Poetic Motivation


Additional Notes: This story is dedicated to the curvy, voluptuous women who will always be loved, while I was inspired by a woman in particular, I was also inspired by a song from Isaac Hayes, “The Look of Love”, respectively ©1973. However, I dedicate this to the curvaceous, the confident, and the lovely voluptuous women in the world.


Cindy was a caring, warm-hearted woman who just got out of a bad relationship with a man of four years. She cooked, cleaned, and worked two jobs just to keep him happy. A frequent sex life was something she enjoyed most, and was willing to give that ungrateful bastard, until she caught him in bed with another woman.

At the same time, her ex never understood not just the meaning of a good woman, but a confident woman who only needed him for his company. Her physique was no comparison to a 105 pound model with a skinny waistline; she was curvaceous, at the same time tall like 5’9″ and very attractive. It bothered her ex-boyfriend how a curvaceous woman could be sexy if she wasn’t like skinny girls. If this man was ashamed to be with Cindy, then it is his loss and good riddance to a man who is ashamed to be with someone like her; she can do better.

Who needed a man that was ashamed of being around with someone like her? Who needed a man that would deny to his friends about her being his girlfriend? Who needed a man if he would disrespect her by looking at a younger, skinnier woman? And if her ex-boyfriend had low self-esteem, why was he with her? She thought to herself that she can do better.

When she kicked her asshole boyfriend out of her house, a heavy burden was lifted and she could restart her life on a whole new chapter, but she wasn’t willing to meet guys at the bar. Although, she did have a thing for both black or Hispanic men, because they noticed her more than anyone else. She never cared what race they were either, it was just that she clicked well with them. She was a very attractive woman; long brown hair, blue eyes, an alluring feature that was hard to ignore, and she was very hip to be because she never like to be at places where there was no excitement. She loved being around interesting things, but the relationship she was in has pushed her to isolation from everything and everyone. All because she was trying to rebuild her life without her man after four years.

Six months has gone by, and she was feeling very lonely. Being a woman in her mid thirties looking for nice, interesting guy became scarce. Guy around that age were either married, divorced, alcoholics, on drugs, gay, bisexual, delusional, or just bitter from their last relationship. She wished she could find a good man that was willing to appreciate something more than her looks and kindness; she wanted someone that was on her level. At the same time, she was horny and she definitely wanted sex; just pure, hot sex. In fact, she thought about skipping the formalities and go straight to the sex part.

Cindy wanted to know where could she find a good guy, where at the same time to have pure, passionate sex with that good guy? She knew better to go to nightclubs, because it’s where all the dogs hang out. She was too classy to try the neighborhood bars. Where could she go for the night, and find someone that would be right for her? She remembered an advertisement on the nightlife newspaper, and it read open mic night at the poetry café, located just across town. Every Saturday, open mic is hosted and that is where much of the ladies hang out, other than the gay clubs.

Cindy has always had a soft spot for poetry; usually for romantic or erotic poetry. She kept several books of love and erotic poems on her bookshelf, and she thought maybe she should go there and listen to a few poets, while meeting someone who shared the same interest as hers. She had a soft spot for poetry, but not just any kind of poetry; the one that appealed her heart.

Saturday night came and Cindy was in a very expressive mood as she got out of the shower, wiping off the wetness that ran down her beautiful voluptuous body. Her mind was in a full state of romanticism. She played a track by Madonna “Justify My Love” over and over again. It was a particular feeling she had that something special was going to happen and she could hardly wait.

Earlier that Saturday, she dreamed about a poetic man that made love to her, while he recited poetry to her. It was weird, but the sex was heartfelt. The dream seemed so vivid, that she remembered a few key words; heart, tic-toc, and your secret fan. It was one hell of a dream that was filled with “Ooo’s” and “Ahh’s”. But with such a dream like that it was hard for her to snap out back to reality. She wasn’t a woman who ignored her dreams; she followed them.

