut. He turned the key into the ignition and they were off to school. It was deadly silent throughout the whole trip. David didn’t have the guts to look at Brandon. He knew if he did, he might do the seemingly impossible and dump Jill. He felt THAT strongly over this boy. In turn, Brandon cascaded himself for getting too attached to someone he knew was off-limits. Every damn time something good happened in his life, he had to go and royally fuck it up! He can’t do this anymore. As they entered the school, Brandon securely parked where he always did and turned towards David. “Listen up, man. I’m only saying this once. I may be just a nerd to you. Just a guy you used to get your rocks off to see what being with a guy would be like. And I know you jocks usually think that we gays, should be GRATEFUL that you even ALLOW us to be near you. Ain’t gonna work for me. I’d rather date myself than be a booty call for when Jill has PMS. Now get out!” David swallowed, hard. He knew what Brandon said was right, and that he most probably deserved everything he just got. The kaynarca escort part about the booty call wasn’t true. Not at all. But in all fairness he didn’t think Brandon would believe him, even if he denied it. Truth is, he WANTED to kiss him. With everything he had inside him. He was drawn to this dude much more than he had ever been, towards any girl. It didn’t matter for jack shit that he was a male. God. What the fuck have I done …David thought as he sadly got out of the car. He took one last look at Brandon, before closing the passenger door and slowly headed towards Jill and the others. Brandon angrily wiped away a few tears that spilled over his eyes. Fuck you, David Connelly. I don’t need you. Images of them kissing flashed through his mind. His cock seemed to plump up at the mere mention of David’s name. He had it bad. He kinda knew it for a while now. He had only gone and developed feelings for the ONE fucking boy he shouldn’t have. ** A week or so had passed. During said week, both boys had successfully managed to stay out of each other’s way, and only laid eyes upon the other when it was absolutely necessary. They had a few classes together and both made sure they stayed well out of each other’s way. For Brandon, this was torture. David recently had a haircut, that floppy black hair he loved so much, suddenly all gone. It was now short, and spiked, which gave him a much more youthful and handsome look. Brandon had to literally avert his eyes every time he caught sight of him, my God…David was stunningly beautiful, even more so now. David, on the other hand was still dating Jill, but he wasn’t happy. Not at fucking all. He knew he had to be thankful for all the sex, all the blowjobs and all the popularity that came with dating Jill, but he couldn’t help but think something…sigh.. Or rather someone, was missing from his life. The way that Brandon was sitting on his own eating his lunch with a book underneath the huge oak tree at school recess every day because he had no friends…if this was anyone else, normally he’d be thinking, God, what a fucking dork…but he couldn’t…not with Brandon. So many times he wanted to go over and just …I dunno…just sit with him. Just to be there with him. Maybe place an arm around his shoulder. Maybe protect and care for him. But then, he heard Jill’s voice and felt her hand inside his at recess and everything went to jack shit. He loved Jill, that he was sure off. He didn’t have a name for he felt for Brandon. It was once such recess where Brandon was sitting underneath the oak tree, not bothering anyone, as per usual, keeping to himself, that David saw trouble coming for a mile off. Buster Conway, the biggest fat ass and biggest bully in the school, normally kept away from kids like David and Jill, because he couldn’t dare touch them, social suicide and all that, so he usually targeted kids like Brandon. As David’s eyes once more, like they had done so often during that week, travelled towards Brandon, he saw Buster grabbing the book out of the former’s hands and literally tearing pages out of it, throwing it up in the air for some good measure. His loud voice and demeanour was beginning to attract some unwanted attention and the two of them began to gather a crowd as Buster continued to taunt Brandon. “Oooh what’s going on there?” Mikey asked as he pointed over towards the crowd where Brandon was currently being tossed around side to side, by Buster and another boy. A second buddy of Buster arrived and pushed Brandon to the ground in violent fashion. “Buster! Urgh, I hate that guy!” Jill shrieked when she saw who the target was. “Oh hell no! Come on, David!” she yelled and both of them, along with Mikey and Sean, stormed