Playing Hooky


Julie Warden gave her father Mark a kiss on the cheek goodbye as he went off to work. She went over to the kitchen counter and poured herself a steaming mug of coffee, added Sugar Twin and a dash of Coffee Mate and sat at the kitchen table.

The attractive 18-year old sighed. She didn’t want to go to school today. She didn’t want to listen to her Science Teacher, boring old Mister Sim and his lecture on how aardvarks were a fascinating animal, blahblahblah ….

Julie thought of calling up her friends Natalie and Noreen and going to a movie or the mall or something, but she didn’t feel like going out. The twins were always up for anything, but it wasn’t a very nice day, so Julie decided she’d rather just stay at home.

Julie’s mother, Sabrina, came into the kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee. “Did I hear your father heading out?”


“Then shouldn’t you be getting off to school?”

“Not going, don’t feel like it.”

“Listen to me, young lady …. “

Julie crossed the room and lifted her mother’s skirt. She ran her hands over her mother’s round, smooth ass and turned her mother around. She raised her hand and slapped her mother square across the face.

“Do you remember, bitch, who REALLY makes the rules in this house?”

The look of fear in Sabrina’s eyes was enough to let Julie know she did indeed. “You do, miss.” A cruel smile played across Julie’s face.

“You’re not wearing them.”

“I thought your father might see and ask … “

“Are you fucking Daddy?”

“No, Miss.”

“And why is that?”

“Because – you told me not to, Miss.”

“Why else?”

“Because – I’m a lezzie slut good only for eating young girl’s pussies?”

“Exactly.” A satisfied smile came over Julie’s face. She had trained her mother well in the last 9 months since this had all started. Even Julie’s father didn’t suspect the sex life he enjoyed with his attractive wife was only at Julie’s discretion.

“Maybe I’ll let you fuck Daddy tonight, he looked lonely. Meanwhile bitch, get your ass upstairs and get dressed the way I told you. Be quick about it, I’ll be up in a minute!”

“Yes, Miss.”

Julie and Sabrina could not have been more different, both in temperament and looks. Julie was a tall, leggy, California-blonde type, always tanned, with round, apple-sized breasts that she loved to have kissed. Her green eyes always seemed to sparkle. She kept her pussy shaved [ now she made her mother do it ] and wore her hair long and straight. She worked out religiously to maintain her lean frame and taut, smooth ass. Julie was outgoing, strong-willed and very self-assured.

Sabrina was a tiny, small-busted brunette, with dark brown eyes. Blessed with sexy olive-hued skin, Sabrina also had the tiniest, sweetest little tits, with dark brown nipples that always seemed to be perky. She had a smooth, round bubble-butt that almost cried out to be spanked. She stood only 5’2″ tall and she was quiet to the point of being painfully shy. Julie had often wondered how her mother had even attracted her father’s attention.

There was only one way the women were alike. Both were perverse, lezzie sluts. That was how all of these shenanigans had started.

Sabrina had done a huge load of laundry that day, even washing her daughter’s lingerie. Julie had a huge collection of lacy undergarments, luckily her part-time job at a local restaurant paid well. As Sabrina was putting away Julie’s thongs in the top drawer, she noticed something out of order in the corner. Her curiosity getting the better of her, Sabrina reached out and took the small bundle from the drawer. She went over to Julie’s bed, sat down and gasped.

It was a bundle of pictures – but dear Lord, what pictures they were. Lewd, lurid, illicit pictures of her daughter in various sexual positions – with her friends Natalie and Noreen!

In one picture, Julie was riding a dildo that was attached to Noreen’s waist while Natalie rode her sister’s licking face. Another picture showed Julie wearing the dildo and fucking Natalie who was devouring Noreen. Yet another had Natalie sucking Julie’s shaved pussy while Noreen was licking her tits. All of the pictures were sexy, and taken in various locations and times.

Sabrina felt hot, she was shocked at the images she was looking at, yet she couldn’t look away. She continued thumbing through the photos and becoming aroused. Unbidden, her hand went down her body and into the waistband of her skirt, down into her pussy. She was soaked and she began to finger her clit as she continued scanning the lurid pictures of her lezzie-loving child.

“Oh God Julie, baby, you’re such a slut!” she moaned as she lay back on the bed, sliding her skirt off. Her tiny French-cut panties followed, now there was nothing impeding her fingering of her horny, needy pussy.

One of Sabrina’s well-kept secrets was she’d had a few lesbian affairs in college. Meek and shy, she didn’t get a lot of attention from boys, but her adorable, ataşehir escort petite frame did attract the eye of her new roommate, Brooke. Brooke took Sabrina under her wing – teaching her how to dress a bit more sexy, involving her in the Sorority, being her friend.

