Paul Pleasures Mature Women Ch. 02


The next month flew in, Paul and his mum were having sex at least three times a day. Su was over the moon with it. Paul had asked his mum if there was any risk of her picking up any STDs as Su had told him that she also offered oral stimulation to her client’s cunts. She reassured him by telling him that she had got a blood and urine testing machines from May, Jack’s mother, it took sebconds to run the tests, and the women were all clean.

Su was looking radiant every day, they had sex every morning, there was a closeness about them now. Su was now doing five more stimulation clients a week so that they could go out for dinner at least once a week, she was also putting money aside for a holiday.

One weekend Paul had worked fifteen hours between Friday and Saturday, he had earned just under one hundred pounds. On Saturday night he was too tired to make love to mum, he redeemed himself well on Sunday morning.

After they had made love on Sunday morning, they lay in bed, chatting and touching. Su said, “Baby, I want us both to be comfortable, I’m doing the extra sessions to give us a little more money. You work for fifteen hours, and you earn under a hundred pounds. You love mature women, you have an insatiable sexual appetite. Would you be interested if I arranged some clients for you? Paul, several of my clients have used Escort Agencies, every one of them caught an SSD, our testing picked it up, and May cured it. I spoke with May, she told me that many of the escorts weren’t professional at all.”

“In three years you’ll be a lawyer, many students are employed by Escort Agencies, if done properly it’s a lot better than being a waiter. You are tall, good looking, intelligent, mannerly and have a magnificent cock, you’d be kept very busy. The hotel has been good for you, it’s shown you a bit about life. Are you interested in what I have suggested?”

Paul replied, “I would enjoy my work, mum, we would have more time together, we would have more money, let’s do it, but what about Mrs Richardson about the hotel, she has been nice to me.”

Su said, “Ann Richardson would be one of your first clients, she is always horny, and she’s very dirty in bed. She would also use you as an Escort as she likes to socialise. She comes to me three times, and I do a house visit once a week. Her husband has dementia, he was unfaithful to her, it arouses Ann if she is brought off in the room next to him. I’ll tell her, and I bet that she will want to see you today.”

“Paul, let me make you hard then I’ll take some pictures of it. I know of at least forty women that will be definitely interested in you. Ann knows that your my son but I’ll tell the others that you’re a student trying to get through University when they see your magnificent cock they will want you. You should start at one hundred pounds an hour for sex, you can make them cum then fake an orgasm, they’ll never know. If it takes longer then take your time, they will appreciate it. Now let’s get your cock hard.”

Su took several excellent pictures of Paul’s cock, Paul even said that it looked impressive. Su then messaged Ann saying that she’d like a quick word with her. Ann invited her for coffee in her Penthouse. Su left ten minutes later. Su knew that Ann would love Paul, his cock would give her so much pleasure, if Paul ass fucked her and stimulated her G-spot, then Paul would own her.

Sure arrived at Ann’s kartal escort bayan Penthouse, they went into the kitchen where Ann made the coffee, Ann said, “Su, you are gleaming, your eyes are sparkling, I have never seen you look so well, I need to get some of what you’re on!”

Su replied, “Ann, I’ve some bad news and some good news for you, I’ll tell you the bad news first. Paul would like to hand in his notice, he was due to work two weeks on Friday, but he can’t make it.”

Ann answered, “Su, I’m so sorry to hear this, Paul is a very hard worker, he’s such a nice good looking young man, I’m sorry to see him go.”

Su said, “Ann, thank you for being so understanding. The reason that I’m looking so good is for the last month I’ve been having the best fucks of my life.” Su then opened her phone and showed Ann Paul’s cock pictures. Ann said, “Wow, that’s a big cock, it’s so thick too, I’d love to be fucked by that big boy.”

Su replied, “I told Paul about the stimulation services that I provide, we chatted about it. Paul loves older women, he is setting up an Escort Sevice to give pleasure to mature ladies, with my knowledge of the ladies, who are all clean, Paul is clean, so it’s a win-win situation.”

Ann replied, “Can I see him today, is it an hourly rate?”