All the excitement of tonight made her want to lie on her bed and slide her beautiful fingers down herself, just to ease her excitement, but she decided to wait and find the poetic man that will touch her senses. She went into her dresser and pulled out a white stringed balıkesir escort thong that would make her feel wet and anxious for tonight. When she put it on, she thought of the feeling it would bring her, and how it felt if it was his hand that slid under her slit.

She then pulled out a lacy white bra, and put that on as well. Every time she wore that bra, it made her nipples burst hard under the material. It felt like someone was pinching her nipples sensuously. The more she thought about it, the more she wanted to get on that bad and forget about going out tonight as she fingered herself, but she has discipline and she wanted to feel the a hard cock in her right now.

She went into her closet and put on a tan, orange-striped dress that would compliment her legs. Her dress wasn’t long, nor short, but it stretched just above the knees to make her feel sexy. She then took out a tan knitted sweater and put it on, so she could stay warm when she left her place. The clothes fit her lovely, she was ready to go, but she need to do a few more things. She put on her make up and lipstick that would make her appearance shine, and last she sprayed on cologne; a sweet smelling perfume that would make any guy ask for her phone number.

She was more than ready for tonight. She couldn’t help thinking about the man that was in her dreams. It was a little vague, but his words were very vivid as well as her sexual actions. All she remembered in her dream was that he was young and romantic, and that made her heart race for excitement. She went for her night purse and her denim jacket and then looked in the mirror to see herself; she was ready for tonight.

She left her apartment and managed to catch a cab ride to the café, located across town. When she arrived, the place filled her heart with awe. The place was dark and dimmed with soft lighting to set a romantic atmosphere. A coffee bar stood at the end of the café, as the young server waited patiently to wait on someone who needed coffee, tea, or other beverages. She scanned around the café and saw a mixed crowd, while much of them were a female audience there were several couples and youngsters giving their attention to a young woman on stage. The place was filled wih silence, as the spotlight shined on a young female who recited her poem to the audience. She recited her poem from the top of her head, and she was good at it.

There weren’t that many poets that can recite off the top of their heads; the crowd really digged her. As the audience applaud for the young woman on stage, Cindy went over to the coffee bar and ordered herself an iced tea. She found an empty table to sit and hung her denim jacket over the chair and sat down.

There, sat a well-dressed black man with dreads, wearing khakis and a long sleeved shirt. He took notice of a very beautiful curvy woman out of the audience. There was something about her that attracted him. Out of all the females in the café, she stood out and she was just his type. Of course, like any guy he noticed her legs, breasts, and curvy features, as well as her beautiful face, but the way she carried herself he knew she had class. It was too hard to resist; he had to go over there and talk to her.

So he moved from one table over to the next and sat briefly to compliment her beauty. She was thrown off by his approach, but he was very respectful towards her.

“Excuse me miss?” he whispered.

As she turned over, “Yes?”

As he gestured politeness when he complimented her, “I only wanted to say that you look very beautiful, and thank you for coming here tonight.”

“Thank you,” she said as she gave a half laughter about his approach.

She has heard that line how many times? Cindy may have found him to be very attractive, but strange. According to her taste, she wasn’t interested in him until he was called on stage with a big round of applaud.

When he received a huge round of applause from the audience, she quickly learned that this man must be very special around here. The dark-skinned man was introduced as Terrell and the ladies cheered for him. He too, was a poet who can recite without a piece of paper and the crowd really loved this man. Cindy became interested in what will he recite on stage.

When he spoke, his voice grew familiar to her; he sounded like the one she envisioned in her dream. His voice matched perfectly. It made her nipples very hard under her lacy bra.

Her heart raced with full desire as she focused on his lips and his poetic words.

His uniqueness was described the look of love over the microphone.

“How ya’ll doin’ tonight ladies?”

He paused while the audience cheered him.

“You know I have a love for all the ladies in this place tonight. I wrote this poem last night and I have a confession. I had a sleepless night after dreaming of this beautiful woman, and I mean inner beauty walking in this door. So please, wherever you are, this is dedicated to bartın escort you. I read you my poem The Secret Love Letter.”

