Photographer Ch. 02


Photographer: Greg and Annie

As Greg drove away from the Blair house he still in shock. He didn’t have to worry about explaining the car to his parents because they were spending the summer at a cottage in Canada. He did however have his sister, to deal with since she was home for the summer and pissed that he had taken over her room. Even though the guest room she was occupying was nicer than her old room, it was the principal of the thing.

She was just getting home from a tennis match when he drove up in the new SUV. Her mouth dropped open and she said “Wow, who does this belong to?

“This belongs to me as the new research analyst for Barker and Barker, Attorneys at Law” he said as he gave her one of his new gold embossed business cards.

“Get out, little brother, are you dealing drugs or something? And why are you looking at me that way.

“How would you like to dine in the finest restaurants as my date and sip lemonade at the country club?” It might also involve some travel.”

“Now I know you are on drugs!” They walked into the house and into the kitchen to get a drink.

As they sat down at counter, he said, “I need someone to work with me on some undercover work that I have been contracted to do and you would be the perfect person. It has to be someone that I can trust completely.”

Annie laughed and said, “So when did you start trusting me?” Her curiosity was definitely up and she asked, “So what is this all about.”

There was no way he was going to tell his sister about the sex arrangements, but he did tell her about how Mrs. Blair’s husband was cheating on her and that she had contracted with him to get photographs for evidence.

“So what is my part of this process?”

“I need a woman to accompany me to the finest restaurants and to travel with me to Malibu and Tuscany.”


“That is the one. We need to go there to bug the house and observe who he keeps company with that is not a legitimate part of his business activities.”

“Little brother, this is sounding better all the time, but I don’t have clothes for the finest restaurants.”

Pulling the American Express card from his wallet, he said “Money is no object. Are you interested?”

“Interested???” Walking to the other side of the counter she hooked her arm in his and said, “I would love to go on a date with you!” and then she gave him a little kiss on the cheek. “When do we get started?”

“Let me bring Mrs. Blair up to date.” He took his new laptop and after getting a secure email setup, he emailed Mrs. Blair to let her know about his choice of Annie. He also suggested that if there was a way to get Annie into the country club for the summer, she could eavesdrop on conversations. It was a good bet that many of the women at the club knew about the situation or women involved. “I hope it ok that I promised her some new clothes for the dining. She is studying theatre as a major and can make herself look like an entirely different person. The women at the Club will never recognize the bouncy tennis player when she is dressed for dinner.

The response email was almost immediate. “What a great idea. I remember Annie from my Junior Literature class. Please say hello for me. I would expect to supply Annie with the best. Why don’t the two of you fly to New York this weekend. I will let Jane at Lord and Taylor’s and Louise at Saks Fifth Avenue to expect the two of you. Dave is going to New York next week on business. I was able to get into his personal email and learned that he has 2 tickets for a Broadway show on Tuesday night and dinner reservations at Sardis on Wednesday. I will secure box seats for you and Annie across the theatre and an out of direct sight table at Sardis. I know this is short notice, so let me know if you and Annie are available. You can stay in the law firm’s penthouse on fifth avenue. By the way, all members of the law firm always fly first class for domestic flights and international flights. Please send Annie’s social security number to Amy at Barker and Barker. If this weekend works for the two of you, and you can be in New York until Thursday morning, Amy will send Annie a check for 6 days in advance. Let her know how many days Annie works in the future. I will call Amy and let her know to set up the country club membership. I’ll pay her $ 5,000 if she beats the mayor’s wife on the tennis court.”

P.S. I’m looking forward to receiving the first picture!

Annie had gone to take a shower while Greg was emailing Mrs. Blair. She was 2 years older than Greg and had not really been around him since she left for college 2 years ago. She couldn’t believe how his body ataşehir escort had filled out and how handsome he had become. If he wasn’t her brother she would definitely jump his bones. She was especially horny since she broke up with the man she had been living with for the last 8 months. She got tired of him sponging off of her without making any effort to work. He was a true gigolo, but he could really fuck. The other boy friends tended to cum quickly leaving her frustrated. However; her gigolo could last long enough for her to have several orgasms. As she soaped her tits, she brought them together remembering how he would place his cock between her tits with the tip of it between her lips.

As she soaped the inside of her legs, her hands came up to her pussy and with the water from the shower hitting her in the face, she backed up against the wall and started rapidly ramming two fingers in and out of her pussy with the other hand squeezing her nipples. She kept pleasing herself until she felt a orgasm shake her body. As she withdrew her fingers she closed her eyes and imagined her lover was pulling his cock from her. As she moaned, she said “Oh Greg, that felt so good.” She suddenly realized she had just said her brother’s name. She wondered what Greg would have thought if he had heard her and also wondered what type of sex life he had, if any. She remembered him being more of a geek with all his attention going to his photography. She had never heard of him having a girlfriend.

As she was continuing to rub her pussy, she heard a knock on the bathroom door. “Annie, come read the email from Mrs. Blair. I think you will like what it says.”

