Poker Night and the One-Eyed Jacks


The note arrived in the mail five days after the erotically hot and mysterious neighborhood block party. My body still reveled and ached from the memories that evening aroused in me. I was certain that I had been the only female present, at least in that room. Perhaps the other bedrooms were being used, but I was pretty sure they were not. My room was ‘the’ party that night and I was the life of it. My body could not help but react when I wondered about those men present that night. I had my suspicions but it was not my style to indulge my curiosity. Those men present that night could have been anyone in the neighborhood, in the area, in the county; I seriously had no idea. Nor did I care. In time I was pretty sure my intuition and perceptiveness would win.

Following the neighborhood block party, it seemed to have gotten mysteriously quiet and only occasionally would I see someone outside watering the lawn, waving, or carrying groceries. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary yet it seemed quieter than usual. However, perhaps, it was my imagination.

Having fantasized for days in anticipation, I began to think Poker Night was never going to happen; then the note arrived. My big girl libido jumped instantly and I felt a little bubble pop between my nether lips. Anxiously I opened it and felt another pop.

“Dani, Wednesday…you will need to know the following.” This was already Monday when I received the note. It began to reveal the specifics of Poker Night. The address revealed the location; a basement of a downtown building. The note told me it was safe, not to explore a head of time; not to worry, to trust them. The door would be open and I was to arrive at 9:00 p.m. Again the note demanded and made clear what I was to wear. I thought to myself, “of course it would be specific; so far they’ve been very specific about everything. These men do not miss a beat.”

A package would arrive this afternoon in the mail and in it would be “big girl” attire. There would be a short, kilt-like skirt, a garter belt with knit thigh-high stockings. There would be crotch-less panties to wear with the garter in matching white lace. There would be school girl tennis shoes and a white blouse. I was to show up with the buttons on the blouse buttoned entirely. I was to wear the lacy white bra that coordinated with the rest and it would fit. Suddenly it hit me, someone had to know my size; how was that even possible? I was to arrive fully dressed. When I entered there would be a blindfold, again, for me to wear. Making sure that I followed all the rules obediently, it was then the game would begin.

The package arrived just like they said it would and it was all there, as described. Everything fit like a glove; tight as could be. I put my hair in pigtails and ribbons. I removed everything and took a nice long leisure bath with lots of bubbles. I took my waterproof friend in, Mr. Purple Pussy Eater and took the time to introduce him to the arousing bubbles that covered my voluptuously curvy body, specifically between my school girl thighs. I climaxed among the bubbles as I pumped my Eater deep; plunge after plunge, after plunge. I felt frenzied yet relaxed and sated; for the time being. My thoughts had wandered to the evening in front of me while fucking myself with my Pussy Eater; I anxiously fantasized as to what was in store for me as I slipped it in and out, over and over again. My body shook and my pussy quaked as my friend did its job.

Dressed and driving, I headed to the location of the downtown store. It was dark but I could see by the street lights and the entryway was clearly marked and safe. I walked eagerly, yet carefully down the steps. I could feel my ass cheeks as the slight breeze of the skirt swishing, it was very bare and exposed. The shoes and attire made me feel like I was a catholic school girl on the way to see the priest or nun for a paddling. I stopped at the door and heard voices. They were all jumbled as I tried to listen to who these men might be. But I could not make out a single voice. Locating the blindfold, a note was attached: “the blindfold is only temporary. It will be removed in time but enter the room straight ahead.” Nervously, my hands flattened down the sides of what there was of my skirt as I entered the room. I was choking on the buttons and I felt my hard nipples poking Avrupalı porno out the white cotton blouse, but I did what I was told.

All the noise and voices stopped. “I can’t see a thing, fellas” I spoke as I took one more step into the room. I heard a laugh and someone got up and came over to me. “We see you’ve arrived on time Dani; that is in your favor. We’re finding out you are most prompt.”

“I try to be, I hate being late for anything” I admitted.