As the silence set in Terrell recited from the top of his head

To my dearest fantasy

I saw you not far away

You were the one who had your heart broken

You gave all your love to the wrong stranger

And he led your heart astray

Your heart was so sadden

You sought for any kind of relief

A relief from the past

By someone who’ll help make the pain go away

Just when you gave up

I stand by close to help you ease your pain

And fill your heart with fulfillment

All I ask is for you to let me take notice of the inner beauty of you

Let me appreciate the sensuous mind and spirit that you carry

Let me see the pride and confidence for yourself and don’t let it go

Let me taste your dark words of lust and in exchange I bring you passion.

Let me press my chest against yours

As we go to the heart tic toc you don’t stop

And push into you deep until I feel your very inner soul

Your love, your ecstasy

I want it all from you

Just stay close as we exchange our heartbeats

And let’s make eye contact of enthusiastically

Under the heat of the moment

Scream your thoughts to me

Scream your lust for me

Give me the very words

And I promise you I will cherish them

For the very days to come

Sincerely yours

Your Secret Fan

There he stood over the microphone, bowing his down as he waited for applause. The place went from nuclear silence to roaring cheers. The female audience wooed and cheered loudly as they embraced his wonderful poetic talent on stage.

Cindy was in total disbelief. She realized that the man she could have rejected was the man in her dreams. It changed her mind so much, she was suddenly interested in him. She listened to him obsessively from recital after the next, while getting turned on from one poem to the next.

Her body felt like it was being tortured from a lyrical clit tease, but it was pleasurable. Every word he spoke just made her want to do something naughty in public, but she wasn’t willing to embarrass herself. However, she knew there that she wanted him and she wasn’t going to let someone stop her from having him.

Terrell recited several more poems until it was time to close, because he was the main guest for the night, and he would have to close up the place since he was part owner of the café.

While they were ready to close down the café, Cindy was trying to work up a nerve to say hi and compliment him on how wonderful he was with his poetry. When she approached him, the two gave eye contact and she was ready to talk to him, until he was pulled away by a petite blonde who was with her boyfriend. As the couple spoke with Terrell, Cindy passed by him, walking towards the coffee bar to order another iced tea.

The couple said their goodbye to Terrell and left the café’ leaving Terrell

alone in the café’ with her, along with a young server who was ready to end their shift. He looked over to her and saw her return a look. She gave a soft enticing smile, and a come-on gesture to come over.

He walked over to the coffee bar and though to himself that there was something about her that made him want her.

The young server that served the Iced Tea for Cindy, asked Terrell, “Can I go home?” the young server asked.

“Yes you may,” he said as he sat next to her. “Thanks a lot and get home safe.” To

Cindy, “Hi, thank you for coming.”

“Hi, you’re quite welcome.” as she spoke with a seductively. “You were very good on stage; especially when you read The Secret Love Letter.”

“Thank you, that poem was one of my favorites. It was written for someone in particular.”

“Mine too, I wonder who’s the lucky woman that you wrote it for?” she inquired as she held her straw, giving him an enticing gesture.

He chuckled and then blushed, “Um… no one yet, in particular. The poem was based on a dream I had.”

“Then you really have wonderful dreams.” as she sipped her iced tea to the bottom of the cup, making a soft airy sound with the straw. “So do you own his place?”

“I partly own it with my brother.”

“Cool. So tell me about yourself, do you have someone special in your life or are you looking for someone?”

Terrell was interested in her ever since she walked in that door; her legs, her hair, her expressive eyes, and her curvaceous body. He also recognized the come-on game she was giving him, and he enjoyed playing along with it.

“I could be looking for someone, if she was looking for me.”

Cindy’s heart raced with anxiety. Her body was hungry for his, but she wanted to see if he was willing to meet her all the way when she asked…

“Are you really that person you said on your Secret Love Letter poem? Because… I’m batman escort dying to find out.”

“And if I am?” he asked suddenly seductively.

Someone walked in the door, it was a young female.

She whispered sensuously, “Then you better lock up first, because someone just walked in.”

Terrell casually approached her and said, “I’m sorry, we’re closed.”

