Patience Pays Off


My mother is a gorgeous creature. She’s not one of those model types or movie star types but she is just great looking. She’s never been one to work out a lot but she does and has since High School been a runner. After having kids she had to resort to jogging not being able to run without pain.

I had moved into my own apartment a few months prior to this event. My father, well he was hurt in a car crash and now spends his days in a nursing home. He requires more care than my mother can provide. It hasn’t been easy for her and as far as he’s concerned, he doesn’t know what’s going on. A severe blow to the head curtailed his knowledge of his current life.

Being the horny bugger I am and knowing my great looking mother is in need of, let’s say attention, I have been trying to get into her knickers for the past couple months. I’ve spent time at her house making up excuses for being there as well as volunteering for any work she needs done. This is the story of the first phase of my having sex with her. I can’t wait for the next phase.

Friday afternoon I dropped by my mother’s house to help store some boxes and take care of a few other chores she had. She was all business when I arrived. Very little conversation took place. I tried to bring up last Saturday but…no dice. She seemed like a woman possessed, she had a few jobs she wanted done and that was that! There were basically three things that needed to be done. From our cleaning in the basement last week she had boxed up some things that she wanted put in the attic above the garage. She had packed up her summer clothes and wanted those boxes plus some things she wanted stored in her bedroom, which also would go up in the garage attic. The final job was to change a light fixture in the kitchen. Since she didn’t seem to want to talk I decided not to push it and just went about doing what I was told. The boxes in the basement were really heavy and by the time I had finished with them I was sweating like crazy. She didn’t have a dolly so I had to carry each package individually. It took time and wasn’t easy. One of the boxes was so heavy Mom had to help with. Now Mom had dressed for the occasion. She was never one to shy away from work. Jeans and sweatshirt worked well for her with a scarf tied gaziantep minyon escort in her hair. She really looked good. For a gal her age she’s really got a nice ass. The sweatshirt frustrated me, because I couldn’t get a glimpse of her tits. Anyway, we got the box up the basement stairs and out into the garage. It was no easy task. The steps going to the garage attic are the “pull-down” type, that when not in use hide in the ceiling. I knew with the weight it would be a real challenge. I got underneath it and pushed it up while Mom went up the steps ahead and guided it. By the time we finished we were exhausted and we were both sweating. Next stop, the bedroom and those boxes. Mom went into the bedroom and started grabbing boxes and we both carried all the boxes to the garage. The work went fast and we were done in half an hour. Now it was time for the light fixture. I picked up some tools and a small ladder from the garage and went into the kitchen. Mom was there waiting and she had removed her sweatshirt. She had another little t-shirt type top on underneath. This one was more to my liking. Cut relatively low I could catch some of her cleavage; she caught me looking. With most of the work done she seemed to cheer up a little and wasn’t quite so standoffish.

She told me, “If you’re hot honey you may want to take your sweatshirt off, it was too hot for me…I had to cool off.”

I had a t-shirt on as well so off came the sweatshirt and the t-shirt hung out of my jeans. The ladder is just a four-step ladder and only needed the first three steps, with my height to remove the old fixture. Mom stood right below me handing me tools and parts as needed. When I looked down I could see her tits and I began to get hard. I knew she noticed because it was right in front of her face. At one point I couldn’t take the tension anymore and I looked down and whistled, then began laughing.

She knew instantly what I was doing and slapped me on the thigh and said, “finish the light!”

When I was putting in the last screw holding the light fixture in place I felt a scraping across my stomach…on the bare skin. My t-shirt bagged out and it made my stomach visible. Mom was scratching her nails nizip escort over my stomach. My cock went instantly hard, I mean instantly. I was so fucking horny anyway from checking out her tits plus staring at her ass when we were in the garage that I had no control over my cock….it just went hard!! I was finished with the light and was about to step off the ladder.

Mom, said, “Don’t come down just yet!” and with that she unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock.

She took it in her hands and examined it. She put some saliva into her hand and began to jack me off very slowly. I had all I could do to keep my balance on the ladder. It felt so fucking good I really had to concentrate on a cold shower to keep from cumming immediately. She stroked it for what seemed like forever but in reality was only about 30 seconds then she kissed the head and slowly took it into her mouth. Now can you imagine what a sight this was? Here we are in the middle of the kitchen, I’m on a ladder, I have my hand up on the ceiling for balance and Mom is sucking my cock in a very slow and deliberate manner. I was biting my tongue, my lip, trying to think about anything else but her lips won out. My thighs started to tremble, my ass tightened, my cock swelled and I cam. Mom didn’t swallow, she caught it in her mouth and when I was done she spit it out in the sink next to her. When she spit it out, she returned to my cock and continues to suck it as it shrunk. My knees were so fucking weak I nearly fell off the ladder as I stepped down.

Once on the floor Mom kissed my cheek and said, “There Sweetie, that’s your payment for the work you did!”

I must have looked like an absolute idiot…I just stood there with my mouth open, not able to say a thing. So, I hugged her. My cock was still out hanging limp and when it met her jeans, the feeling was wonderful.

She reached down and grabbed my cock and said, “you better put this thing away,” which I did.

With that, Mom turned and went to her bedroom leaving me to clean up in the kitchen. I picked up the tools and the ladder and returned them to the garage. When I came back in Mom was not in sight so I walked down the hall to her bedroom. The door wasn’t closed so I nurdağı escort looked in. She was laying on the bed, her jeans were unbuttoned and she was masturbating. She stopped when I entered the room.

I said, “Mom, you helped me, let me help you!”

“We shouldn’t” she said.

“Mom, no one will ever know!”

I went to the side of the bed, grabbed her jeans and pulled them down and over her ankles. She laid her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes. I put my middle finger into her pussy. It was wet and very warm. Using the juice as lubricant I worked my hand up and down from her hot hole to her clit. Each movement to her clit caused her to gasp. Within seconds she was working her hips against my hand and judging from her moans she was having no problem getting into this. When she came I could feel the jerking of her clit and could feel the juice flow in her pussy. She brought her hand down and held my still as the wave passed. Slowly she worked her hips against my hand.

I was hard as a rock and all I could think about was fucking her. With my free hand I unbuttoned my jeans and started pulling them down, as best I could with one hand. Mom realized what was happening and her eyes immediately opened.

“NO, we can’t do that Chuck!”

“Mom, you’ve made me so horny I just have to!”

She looked me deep in the eyes an then said, “Chuck we can’t have penetration, but I have an idea. Lay down on your back.”

Eagerly I did as instructed. Laying on my back, Mom straddled me and placed my cock against my stomach. She then placed the lips of her pussy against it sandwiching my cock between my stomach and her wet pussy. She started working her hips back and forth running her wet pussy up and down the length of my cock. I could feel the heat, the moisture. She lifted her top up, and let her tits fall into my face. I sucked on the nipples as she worked her magic. The head of my cock was rubbing against her clit and I could tell she was getting off. After only a very short time, I came and when she felt my cum against her pussy she had an hard orgasm. I say hard because she actually sunk her finger nails into my shoulders damn near drawing blood.

Afterwards, we laid on the bed side by side and after about 15 minutes she said, “Chuck, you have to go home now. I have to clean up and go over to Grandma’s house.”

I didn’t argue, the afternoon had been more than great so I just nodded my agreement. Got up, dressed and left.

Now, I didn’t actually fuck her…but this was so fucking close I just know there will be a time in the future when I do!!

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