Perks of the Job


As the doorbell rang, Will leapt to his feet and raced to the door of his flat. Heart pounding, he flew down the flight of stairs to the hallway. Was it her? Had she really come? Reaching the front door, he undid the latch and swung it open. Wind drove in, spattering him with drops of rain… and there she stood, the hood of her coat up and her shoulders hunched against the cold November weather. Despite the rain bouncing off of her, Angela was smiling broadly.

“Hi! Nice night, huh?” she said. Will stepped back.

“Come on in, get out of the rain.” Angela stepped into the hallway with a quick glance behind her. Pushing the door shut, Will also glanced out before dropping the latch, vague paranoia scratching at the surface of his mind.

Then he turned and saw Angela pulling back her hood. The scratchy whispers ceased as he watched her shake drops of water from her tousled blonde hair. He had run his fingers through those silky golden locks just over 48 hours previously, as Angela had gone down on him hungrily , full lips wet with saliva, teeth scraping against his skin, one soft hand caressing his balls whilst the other worked his shaft back and forth and –

“It’s foul out there.” Angela was looking at him with those clear green eyes and just a hint of nerves. Will’s heart continued to race, he could feel himself stiffening as he brought his attention back from what they had done, to the here and now. And what they would do. Yes, it was her. Yes, she had come. This was really happening.

“You’re right. Come on up, my flat’s upstairs.” Will jerked his thumb at the door to his left, “That’s the empty one.”

“Yes, I remember you telling me the guy moved out last week.”

“That’s right.” Will replied, moving forward and gesturing towards the stairs, “After you, please.”

“Why, thank you, kind sir.” Angela purred demurely, turning away and mounting the stairs. Will watched as her coat rode up above her rear as she walked upwards, savoring the motion of her curvy, rounded buttocks and noting the lack of any visible panty line. Angela was wearing a thong, g-string, or perhaps, no knickers. She was wearing the same smart clothes that she had to work that day; charcoal grey suit trousers with black high heeled shoes. That would likely mean the black, sleeveless round neck top, and the jacket that matched the trousers. Angela always dressed smartly for work. Will thought she dressed more like an office manager than the manager of a record shop, but the dark, clean suits she wore showed off her hair, eyes and good figure. And they turned him on, too. Hell, Angela dressed in a bin bag would turn him on. She filled whatever she wore very nicely.

Will followed behind as Angela turned right and reached the door of his flat. She paused, turning to look as he caught up with her. Will grinned.

“Well, it’s no palace, but welcome to my home.” He pushed the door open and stepped into the hallway. Angela followed and once over the threshold, Will closed the door shut it behind her, dropping the latch.

“Can I take your coat and get you a drink?”

“Yes, thanks.”

Angela slipped her dark leather shoulder bag to the carpet and unzipped her soaking coat, sliding it from her shoulders and passing it to Will’s outstretched hand. Yes, the dark top and suit jacket. Water dripped from the coat onto the hall carpet as Will hung it next to his own leather jacket on one of the four metal hooks of the coat rack by the door. Angie arched her back slightly, stretching and making a quiet, happy ‘m’mmm’ noise. Will watched her small breasts swell against the dark fabric, noticing the texture of the cups of her bra pressing against the top.

“It’s nice and warm in here, Will.”

“Yeah, with it being so cold at this time of year and with the weather being so bad I wanted it to be good and snug in case you- I mean, when you arrived.”

Angela seemed amused to see the slight flush Will felt rise on his face. She smiled a Cheshire cat grin and took a step over to him, placing her hand on his forearm.

“I was always going to turn up, Will. I wasn’t going to miss tonight.”

Embarrassment melted in a hot flush of anticipation and nerves. Will mentally kicked himself. Play it cool. Don’t gabble like an idiot. He smiled back.

“I’m glad you’re here. I still can’t quite believe you actually are, though.” Angie laughed softly.

“Well I am. But of course, I’m not.”

Angie squeezed his forearm gently and leaned just a little closer. Will could smell her musky perfume. The stiffening in his jeans quickened.

“My sister will swear blind that I’ve been at hers all evening. And with buggerlugs away on business, we’ve got as long as we’d like. I can get a taxi back home later.” Silence fell as she finished. Time stretched as they looked at each other – a twenty five year old man and forty five year old woman. Anticipation blossomed. Swelled. Became near tangible. It was only two seconds before Will replied, but in that short time, much was silently said between them.