“Oh, I left my jacket on the seat,” said the young woman as she pointed out her denim jacket sitting over the chair.

Terrell went over to get the young woman’s jacket and give it to her while she waited by the door. The young woman thanked him and exited the café. He locked the door and returned to the woman sitting at the coffee bar.

When he returned, he paused to see Cindy holding her thong up with her index finger, smiling enticingly with an obvious thing in mind. Terrell wasn’t going to ask her a stupid question; he knew where it was going all along. He walked over to her and attempted to kiss, but she placed her finger on his chest as she shook her head. He thought she was playing a tease game with him, but there was something else in her mind.

“Wait,” as she pointed to a pillar wall. “Let’s do it over there I want to feel your heartbeat against mine.”


The two crossed the lounge and stood against the empty wall. Terrell gently pinned her against the wall and pressed his lips against her. She embraced him when she placed her hand over his shoulder. Their tongues touched each other, with a sudden taste of passion that was long awaited. The two exchanged pure chemistry mixing the right formula for each other.

Cindy slid her hand down his back and grabbed his ass. She pulled him closer to her as she felt his hardness pressed against her body.

He managed to slide his hands under her dress and felt the smooth curves of her voluptuous body; it was like a heavenly dream. He took appreciation of her soft skin, her smooth tummy, and her lightly shaven pussy.

“Take off your pants, I want to feel you inside me,” she whispered as she continued to kiss him.

Terrell wanted to know what it’s like to be inside of a woman he wrote about.

He unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and rose up her skirt as his pants fell to the floor.

Their breathing grew heavy as they couldn’t wait for the moment to happen. It was very heart-stopping when she felt his hard cock press against her pussy. She felt a hard and warm feeling against her pudenda. She spread her legs open enough for him to push inside her, while she maintained her balance. Once he was inside her, the two jolted with a gasp of pleasure.

The two gazed at each other; Tyler was pumping her pussy with soft, but rough strokes. Nothing felt more enthusiastic to Cindy than the feeling of his cock inside her. She was wet from the minute she dreamt of him to the moment of sex. She never thought that a poet would actually appeal to her heart as well as her body. She felt like she could remain on the pillar wall, and have him fuck her all night long.

Terrell was enjoying the luscious feeling of her pussy and the thickness of her body. Her sweet smell of perfume was such a turn on, that he just wanted to let his carnal desires take over and fuck her aggressively until he cums, but he is a gentleman and he wanted to cherish the very feeling of being inside her. Like he takes poetry to a work of art, he too takes sex like a work of art; especially with a woman like her

As their heat grew intense, he was pumping her faster and Cindy’s gasps were growing louder. Her breath was skipping a beat each time Terrell slid his cock in and out of her.

Cindy was beginning to sense that he was about to cum, she can feel his cock throbbing, but not ejaculating. His speed was faster, and he was getting physically intense. She didn’t mind, as she enjoyed him pleasing her and she wanted to feel his cum inside her.

“Cum in me,” she whispered. “Let me feel your juicy recital in me.”

Such words of encouragement caused Terrell to press his body against hers. He pinned her against the wall and let out a hard groan. Cindy let out a feminine whimper as she felt his cock throbbed inside her, squirting his juices inside her walls.

Terrell collapsed against her as he tried to catch his breath, but he felt her heart beating against his chest, in vice-versa, she felt his heart beating against hers.

“I can feel your heart beating against mine,” she said enthusiastically.

“Me too,” as he caught his breath.

Terrell remained inside her as the two kissed each other passionately. It was such a heart-stopping experience for Cindy to have an encounter about a poet she dreamed of, regardless if he was white or black.

When Terrell caught his breath, he asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m your secret fan,” she said seductively

He chuckled. “Thanks for coming.”

“No, thank you for cumming; it felt good.” she giggled as she kissed him. “Mind if I use your bathroom?”

“Be my guest,” he nodded.

Terrell got off her and pulled his pants up. She pulled her dress down and walked into the ladies room to freshen up. Terrell went over to the coffee bar to get himself a glass of water. When she stepped out, Terrell approached her so he could get her name.

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