Perfect Suburban Mother


Audrey lived the perfect suburban life.

Growing up she was always the ‘good girl.’ She worked hard in school and paid her way through college with a part time modeling career. Modeling had always been a passion of hers and she had a natural talent for it.

In her adult life she became the pillar of the community. Everyone loved being around her and doing business in real estate was easy as a result. She was one of the most financially successful people in the neighborhood, and she gave back whenever she could, participating in charity events and PTA meetings.

The recent downturn in the housing market was trouble for her financially. She was still paying for her son’s expensive college education, and she was accustomed to a certain lifestyle that she worked so hard to archive.

She tried her best to look for extra modeling work for women her age. But at 43 years of age, it wasn’t easy anymore. She sent out resumes and worked the audition circuit, but success was no longer assured. Things changed the day she visited a particular modeling agency…

Perfect Suburban Mother

The doorbell rang early that morning. When Audrey opened the front door, she saw a sophisticated looking woman, early-50’s in age, wearing stylish designer clothes and expensive jewelry.

“You must be Audrey,” the lady said. “My name is Miranda. I’m the managing director of the local modeling agency and I believe you took some test shots for us recently.”

The two women smiled at each other and shook hands.

“That’s me. I’ve seen in you in the studio before, but we’ve never formally met. Please come in!”

Audrey was beaming with excitement as the two women sat down in the living room couch. She knew that a personal visit by the boss could only be a good thing.

“I’m sure you must be wondering what I’m doing here,” Miranda said.

“A job offer I hope. I’ve applied to quite a few agencies and I haven’t had much luck so far.”

“That’s rather unfortunate for a beautiful woman such as yourself. But I’m happy to say that your luck is about to change. I was looking through a pile of our recent applicants, and you really caught my eye.”

“Well I’m very happy to hear that,” Audrey smiled.

Miranda nodded without expression. “You have precisely the right background and personal story I’m looking for. Sure there are plenty of attractive women out there. But what separates you from other models your age is that you’re a classy business woman who’s also a prominent member of society. I’m absolutely positive that our clientele would be very interested in what you have to offer.”

“I’m glad you see that in me,” Audrey replied proudly. “I’ve always been a motivated and energetic person in life. I’m also a big believer in creating a strong bond within the community. So it would definitely be nice to work with someone like you who appreciates that.”

“We’re going to get along just fine,” she nodded.

“So what kind of work did you have in mind for me?”

“You currently live alone, is that correct?” Miranda asked. “The form you filled out says you have a son, but that he recently moved out to college.”

“That’s right. But he’s planning on coming back in two weeks for his summer break.”

“Good timing. What I’m preparing to offer you is a very generous deal. You see, my business continues to strive based on women like you; women who are everyday soccer moms, but who also like to indulge and explore their sexual side.”

Audrey shook her head in disbelief. “I’m sorry, there must be some sort of misunderstanding here. I contacted your agency because I’m interested in modeling gigs for clothing companies. I’m not interested in anything involving sex or nudity. I apologize if I misled you in any way.”

“Don’t apologize. There’s no mistake here. I know exactly what I want and you’re it.”

Miranda opened her designer purse and took out a small envelope, handing it over to Audrey.

“What’s this?”

“It’s a $5,000 signing bonus if you agree to work with us. Are you familiar with how webcams work?”

“I use it sometimes to talk to friends and family over the internet,” Audrey skeptically replied. “But obviously you’re talking about the adult kind of web cams.”

“You catch on fast,” Miranda smiled.

“There are thousands of other girls out there who are much younger than me and would do this for half the price. So why are you asking me about this?”

A sly grin appeared on Miranda’s face. “College girls are a dime a dozen. I want the perfect suburban mother. What men are really interested in these days are women who are smart and sophisticated like you are. Your background and the way you look sells, and you could make a lot of money doing this.”

“I’m sorry,” Audrey replied. “There’s no way I could ever involve myself in anything that’s pornographic. It’s not for me. Besides, if anyone ever finds out, I’d…”

“I can tell you with absolute certainty that none of our members live in this area. Our clientele is mostly from the east coast and Europe. I can escort kartal also assure you that none of the content you produce will ever float around the internet because of the strict provisions we have.”

