Peakwood University: Senior Mentor


Author’s Note: This is a continuation of the story started in “Peakwood University: Orientation.” It is part of an ongoing series about a university that admits male students and their mothers, and makes mother-son incest a centerpiece of college life. In the first installment, Tony Evans agreed to attend Peakwood along with his mother Erica. On freshman welcome day the new students were informed they would be fucking their mothers, a fact which the moms already secretly knew. They were then played a video designed to showcase campus life as the moms dry-humped their sons to orgasm. Tony passed out when he came. This installment begins just after that.


Tony’s introduction to the world of Peakwood University had been abrupt, furiously abrupt in fact. In many ways it had overwhelmed him. Therefore, it did not surprise Erica when her son passed out after ejaculating in his shorts. She, formerly his prudish, conservative mother, had after all spent a good twenty minutes rubbing her pussy against his thick, uncut meat, wishing they were naked and alone and he could just put it inside of her.

It didn’t even matter if they were alone, she had been ready to grab her son’s cock out of his shorts and let it sink to heaven right then and there in the gym, even though it was technically against the rules.

But she hadn’t, because she knew that by anticipating the smooth pocket between her legs for just a little bit longer, Tony would be that much more of a virile, aggressive lover. And that was what she wanted from her big-dicked baby boy.

Erica had slipped out of the gym without having to explain where she was going to Tony, as many of the other mothers had to do for their sons who were still conscious. Thousands of mothers promised their sons greater things to come, and began making their way through the narrow aisles.

Erica did see a few of them, the ones wearing skirts, take off their panties and give them to their sons. What a wicked idea, she thought. She daintily brought her hands underneath her own relatively short skirt, which did the trick of exposing the baby-smooth legs of a woman half her age all the way up to the mid thigh, and slid her tiny blue thong panties down her legs, soaked through from her still free-flowing juices.

Tony woke to a rich smell in his nose, and realized that his vision was obscured by something blue. He reached up to his face and felt soft, soggy lace meet his fingers. He pulled his mother’s panties off his head and stared at them, dumbstruck.

For a moment he had felt as if it had all been a dream. There was no Peakwood University, his mom didn’t want to fuck him. But then he brought the crotch of the panties to his nose and molded them over his face, inhaling the rich, complex odors of his own mother’s sex.

He was jerked out of his reverie by a voice,


Tony was thrown back into the context of his surroundings. He looked in the direction of the voice and realized that it belonged to the kid who had been sitting next to him. Tony remembered the kid’s mom more than he did the kid himself, an Indian goddess who had shot him a few very sexy looks in the dark of the gym, but the kid looked nice enough. He was smiling sheepishly as he held his own mother’s lacy panties,


“Jesus boy, how hard did you cum?”

Tony felt like his body was delayed a half-second behind his brain. He wished they hadn’t turned the lights on again, but there they were, blazing down on him from hundreds of feet above. He took a second to look around, noticing only then that every mother had left the hall.

Boys were nervously chattering with one another, but even the Peakwood volunteers and employees seemed to have left the hall. Tony didn’t know this, but the Peakwood staff had all left during the movie. They had wanted to give the freshman class and their mothers some privacy. The screen at the front of the room was still on though, an animated Peakwood University logo slowly spinning. Tony turned back to the kid next to him, and decided to be honest.

“I…fuckin…saw stars.”

The kid laughed.

“I hear you man. I swear to god my mom can move her hips so goddamn fast I’m pretty sure it counts as making her pussy vibrate. I came like a fucking fire hydrant.”

Tony sat up straighter in his chair,

“So what, is happening now?”

“I think all of our moms just told us to wait. They said that something was about to happen.”

And then the lights cut out yet again. The boys knew better than to question it. And then they saw the lights embedded in the floor flair up, illuminating row after row of chairs kind of like an airplane’s emergency exit lights. The doors on the side facing away from the main entrance opened, and daylight flooded in to the massive gym.

It was so unexpected to Tony that the gym was that well equipped that he couldn’t help but jump slightly. Tony wondered whether this was the start to a new phase of the orientation procedure, and he couldn’t help kartal escort but get a little excited. His cock stirred in his pants.