It took Brooke barely a week to entice the adoring Sabrina into her bed. Sabrina was almost slavish in her devotion to Brooke, so when the voluptuous blonde suggested they have a few tokes, get buzzed and have a girl’s night, Sabrina was up for it.

Once Sabrina was sufficiently high, it took little effort for Brooke to get her naked and devour her cunt. From the first kiss of Brooke’s pouty lips on her pink cunt, Sabrina was hooked on cunt. Brooke’s skilled tongue and fingers made Sabrina have her first climax, the near-virgin was eager to reciprocate.

“Oh fuckkkk, Sabrina, oh yes baby, lick me there!” Brooke howled as the tiny brunette slurped and licked and lapped her cunt. Brooke knew that Sabrina was a natural, the little lez had a craving for cunt now. From that moment on, there was no doubt who was running the show. Brooke turned Sabrina into her devoted sex-toy and anything she wanted, Sabrina was happy to give. One time, Brooke suggested an all-girl orgy, with Sabrina as the main attraction. Sabrina was either eating or being eaten by Brooke, Meagan, Toni and Mai Lin. Sabrina’s pussy was raw, her nipples ached and she didn’t think she’d been happier in her life.

Sabrina followed Brooke around like a lost kitten, so Brooke named her “Sex Kitten.” Nothing made Sabrina happier than lying with Brooke, sucking her tits, or giving her lover a massage, or eating her pussy.

In her final year of college, Sabrina met Mark. She was shocked, almost sad, when Brooke encouraged her to take up with him.

“But Brooke, baby, don’t you love me? Don’t you want to be with me anymore?”

Brooke hugged her girlfriend close as they reclined on the large bed. She ran her fingers through Sabrina’s soft, dark hair and kissed her. “Baby, I will always remember you. But I’m graduating soon and I intend to find myself a rich, older Sugar Daddy I can marry and live in the lap of luxury for the rest of my life. You should marry Mark, he’ll take good care of you.”

Brooke ravaged her “Sex Kitten” one last time, licking all her sweet holes and nipples and fucking both pussy and ass for a time, making her cum with their favorite dildo. She moved out a few days later, and Sabrina was inconsolable for a while.

She steeled herself a week later, began seeing Mark on a regular basis. He was okay, if a bit unimaginative in bed, but warm and caring. When he proposed, she accepted and put her past behind her. Sabrina suppressed all her memories and decided to be a faithful wife and mother.

Now, all these tawdry pictures of her sweet daughter engaging in such perverse acts had brought it all back. She continued to diddle herself as she pored over the pictures.

“What the FUCK is going on here?”

It was Julie, oh dear God, her daughter had caught her looking at the pictures and playing with herself. “I – Julie, I … Oh God, I don’t know what to say, baby, I …” Julie stamped over to the bed and grabbed the pictures from her mother. She looked at the photos of herself, Noreen and Natalie, then back over at her mother. She made a clucking sound.

“Tsk-tsk, such a naughty mommy. Looking at these pictures of your daughter and diddling your cunt!” she said with an evil grin.

“Julie, I am STILL your mother!” Sabrina said indignantly.

Her daughter’s gaze narrowed and she patted her mother’s cheek gently. “No, what you are is a naughty, depraved, lezzie slut. It takes one to know one!”

Julie pealed off the tight white jeans she was wearing and the halter top followed. She climbed on to the bed beside her mother and kissed her, an incestuous kiss of passion and perverted desire. Sabrina resisted for the merest of seconds, then her tongue joined with Julie’s and she heard moans. They seemed to be coming from a distance, but Sabrina realized they were emanating from her own lips as Julie slid off her tiny top, baring her mother’s body to her admiring gaze. Julie lay on top of her mother, breast to breast and rubbed herself against Sabrina.

“Oh Mommy, if I’d only known what a lezzie cunt you were, we could have been doing this a while ago!” Julie moaned as she ran her fingers into her mother’s cunt. “You’re soaked, you slut, did it get you hot seeing those pictures of me and the girls?”

“Yesss — YESSSS!!” Sabrina screeched as her perverse offspring crooked her finger and stroked her clit. This was the best Sabrina had felt since her days with Brooke, had her daughter inherited her own depraved, lesbian genes? No matter. Julie was licking her, tasting her, their bodies grinding together and Sabrina’s head was reeling.