“Ok, let me throw a towel around me.” She got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself. When Greg saw his sister wearing just a towel, he suddenly noticed what beautiful legs she had. The towel just barely covered her. Even though she was his sister, his cock started to respond. He hoped she didn’t notice. She would probably think he was some type of pervert.

When they got to the kitchen, he handed her a copy of the email from Mrs. Blair. Her eyes got huge as she read about the week in New York. She read it three times and each time, kept asking Greg if it was for real. “What does this P.S. mean about looking forward to the first picture?”

Greg couldn’t keep from blushing as he tried to cover it up by saying, “The first picture will confirm what she trying to prove.” Annie knew there was more to that story, but decided to drop it. She laughed when she saw the challenge to beat the mayor’s wife. Mrs. Blair didn’t ever know that she was winning almost of her matches on the collegiate level. Her tennis friends would be excited to be able to go with her to the Country Club. The membership was so exclusive that nobody she knew could afford membership.

The doorbell rang and Greg asked “Would you like to get it?” She looked at her towel and looked at him with a smile on her face. “Ok,” he said “I will get it. It was a courier with a special delivery for Annie Johnson from Barker and Barker, Law Firm. He handed it to Annie and she sat on a stool at the counter.

When she opened the envelope, she discovered a check for 6 days salary. She let out a yell when she saw the amount of the check was for $6,000. “Greg, this is a $1000 a day. Boy am I glad you picked me to be your partner.”

She spread her legs as she turned toward Greg and he got a full view of her pussy. To his amazement, it was shaved as smooth as a baby’s butt. Annie saw the expression on his face when he saw her pussy and decided not to take any action to cover herself.. She showed him a note from Amy that said she had booked their flights to New York. She noticed the huge bulge in his pants. She jumped up and hugged him and said how much fun they were going to have working together. As they parted, her towel came undone and fell to the floor. So now, she was standing in front of him completely nude. She started to grab for the towel, but when she saw the bulge in Greg pants, she decided to see how far he would go.

“Hey sis, you dropped something,” he said with a nervous laugh.

“Do you like what you see?” she responded. She stepped close to him and felt the bulge in his pants. “Can I take that as a yes?” She was enjoying having Greg speechless.

He finally said “That is the most beautiful set of tits I have ever seen.” He had photographed many young women in bras and panties for wedding photos and a few topless, but here his sister was standing in front of him with the greatest rack he had ever seen. He had seen larger, but never so perfect, and nice and firm with no sag. kadıköy escort bayan He had noticed the night before, when she went out, that she was not wearing a bra and the nipples were visible pushing against her tank top.

She took both of his hands and placed them on her breasts. They had played house as toddlers when they discovered they had different plumbing, but this was the real thing.

“Have you had sex before?” she asked.

“Of course I have!” he responded. Then he admitted that it was mostly petting and occasional oral sex. He didn’t admit to her that he had only gone all the way once.

Annie’s nipples grew hard as rock under his gentle caressing and to her amazement, she needed her little brother to satisfy her sexual cravings. “How would you like me to teach you the finer art of making love to a woman so that you will be ready to satisfy Mrs. Blair?”

Greg dropped his hands and asked “What do you mean by that?”

Annie picked up the letter and read: “P.S. I’m looking forward to receiving the first picture! Would you like to try again at explaining this comment.”

Knowing his sister, he knew that he might as well tell her the truth since they were going to be working together and that she wasn’t going to let it go. “She said we will do whatever is in the pictures.”

“Mrs. Blair said that???” Annie also remembered the very proper Mrs. Blair and always envied how pretty she was and had a problem seeing her brother humping her, let alone the other activities that might be involved. They turned and looked each other in the eye and suddenly their lips were together in more than a sister/brother type of kiss. When they finally broke the kiss, Annie picked up her check, waved it in the air, put the towel over her shoulder and said,” After you take your shower, come to my room,” and walked down the hall.

Craig was already unbuttoning his shirt as he watched his sister’s bare ass move down the hall. She went into her room without looking back. As Greg stood under the water, he closed his eyes and remembered how beautiful his sister was standing in the nude. Greg almost always would masturbate while taking a shower, but this time he was careful to wash his cock without risking a premature release. While he was taking his shower, Annie was busy setting the mood with music, candles and her sexiest negligee.

When he finished his shower, he shaved, put on aftershave, wrapped a towel around his waist and headed for his sister’s room. When he stepped into her room, he couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. The sheets had been pulled back and she was lying in a very provocative position in the candle light. The candles were giving off a sweet fragrance. He just stood in the doorway, thinking what a beautiful picture that would be if he had his camera. However, this was not the time to worry about taking pictures.

He walked over to the bed and Annie reached up and undid the towel from around his waist. “Holy shit Little Bro, you could hurt someone with that club.” It was a couple inches longer and much fatter than the boyfriend she had dumped. She slid over in the bed and Greg laid down beside her. Annie pulled the sheet up over them and as their bodies touched, they both suddenly came back to the reality that they were becoming sexually involved with their sibling. Greg broke the ice by starting to tickle Annie. When he didn’t heed her warning to stop, she gently dug her nails into his balls and the tickling stopped immediately.

