Paula Chapter 3 and 4


Paula Chapter 3 and 4Chapter ThreeSaturday most of the day was spent shopping on the Mexican side of the border until around six p.m. when we returned to the hotel and had a lite meal at a nearby outside cafe. At 8 I had Paula dressed in a skin tight black dress that barely covered her ass cheeks. We then took a cab back across the border to a place known as Boy’s Town. It looks like an old fort except the gate is guarded by Mexican police and once inside there is nothing but bedrooms and bars. This is what is known as the legal whore house of Laredo.Once inside we made our way to the far back wall and went into the bar there. Right away I notice Juan behind the bar and he called out my name while looking over Paula at my side. Speaking Spanish he told me Paula is beautiful except for that nose of hers and he was unsure of how much he could make on her. I told him to shut up cause no matter what he was able to get for her he would be able to keep all of it. I then directed Paula to go sit at the bar and to accept any offer for sex that was asked of her. I also told her that room 7 was hers to use for the night. Room seven was Juan’s special room in that it was equipped with microphones and little cameras so we were able to see everything and hear everything that went on in the room. It was then that a group of five men, friends of Juan, came into the bar and sat next to and around Paula. Soon Juan was handed a fifty and the group, with Paula, headed back to the room. Their hands were all over her as they walked to the room. When the door to the room was opened Paula’s dress was already taken off. All the man wasted no time getting their clothes off and then getting Paula to kneel before them sucking their cocks. Two guys then picked her up and held her in the air while her head hung down and a cock was inserted inside her mouth. Another guy got between her legs and started sucking her pussy. Paula grabbed the cocks of the two guys holding her while the fifth guy grasped and pinched her hard nipples. As I watched her I swear I saw her body tremble so early in this assault upon her body. Could she actually be taking a delight in what these men were doing to her?Soon the men had her on the bed on her hands and knees. They started taking turns and rotating from her pussy and then to her mouth. Around and around they went at her with three of them resting and letting the excitement in their balls calm down a little before again taken their turn at her pussy. Paula was taking a beating from their cocks and I have to admit she never once looked like she wanted it to stop. When the men announced they were going to cum I heard Paula tell them she wanted to drink all their cum. That surprised me as I didn’t tell her to do that and as far as I knew she had no idea that I was watching or seeing the things that were happening to her.They grabbed her and swung her around so her head was hanging over the edge of the bed and the first guy pointed his cock head at her face and let loose with a thick wad of cum that hit her chin and laid a line down her left cheek and across her eye. He then pointed his cock at her other eye and blasted another canlı bahis thick wad straight into it and his thick cum pooled there until it slowly drifted down toward her forehead. Another guy enter her pussy and started pounding her while the rest of the guys were waiting their turn to cum on Paula’s face. The first guy was stilling blasting his cum at Paula’s face when a blast hit dead center on the bridge of her nose and split out to both sides of her face. Finally he inserted his still blasting cock inside her mouth and shoved it deep inside her throat. You could see the head of his cock it made its way from her chin and into her throat. Pulling his cock out there were strings of cum stretching from his cock and back to her lips. I saw Paula move her mouth back towards his cock so she could get it back inside her mouth so she could clean his cock with her mouth. Soon the rest of the guys were covering her face with their cum and Paula kept her mouth open trying to catch a few blast inside her mouth. For the rest of the night Paula was used by another twenty men. There was even a couple that rented her for an hour. When the lady and Paula got into a sixty nine position I could see Paula’s nose go deep into her pussy while Paula was licking her clit. The wife even sucked Paula’s cunt clean when her husband emptied his balls inside Paula’s cunt. Chapter FourI let Paula sleep in late this morning as I knew she was exhausted from the last few days. When I left the hotel I took a cab to Juan’s home near the Laredo airport. Juan welcomed me at his door and then invited me in. Inside I found his home was full of young girls as it always is. Juan would keep these girls at his home if they were new to the business so he could train them in the ways of pleasing a man. Plus it gave him the first chance at these girls. Looking out the glass patio doors I saw a girl that was fine in all the ways a woman needs to be. Juan saw me looking at her and told me she had just arrived at his home three days ago and that no one had touched her yet. He would usually let the girls get used to their new surroundings for about a week before beginning their training. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her and I let Juan know I would love to be with her and Juan made a gift of her to me. Sliding open the patio door I went outside and sat down next to her. How do you begin to describe a beautiful Mexican girl? To begin with I guess you can say that Latino girls are the fire of the universe. Everything about them makes a man’s blood begin to boil. Her long black hair lying against her perfect caramel colored skin leading me to her perfect shaped breast I could spend days holding and sucking on. Her legs looked unbelievably long causing me to hunger for the moment she would be opening them to invite me in to the ecstasy I knew she held there. Looking into her eyes I wondered how she was able to see out through the deep darkness of the spell binding universe she held inside of her eyesI asked her name and she told me Paula and I was nearly floored with her answer. We made small talk for a little while and then I invited her to go upstairs with me and she accepted. bahis siteleri Letting her walk in front of me I was able to watch her body as