off to where the commotion was still going on. As they arrived, Brandon was down to his boxers, his school jacket, his school shorts and his trousers having been ripped from him and laying alone, forgotten underneath the tree. The boy was trying his best to get up to no avail. Buster was pushing him down on the ground, his foot resting comfortably on his back, as he and his cronies continued to laugh and take photos and videos that would no doubt be shown on YouTube and Instagram later on. There was an instance, where Brandon looked up, his eyes watering, and they caught those identical ones of David. David felt a warmness and a panic inside his teenage heart like he had never felt before. An overwhelming feeling of care and love for Brandon…to the point that he couldn’t STAND what he was seeing. Enough of this. “David! Get back here!” Jill was hissing towards him, but there was no way that David was gonna listen. “Yo, Buster! You wanna take on someone your own size instead of picking on him?” David shouted in defiance. Buster and his two cronies froze as they heard him speak…this was David Connelly after all…you didn’t dare mess with Jill’s boyfriend… “Come on dude! Just teaching the faggot here a lesson! You can have a turn as well!” Buster yelled back, putting even MORE of his weight onto Brandon’s back. The boy made a shrieking sound that completely pierced through David’s heart. “You piece of shit!” David yelled as he stormed towards Buster and within point blank range, smacked him viciously in his face. The bigger boy, who didn’t expect THIS in the slightest, completely lost his balance, his one foot being onto Brandon’s back and doubled over onto the grass in sheer pain. In the fall, he had seemingly hurt his ankle as well, and was crawling in agony, both his hands holding the foot upright. His two cronies gave David one threatening look, before David was suddenly joined by both Mikey and Sean in total unison. With their so called leader on the ground holding his by now, swollen ankle, they had no chance. “You two! Help him up! Brandon you idiots, not that fat fuck” David ordered his voice threatening as ever. Reluctant as they were, but also severely outnumbered, the two did as they were told. Brandon’s face was blooded and his hair was mattered to his face. David’s heart broke, then and there. This…this will NEVER happen again. ** “Jill, hon, make apologies for me in English class? I’m gonna help him get cleaned up. See ya later, yeah? Love ya,” David said to his girlfriend, giving her a firm kiss on the cheek, before he took hold of Brandon’s arm in front of all those kids, he didn’t give a sheer damn who said what. Not at that moment. He had no more fucks to give. The crowd watched as David and Brandon, David’s arm around the bloodied and beaten boy, walked off, as if one person, towards the school sickbay offices. “You seeing what I’m seeing? Or am I just high?” Mikey whispered towards Sean, who shrugged his shoulders. “You are. But I see it too. Fuck about. They look like twins!” ** Brandon was quiet as a mouse as David used the lukewarm water he had gotten from the school nurse and gotten started to cleaning up his face. The nurse was angry as David angrily demanded to get rid of the damage himself when it was very clearly her job, but David was insisting, so much so, that she had given up in the end. As the warm, cotton touched his swollen face, Brandon winced. He tried not to, God damn, he was gay but he wasn’t a fucking sissy! “Hey…it’s all cool. Just relax, okay?” David whispered to him, his friendly eyes shining in the lunch time sunlight that was streaming inside the school’s sickbay. The nurse, having to deal with the severely injured Buster, had other stuff to attend to, and the boys were alone inside. An ambulance was called to take orhanlı escort the former bully for hospital to have an X-ray on his ankle. “I’m…thank you…” David heard Brandon say, as he was nearly finished, hoarsely, the first words he had spoken since the attack. David’s eyes burned. His heart was pumping. Brandon’s face was finally clean as it possibly could be. The boy refused to look him in the eyes, as he kept his glaze onto the tiled floor. “Brandon.” Nothing. At all. “Brandon…hey…please look at me?” Finally, a glance towards him, upwards, as David knelt before the boy, and even though he had just been through a savage beating, he was still as beautiful as always. David hesitated…before reaching out and pushed Brandon’s hair out of his face. The touch was electric. Both boys felt it. They weren’t stupid. They knew what was going on. Inch by inch, David’s face came closer to Brandon’s… “I missed you…” David whispered, their noses almost touching. A single year