She backed off with the fingernails, and softly massaged his testicles. She them moved down under the cover and licked the pre-cum from the end of his cock. Greg had known a few girls who had attempted to give him a blow job, but never did more than sucking on the head of cock like a lollipop and never brought him to a climax. As Annie licked around the head and down one side and up the other of the shaft, he knew this was someone who really knew how to give head. She licked down and up three times, each time licking a little bit of pre-cum before taking the knob into her mouth. Next, she put as much as would fit into her mouth and worked it in and out. All of a sudden, she took a deep swallow and deep throated the whole thing. As she pulled back to get her breath, Greg said “I am” and before he could get the rest of the words out a flood exploded into her mouth. She wrapped her hand around his cock and pumped every drop into her mouth. Before she swallowed all of it, she moved up and transferred some of it into Greg’s mouth. Greg had never tasted his own cum and was initially alarmed; however, as their tongues danced around each other, he quickly fell escort maltepe in love with his sister in ways he could have never dreamed possible.

His lips moved from her mouth to her neck and as he nuzzled her neck, Annie felt tingles of excitement flowing through her body. She loved a man who would take the time to be gentle during this part of love making. Greg pulled the spaghetti straps down and she removed her arms allowing the negligee to be lower over her breast. This was Greg’s specialty. He could drive a woman crazy with his methodical licking, sucking, gently biting and suddenly taking as much of the tit into his mouth as possible. This process took over a half hour and brought Annie to a full blown orgasm. Greg held her tight as her body shook. Annie looked into his eyes and said “This is going to be the best summer yet. The held each other tight know that was true and what an adventure they would have completing the project. Little did they know this would be the first of many projects and how their lives would grow in harmony with each other.

Suddenly Annie felt something poking her and said “Is that monster alive already.” She never let her boyfriend come while giving him head because it took two or three hours for him to revive enough to fuck her. “Are you ready to plant that ‘Big Boy’ in your sister’s honey pot?

“All in good time Sis,” Greg said as he moved to foot of the bed and started to massage her right foot. He knew how to make her totally relax. Then he took the other foot and she felt like she was going to melt into the bed, she was so relaxed.

“Where did you learn to do that?” she asked. She had never had a foot massage, but she knew she had waited for the best.

“When I was on the track team, we would massage each other’s feet after a long run. It revives the circulation and relaxes the muscles.” When he had finished with her feet, he massaged each of the calves of her legs relaxing the muscles.

“Where were you after those tough tennis matches?”

Once he got above the knees, he started using his lips and tongue. He kissed one thigh and then the other with her legs close to each other. As he got higher she tried to spread her legs and pull his head to her pussy. He had his own timetable and kept the legs together even when he got to the pussy. He licked on both sides of it but did not his tongue in her slit.

“You are driving me wild Little Bro” When she reached down to massage her clit, he knocked her hand away. Then he spread her legs out and used his hands to pull the lips of her pussy apart. He contined to tease her and knew she was right on the edge of orgasm. When he finally drove his tongue deep into her pussy, she shot juice all over his face. He captured as much of it as he could and returned her favor by transferring it to her mouth.

Greg rose above her and asked if she was ready to find out what he had to offer? She took hold of his cock and guided to her awaiting honey pot. He started to frustrate her again by just putting the head in. When she would rise up off the bed, he would go up.

“Damn it, put it in!”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Fuck Me!”

“Whatever you want sis,” he said as he drove all the way in on one surge.

Annie hollered out in pain and joy, as a part of her body that had never been reached suddenly was occupied by her brother’s huge cock. “Oh my, I had no idea what you could do.” Greg pulled out about ¾ of the way and then jammed back in getting another yell out of Annie. He then started hammering in and out and Annie had one orgasm after the other. Up to now she thought she had had pretty good sex, but nothing she had ever experienced came even close to this. When Greg felt his climax coming, he drove in and held it there as he shot a load deep into her pussy. When he finished they both rolled to the side with his cock still in her and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Annie woke up first and eased her way out of bed. Her cunt was so sore she initially walked bow legged on the way to the shower. Greg heard the shower running and went into the bathroom and opened the shower door. “We could save water if we both shower together, Greg said.” He stepped into the shower and soaped Annie from top to bottom.

As she returned the favor, she stopped when she started to put soap on his cock. It immediately grew to full size and she said, “Does this thing never rest? He opened the shower door and placed her on the counter. After he turned the water off, he turned to her and she opened her legs and led his cock right to her pussy. As he entered her, she wrapped her legs around him and he lifter her by the ass and carried her to the bed without pulling out of her. They fell on the bed and rolled to the center. She ended up on top and rode him like a bucking bronco until they both came together. They went back to finish their shower and then towel dried each other off and got dressed.

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