Partners in Crime Ch. 02


Part Two of a two-part story.

Okay, so what do you do the day after you’ve spent hours indulging in sexual excesses with your own daughter? Do you call her? Send flowers? Pretend it didn’t happen?

What’s the etiquette?

Okay, ridiculous question. I’m not writing a humor piece here. But in a way, it’s very much a ridiculous situation.

I sat in the kitchen, sipping coffee, mulling it over. It was almost 9:00 am; my wife Diane hadn’t gotten home from her “girls’ night out” until after 5:00. She would be upstairs asleep until at least noon, if not later. I had some time to myself.

So, what, then? Call Patti to talk? Whack off again? Go to church? Well, that would make Diane suspicious about something, no doubt.

Okay, talk. I picked up the phone and dialed Patti’s number. It rang several times, and when she answered, she sounded sleepy. “Hello?”

Oh, great. I hadn’t given an ounce of thought as to what I’d say. “Hi, sweetie. Just wanted to call and see how you’re doing.” Just keep it neutral, see how she plays it.

“Mmmm…” she said. “Pretty good. Somebody took good care of me yesterday.”

“No regrets?”

“Only that it didn’t happen sooner.”

Okay, no doubts about where she stands. “What about… well, we didn’t talk about this, I guess because we got all caught up in the excitement, but…”

“No danger. I’m on the pill. I’m very conscientious about it.”

“Good. So what now?”

“So you come over here this very instant and lick my pussy until I scream for mercy, that’s what now.”

The thought of doing something spontaneous like that was tempting. I was certain I had at least a three-hour window of opportunity before Diane woke up, but after yesterday’s marathon, I couldn’t be sure how long I’d be gone. What then? I’d have to explain.

“Would you like that?” I asked.

“I’m wet just thinking about it. And I’ve been thinking about it a lot.”

A light in my head switched on. “You’ve been thinking about it a lot, haven’t you? I mean, like for a couple years or so?”

“I’m not telling.”

“I bet you didn’t even need those pictures, did you?”

“Getting you to take pictures seemed like a good way to undress and act sexy in front of you. You’re not mad, are you?”

“Only until I can bury my hard cock up in that sweet, sweet pussy again.”

“Yeah, big talk, mister. But I’m not seeing any cock right now.”

She wasn’t seeing it, but I was sure as hell feeling it stir. I unzipped my pants. “It’s in my hand,” I said.

“Nice and hard?”

I reached into my underwear and began fingering the underside of the shaft lightly. “As hard as it’s ever been. I’m stroking it, nice and slow.” A brief pause. “How wet is your pussy?”

“Dripping. Big surprise, huh?”

“You touching it?”

“Two fingers in, thumb on clit. Turns me on like you wouldn’t believe, to think about you jerking off.”

I closed my eyes and pictured Patti lying on her bed naked, phone nestled on her shoulder, legs spread, knees up. In my fantasy, she had slept naked. Maybe she woke up a couple times through the night and masturbated, thinking about me. And now, hand on her pussy, two fingers in, juices oozing out, wet spot on the sheet…

I pulled down my pants and underwear enough to free my cock. “If you could only see.” I closed my hand around it.

“I wish you were in me right now.”

“Oh, baby, I’m in you.” I replayed in my head last night’s lovemaking, gaziantep ofise gelen escort with Patti on top, slowly rocking back and forth, sharing sex, lust, intimacy.

“God, yes…” Patti said.

“Soooo deep in…” I wanted to jerk off as fast as I could, shoot my load across the room, get instant gratification. But no, no. Patience. “Oh, honey, you’re so sweet, so tight.”

“Fuck my pussy, daddy. Fuck my pussy good.”

“I’m fucking it. I’m hard as hell, and I’m fucking that sweet, wet pussy like I’ve never fucked anything before.”

“Oh, daddy, you’re so huge, so hard.”

I pictured her on top, leaning forward to kiss me, nibbling on my neck, slowly grinding her hips. “Oh, Patti…”

“Daddy, I’m cumming…”

“Me too.” I gave in to the urge. A few rapid strokes, and I was spurting onto the floor. “I’m cumming, sweetheart, and it’s all for you.” I listened to her breathing over the phone. As the orgasm subsided, I realized my toes were curled.