Julie was talented beyond belief in the arts of pleasing another woman. Her first experiences had been with Noreen and Natalie, but the kinky teen kadıköy escort bayan had been making up for lost time, making it with cheerleaders, teachers and any pretty girl who turned her on. But the penultimate had to be making it with her own slut of a mom. As Julie flattened her tongue and lapped her mother’s wet cunt, a truly wicked idea entered her mind.

“Mother, do you have any scarves or something like that? I’d like to tie you up, so you can’t resist me – and then I am going to do TERRIBLE things to you!” Julie purred.

To hear that thrilled Sabrina beyond belief. She pointed to her dresser. “Second shelf baby, hurry please, I can’t wait!”

Julie grinned. This was going far better than she ever dared hope. She had no idea of her mother’s hidden past, of course, but Julie was going to do her utmost to make her mother beg for more!

Julie moved towards her mother’s prone form on the bed and fastened Sabrina’s wrists to the bed, then her legs at the other end. Sabrina was helpless and her pussy was dripping, her nipples erect and aching to be sucked on. Her daughter did not disappoint, she leaned forward and began running her tongue all over Sabrina’s nipples and caressed her breasts.

“You love this, don’t you, you lezzie slut?” Julie grinned evilly.

“Yes, oh God, yessss, you know I do, darling!” Sabrina moaned.

“Good!” With that, Julie ran from the room, which confused her mother. Panicking briefly, she tried to free herself, but to no avail. Julie had tied her bonds tight and try as she might, Sabrina could not extricate herself from the trap.

Julie was gone only for a few minutes, when she came back, she had her Digital Camera with her. She began taking photos of her naked and bound parent, to Sabrina’s horror.

“Julie baby, what are you doing? You can’t – if anyone were to find out, I’d be ruined, your father would divorce me, I …. “

Julie leaned down to her still-tied mother and kissed her, from tummy to breasts, then softly on the lips. “No one will ever know what we’ve done here – or see these pictures – if you agree to my terms, mother dear.”


“The first – I own you. You’re going to do what I say from now on, or I will make damned sure Daddy sees these pictures!”

Sabrina began crying, despite all that had gone on, she thought she loved her husband. She certainly liked the life he had provided for her, but she nodded and managed to whimper out an “Okay”.

“Do you REALLY understand this, mother? If I want to fuck you or have you lick my cunt – you’re going to DO it! You are my slave and my sex slave. You’re going to be Julie’s cuntlapping lezzie fuckslut, do you understand?”

Meekly, Sabrina whimpered, “Yes.”

Julie’s eyes narrowed. “Yes, MISS.”

“Yes, Miss.” Julie’s slender hand stroked her mother’s soft skin.

“I think one of these days, I might get the urge to whip your cute ass. Hmphh! I think you might like it. Because you’re a lezzie slut, aren’t you mother?”

“Yes, Miss.”

Julie grinned. The fact that Sabrina was capitulating so early was a good sign that she was willing to indulge in the most perverse of lesbian games.

“All right, from now on, you only get to fuck Daddy if I say so. From what I’ve seen around here, you don’t seem to enjoy it much anyway. Got it?”

“Yes, Miss.”

Julie smiled. She had won, but for some reason, sensed that her mother had won too. She rejoined her sexy mother on the bed, swung her body around so that her pussy was over her mother’s face. She turned her head and saw her mother’s eager face. “Okay, mommy-bitch, eat my cunt – and do a good job or there’ll be hell to pay!”

It had been years since Sabrina had eaten pussy, but the minute her lips tasted her daughter’s pussy, all her skills came back. She caressed with a knowing touch, Julie was shocked at how well her mother ate cunt. Sabrina’s tongue seemed to know just where to lick, her mouth moved all over Julie’s sweet pussy, her hands touched Julie’s most intimate places as she did so. Despite her limited mobility, Sabrina was bringing Julie to climax after climax.

That was just the start of it. Julie released her mother’s arms and legs shortly after that, and to no surprise, Sabrina didn’t even try to run. She seemed to relish her new position as her daughter’s lezzie sex-slave. She wanted more, practically begging Julie to get back in bed so they could do it again. Julie wasn’t crazy. She did just that, letting her mother’s hands and tongue and fingers thrill her, over and over again. She asked her mother if she had any sex toys, wanting desperately to fuck her mother’s tiny, adorable body. Sabrina shook her head.

“I’m sorry Julie … ” Julie frowned “I’m sorry MISS, but your father doesn’t believe in them.”

“Tough shit.” Julie said dryly as she ran her fingers over her mother’s darker, silky skin. She sighed. “Okay, for now I will finger-fuck you to orgasm, but we’re gonna get you some toys. We can put them in my room. escort maltepe You need to get this hot cunt of yours fucked, and often.” Sabrina shuddered, but Julie knew her mother was thrilled at her perversity.