Audrey took a deep breath and thought for a moment. “I don’t know. Growing up I promised myself and my parents that I would never do anything like this when I started modeling.”

“They won’t find out. No one will ever find out aside from myself, my employees, and our clients- all of whom have signed nondisclosure agreements.”

“So what do I have to do?” she asked cautiously.

“Just be yourself,” Miranda simply stated. “We’ll install hidden web cams throughout your house, which will be activated for only a 24 hour period. Our clients pay to watch the video feeds.”

“You’re telling me that wealthy men are willing to pay thousands of dollars to see me lounge around the house all day doing nothing?”

“No. You’ll be required to be naked at all times.”

Audrey froze and was at a complete loss for words.

“This must be some sort of mistake,” Audrey meekly replied. “I’m not an exhibitionist in any way, and this was only meant to be a side job for extra cash.”

“There’s no mistake here. I’ve been in this business for a very long time and I recognize adventurous women when I see them. You have the potential to make a lot of money, and I can tell you’re longing for some excitement in your life.”

“How much will I get paid?” she asked softly.

Miranda smiled, “That depends on how interesting you are. If you agree to this, you’ll be the highest billed woman for our Nude Day event next Friday, and I would need you naked all day. The more interesting and provocative you are, the more attention you’ll receive from wealthy clients.”

“Can you guarantee that no one in this area will ever know about this? I don’t think I could ever forgive myself if my friends or family found out. My life would be completely ruined.”

“You have my guarantee. There’s no one in this area who’s registered to watch these video feeds. And like I said earlier, we have a strict policy with our clients. How else could we convince prim & proper women like yourself to work for us?”

“Fine,” Audrey hesitantly agreed. “I’ll do it, but only on one condition.”

“Name it.”

“This is only for your Nude Day event. I want the cameras removed from my house afterwards.”

Miranda smiled and pulled a contract out of her purse. “That can easily be arranged. But I must warn you, most women in your position find this line of work to be addicting.”


It was 8 am on Nude Day. The week had been filled with nerves for Audrey in anticipation of the deal, but she convinced herself she was doing the right thing.

‘It’s just this once,’ she told herself as she looked in the mirror. ‘Once and I’ll never do it again. It’s harmless and no one will ever find out.’

After washing herself in the bathroom, she put her hands on the knot of her robe and took a deep breath. The cameras installed in her bathroom were watching, along with an unknown number of clients.

Her fingers untied the knot and she slid the robe off. She stood in front of the mirror completely naked. There was no doubt that she had the body of a model, or a former model at least. Age was visible throughout her figure, but she was still satisfied by her appeared.

She strolled around her bedroom thinking of her next move. She remember Miranda’s words, that the more ‘interesting’ she made the show, the more money she would make from clients. Ideas swirled through her mind: Maybe she would be tame and focus on household chores? Maybe a workout and some stretching? Or maybe she would be more provocative and masturbate openly on her bed?


Just as she was starting to get comfortable at the thought of anonymous men looking at her naked body, the phone suddenly rang:

“Hello,” she answered.

“Hey mom,” Dylan replied on the other line. “I hope I didn’t wake you.”

“No worries. I was already awake because of some business I need to take care of.”

“That’s good to hear. Anyway, my friend caught a horrible case of food poisoning last night so our trip to Vegas is delayed until another time. I’m at the gas station right now and I’m on my way home.”

Audrey’s heart nearly skipped a beat.

“What!? You’re coming home now!? I thought you weren’t coming back until next week?”

Dylan was taken by surprised at his mother’s reaction. “Calm down, I thought you always used to complain that I don’t visit you enough? But anyway, we’re rescheduling our trip for later. Sorry if I’m interrupting your work or anything.”

“Of course I want you home…but it’s just…I’m in the middle of something which needs 100% of my attention. I’m sure you can understand that.”

“Well no wonder you sound so edgy. Don’t worry, I’ll be really quiet, and I promise that you won’t even know I’m there.”

She took a deep breath. “I hate to say this, but do you think you can come back home tomorrow instead? maltepe escort I really need the house all to myself.”

“Ugh…I didn’t want to call you earlier and wake you up, but I already drove for several hours. I can turn back if it’s that important to you.”

“Don’t,” she replied. “Forget that I said any of this. I’ll see you when you’re back home.”