I sat still for a moment. “Patti, I want you,” I said.

“As soon as possible.”

“I want you spread out and dripping wet.”

“Any time, any place.”

We talked for several more minutes, trying to figure out a time for me to come over again. As we talked, I found a dish towel, wiped the last few drops of cum off my cock, and fastened my pants up. Then I wiped the floor. As far as a future date was concerned, we couldn’t come up with anything certain except ASAP. I would call her again.

So there it was. The strangeness just kept going. An obscene phone call with my daughter, trying to make a date to fuck her — again — while my wife slept upstairs.

If I’d wanted to break out of my rut, here it was in spades.

I rinsed the dish towel off in the sink with the hottest water I could stand to run over my hands, then wrung out the towel and put it in the laundry.

The rest of the day was typical. I watched TV until Diane got up. Later, we went to the mall to shop for a birthday present for her sister. We ate at a seafood restaurant.

We came home and made love. It was nice. It was pleasant.

But it wasn’t hot. Or exciting. Afterward, I lay in bed holding Diane, thinking of Patti — trying not to think of Patti. If only one detail was over the top in all this, it was thinking of Patti at this time.

Of course, I wasn’t going to kid myself. I knew there was something wrong, somewhere, if I had fucked my daughter, even if she was, mostly (as I saw it), the aggressor. Worse, I desperately wanted more. Bottom line, I simply wasn’t going to worry about that. Patti was a big girl. She knew what she wanted.

What concerned me was the more practical problem of dealing with it. If it were a one-shot deal, Patti and I could talk about it if we felt the need, and sweep it under the rug or something.

But if it’s ongoing, that raises the degree of difficulty a lot. Each encounter brings with it a new game of “careful not to raise suspicion.” Cover stories, excuses. Also, I knew that although circumstances were with me the first time, if this went on I’d end up coming straight from passion with Patti to meeting Diane face-to-face at the door. That could be a hairy situation in itself. Very much so, if my state of mind when I came home the night before was any indication.

Family gatherings would mean we’d have to act normal with each other. Some effort, gaziantep öğrenci escort maybe, but I thought it was doable.

Would it be worth it? Well, I was already thinking of excuses to go over there again.

My chance came Wednesday, when Patti called me at work to ask if I could come over and fix a computer problem that evening. Well, that was the story. As usual, she was attentive to detail. “If mom wants to come with you, you can’t say no,” Patti said. “So if she’s with you, knock twice, pause, and knock three more times to signal me.”

In a way, it was unfortunate that she told me that, because it more-or-less told me she wanted to greet me at the door with some sort of special lover’s surprise. On the other hand, I understood the need to take that precaution.

Diane decided to stay home that night, so it was a go. I gave Patti’s door a good, steady knock, making sure the beat couldn’t possibly be mistaken for the two-three signal.

Patti answered almost immediately. The door cracked open ever so slightly, and I could see immediately that she was wearing only a pair of lacy pink panties. “Hi, lover,” she whispered.

She opened the door wider, grabbed my arm, and dragged me in. She pressed me against the wall next to the door and gave me an incredibly long, deep kiss. Her hands roamed my body wherever they could reach.

I took her in my arms and returned the kiss, holding her slim body tight. Tongues danced, hands explored. I reached into the back of her panties and pulled her as close as I could.

Patti pushed away and knelt in front of me. She looked up at me, smiled, and unfastened my pants. I closed my eyes and spread my feet out a couple more inches to steady myself.

I didn’t look. I just concentrated on the feeling, as Patti licked and caressed my cock, never taking it into her mouth, but — as before — gently tickled and teased.

After a few minutes she stood up and took off her panties. I was breathless; she was incredibly beautiful. Long, wavy hair, youthful breasts with just the right bounce as she moved, the smooth — oh, god — smoothly shaven pussy. But how can you describe perfection? “Oh, Patti…”

She picked up the panties and held them close to my face. I could see the moisture on them. “I’ve been wet constantly since you were here,” she whispered. “Thinking about you. I’ve been playing with myself. I must’ve come fifty or sixty times since you walked out that door, just with fantasies of your cock in me. Your hard cock filling me up.”