From that day forward, Sabrina’s life changed. She lived in fear, but thrived on it, never knowing what her daughter might demand of her. She smiled a lot more and was less demanding of Mark. Sometimes when Julie was at school, she would have a shower and play with herself, over and over again, cumming over and over again. Julie had bought tons of sex toys for them to use. One memorable afternoon, she attached the “Butterfly” to her mother’s pussy and kissed her. “Keep it on – all day – okay, bitch?” she said, biting her mother’s bottom lip. Sabrina whimpered and nodded, her body already approaching orgasm.

Julie was happy too. She was on a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week sexfest. The lesbian nymphomaniac had a willing, eager playmate any time she wanted her. Once she learned of her mother’s past, she relished the kinky things she and Sabrina were able to do together. Sabrina rarely proposed anything kinky, but whatever the lewd teenager wanted to try, Sabrina was more than up for it.

Julie was “cruel” to her mother, but if possible, really adored her even more. Her mother gave her a willing outlet for her sexual fantasies, one time Julie dressed all in leather and dressed her mother all in lace – then insisted they go out on the town. They went to a nearby lesbian nightclub and Sabrina was thankful they didn’t know anyone there, as Julie diddled and fondled and tormented her all night. Secretly, Julie wondered if her mother would have been even more excited if they HAD run into anyone they knew.

Julie relished all the things she was able to do. One night, she called Noreen and Natalie over, inviting them for “Dinner”. When they showed up, she had covered Sabrina’s entire body with cake, whipped cream, chocolate and fruit. The three girls dove in and feasted, while the “meal” was tied to the bed. When they let Sabrina loose, all of them went to town on her. Julie’s mom lost track of how many orgasms she had at the hands of the decadent trio, but it was one of the best nights of her life. She was glad that she also had some new playmates in the pretty young girls.

A week later, Natalie and Noreen wanted to play again, but Julie was having none of it, selfishly wanting to keep Sabrina for herself. Then Noreen offered her $200 for the privilege. With a cruel, sadistic smile, Julie sent her mother over to the girl’s apartment to be their plaything for the night. When she came home around 3 in the morning, she was sexually exhausted, but had another $200 in bonus funds. Julie put that money in the bank. Whoring out her mother had really turned her on and she ate Sabrina to another intense climax before both fell asleep. Julie was thankful that her dad was so often away on business. At times, she wondered if he too, might have a mistress, but decided no. It wasn’t in his nature. She had even contemplated fucking her daddy once or twice, knowing Sabrina would do nothing to stop her, but she didn’t think so, not at this time. She wasn’t sure if he’d go for it anyway, he wasn’t the kinky, free-spirits she and Sabrina were.

A week or so after her mother’s romp with the twins, Julie was feeling bored and was going to leave school early, craving a cup of coffee. Just as she was leaving, Miss Dorcel, her French teacher, caught her and asked to speak with her.

“Your grades in French aren’t very good, I’m afraid” the sensual teacher said in a voice that constantly made Julie hot. She would have done this bitch any time, any where, but she tried to concentrate on what Marie Dorcel was saying.

“I could tutor you, in my home – if you’re not busy” the attractive teacher said. “My tutoring will get you through the courses easily, and I only charge 50 dollars an hour.”

Being on a budget, Julie couldn’t afford that and sighed. “I am sorry Miss Dorcel, my money’s a bit limited.”

Marie Dorcel smiled and trailed her fingers down Julie’s slender bare arms. “Perhaps we could make – other – arrangements, tonight?” There was no mistaking her intentions and Julie was getting hotter. But dammit, she had plans with Noreen and Natalie, they had a new chick they’d met and wanted to share with her. Julie was always eager to meet a new, fresh piece of pussy.

Then, another one of her kinky thoughts came to her. It would be perfect and get her just what she wanted.

“I am sorry, Miss Dorcel, but I can’t tonight. However, I would like to be `tutored’, very much. I have another idea, if you’re at all interested in hearing it?” The curvy blonde leaned in as Julie made her proposal.

Julie raced home and found her mother napping in the bedroom. Swatting her gently on the rump, she told her to get up and put on her sexiest mini, lingerie, heels and top.


Julie sighed. At times, her mother forgot her place, but this time, she decided not to push it.

“Because bitch, tonight you’re going over to my French teacher, Madame Dorcel’s house, and do whatever she wants. If she wants to fuck you with a strap-on or eat you in the shower, whatever she wants, you’re going to do it, got it?” Sabrina nodded, her eyes a bit teary.

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