“Okay, I didn’t mean to ruin…”


Audrey hung up the phone before her son could reply, and she immediately called Miranda:

“Well good morning Audrey,” she answered. “I didn’t expect to hear from you so soon. I’m glad to see that you’re off to a good start.”

“That’s the thing,” Audrey meekly replied. “My son is on his way home, and I’m sorry to say that I’ll have to cancel our arrangement for today. We can definitely reschedule something in the near future once his summer break is over.”

“Reschedule?” Miranda asked. “Why would we do that? You’ve already peaked the interest of a number of wealthy clients who’ve just heard your phone conversation. I’m getting flooded with messages as we speak.”

“So you expect me to prance around my home naked while my son is living here?”

“You make it sound like a bad thing. It’s not as difficult as it seems. Believe me, you’re going to be a highly compensated woman for each moment Dylan is there with you.”

Audrey was completely stunned by the conversation. “Are you out of your mind!? You’re crazy if you actually think that I’m going to spend the day naked with my own son.”

“It’s a free country, but I wouldn’t cancel our deal if I were you,” she coldly stated.

“And why not?”

“First,” Miranda replied. “You’ve signed a written contract and I’ll sue if you decide to breach. You’ll have to get a lawyer and explain that you were involved in a sexually explicit endeavor.”

“Wait a minute…”

“Secondly, I want you to know that webcam services that provide real life footage of actual mother/son duos are highly lucrative in this business. The last woman who did this made well over $50,000 for a day’s work. It’s a fairly simply decision on your end.”

“I…I honestly don’t know what you expect me to do?” Audrey replied in a stunned voice. “He’s my son. Why can’t you understand that?”

“I understand perfectly. I was in the same position nearly 10 years ago with my son, and now I run this company. It was tough at first, but I earned every penny I got, and we both loved it.”

“I honestly can’t believe that you’re doing this to me. I can’t do it. I won’t and I refuse.”

“Well, if you’re not going to honor this agreement, then neither should I. What would your neighbors think if they went to their favorite porn site and saw a video clip of you undressing in your bathroom? I’m sure they’d all be interested to know that prim & proper Audrey is actually a cam whore. I can guarantee you that ALL of the men in this area will be using that clip to masturbate. And the women? Good luck making new friends after this.”

Audrey’s stomach was in knots and she felt sick. She felt trapped. She spent her entire life building the perfect reputation, and everything would soon come crashing down if she didn’t obey.

“Fine,” Audrey replied in a defeated tone. “I’ll continue doing this. But don’t expect me to be nude around him all day. I’ll greet him at the door the way that he expects me to, and that’s it. I don’t want him involved in this.”

“Fair enough. It’s your call how you wish to proceed. Now get back to work.”

Miranda hung up the phone before Audrey could reply.


After that conversation ended, Audrey immediately called her son:

“Hey mom,” he answered. “I was just about the hit the road.”

“Okay, but there’s something really important that I want you to know.”

“Sure, what’s up.”

“Things are going to be a lot different today,” she replied, trying to sound upbeat. “It’s only for today. I don’t want you to freak out so I’m giving you an early warning.”

“So that’s why you didn’t want me coming around,” Dylan said like he figured it out. “Did you invite the seniors from the retirement home again to come play bingo at our house? I really didn’t mind the last time you did that. I’ll even help out if you want.”

She took a deep breath. “No. It’s not that. Have you ever heard of Nude Day before?”

“What Day? I don’t think I heard you right.”

“You heard me just fine,” she replied, hiding her embarrassment. “It’s called Nude Day. My new boss has an open mind to this sort of thing and wants me to give it a try. I really need this job and I have no problems being nude, so I agreed to it. It’s a long story.”

“Oh…so it’s sort of like a spiritual thing?”

“Something like that. Obviously I didn’t expect you to be coming back so soon or else I wouldn’t have agreed to do it.”

“So you’re telling me that…you’ll be nude all day?” he asked with a puzzled voice.

“Basically. Look, you mentioned earlier that you’re willing to stay out of my business for a while if I’m busy; can pendik escort bayan I still hold you to that? Do you think you can spend the day in your room or at a friends house while I’m alone?”

“Of course. This sounds pretty important to you so I’ll stay out of your way.”

