Pine St. Cinema


Growing up In St Catharines I became aware in my 20’s of the Pine St Cinema in Niagara Falls New York. I found out about it because it was only a few doors down form Pete’s Market house that way back then was a really good steak house/butcher. The first few times I saw it I was unaware that it showed porn movies but one time I ended up parking past the theater and as I passed seeing the signs for the movies showing realized it was an “adult” theater.

After I had had my dinner and a couple of drinks I went into the show. Like most porn theaters the clientele was overwhelmingly male but there were also a few women there with their husbands, boyfriends whatever. The layout was a little odd because they had a section of booths at the front of the theater when you went in and so on entering the main room the left half was blocked off for about 10 rows but then opened up. The right side had rows about 6 seats wide for the first 10 rows and then the aisle split the seating for the rest of the way down to the screen.

As my eyes became accustomed to the dark it became clear that the back rows on either the right or left side were populated pretty much entirely by men although certainly not crowded and that a few of these men were sitting beside each other closer than was needed because for the numbers. Further snooping made it clear that some of them were getting hand jobs from their neighbours and some were even getting blown. Altogether it was my kind of place.

I moved down to the left side of the theater and sat in the second last row there over against the wall. There were a couple of guys behind me to my right from where I was sitting and as a split my attention between the porn on the screen and them it became clear that the one was jerking the other guy off slowly and then I saw him lean over and start sucking him.

The action wasn’t really overt everyone was being fairly discreet about what was going on and I was soon hard as a rock wondering if I was going to find any action that night.

About then a couple, male and bursa escort female came into my row and I was a bit surprised that they sat right beside me with the woman between her husband and me. They were probably mid 30’s and she was quite pretty without being a real beauty. She had on a mini skirt which was pretty common at the time and a blouse over it. Nice legs and nice tits and a well made up face. Her blond hair was obviously bleached but her perfume was nice and the 2 of them settled in and seemed to be engrossed in the movie.

As we sat there her arm brushed against mine at the arm rest and not knowing what else to do I moved mine and surrendered it to her. I started paying attention to the show when I realized that her leg was now pushing against mine gently and so again I moved over a bit to give her more room at the same time thinking it was a bit much her sitting down and then inching into my space. A few moments later I felt her leg against mine again and this time looked down and realized her knees were about 5 inches apart as she sat there. It was also plain to see that her husband was stroking the inside of her right leg between her knee and the hem of her skirt. She noticed me looking and just spread her legs a little more. That seemed to be a signal for him to run his hand up a little farther between her legs. Suddenly I was very interested instead of bothered by her encroaching on my seating area.

They went on like that for a few minutes and then I felt her hand brush my knee as he continued stroking her other leg. She looked at me and smiled and brushed over my knee again. By now I could easily feel the heat of her lag against mine and then she slid her hand up the top of my thigh back down near my knee and then up the inside of my thigh till the side of her hand was wedged against my stiffening cock. When she felt that she moved her hand over my cock and gave it a firm squeeze and at the same time turned to me and asked if I minded. I certainly did not.

She then took my hand and placed it bursa merkez escort on the left leg at the knee and then just left it there. She turned to me again and said to go ahead her husband wouldn’t mind and would in fact like to watch me.

I looked over to see him smiling at us both and started stroking her leg as he had been. He resumed on her right while I stroked her left and she spread her legs even wider apart. It was obvious in a few seconds she was wearing nylons and a garter belt rather than panty hose and as I got bolder about rubbing her leg my hand occasionally bumped into her husband’s as he was doing the same thing. I also soon realized she had no panties on as I felt the pubic hair around her snatch. By now some of the other patrons had become aware of what was going on and a group were seating themselves nearby and watching us. She turned to her husband for a moment whispering together and then turned to me and said they were going to the booth area and invited me to join them. She asked me to wait a minute after they left and then look for them in the booths.

I did as I was asked and when I went into the booth area after passing a few doors saw one ajar and as I approached it they opened it up and waved me inside. It was pretty crowded in there with the 3 of us but as we maneuvered about he hiked her skirt up over her hips and they spelled out for me what they wanted.

It turned out they didn’t want me to fuck her or him but did like having someone watch while they fucked. She said not to worry that they would see to it that I got off as well. With that she suddenly knelt down and started sucking on him. At the same time she was feeling up and down my leg and then to my surprise he started opening my pants up. By then he had a huge hard on and he sat down on the one seat in the booth and she turned her back to him and sat down on top of him. They took a few seconds fitting his cock into her and then he started stroking in and out of her pussy while she finished taking down my pants bursa sınırsız escort letting my cock spring free in front of her. She then undid the buttons on her blouse and undid the clasp on her bra which was at the front. Pulling it away too she exposed her tits to me and then pulled my head over to suck on them. I was happy to oblige. While I was doing that she grabbed my cock and started slowly jacking me off.

After a few moments of this she raised my head and to my delight took my cock into her mouth and started sucking. Meanwhile, her husband was constantly humping in and out of her pussy at the same time. She took her mouth off my cock and told me she didn’t want me to cum in her mouth but to tell her when I was close and then to shoot on her tits when I came. I of course agreed and she went back to sucking on me now more greedily than before.

What can I say I was only about 24 or 25 at the time and it didn’t take long till I felt the cum rising from my balls. I told her and she took my cock out of her moth and jerked me between her tits, In a few seconds I started spurting cum all over her chest and she moaned as the hot juice hit her and started rubbing it into her tits using my cock to do so. When I had finished spurting she reached up and took hold of my head bringing it down towards her now slick tits. When I didn’t resist she continued until I started licking and sucking my come off her and she whispered in my ear that I was a dirty guy for accepting the cum like that. Little did she know I had been sucking of other guys for years by then but it didn’t bother me at all to clean her tits for her after having just shot a load on her.

While I was doing that she started to moan and so did her husband and I realized he was cumming in her pussy as I licked her tits. After a moment they stopped their humping and then I reached between her legs ran my finger up the slit of her pussy and then put it in my mouth and sucked their juices off it.

With that she gave me a big wet kiss and standing up, started to straighten up her clothing. I did the same and when I was done she wished me a good night and opened the door enough for me to leave. Unfortunately although I had many other escapades in the theater mostly with guys but also occasionally with a woman I never met up with the 2 of them again.

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