Pass Around Girl


Pass Around GirlI arched my back as he thrust deeply into me and exploded. My pussy held his cock tight as he pumped his seed into me filling my womb. After his balls were drained he pulled out of me and I stood up and turned to him. He pulled his pants up and told me thanks and went back into the bar. I loooked around the parking lot and pulled my pants up and headed for my car. As I walked I could feel that my pussy was all gooey. I got in my car and headed home. It only took ten minutes for me to get home and headed straight for my bed. I took off all my clothes and laid flat on the bed. My husband came out of nowhere, naked, and jumped on the bed and buried his face in my snatch. He started to lick my snatch clean and was turning me on. After a minute he mounted me and started to fuck my gooey cunt and soon spewed his seed deep into my cunt. He collasped on the bed next to me. He asked me about the man I betsobet yeni giriş fucked earlier. I told him I did not get his name, I met him in the bar after work. I told my husband he was a short, fat, married man and I fucked him after talking to him for ten minutes. I let him fuck me doggy style on the hood of a car behind the bar. “That is who dumped the sperm in my pussy you had just licked out” I told my husband. My husband loves this stuff, I love it too. We swap, swing, dog, and anything else that has to do with sex. I love taking loads from strangers deep in my pussy and my husband loves it too. A couple of nights later my BFF and I head to a popular club for a girls night out. Early in the night we meet a couple of younger guys and end up fucking them at our table. Then after a bit my BFF meets a couple of guys and tells me she is going to their room and will catch up with betsobet güvenilirmi me later. I meet this older couple and decide to do some free styling. She is pretty hammered and I buy a couple more drinks for her. He is pretty drunk also and I flirt with him. After a short time I offer to help him get his wife back to their room. Once there I undress the drunk woman and get to lay on the bed and she passes out. I then remove my clothes and offer myself up to the man, and he can not refuse. He mounts me for a second or two and then mounts his wife then back to me, this time I will not let go and he soon dumps a huge load inside me and passes out. I dress and leave heading home to show my husband my cum filled cunt. About a week later I am at another bar after work. I am talking to this woman who is unhappy with her husband. We have a few drinks and then two men come up and hit betsobet giriş on us inviting us back to their hotel room. I con the woman into going with me so that I am not alone. Once in the room I let the man undress and start to suck his cock. The other woman has little choice but to follow my lead. Within minutes I am on my back with this man pounding the heck out of my cunt. I hold him tight as he cums filling my cunt full of his hot spunk. My new friend got her cunt filled at the same time. We all sit and talk for a few minutes and when I see that the men are ready for another round I move on the guy that had just fucked the other woman. She has no choice but to take on the guy I had just fucked. Another few minutes and he is filling my thirsty snatch full of his spunk. The other woman and I dress and leave. As we get to the elevator the woman is freaking out because she just had unprotected sex with two strangers, I told her not to worry as I do it all the time and have never caught anything. I tell her that I can not wait to get home to my husband and let him fuck me also. That is why my husband calls me the pass around girl. I always get passed around from guy to guy, and I love it!!

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