But the little lights, alternating green, gold, and red, illuminated the path from where Tony was sitting all the way out of the building. Tony stood and followed his neighbor, another boy eagerly trailing behind him. He looked from row to row, every boy embarrassed by the long tent that was leading their pants out of the gym.

As Tony emerged from the gym, it took a long moment for his eyes to adjust to the blinding California sunlight, but when they did he couldn’t help but take a moment to admire Peakwood’s gorgeous campus, having not seen it in person for almost six months.

The buildings were all old, designed in classical style that reminded him of Spanish mission architecture. He remembered reading somewhere in Peakwood’s extensive recruiting materials that the buildings had been built during the mid-19th century, and although they had been extensively remodeled since, the basic foundations still stood. Many of them were broad and short, but a few still managed to tower over seven stories or so.

He knew the tallest building was Meaten Hall, Peakwood’s freshman dorm. It was well known that the freshman were the only class at Peakwood to be entirely contained within a single building. Tony had liked the idea of finding friends among the other fresh-faced freshman, but following the events in the gym he liked the idea of having hundreds of peers embarking on a journey of incestous romance and discovery even more.

But it was the steep stairway leading from the gym down to the campus itself was what really attracted his attention. There was no variation in how the hundreds and hundreds of moms lining the sides of the stairwell were dressed. Each and every one of them was wearing either a black or a white baby doll nightgown. Some part of Tony’s mind registered that such skimpy clothing should be freezing in the crisp coastal wind, but the moms didn’t seem to mind.

There was a weirdly slow electronic song playing over an unseen loudspeaker and the moms, while not dancing, were allowing their hips to gyrate slightly as little gusts of wind blew their hair into their faces, which just made them sexier in Tony’s mind.

Boys were awkwardly moving towards the line of smiling women like they were lost in a dream. Tony was satisfied in knowing that he was far from the only boy who viewed what had been happening as unreal and dreamlike. Random moms would step out of the line and a mom take the hand of the boy of their choosing. For just a moment Tony was scared that maybe none of these moms would pick him when he felt a hand on his shoulder.

The eyes that greeted him when he turned were a dark brown. The mom who had approached him seemed to stand at least a few inches above his own five foot seven frame, but then he noticed that she was standing on massive stilletos. But even without them she was easily his height, that much he could tell. Her hair was cut short, he thought he remembered the term for the hairdo was a “pixie” cut, and it was a rich red.

Tony had always been attracted to redheads, something about the bold color had always been enough to get Tony excited. She was undoubtedly in her early 40s, and while her age certainly showed, she wore it proudly and sexily. Her face showed no wrinkles, but still seemed to carry her life experience in it.

She looked like men had always been pursuing her and she was used to rejecting them, which she undoubtedly had had to do hundreds of times in her life. She looked intelligent, defiant, and with a personality so strong that it radiated even from the passive, placid expression that was fixed on him now. And she hadn’t said so much as a word.


He managed to stutter out a “hi” in return.

“My name is Rose Deangelo, and I’m the mom of a senior here at Peakwood. I’ll be your guide and mentor for your entire freshman year here at the university, just so you don’t feel lost.”

She was wearing a white babydoll, and underneath it tony could see she was wearing a jet black corset. It made her that much more imposing, tall and rail thin, but her breasts told a different story. From the way they were rebelling against the top of the corset, the alabaster flesh desperately searching for freedom from their self-imposed confines, Tony could tell that the corset might simply be doing its job. There was no way she could be that skinny and still manage to have tits bigger than his mothers, far too big for any widely retailed bra size. There was no way, was there?

“Where…where is your son?”

“Upperclassmen are never on campus for freshman move-in week. I’m sure you were jarred by what just happened in there. It would be even more jarring if you had to worry about classes and dealing with campus life. Peakwood gives freshman the chance to get settled before actually getting into full swing, and the senior moms are here to help with that.”