Patti wrapped the panties around my cock. She kissed me as she jerked me off into them. The softness of the fabric was exquisite.

I stood there for a minute to catch my breath. Patti reached over and shut the door. I arched an eyebrow at her, and she grinned sheepishly. “You could’ve shut it,” she said.

I finished undressing. “That was a hell of a greeting,” I said.

She sat on the sofa. “Glad you liked it. Now come over here and greet my pussy.” She slumped down, legs spread.

I knelt on the floor in front of her and gave her clit an oh-so-soft kiss, just to sort-of say “hello.” She moaned softly and rocked her hips a little. I backed away, then leaned forward again.

I began licking on her belly above the clit, then slowly moved down and worked on her inner thighs. Farther down, I could reach a small area of her ass. I had never given a rim job before oğuzeli escort — in fact, could never bring myself to thing about it — but here I was, going into it now with without a second thought. For that matter, I didn’t give it the first thought. It was just part of my lover.

As soon as my tongue hit her asshole, Patti let out a loud “Ahhh…” and spread her legs wider.

Well, I’d obviously done something right. I stayed where I was, running my tongue round the opening, up and down between her ass cheeks. She smelled surprisingly flowery; I guessed she’d had a shower shortly before I got there.

Patti was squirming, moaning, running her fingers through my hair. I worked on her asshole a while longer, then moved back to take a look. I had touched her clit only once, with that first kiss, yet her pussy was dripping onto the front of the sofa.

“Fuck me,” Patti said. “Fuck me now.”

I grabbed a cushion from the other end of the sofa and put it under my knees — both as cushion and to gain another inch or two for a more comfortable angle. Satisfied, I took my hard-again cock in hand and pressed it against her lovely cunt lips. I teased her clit with it.

“Daddy, I’m not kidding. Now.”

I entered her. As she had been before, she was incredibly wet. I pushed in as far as I could, and she gasped. “Is this what you want?”

“Oh, god, yes. This is what I want.”

I pumped with short strokes, never coming out very far. I leaned forward and suck on her breasts as I fucked her.

Gradually, I lengthened my strokes. Patti grabbed my ass with both hands and pulled me in with each stroke, as if she couldn’t get enough. “Daddy,” she said, “I’m going to cum.”

“I want to see you cum, sweetheart.”

Patti gasped again, and her body tensed. I drove into her as hard as I could. “Oh, god, yes, make me cum,” she said. Her eyes took on a faraway look. Again and again I pounded my cock into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me.

I felt the first tinglings of orgasm. “I’m going to cum,” I said.

“Oh, yes, daddy. Cum for me.”

One more stroke was all it took. “I’m there, sweetheart,” I whispered. We gazed into each other’s eyes as she came again.


We lay on Patti’s bed together, cuddling. My mind was racing, a million different thoughts layered on top of each other in random order. It was wonderful with her, with sex that short-circuited my brain. But… “Are we going keep on with this?” I asked.

“Do you want to?”

“Well, there’s no question that this is the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Yeah,” she said. “Forbidden fruit.”

“Sure, it’s that. And the fact that you’re horny as hell, if you don’t mind my saying so.”

“Why would I mind? They say actions speak louder than words.”

“But I don’t care why the sex is so good. It’s just earth shakingly great. I don’t need to analyze it.”

“So we go on?”

“Well, I was thinking just now that maybe we should consider it good enough that we had a little fling, and let it go at that.”

“Is that what you want?”

“Hell, no, that’s not what I want. If I had my way, we’d never get out of this bed.”

“Me, too.” She traced a pattern on my chest with her fingertip. Spelling her name, I thought.

“But I think it’s probably best,” I said. “This could go out of control too easily.”

Patti sighed. “I can’t argue with that.”

“What do you think?” I asked. “What did you have in mind when we started all this?”

“Nothing, really. I thought you were hot. I thought I was getting little clues that if I took a shot, you’d be interested. I thought if something happened, I’d just take it as it comes.”

I took her hand. “Something happened.”

“It sure did.”

We lay there for a few more minutes. “One more? For old time’s sake?” I asked. She smiled.


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