Su answered, “Yes, you can see him today, the hourly rate is one hundred pounds. Ann, I know that you like your dirty hole fingered, lube your ass up before he comes then ask him to ass fuck you doggy style. You’ll never have experienced anything like it, his cock is so big that it stimulates your G-spot, I’ll tell him to keep going until you have had three vaginal orgasms, you will have three within ten minutes, it’s that good. Do you want him to come here?”

Ann replied, “I’ll probably need him for a few hours, I’ve hadn’t had a cock since I got that SSD, I think Paul will be on a winner with this. The nurse comes on a Sunday afternoon, she’ll be away by six, tell him to come here. I’m looking forward to this, does he know that I’m very dirty in bed?”

Su said, “I’ll give him a briefing on what you like, you’ll love it when he sucks your big clit. Ann, treat it more like a date with Paul, put on some nice lingerie, you’ve still a heavenly body.”

Paul arrived at Ann’s just after six, he rang the door entry system, Ann’s voice came out of the speaker, “Paul, in the lift press the Penthouse button, I’ll open the security door, I’m looking forward to seeing you.”

Paul got out of the lift into a foyer, Ann closed the security door, she looked gorgeous. Ann was wearing three-inch heels, white self-supporting stockings, sheer white skimpy panties. Above that a white bra pushing up her massive tits, covering all of this was a white silk robe, she looked gorgeous, Paul thought, this woman has so much class and style, I’m going to duck her in every hole, and she’ll pay me for it, I love my new job.

Ann said, “I’m all in white, I’m pretending that I am a virgin for you, do you like what you see?”

Paul replied, “Ann you’re stunningly beautiful and so sexy looking, I feel privileged to be here with you this evening, I’d love to walk into a restaurant with you as my partner.”

Ann came over and kissed Paul so deeply, their tongues were twisting and turning in the other’s mouth, desperately trying to gain the advantage over the other. Ann unbuttoned Paul’s escort maltepe shirt, pulled it out of his chinos then slipped it off his shoulders, it fell to the floor. Ann then started to kiss Paul’s chest, teasing his nippers with her tongue as she gently sucked on them, Ann said, “Your body is so strong and firm, I feel privileged to be with you, yes, I want to go into many restaurants with you.”

Ann then went on her knees, undoing Paul’s belt then unzipping his trousers then pulling his chinos down. Paul stepped out of them as Ann slid her hand over Paul’s massive cock still in his boxers, pulled the boxers down to the carpet, “Paul, I love your cock, it’s massive and so thick. I’ve lubed my ass for you, I’ve a butt plug in it at the moment. Sure has recommended that you ass fuck me first doggy style, please keep the butt plug handy as I would like it in my ass when you fuck my cunt.”

Paul’s cock was at twelve o’clock with head three inches above his belly button, Ann pulled his cock down so she could suck it, Ann said, “I’ll make this big boy hard then you ass fuck me until I’ve cum three times.”

Paul felt her warm lips slip over his cockhead, as she was taking more and more of his cock in her warm mouth, Paul said, “Ann, you know how to suck a cock, it feels wonderful.”

Ann worked on Paul’s cock for several minutes, she had deep throated him she took him out of her mouth and started licking his length and balls, Ann said, “Paul strip me, make me as naked as you are then I’m going to bend over that armchair so you can ass fuck me doggy style.”

Jack removed all her clothes, he stood behind her cupping her massive breasts as he rubbed his thumbs over Ann’s hard nipples, Ann was moaning with pleasure, Paul whispered in her ear, “Ann, I am now going to give you the fuck of your life.”

Ann shouted, “Paul, ass fuck me, I’m so hot and horny, my cunt is dripping, and my cunt juices are running down my thighs.”

Paul stood behind Ann as she bent over the armchair, using the arms for support, her ass was high in the air but level with Paul’s cock as she still had her heels on. As Paul removed her butt plug, he said, “Ann, I’m going to slip my cock into your cunt to lube my cock. I’ll go in and out six times, I’ll do it slowly and gently so you can get used to my cock, then I’ll slowly slip it into your ass, if you have any pain or discomfort, let me know at once.”