escaped Brandon’s eye. It stung as it rolled down his damaged cheek, quite frankly, he didn’t care. He tenderly reached out and placed the warm palm of his hand onto David’s cheek…a rush of warmth and emotion slashed through his entire soul… “I’m glad you’re here…” he whispered. David closed his eyes, and pressed his forehead against Brandon’s. “What are we doing? Why am I so attracted to you?” he whispered, a little roar inside his throat. Brandon kissed David’s cheek, looking into his eyes afterwards, as if to ask…was that okay? “You saved my life. You…dude…I can’t…please hold me?” David did as he was told, the boy’s body warm and snug against his. It felt…so right. So precise. It felt like they were melted into one person. “I’m sorry. For everything. God, I really missed you…” David whispered inside Brandon’s ear, the other boy answering, in the way of holding him tighter against him. He kissed Brandon’s shoulders and caressed his back muscles. In turn, he felt Brandon run his fingers through his hair, at the back of his neck. God…I love this boy. I actually…I actually fucking love him… ** “Is there anyone in there?” David and Brandon released each other faster than you could say “busted” as the nurse entered the ward. She smiled sadly and pointed directly at Davis with her index finger. “You, my boy, are in a heap of trouble. Buster Conway’s family wants to tear you apart for his broken ankle and the Principal wants to see you immediately,” she said as she showed him her dissatisfied face. David just wanted to start and defend himself when he saw Brandon stand up, no sign of pain on his face. “Well, go ahead and tell Principal Barrington that he can expect the two of us. David was only defending me. Without him, I’d have looked much worse. This guy is a hero. He’s …his my hero…” Brandon finished his monologue, before placing his arm around David’s shoulder in support. The nurse wanted so smile at the notion of how Brandon was standing up for his friend, but kept it to her self. Two peas in a pod, these two, she chuckled as she left the ward, and let the principal know of the two imminent arrivals. ** “Brandon! Oh thank God! When they phoned me to say you’ve been attacked I expected the worst!” the man who claimed to be Brandon’s father groaned in utter agony and fear, before he took his son in his arms, holding him tightly against his body. This boy meant everything to him. He was the one who had raised him as a baby. Loved him, cared for his every need. It was because of him, who rescued him from a life worse off…when he had stolen him from his biological father inside that park toilet seventeenth years ago…poor sod was probably still crying over his lost baby boy to this day. Too bad. The guy wasn’t a father’s backside! “Dad! I’m…you’re choking me!” Brandon croaked as his father finally released him. “Sorry, my boy. Really. You just…who did this? I demand to know who attacked my son!” the man thundered inside the principal’s office. “The idiots name is Buster Conway, Mr Williams. I’m David, a friend of Brandon’s,” David said as he held out his hand towards the man. If he only knew…this same man was the person who kidnapped his twin brother all those years ago…the same twin brother who had awaked sheer feelings inside him he never thought possible… Mr Williams returned the handshake, just at that moment, before both Jackie and Kyle entered the office. “David Allen Connelly! Tell me I did NOT just get a phone call from the principal saying you’ve beaten up another boy” Jackie shrieked as soon as she saw him. Kyle shrugged his shoulders when David glanced at him for help, as if to say, you’re on your own. Once more, it was Brandon who defended him and told both sets of parents what had happened. The full story, nothing more, nothing less. “You’ve raised your son well, Mrs and Mr Connelly. David, thank you. From the bottom of my heart,” Brandon’s dad said as he turned towards both Jackie and Kyle and shook their hands. Kyle thought he had heard the man’s voice somewhere before today…but after learning they were the new neighbours, he concluded that had to be it. Still…something about that voice gave him…what was the word…chills? For some off reason… He had never met the man before, that he knew. Kyle NEVER forgot a voice or a face in his line of work…weird. As their parents talked and got to know each other better…Brandon and David only had eyes for each other. A blind man could sense what was happening. Did they even realise they were falling in love? Did it ever occur? They shared the same DNA. They had the same parents. They were TWIN BROTHERS. And thanks to Mr Williams, both of them, had no idea. ** His dad was long asleep later that night when Brandon got