“Fantastic. Now then, that drink? Tea, coffee?”

“Tea please.”

“Okay. bursa escort Come on through, have a seat.”

Will walked over to their right and opened a door, stepping through. Angela followed him into the living room. Will was curious as to where she’d sit. In one of the two single armchairs or in the three person settee in front of the fire place and television? As he’d hoped (or perhaps even known), Angela sat before the fire, looking around her.

“Looks like you’ve got a nice place here.”

“Cheers. Feel free to have a look around, I’ll give you the grand tour later.”

Will headed to the kitchen and began to make the drinks, silently musing over who would make the first move, what Angela was wearing under her suit, how she would look naked. How her body would feel as she lay under him, thighs parted, or sat on top, riding him hard. Whether she cried out in the grip of ecstasy or instead sighed softly. How long it would be before he’d find out? That she was here willing to have sex, there was no doubt. As the kettle boiled, Will thought back to how Angela had come to be in his flat, ready for an evening of passion with him behind her husband’s back.

Angela and her husband owned a small record store in town, selling CDs, DVDs, T-shirts and posters. Her husband had a joint controlling interest, but left the day to day management to Angela, keeping himself busy with his work as a freelance business consultant. Angela had lost a member of staff and Will had applied for the job of Assistant Manager, having been a loyal customer for a couple of years. He had been struck by Angela the first time he had seen her. Five and a half foot of personality, curves and blonde hair with sparkling green/grey eyes. She had a ready smile, sense of humour and taste in music that matched Will’s own. Despite being two decades his senior, Angela knew how to keep herself in shape. Among the shop’s customers was a small legion of male admirers of all ages. Will often joked that he could make a small fortune by selling memberships to an Angie Harding Fan Club.

When the other staff member was out at lunch, in the stock room, or running errands, Will found his gentle flirting being returned in kind. Double in fact. Especially when the two were alone after closing, sorting the till records and cashing up. Angela soon made it plain that she was bored with her marriage and skated teasingly around the subject of just what she was looking for to spice up her life. She broke the touch taboo by brushing up against Will as she passed. Sometimes her bottom would glide across his crotch as she slipped along the counter. Other times, her breasts would brush his arm or chest. She would touch his shoulders when they joked.

Just under a week ago, last Wednesday to be precise; she had turned up to work (when just the two of them were in) in an ankle length skirt with a long centre split. Very smart and respectable as usual, but when no customers were in, she would check the stock on the shelves, right foot placed in front, hips cocked, so the length of her inner leg, from ankle almost to crotch, was visible. Creamy, smooth flesh tantalisingly visible yet out of reach. The direct eye contact and knowing smile let Will know that the display was for his benefit.

This had all culminated in the events of Monday afternoon. With the other staff on holiday, Angela and Will had been in alone together all day. Weather was poor and the business had been quiet. They passed the time playing silly word or guessing games, keeping a tally of who had the most points with the vague threat of the winner being able to get a ‘forfeit’ from the loser. Darkness fell and at 5.30 pm they closed the shop, with Angela the victor in their little game by two points.

Pulling the security shutters down most of the way and locking the front door, Will cashed up as Angela tidied around. They had taken just over one hundred pounds and Will was done cashing up in only a couple of minutes. Angie joined him in the small office at the side rear of the shop, hovering by the door leading to the stockroom and kitchen at the back. She told him that she had decided on the forfeit. She wanted Will to kiss her. After a moments shock and confirming that he had heard her correctly, Will moved closer. Angela had drawn back into the stockroom, where nobody could see them through the small office window.

He had kissed her. Once. Twice. Then her tongue was in his mouth and her hands were on him, his hair, face, chest and groin. Rubbing at his growing erection through his trousers. She asked him hoarsely if she could go down on him. Will had politely mumbled something positive and then his trousers were around his ankles, his erect cock was tugged forward and Angela was on her knees in front of him, head rocking back and forth, cheeks hollowing as she gave Will an expert blow job. He had come in just over a minute, embarrassingly quickly. Angela had gulped his hot spurts down, slowly licking the head of his cock clean while looking up into his eyes and then smearing her dark purple lipstick with the back of her hand.