“Thank you,” she replied in a sad tone. “I’m so sorry that your return home has to be like this, but it’s for my job. I promise I’ll make it up to you eventually.”

“Don’t be sorry mom. I’ve gotta go now. I’ll be home in about an hour.”

“See you soon. I love you.”

“Love you too mom.”


Audrey stood naked in the living room as she heard her son park in the driveway. She knew he was going to see her naked eventually, so she might as well get that out of the way.

Her heart pounded and her pulse raced at the thought of being naked in front of Dylan. For his entire life, she tried her best to set boundaries and to make sure he never saw her bare figure. Now here she was, offering herself for him to see.

The front door unlocked and the knob turned.

Before Dylan could see his naked mother, her reflexes immediately kicked in and she used one arm to cover both breasts, and her other hand to cover her vagina.

“Mom,” he gasped, looking at her unclothed body.

“Dylan,” she replied nervously. “Why are you staring at me!?”

It wasn’t exactly the best answer, but it was the first thing that popped into her head. Having her son gaze at her body wasn’t something she was used to.

“Oh, sorry. You’re not wearing any clothes.”

“Of course I know that,” she replied sternly. “But that doesn’t give you the right to gawk at my body. I’m your mother and this is inappropriate.”

“I was expecting you to be a little more happy since you’ve called and emailed me almost everyday while I was at college. Plus you’re not wearing any clothes!”

A sudden look of regret came over her face.

“You’re right,” she replied, calming down. “I’m just a little touchy over this whole thing.”

She dropped both arms and let Dylan see her exposed breasts and vagina.

“Oh…” he gasped again. “You look…great…mom…”

“You were going to see my boobs anyway, so here they are. They’re just boobs, and I’m sure you’ve seen a few vaginas before as well. You’re already a grown man.”

“So what next? Do we avoid each other all day?”

“I think that might be for the best,” she said with regret. “Can I at least give you a hug? It’s been so long since I’ve seen you, and I’ve missed you very much.”

He smiled, “Sure, if you insist.”

The tension in the room became even more awkward as both of them opened their arms and hugged each other.

Audrey ended the hug and winked at her son. “Come on, I’ll help carry your things to your room. I’ve missed having you around.”


It was 6pm and Audrey was still naked around the house. Dylan spent the day with his friends, leaving her home alone. She had almost forgotten that she was being watched by strangers and began to find comfort in her nudity. Hours were spent doing chores naked, lounging around the house, exercising & stretching, and even masturbating a few times.

Dylan arrived home from the day with his friends, and this time, he wasn’t afraid of looking at his nude mother sitting on the couch watching tv.

“I’m surprised you’re still committed to this,” he said playfully. “You never struck me as a nudist.”

She blushed, “I’m not a nudist. It’s for a job and I always like to do my best.”

“Well do you like it so far? It’s weird seeing you like this in our living room.”

Audrey crossed her legs and moved her arms so that her nipples and vagina were covered.

“To be perfectly honest with you, throughout the day I’ve practically forgotten that I was naked, except when you’re around. It’s a fairly liberating feelings and I can understand why nudists like being nude.”

“It does look pretty comfortable,” he replied with his eyes all over her body again.

“You’re starting to gawk at me,” she noted. “Don’t forget that it’s still completely inappropriate for you to see me like this. It’s not normal.”

“I can’t help it. Mom or not, I’ve always thought that you’re really hot. This just confirms it.”

“Really?” she asked in disbelief. “That’s news to me.”

Audrey’s phone suddenly beeped. “Hang on,” she told him.

She checked it and saw a text message from Miranda: Keep this going. Clients are already sending big money your way. They want to see him naked with you.

She froze and was unsure of how to react. Her mind was a complete mess and filled with confusion. More than anything she couldn’t believe how excited she felt in a sexual way.

“Are you okay mom?” he asked. “What is it?”

“I’m…I’m fine. It’s just something from work.”

“Okay. Well, if you need me, I’ll be in my room.”

She impulsively stopped him as he tried to walk away. “Wait…Dylan, this is going to sound extremely bizarre and I’m sure I’m going to regret this later, but if you’re interested in nudism…why don’t you join me for a while? You don’t have to, and I don’t expect you to. It’s just an offer. I don’t mind if you say no. It might even be better if you say no. I just want to be nice since we haven’t done anything together for so long.”

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