a message on his phone. “Come to the front door if you can!” His heart beating fast and furious, he carefully creeped down the stairs, after gently closing his father’s bedroom door, to make absolutely sure he couldn’t be heard. He finally reached the front door and opened it as quietly as he possibly could. Sure as Sam…dressed in jeans and a hoodie, there was David. “Get in here, it’s freezing!” Brandon urged, carefully, as his face was still a tad sore and stiff from the beating Buster Conway gave him. David entered and immediately grabbed his friend’s arm. “You okay? I just wanted to check and see if…well…” “Are you blushing, dude?” Brandon smirked as he maneuvered his arm so that their hands were held together. David’s hand felt like ice inside his warm palm. “Fuck about, I ain’t blushing!” David snickered but both knew it to be true. It was silent for a few seconds. “Come here…” Brandon said, he could feel David trembling as he did. The two boys stood close, each holding each other very tight. David smiled as he felt his body warming up from the cold. All thanks to Brandon. “Can I kiss you?” came the million dollar question, a mere whisper from the latter. David looked the beautiful boy straight in the eyes…and nodded. Two lips met in unison…both boys moaned as their skin touched for the first time in over a week. David reached out and clung to Brandon’s shirt, gripping it hard and demanding as he pushed his mouth more dominant onto that of the other boy. Brandon caressed David’s face in his hands, he leaned down and kissed his boy’s neck, eliciting another moan from him. Lips were crushed, bodies were smashed against the other, it was pandemonium inside both of their underwear… “Stay…stay with me…please?” Brandon moaned tepeören escort as he came up for air. He kissed David’s forehead and gave him another earth shattering kiss that rocked the latter boy’s world as well as his dick. “You have no…no idea how much I want to…” David whispered, his fingers ripe inside Brandon’s floppy black hair…he couldn’t get enough! He kissed Brandon yet again, their lips suddenly feeling lonely as hell. “I’ll set my alarm for early tomorrow. No one needs to know…” Brandon said, releasing David and pulling him towards the staircase. “If you’re sure…?” David whispered, his whole body on fire. “I’ve never been more sure of anything more in my life. Come on!” Brandon smiled his beautiful smile as the two boys tried their best not to make any unnecessary noise, their giggling and cackling unmistakable along the way. Once inside Brandon’s room, they closed the door and once more attacked each other in sheer hornyness and lust. Arms and limbs were practically everywhere as the two boys fell on top of Brandon’s bed. Brandon took the initiative and got on top of David. He reached down and felt the boys steel hard dick inside his trousers. “Dude..jesus, man…” David hissed and pulled Brandon towards him, hugging him to his body, tongues once more searching and finding the other, before Brandon released him, and placed a solitary finger in front of his mouth. “I never thanked you for saving me. You just…lay back. And enjoy…” David’s eyes looked like they were gonna pop out of their sockets as Brandon’s warm fingers glided over his teenage fuck stick. He hissed and his chest heaved as the organ was touched by the boy he was now sure, he was falling in love with …oh fuck all that, there was no point in hiding it from himself anymore… He knew what he felt. How he felt. ** “You sure about this?” David croaked as he saw Brandon’s hand reaching down into his trousers… “More than sure. I’ve wanted this ever since I saw you,” Brandon replied, his own dick on red alert as he felt the thick organ inside David’s underwear. “Oh god.. You’re good at that!” Came the reply, pumped full of hormones and ecstasy. Brandon leaned down so that he was eyeball to eyeball with the lump inside the trousers. He solemnly reached for the hems of said trousers and pulled them off downwards ever so gently. In front of him was that thick magical, majestic prize, hidden underneath a bit of fabric…he leaned down and gave the stiff penis a kiss… David nearly bounced off the bed as much was his reaction as his cock was touched by a male mouth for the first time in his life! Brandon continued to kiss and move his lips across the length of David’s cock, who was about as hard as a teenage appendage could possibly get. Enough of this. He needed the real McCoy. “Wow…it’s…so beautiful…” Brandon whispered, his warm breath on the now, exposed seven inch teenage penis, so much so, that David arched his back and literally pushed the cock into Brandon’s face. “Look man…if you’re gonna do it, do it! You’re killing me here!” David