Paul then gently pushed his cock inside Ann’s cunt, she took his full length, as he rode her smoothly Ann said, “That feels fucking amazing, it fills my cunt, your beautiful cockhead his hitting my cervix, it feels terrific.”

On the sixth push, Paul pulled out then easily slid inside Ann’s, on the first push she took the full length. Paul then started to ride her ass as he rubbed her huge clit, Ann was moaning with pleasure, she said, “This is unbelievable, your cockhead is stimulating my G-spot, baby, it feels so good, fuck my ass harder, and you’ll make me cum, fuck me harder baby and I’ll cum.”

Three minutes later Ann had her first vaginally orgasm, her body was shaking with it as Paul kept pounding her, as Ann shouted, “I’m fucking cuming, baby, it feels so good, fuck me harder and deeper, I love your cock Paul, you know how to use it.”

Paul kept pounding Ann’s ass, she was really moaning with pleasure, her second vaginal orgasm came, it was stronger pendik escort than the first. Paul kept pounding her relentlessly, then third, and most potent orgasm came, Ann said, “Fuck, that’s amazing, those were three of the best orgasms that I have had in my life. Paul, you’re marvellous, let’s go to my bedroom, I want to kiss and touch you.”

Ann sat on the edge of the bed as Paul had instructed her to do. Paul opened her legs then knelt between them, he was now staring at her beautiful sex slit, Paul then licked cunt juice from her inner thighs. Ann’s stocking tops were wet from all the cunt juice that had leaked from her cunt. Paul licked her sex slit from top to bottom, he slid his tongue inside her hot wet slit, Paul stopped at the hood of her clit.

He then wrapped his lips around her large clit, he sucked hard, pulling her clit from under her clit, Ann’s ass was now on the edge of the bed, as Paul sucked he re-entered Ann’s butt plug inside her ass, she moaned with pleasure. Ann was ready to be fucked, Paul moved Ann’s right leg down on the bed, Ann’s cunt was now exposed to Paul’s cock, Paul then pressed his hips forward driving his massive cock deep inside her hungry cunt, Paul was also able to keep his cockhead shallow, so Ann was taking the full length with every thrust. Ann was gripping Paul’s cock at the base and cockhead of every thrust.

Paul was pounding his cock inside her cunt as he rubbed her clit as he was riding her. Then it happened within seconds of each other they both climaxed. Paul then pulled out and positioned Ann in the middle of the bed. They lay together kissing and touching for fifteen minutes, Ann said, “I really enjoyed that, yes it was the best fuck of my life, Paul, I want to see more of you, maybe as often as three or four times a week. I want to socialise with you as well. Please give me your smartphone number so that I can contact you. I’ve really enjoyed the two hours we have had, let’s shower together before you go.”

They both enjoyed showering together. As Paul left Ann gave him two hundred and fifty pounds, she said, “Always fuck me like that, and you will always get a tip. Not at the moment as I want to spend time with you, I know some wealthy matures who would love your services, they all go to your mum for relief, I believe that you will have a great business.”

They kissed tenderly, and with affection, then Paul left. As he was driving home he thought that had been amazing, he liked Ann, she was a lovely woman and a great fuck, the thought of two hundred and fifty pounds in his pocket for shagging Ann was great. He got home, and mum was wearing her very tight leggings, she was braless and wearing a very tight top. Mum wanted to be fucked, Paul said, “Mum, it was great, Ann’s a great ride, for the two hours she gave me two hundred and fifty pounds, that’s a fifty-pound tip, I think that she enjoyed it.”

Mum replied, “She loved it, she phoned me a few minutes ago, she wants to see you tomorrow night at six again, I couldn’t tell if you were free, how can we get a diary sorted out? Paul, this is a box of Viagra, I’ve left a quarter of a tablet so you can give your old mum a good fuck tonight. I got them from May, women can use them too if they have vaginal dryness, what can we do about the diary?”

Paul took his tablet then asked his mum for her smartphone, he logged her into his Google Calendar and added Ann for two hours at six tomorrow night. He then showed his mum so she could see the time of every lecture and rugby practice and games.”

Mum said, “Wonderful, I was anxious about this, now lick mummy’s cunt as I phone Ann to tell her she’ll see you at six tomorrow night.”

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