she made her way back into the house and upstairs to her room. When she walked her body talked and mine was already at attention eager for what awaited me up those stairs.Once inside her room I closed the door and she turned around and kneeled before me and in no time she had unbuckled my belt and pants. Kicking off my shoes and stepping out of my pants I was standing before her with a hard on that was near raging and out of control. She leaned forward and took me inside her mouth. Her mouth and lips went down my cock slowly at first as if she was trying to savior the taste of every inch of my cock as it was gradually going inside her warm wet sucking mouth. I was able to feel her tongue dance on the underside of my cock just past the head where all those nerves were connected.The first time any woman ever takes me into her mouth is a moment I never forget. Her mouth says a lot about the way she feels about me and sex in general when my cock first enters her lips. There are some women that just want to hurry up and get this part over with so they can get to the fucking. Some do it because they feel it gives the man pleasure and that they never really get anything out of the act for themselves. Then there are those that love sucking cock. The taste, the feel, and the warmth all combined to help fuel the fire building within her. Stimulating her senses and bringing her passion to the point of being a sexual a****l ready to devour her prey. This Mexican Paula was that kind of a woman. Both of her hands were on each side of my hips as she made love to my cock. Sometimes her lips would pull the skin from behind the head forward over the head where her tongue would dig inside and swirl around between the head and the skin. She was making me feel that this blowjob was more for her then it was for me and I loved it. Pulling her up I kissed her and started removing her swim suit. I could have been content to let her suck me all day but I had reached a deep burning hunger inside myself for more of this stunning Mexican beauty. Once we were on the bed I got on top of her and starting kissing her some more. Her hand reached behind my neck and tried to pull me in closer to her as if she wanted to suck me inside of her mouth. I ran my hands over her body and felt skin that was hot to my touch. I broke off our kiss and slowly started kissing my way down her body. When I reached her nipples I gave each one long gentle sucks at first slowly getting harder as my desire for her keep building within me. I then continued to kiss my way down her stomach and she grabbed my head and begin to lightly push my head down towards her pussy desperately wanting to feel my tongue and mouth on her. My first close look at her pussy nearly made me stop what I was doing, it was perfect. I had never seen a pussy like hers before. Her inner lips were tight and not loose or hanging down like other girls. I put both of my arms under her legs and lifted her up to my mouth as I brought myself up to a kneeling position. With her shoulders bahis firmaları resting on the bed I was overwhelmed with a desire to make love with my mouth to this magnificent looking pussy, and I did.Several times I brought her to climax and I would watch as each time her release would make her beautiful face shown me the passionate desire there burning within her. My need for her now was stronger than I could resist. I laid her down and I was still kneeling between her legs as I grabbed my cock and began rubbing it up and down slit concentrating mostly on her clit. Her juices were flowing as each time she would explode from my cockhead masturbating her clit like that. Then finely I watched the head of my cock enter inside her body for the first time. Slowly I would put just the head in and then pull it back out again. I kept watching her pussy take my cock inside a little more each time until I was nearly all in. Then, lying down on top of her I jammed it all inside and I heard her softly moan when she felt it finally all the way inside of her. Her eyes were closed and her hands were on my back pulling me closer to her. I continued thrusting inside her and she would rotate her hips and meet my thrust every time. I then rolled her over and mounted her doggy style. Feeling her fine ass against me was heavenly. Rising up I began to run my thumbs down her spine from her ass to her neck. On the return to her ass I would sc**** her skin with my nail and then give her a little slap. Judging from her moans I could tell she was loving it. So I grabbed her hair, jammed my cock harder against her, and slapped her ass a little harder. She reacted by crying out load and slamming her ass back against me harder. Yes, yes, yes she kept saying as I would slap her ass harder and harder with each stroke of my cock into her. We kept this up for several more minutes until I felt the need to cum.I rolled her over and mounted my cock between her breasts and started to fuck her tits. On each up stroke her mouth was right there ready to take the head inside. Her tongue was licking the underside like a hungry a****l trying to get at the nectar inside. When the first blast came the head was inside her mouth filling her cheeks until they started to balloon out. I grabbed my cock and jerked the rest of my load out and onto her beautiful face and stretched out tongue. Her face was soon covered with my sperm from her forehead to her chin. She then rolled me over and went straight for my cock and started sucking it clean for me. Occasionally she would take the head and sc**** some of the sperm into her mouth so she could swallow it down her throat. My cock never went soft and she ended up sucking me to another glorious orgasm deep inside her throat.After words when I was talking to Juan I told him I didn’t believe Paula was going to need any special training in the different ways to please a man. Juan told me of course not because she was trained by the best master in all of Mexico. He is a man known only as Quintero. He takes in only the most beautiful girls to train and then sells them to the highest bidders. Paula will never work in the bars of Boys town, he told me, she is only for my very special guests in this house.As I was leaving I told Juan that I would like to meet this man Quintero someday and thank him for what he done for the Mexican girl Paula.

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