“Oh maltepe escort bayan honey, you don’t need to beat around the bush. You see me wearing something like this and I’m guessing you’re already wondering when you’re going to get this pussy. I have bad news for you kid. That video they show incoming freshman doesn’t really give a good picture as to the way uh…social hierarchy, let’s say…works here.”

“What do you mean?”

“Plenty of time for that. Aren’t you forgetting something?”


“When people meet each other, they usually introduce themselves.”

“Oh, sorry. I’m…Tony Evans.”

“Nice to meet you Tony Evans.”

“Where…is my mom?”

Rose smiled.

“All the freshman moms ran off to your dorm. That’s why I’m here, to help show you to her. But she needs a little time to get ready, so we can take our time around campus. Follow me!”

Tony did, in a daze, careful to not let his big thumping footfalls miss a step and send him tumbling to the bottom of the staircase with a broken neck. He watched as more and more boys paired off with the upperclassmen mothers. He could tell that some of the boys had had their heads scrambled by the events in the gym more than others. Many were following suit with him and Rose, making their way down the steps.

Tony looked back to his…how had she referred to herself again…mentor. Even though her ass was twitching as it walked down the stairs, his eyes were drawn to the curves of her neck and the slopes of her shoulders. He sighed wistfully for a moment before he realized he needed to snap out of it.

He looked back to her ass, one cheek practically eating the other with each alternating step. That was what had held his attention all day. Plump asses. Mommy asses. The asses of women who had seen the world and given birth that made the asses of girls his own age seem boring.

But then Rose turned slightly and he saw the line of her chin. Everything about how she was…put together seemed to transcend his own notions about his own standards of what made a woman beautiful. He forgot where he was, before Rose stopped abruptly in front of two double doors and he almost walked into her.

“Easy there hot shot! Wandering eyes? I don’t blame you I guess, but you gotta get it under control. Believe me, your mom needs what you’ve got to give way more than I do.”

Tony just blushed as Rose reached into her gown and pulled a plastic card out of her little bra. She pressed it firmly into a slot next to the door and the door itself beeped, Tony instinctually pulling it open. Rose entered, adding

“ooh, quite the little gentleman I’ve got here huh?”

Tony might have nodded, or he might have just gawked, he couldn’t be sure. He followed her in.

The room was cavernous, and completely empty. There was a roaring fire in one corner, which Tony thought a bit odd considering it was August in California, but he was well past believing his own instincts and assumptions when they had been proven wrong so many times in the span of about an hour.

Rose made her way over to one of the tremendous couches near the fireplace. Tony didn’t follow suit instantly, all he could hear was a dull ringing in his ears. All it took from her was a broad motion with her hand, guiding him to her, for him to make his way to the couch.

The couch itself was oversized, and looked really more like a hybrid between a bed and a proper couch. Tony ran one of his fingers against the material and he felt nothing but velvet. As he sat down a few feet away from Rose he watched as she reached over the side of the couch and seemed to be fumbling with something.

“So, what is this building?”

Rose emerged with what Tony recognized as a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and a wine opener, another motion and she emerged once again with two glasses. She dug the opener into the cork before responding,

“Officially? This building is called Dremer Hall. What exactly do you want to major in hun?”

“I uh…don’t know yet.”

She smiled,

“That’s good. You never want to go to your first year of college already knowing what you want to do. That’s all the more important at a place like Peakwood, that, well, prides itself on having different variations on traditional majors. This building is shared by the engineering department and the mammaries department.”

“Mammaries department?”

“Well it certainly sounds better than the ‘mom’s tits’ department.”

She poured a glass for both of them, and handed him a glass. He sipped it gingerly, surprised at how good it tasted. Rose picked up her own glass and reclined in her seat. She closed her eyes for a long moment, and Tony watched the slow rise and fall of her bustline.

“Why are we alone here?”

“Because who is going to come to the boring classroom building on the first day of college? Plus I work as a TA here, so I’m one of only a few people who has year-round access to the building. I escort pendik figured you needed a break.”

“A break from?”

“Being overwhelmed, overloaded with your new experiences. When my son started here he loved it of course, but he overdid it. He strained muscles hun; he had to stay in bed for a week.”