said, his chest heaving up and down at a ferocious pace. Poor kid didn’t know whether he was coming or going. Brandon smiled, and took the head of the dick in his mouth. “Holyyyyy shittttt!” David hissed, his legs felt like jello…his cockhead was enveloped into the warmest, most wettest mouth imaginable, much, much better than Jill, Lord helped him…who always made such a rush of it… to get his sperm. He always found that a turn on…but Brandon…it was like he, almost lovingly, was doing what he did just to please David as a person, and not just to pleasure himself. His tongue glided over David’s open piss slit, he spent a lot of time in gently jacking off the lower half of the seven incher with his warm fingers, whilst concentrating on the head itself. David was viciously grabbing the ends of the duvet, in sheer pleasure, anything he could hold onto. He really didn’t care. He placed his right hand on top of Brandon’s head…there was no long girly hair as usual…it was short, clean and shiny at the back, with long floppy streaks in the front…it was a boy blowing him…and yet, as he thought before, the world did not stop… Chewing on the outside of David’s dick, he felt the boiling of the potent sperm inside his man’s balls. He gave more and more suction to the cockhead where he knew it had to be at it’s most sensitive, which is EXACTLY what he wanted. Brandon had only had oral sex with two boys in his life, but he knew he was good at his job. David’s hard cock would agree with that. David moaned. He lodged up his pelvis to actually fuck Brandon’s throat. The poor boy had no time to warn his partner that he was cumming. Spurts and spurts of warm, seedy, slimy and oh, so thick teenage protein blasted out of that flared cockhead inside Brandon’s hungry mouth and straight down his throat. Try as he might, Brandon would never be able to swallow it all. Leakages of teenage sperm was fucking everywhere you looked, on the bed, on Brandon’s face, on his hands and lips, pooling around on David’s hoodie which they didn’t even bother to remove… David took a few seconds to come back down to earth, realising that he was still caressing Brandon’s hair with his numb fingers. “You…you okay?” he asked, nothing but love and peace inside his seventeen year old heart for the boy who had just given him the best blowjob he ever had. Brandon wiped away some of the excess sperm from his face with an old t-shirt he found on the floor, before slowly leaning forward, and laying down next to David. He caressed the boy’s face…shocking him as David actually appeared to lean in to his touch. Both boy’s eyes couldn’t tear away from the other. Inside both of their souls was an awakening that had just occurred. Both knew that. David Connelly…who had never been attracted to a male in his life… Brandon Williams…who always insisted that the next time he was gonna fall for a boy, he would be THE ONE… “It’s cold…” Brandon whispered, breaking the silence. “I wanna hold you, turn around,” David whispered back as Brandon did as he was told. The two boys snuggled underneath the warm duvet, and at the same time, both could hear the other breathing. Brandon, as if on sheer instinct, tenderly took hold of David’s hand and held it against his chest. David’s eyes softened at the gesture…not a single night he had spent with Jill, had him so emotional, made him feel so wanted…needed…and yes, loved. He kissed the back of Brandon’s neck, the boy fast asleep. Something was happening to him. This was getting out of hand. And he loved EVERY minute for it. David tiredly, rested his head on the pillow, with Brandon’s warm body next to him, and God knows…he never felt so at home. ** The man poured litres and litres of petrol outside the door and around the home of Buster Conway and family. He stood back and admired his handiwork. That fucker would never mess with Brandon ever again. He took out a box of matches and lit one up, his deranged face could clearly be seen inside the small flickering flame. “Bon voyage…” He said, before dropping the burning match onto the acid mess around the door. As soon as the burning flame touched the spilled petrol, a kingdom of flames burst out of the result, spreading lightning fast until the entire front door and surrounding area was covered in a red sea of inferno. Mr Williams smiled and walk away from the scene…smoke starting to rise up towards the heavens. He could actually hear the screams of whoever was inside the now, burning house. No one messes with him… no one… ** THANKS FOR RESSING!! Wow! Mr Williams tho!! He’s crazy!! As for the twins…this is it. They have fallen in love. Should they find out they are twins?? Lemme know ail

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