“Well good girl, because you will be well rewarded, as he reached out and brushed his arm against my breasts. We want you to know how very much we all enjoyed you at the Block Party and we’re looking forward to tonight. Are you ready?” He asked as he lifted my chin and I could sense his mischievous grin.

“I suppose, but I cannot see a thing!” I reminded them.

“All in good time, Dani girl. …all in good time”, another voice chimed in. That particular male knew my nickname. However, I did not recognize anyone’s voice, not that I would, I was not familiar with many men on my block; well, until last weekend. “One would not be able to say that, now however.” I chuckled to myself.

Suddenly music began with a very deep bass and fast rhythm.

“Start taking it off Dani”, one demanded. Apparently I had not moved fast enough as another deep male tone shouted, “Fuck’in start taking it off Dani, NOW!!” The music was catchy and very erotic. I loved the sway and slowly took a deep breathe and began to put myself into the music and my body could not begin to stop its erotic rhythm. My feminine voluptuousness swayed and gyrated to and fro and my hands moved in unison upon my flesh. My hands moved over my blouse, my breasts, down my tummy and on the sides of my thighs to my hips. My hands were feeling the heat. Because of the blindfold, I felt safe and let my body feel it to my very core. It was beginning to have that effect on me; a bit like I was tipsy. I heard some “Oh yah Dani’s” and “do it girl” quietly demanding as I began to undo the top button on my blouse. Provocatively and slowly, I took my time and let my hands dance over the buttons and my decadent curves. Tantalizingly slow I gave over to the sensuality that my body reveled in. The movements grabbed a hold of my sizzling heat which created this deep, dark beguiling Dani that was dripping in horniness, fire, and liquid silver.

Unbuttoning one more button after another, I worked the crowd. My oversized ripened melons of pure bliss spilled over my lacy bra as the last button was undone and the opened blouse displayed my big girl charms. Jiggling and bobbing, I shook my big girl DDD’s lustfully in their faces, hoping I was closer than I thought.

“Take off the blouse Dani” a voice ordered as I jiggled myself in front of them, my hand going under the skirt and cupping my box of goodies. Someone suddenly grabbed my hand and pulled me across the floor making what sounded like poker chips spill on top of what I guessed, was the poker table. A chair was turned outwardly and I was made to stand between a pair of thighs. I felt his hands on my hips as he pulled me into his whirlpool of hardness.

“Take the frick’in blouse off Dani!!”, and the pair of hands move to my hot, mouthwatering breasts as he manhandled them through the bra. The blouse was removed by a rough pair of hands behind me. Moving me closer, he began to diddle my nether region with his fingers, sticking not one, but three within the crotch-less opening of lacy satin. Massaging me roughly, his fingers perused my wet, already-gooey slit as he pulled me closer to him. It was then I felt his hardened joy stick begging for someone to take over the controls as it poked and prodded me.

As his cock twitched it lifted my skirt and moving to take the place of his fingers. Lifting the boopsters, his hands grasped them as he pulled them slightly over the top of the bra lace. His cock hardened that much more and found its way into the gap of satin panty lace. Lifting and kneading my massive mammaries through the bra, I heard him whisper, “Ah Big girl…your curves are magnificent”. It was that instant when I realized who really held the power with these men.

Taking my thighs, he moved his knees between them and pushed me wide to straddle him. His hands grabbed ample ass Video porno as he pulled me closer and then down on his massive hard-on. His hands reached around my back and unfastened the hooks there and he watched first my bra fall, then my boobs as they fell right into his face.

