Playing at Your Desk


Playing at Your Desk

It’s 6:00am; still dark and cold out on this winter morning. I look down on your sweet sleeping face illuminated by the light coming from the bathroom where I have just finished dressing. I have to leave early for a breakfast meeting at the office but you don’t need to be up for another hour, so I let you sleep in a bit. I bend and kiss you gently on the lips and whisper “good morning my darling.” You stir a bit and reach out sleepily with your hand; take mine in it and pull it to your warm breast. You feel wonderful this time of morning and the feel of your breast and your erect nipple cause me to harden almost instantly.

After all these years, the mere act of touching you still does that to me. You guide my hand down between your legs as I bend and kiss you again – this time more deeply. You part your legs and I stroke you lightly between your legs and you quickly moisten. I wet my finger with you, bring it to my lips to taste you and then kiss you again – this time sharing the taste of your wetness with you. You moan softly and begin to pull me into the bed – but alas – I have to draw away and remind you that I must go. But I whisper in your ear before I leave – “stay wet for me my love – when I get home tonight, we will make such wonderful love together.” You smile – I kiss you again – and I am gone.

You remain in bed a bit longer. You can feel a tingling between your legs where I have touched you, and you think forward to our evening together. After enjoying the warmth of our bed for another 30 minutes, you rise and soon you are taking a long hot shower. You let the massaging jets caress your breasts and nipples and they swell. You fill your palm with bath gel and rub it all over your body – enjoying the sensation and lingering on your breasts, your lower belly and between your legs. After your shower, you finish getting ready, and lay out a crisp white blouse and black skirt. You put on istanbul escort your white lacy bra and white thong panties, finish dressing, have your coffee and leave for the office.

On the drive in, all you can think about is putting your hands on me when I walk through the door tonight and it makes you moist again. You settle in at your desk and say hi to Doris, who sits directly across the aisle at her own desk. You get along with her, but she is a bit of a busybody and always too nosy for her own good. You know from experience that if you walk away from your desk, she may very well walk over to yours just to see what is on your computer screen. Whenever I send you an erotic message during the day, you have to be very careful about reading it and making sure that it gets deleted before she has a chance to snoop, but you’re not sure if maybe once or twice she may have seen something she wasn’t supposed to, as she often has a slightly disapproving look on her face when she talks to you.

But you have certainly done nothing to arouse her suspicions. You dress conservatively; never use “colorful” language or tell off-color jokes; never flirt; and are very business-like with everyone you come in contact with. Doris would never suspect that you enjoy watching the mail delivery boy walk away from your desk; that you wonder if it’s true that shoe size is often an indication of penis size (if so, he must have a very impressive one). Nor would she suspect that you often let your mind wander to the last time we made love or the last time we hosted another couple – and those thoughts make your nipples harden and your pussy get slick with your gathering juices.

You try to settle in to your work and put thoughts of our time together after work to one side, but your email pings and you see a message from me. You open it as soon as you see it and start to read. I tell you how difficult it was to leave you lying istanbul escort bayan there in bed this morning and how much I wanted to climb in with you and finish what we started. Then I proceed to tell you – in exquisite detail – what I plan to do to you when I see you tonight. My description is very graphic; very explicit and very erotic.

You feel yourself start to flush a little and you look up from your screen to see if Doris is watching. She glances at you but seems not to notice the extra color in your cheeks. You go back to reading my email and each paragraph is more and more exciting. The wetness is starting to build between your legs now and you can feel your panties moisten. Your clit is beginning to throb now and as I describe in my message how I want to lick and suck your clit until you explode in an orgasm, you edge your chair closer under your desk and part your legs a bit. As you read on, your breasts begin to swell and you can feel your nipples pushing against the fabric of your bra – and you wonder if anyone passing would seem them poking against your white blouse.

Now I am telling you what I plan to do with my rock-hard cock and you can feel your anus pucker in anticipation at the thought of it. You are getting wetter now and you can no longer resist the urge to drop your right hand beneath the desk, slip it under your skirt and bring it to the crotch of your white panties. They are wet and the skimpy fabric of the thong is not doing a very good job of containing your ever-increasing flow of juices. As you read, you slide your finger under the side of edge of the panties and begin to touch your slippery wet slit.

As I describe how I plan to slip into your ass and fuck you until I let loose in you, you run your finger up and down and play with your clit, which is now standing up. Your face is even more flushed now and you are trying to regulate your breathing, but it is noticeable escort istanbul quicker. You glance over at Doris again and she is looking at you curiously. You smile at her; make a comment about the heat in the office being too high – but do not take your hand away from your pussy. Your fingers are now very wet and you want to taste yourself, but Doris is still watching so you rub them against your inner thighs. The feel of that just makes you wetter though and you can feel yourself getting closer to coming. You read on and I describe to you how I plan to lick my cum from you as it slowly drips down from your raised bottom and runs between your legs.

You begin to shudder – subtlety at first and you briefly close your eyes as you feel the first spasms of your vagina sucking against the finger that you have now inserted deep into yourself. Doris is still watching you – with increasing interest – but it’s too late to stop now so you let yourself come. You try not to move in your chair, but you do clamp your legs together around your hand, with your finger still deep within you. You are gushing now and you can feel the wetness puddling on the back of your skirt and on your chair. As the last wave of your orgasm radiates from your vagina into your abdomen and up into your breasts, you let out a long low barely audible sigh.

Then you look over a Doris, and while struggling to regain your composure, you delete my message, smile and ask her if she would like to join you for lunch later. You sit at your desk for the next hour, afraid to get up and reveal the wet spot on your chair and the back of your skirt, but finally you rise and head to the ladies room – taking your purse with you. Once in the stall, you remove your panties. They are soaked with your juices and the smell of your sweetness permeates. You slip them into a little plastic bag – knowing how much I will enjoy them later when I hear about how they got so wet. You return to your desk, pantiless but feeling very satisfied. Later, that afternoon, when you get a break in your work, you send me a return message – equally graphic and exciting – knowing that it will make be so very hard and secretly hoping that I am with a client when I read it and not able to stand up afterward!

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