Not bursa merkez escort able to believe what had just happened, Will had leaned against the door frame, getting his breath back. Angela had stood up, gently stroking his softening cock and whispered to him;

“I want you, Will. I know I’m ‘the older woman’ but I haven’t had good sex at home for over a year. God, I hope being so forward doesn’t scare you off now, but I know you like me. I like you too. It’d just be fun, just sex, but it’ll be good. Do you want me..?”

Flabbergasted and unsure if he was dreaming all this, Will had told her that of course he wanted her. He had fancied her for years. He wanted her right now, but knew now wasn’t the time. Angela had agreed with him on this as she pulled up his trousers and carefully zipped up the fly. Between kisses, they had planned to meet up at his flat the next night. Angela’s husband was away at a conference for two nights. Then, they would have all the time they wanted.

They had left the store shortly after, Will still unable to fully grasp what had just happened. His fantasies of the past couple of years had suddenly become reality, and would be fulfilled the next night. Even while dating his now ex-girlfriend, he had fantasised about what it would be like to have sex with Angela. Will felt uneasy about the possibility of Angela’s husband finding out and the possible repercussions for his employment. That said, Will had found the man unpleasant on the handful of occasions he’d met him. And if he couldn’t keep such a great woman as Angela satisfied..? She had made it clear she was bored with him and that he didn’t pay her much attention. On one occasion she had gone as far as to suggest to Will that she thought he had another woman. Well, he couldn’t find much sympathy for the man. He knew this was wrong but couldn’t bring himself to turn down what Angela was offering. He lusted for her too much.

Later that same night, as he lay in bed trying to get to sleep, the scratchy whisperings had started. What if Angela had a guilt trip about what she’d done and confessed to her husband? Or perhaps, shouted it at him in one of their arguments? Even worse, what if she turned out to be a bunny boiler? Or her husband had some idea of what was going on between them and followed Angela to Will’s flat, unseen in the darkness…

The next day at work had been less awkward than Will feared. Market day in the town brought more customers into the shop and with other staff being in, there was little time or opportunity to flirt, or make plans. Before closing there was only one reference to the approaching evening. As Will put the kettle on in the stockroom-cum-kitchen, Angela slipped past him, leaning her breasts against this back and whispering in his ear.

“Are we still on for tonight?” Will whispered back

“You betcha!” And Angela went about her business in the stockroom, smiling promisingly at him.

Will was a little disappointed when he finished cashing up and saw Angela already had her coat on and was waiting to go. He had hoped for another kiss, to hold her close; an appetiser for the banquet ahead. Angela must have read a look of disappointment on his face as she laughed.

“Thought I’d let you save your strength for later. Good things come to those who wait, Will.” He couldn’t resist.

“Are you going to cum for me, then?” Angela looked at him, almost frowning and then grinned mischievously.

“That’ll mostly be down to you.” Her voice dropped to a low purr. “But I reckon you won’t have any trouble.”

They had closed up shop and parted for home, setting off into the rain. Will got home and showered. He was too excited to eat (and didn’t want to risk his breath smelling) and so spent the best part of two hours setting the scene. He hoovered and tidied, put fresh sheets on the bed, central heating on just so, lights on and down low in all rooms. Scented oils were burning in the living room and bedroom, with condoms close to hand. Ice cubes in the freezer, ready to accompany the bottle of Bacardi (Angela’s favourite drink) he had bought on the way home. With everything ready, there was still forty-five minutes before Angela was due at 8.00pm. Will masturbated in the bathroom, remembering how Angie’s lips felt as they gripped his shaft and her tongue rubbed against its sensitive underside.

He washed his cock in hot, soapy water after he was done, feeling more relaxed now and content he would last longer for her when she arrived.If she turns upthe scratchy voice of doubt whispered in his head. But just before 8.00pm, his door bell had rang. Angela was here, in his flat. Waiting for him in the room next door. Stirring the mugs of tea to dissolve the sugar, Will picked up one in each hand. With his heart beating faster and faster, he walked back through to the living room.

Angela was looking at his CD collection as he entered. Turning, she stepped over to take the proffered mug of tea.

“Thanks, I need to get something hot inside me.” She flashed a quick grin then turned back to the CDs.

“Anything bursa sınırsız escort you’d like me to put on for you?” asked Will. Angela grinned again and selected an Aerosmith ‘best of’ CD.

“This one please, I love ’em.”

