Peter Pan Complex Ch. 01


Each character, situation, or reference is a work of pure imagination.

All Rights reserved.

The sun was rising over the woods and the first drop of gold travelled across the air and over the estate, hitting Daniel just over his angel face.

It was early in the morning and he was lying on his bed, still asleep and half naked, when his mother entered the room and saw his gorgeous body. He was her little price but built like an Adonis.

Jane admired her son as an artist admires his most perfect artwork. And with the light coming through the window, she could see every inch of his figure, even more highlighted by the shading effect created by sun’s rays and the darkness of the room. He looked like a statue of Michelangelo: in the last few months, his pecs were getting bigger and bigger and his nipples formed two perfect darker circle on both them, his abs seemed made of iron, like the huge biceps of his arms. The sheets covered the rest of him, but she could clearly see the outlines of his underside…

Jane couldn’t believe that this was her little boy and even if he was getting an adult she was determined to grow him up like the little price he was. Actually, his dad is one of the richest man of the world thanks to his extremely hardworking, so Jane could live in luxury with his son. While his husband was away from his family most of the time, she had been spending every day growing their baby up since he was born… and even if it was a very hard task, she was proud of her boy who loved his mom more than anything.

She approached to him, sitting on the edge of the bed. She then caressed his face and torso to wake him up.

“Good morning honey! It’s time to get ready for school!” she whispered, feeling his silky skin under her hand. He was completely hairless, he didn’t have even beard even if he was almost 20yo.

Then I opened my eyes “Morning!” I yawned, looking at her swelled cleavage which was wrapped by her bathrobe. Her big boobs were almost completely exposed and they were overflowing despite she didn’t were any bra.

“I’m ataşehir escort so hungry mom!”

I was looking at her cleavage with a lustful glance, then I opened her bathrobe. Her huge melons hopped into view and they were obviously ready for their daily treatment… they were so full of milk they looked like they were going to explode, in their perfect and magnificent shape… I basked in that awesomeness, drooling over her dark dripping nipples.

I felt my stomach growls, it was indeed time to have breakfast, so I eagerly put my lips over one of her pink areola and I started to suck like there’s no tomorrow.

Mmmmm so sweet and so thick… I could drink gallons and it would never have been enough for my hungry mouth… My mommy produced a huge quantity to feed me and I was pleased to drain them every time they filled up. It happened several times a day, since they had to keep the pace of my fast growth. I loved so much to sunk my face over her smooth flesh at every occasion, feeling their solidness and softness at the meantime. I used my tongue and my lips to grip her nipples, then I used my hands to squeeze her melons. I had just to suck and milk flowed like a river filling my mouth.

My mom was so devoted to me that she had always allowed me to play with her gorgeous boobs how I wanted, firstly because I had to eat, secondly because she knew it made me happy. When we were at home and in the boarder of the estate, she wore just dressing gowns to give me access to her boobs easily. Therefore I had just to free them, put my mouth over her nipple and suck hard until my stomach was filled and her boobs were empty. She had always acted like everything was normal, so why should I object to this fantastic routine that was going on since I had memory?

“Danny please, don’t be so rough… you are hurting me” she said, caressing my head while I fondled and squeezed shamelessly.

I was so intoxicated by mom’s milk that it didn’t matter how much she had stored… and believe me if I tell you that she had a huge amount especially in the morning… almost kadıköy escort bayan one litre for each boob! But try to understand me… I have always been fed by milk only since I was born and now that I was growing so fast I needed more and more of it…!

Jane, my mommy, is just 38 yo and when she was younger she worked like a model thanks to her killing curves. You can imagine how wonderful she is even now: a tall natural blonde, lightly tanned, with two stunning legs that climbed up to a stunning rounded ass, her underwear always disappeared between those prominent firm buttocks. She got married with my dad when she was just 20 and he was 55. He was so full of money that just after a week she had met him, she got pregnant and he was happy to oblige the most beautiful creature he had ever met… but believe me if I tell you that even if she seduced him to become rich, she has been devoting to me since I was born…

Over the years, her boobs were getting bigger and bigger cause the huge amount of milk I needed to grow up and because she had always refused to stop to breastfeed me until her milk was over naturally. Now she has a LLL cup but she usually doesn’t wear any bras.

While I sucked, fondled and squeezed her boobs, I loved to sink my face between her cleavage… I was the sole owner of her breasts, in fact my dad couldn’t never embrace her because she didn’t want to be touched by his old disgusting hands “You could infect my nipples and our son could get seriously sick… There’s no reason to touch me anymore and don’t argue with me it’s for our son’s wealth!” she thundered at the beginning of their marriage.

So, with my dad out of picture, they became mine! Only mine! Moreover, Mom didn’t want to make me jealous, so I was actually allowed to eat by her huge boobs any time and anyway I wanted, even in front of my dad.

From my side, I was a healthy boy, so I have never missed an opportunity… my dad was used to this, because he had seen me while I was fondling and sinking my face on her melons since I was a child… maybe he enjoyed escort maltepe the show because those were the only times he could have a look at my mother’s magnificent breast…

I was a bit naughty, because when he was around I sunk my mouth over her nipples then I covered her boobs and my head with the clamps of her dressing gown… so he went away a bit nervous and very jealous of his son who could have what was forbidden to him!

I loved to start my day like this! And even that morning, when the first boob was emptied, I quickly attached the other one.

“Oh darling, please be kind, they ache like hell when they are so full….” She told me, a bit embarrassed, withdrawing by me.

She was completely devoted to me, so why shouldn’t I get advantage from her kindness

“Sorry Mom!” I told disappointed “When I eat, this stuff between my legs aches too much…” so I removed the sheet and naked as the day I was born, I showed what was aching between my muscle legs.

“Oh my God what can I do?” she was in pain, despite she was trying to hide it her heartbeats were accelerating.

For a few days, he had started to show her his erections like it was normal. It was hard like marble, and blue veins pulsed all over the length. It was 10 e ½ inches long, and thicker than her wrist. His pole aimed at her like a gun, while he stayed with his legs well opened.

From a couple of months his behaviour was changing, but it wasn’t normal he acted like this… he got erections every time she fed him and instead of being ashamed he showed his giant hard column to his mom, asking for some “help”.

His cockhead looked like the eye of the Cyclopes, while two huge balls hung down.

His testicles were as big as the balls of a bull and they lied on the bed while his hard shaft crossed his belly button abundantly. His glans was so swelled that it was becoming purple cause the amount of blood filling it.

“Mom please can you help me? Come on mommy… Don’t you see how I need you?” he complained, then he took my hands and put it on his shaft “Do as usual… It ached so bad… don’t make me implore you please”

She didn’t know what to do… his behaviour had been changing since the last week, it all began with a mistake that she should never have had to make, while she was doing a mother’s duties.


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