She paused for a long moment. Tony couldn’t help but admire the gentle curve of her figure. He looked at her face, the perfect symmetry of her features. He was attracted to her, that couldn’t be helped. He felt like he was being teased.

“Before you try to mount me like an animal, I should tell you a little bit about how things are done here.”

He looked back at his glass of wine sheepishly, feeling as if she had admonished him.


She scooted a little closer to him and bent her head down, meeting his gaze as he once again looked into her eyes.

“It is true that boys fuck other boy’s moms at this university. But this university does not completely throw the idea of exclusivity out the window. That would be insane. The bond between a mother and a son, when it is transformed into a sexual bond, is one of the strongest things in the world. Some boys become fiercely possessive of their mothers and some mothers become fiercely possessive of their sons, and that’s alright. Some people just don’t want to share, and some do. I myself am exclusive with my son, and I’m sorry if hearing that disappoints you.”

As much as Tony didn’t want to admit it, it did disappoint him. He tried his best not to let it show in his face though, but Rose saw right through that,

“Don’t look too down Tony. Even exclusivity at Peakwood is not like exclusivity in the real world.”

Tony couldn’t help but snort in laughter at that. Rose giggled too.

“I know calling the world outside of Peakwood ‘the real world’ sounds silly, but believe me that after years of living here, that’s how it feels. My son and I only leave campus roughly once a month, to have a fancy dinner or something like that. Peakwood is my world, and now its yours too.”

She raised her glass and Tony mimicked her before taking a sip of wine as she took a deep gulp.

“Anyway, exclusivity at Peakwood only applies to the relationships between boys and their moms. Moms are allowed to fuck each other whenever they want, that’s up to us.”

Tony felt his breath leave him like he had just been punched in the stomach.

“You’re a lesbian?”

She smirked at him, reaching up to pull a stray bit of hair out of her eyes and tuck it behind her ear.

“I wasn’t. Not before Peakwood. But does it really surprise you to learn that I am? Well, I guess since you’re right out of high school, you might not be too sexually active, and you haven’t spent any time in clubs or at parties of the caliber that we throw here. You probably have never seen two of your straight female friends make out, but I promise you hun, it happens all the time. Most straight girls will never go to the extent of actually fucking one of their female friends, but they’ll sure as shit fantasize about it.”

Her eyes lit up as she shifted closer to him on the couch.

“The difference between these ordinary girls and Peakwood moms is that Peakwood is practically a nudist colony hun. The sexual charge on campus is so intense you can almost feel it physically. Most of it is spent on our sons, fucking their cocks and learning to be better mommy-sluts for them. But we’re drawn to the beautiful women around us who are on the same journey we are. All of us. I’ve never seen a mom come to Peakwood and not be licking cunt by the end of the first month, hell, the first week now that I think about it. And I’ve never seen a son not be okay with that, and I’m guessing you’re no different?”

When Tony didn’t respond, her smirk widened.

“That’s what I thought. And I’m glad to hear it, because to be honest with you hun your mom is pretty fucking yummy. I want to fuck her as much as you do. But it would be bad manners for me to interfere as you two get to know each other. But I was wondering-“

Tony couldn’t help but cut her off. He had been wondering ever since she mentioned it, and his interest had finally overcome his politeness,

“But what about the moms who were being fucked by like, six guys?”

“What, in the video?” She looked mildly annoyed that he had cut her off.


“Well, what do you think it was? Some boys are comfortable enough to let their mothers be public sluts. Some frats, like the one shown in the video I believe, require it for admission, but not all of them. Some are mom-son couples minoring in sexual domination, with a dom-son ordering his sub-mom to fuck strangers, even though nobody is really a stranger on this campus. If your mom gives you permission to fuck any of those sluts, there are at least four hundred on campus on any given day. You get the picture here? The relationships at Peakwood are as exclusive as sons and moms agree for them to be. Any true cheating, in which sex occurs outside of the consent of a mom-son couple, is punished severely. But that’s rare, because Peakwood brings out the filthy whore in every Peakwood mom. We’re satisfied with what we have, and only invite more when it is agreed upon.”

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