Will removed the jewel case from its space on the rack and set the CD playing. Angela had sat down on the settee again, left leg crossed over right, towards him. He noted the positive body language and sat down himself, next to her. Amazingly, they managed to make small talk as they sipped their tea; the weather, shop talk, music. Beneath it all ran an electric undercurrent of which they were both aware. Who was going to make the first move? What would it be? When would they do it? An unspoken game that they both played.

Several tracks later as Steven Tyler sang about being ‘crazy for you, baby’ Will had finished his mug of tea. Angela gulped down the rest of hers and looked at him, slowly twirling an index finger through a golden curl of hair.

“Fancy a drink of something a little stronger?” Will asked.

“Yeah that’d be nice. What’ve you got?” Will stood and crossed to the drinks cabinet. Opening it, he ran through the contents.

“Bacardi, Jack Daniels, vodka and gin. There’s some fruit juice and mixers in the fridge, I can cobble you together a cocktail, if you like?”

“Bacardi. Neat, please.” Will poured them both a good shot and handed Angela her glass. She stood to collect it.

“A toast.” She smiled. Will cocked an eyebrow questioningly. “To passion.” Will smiled and repeated the toast. They clinked glasses together.

“Down in one Will!” Angela grinned and knocked back the contents of her glass. Surprised, Will snorted a laugh and downed his drink. The clear liquid heated his throat and lay warm in his belly. Stifling the gut reaction to cough, Will met Angela’s gaze.

“Fancy another, Angie?”

“Yeah, go on then!”

He quickly poured them both another, larger measure. Angela sipped at her drink this time. As he looked at her over the rim of his glass, a saucy elevator operator was asking Mr.Tyler if he was ‘going down?’ As the track started Angela put down her glass and moist lips slightly parted; smouldered at Will through heavy lidded eyes. Will placed his glass down too and they locked eyes. Slowly, they leaned closer together, falling onto one another, lips locking together.

Angela’s perfume filled his head as Will ran his hand up and down the warm curve of Angie’s thigh. Her hands were flat on his chest. Moving his left hand to cradle the back of her head, Will probed with his tongue. Angela’s lips parted and their tongues met, circling together slowly. They kissed deeply as the song played on. Will’s right hand stole up to her breasts and he cupped them through the dark top, squeezing and rubbing their soft swell. He could feel the rough texture of her bra and the stiff wire in it. Angela breathed more heavily and Will felt his cock stiffen in response. Locating the nipple on her left breast, Will brushed it with his thumb. Angela broke off their kiss and gasped eyes half open in pleasure. Will swallowed the saliva that had built up in his mouth and pressed his lips against hers again. They kissed repeatedly, with soft smacking sounds. Will felt Angela’s hand locate his engorged cock and moaned as she squeezed it through his trousers. They kissed deeply again and Will marveled to himself ‘Yes. This is it. It’s finally going to happen.’

Their breathing grew faster and heavier as they petted. Lips separated to kiss repeatedly again, Will moved down to Angela’s ear and neck. His cock throbbed almost painfully, he wanted; no he needed to be inside her. Will stopped kissing and leaned away, taking her hands in his and standing up, tugging. Angela stood too. Will quickly nipped round behind, rubbing Angie’s left breast in his right hand and using his left hand to rub her crotch. Angela moaned and arched her back, pushing her groin down against his hand.

“Ohh, Will. That feels so good.” Her hands fumbled behind her, trying to rub at his crotch as she tilted her head backwards so they could kiss again.

Will kneaded and caressed Angela’s soft mound until he could stand it no longer. He dropped both hands to her waist and undid her belt. She pushed her bum back against his cock as Will unhooked the front of her trousers and pulled down the zip. He placed the flat of his hand on Angela’s belly and felt a warm and slippery material there. Sliding his hand down inside her trousers, he felt the tangle of her pubic hair pressing against the satiny material and then as his fingers curled back towards him, the softness of her vulva, heat baking from it.

Finding the edge of her undergarment, Will slipped a finger beneath it and traced up and down, feeling damp flesh and soft hair at his fingertip. Angela gasped and pushed her hips forward so his finger pressed into the soft pad of fat above her pussy. Curiosity and lust flooded every fibre of Will’s being. Stepping back he seized the shoulders of her jacket and pulled. Angela pointed her arms so the jacket slipped down them and to the floor. She turned to face Will as her took hold of the top of her trousers. Pausing to briefly nuzzle at her breasts, he dropped into a crouch, tugging the trousers down over her hips and thighs. Angela kicked off her heels and the trousers joined the jacket on the carpet.

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