Touching my hot molten flesh with his hardened rod, someone whispered, “Are you hot Dani? Is that milky cream that is sliding down your leg, because you cannot fuck’in, get enough?” His pair of hands splayed themselves over my hips as they began to work my cunt on his big dick over and over again. “Man, is she ever…” someone drooled. “Are you wet, Danigirl?” someone else said. They were getting so aroused that the questions kept coming on. The guy’s cock I was submerged on spoke up and told them of the heat of my pink slushy as it wrapped around his hardened piece of man’s meat. Someone slipped behind me and lifted my breasts to the pussy-pounder’s mouth. Lifting himself and coming up off the chair, he began to work my pussy until more and more cum was dripping down my school girl thighs. “Good lil school girl,” I heard a voice reply. Nibbling on my tips, “I bet these gave great milk, Danigirl”, he jeered as he sucked a little harder with the help of his buddy. It was then I began to bounce madly up and down on his rock-hard, swollen dick.

I felt someone else pull me off the first cock as he shot his wad deep within me. Pulsing and throbbed within my inner core, he filled me with this man seed as he spewed deeply into my big girl hot pipe. The next cock was huge as I stood on my tippy toes until the maneuvering planted him deep within me. Facing forward this time, the slide was easy, my haven a cocktail of wet goo; he shoved himself into me as I shoved my ass back on him.

I felt him prod my little starfish with his finger as he fucked me in both holes. I moved back against him over and over and….over again. My pussy ate his rock solid pole as he banged my cervix hard. I moaned and groaned as he pounded me, and my cunt ate his shaft in its entirety! I bounced and my boobies juggled at each thrust. Then that was when I shuttered, my body quivered, my pussy convulsed as I came hard around his beating poker. Someone roughly played with my big girls that helped me mount that pinnacle taking me over the top. I growled my release as my whole body shook in an orgasm.

“Delectably Delicious Decadent Dani,” I heard as the next man pulled me around the corner of the table, surprising me with those chosen words. I had used them online. Fear rose up in me and then was replaced by giggles as it was all coming clear to me. Some one had put two and two together and knew me from online and now it was all becoming real. “Ahhhh sweet Danigirl, your body’s curves are desirious, your attitude pure sublime, and your fantasies are ours now” as he rubbed his face into my dangling tits.

My skirt, on until now, was being unfastened and removed. The zipper was pulled down and the skirt slipped over my hips and down my legs. It dropped quickly into a pool of cloth on the floor as I stood there now in only my panties, garter, and stockings. I felt his eyes burn into my blindfold as he starred at my voluptuous body and panted. He stood up, turned me around and bent me over the table as my massive breasts were squished into the table in front of me. I heard moans and groans and more ‘ahhhhs’ and “Smash’em Dani” as he kneaded my ass from the back. I felt his finger slide the length of my slit and split the lips apart slightly. He moved his finger to my little jewel and pulled back. His finger repeated that journey and each time more frantically than the next, until I was silently begging him to slip it inside. On each return trip of his finger, there was more and more white creamy goo of mine. “Please,” I pleaded. But he did not and I thought I was going to turn the table and rape him as I was mounting a sweet torment of ecstasy with his masterful treatment of my pussy lips. Gawd, they ached, I ached; I wanted it and now.

“Oh you are sopping wet, Dani slut” he whispered in my ear as his tongue licked the side of my throat. Without warning, he slipped his hard dick inside of me. “Tell me to fuck you slut, tell me loud and clear”. I moaned it in my natural deep and seductive tone and begged him to bed me over gizli çekim porno the hard table. “Fuck me…please,” I pleaded. It spoke volumes; rape me, take me, fuck me as I begged him with my groans and moans. Willing to oblige, he did; jabbing me, fucking me, poking my hole until I spasmed yet again and my white milky cream sputtered down my thighs and pooled beneath us both on the floor. “Ohhh gawd” I moaned as I rested on my elbows and my big girl ass tantalized them as they looked on; stroking and coming, touching and petting. “Again, and again…HARDER, fucking HARDER!!” I screamed.

With my bra removed and my skirt, I stood before them in only my garter, thigh high stockings and still my tennis shoes. Cum was evident on my legs shown with a glossiness of ejaculant. I was on fire…my pussy having had so much cock tonight, yet, I thought to myself, we’re not done are we?? I still felt the vixen, the horny, hot and licentiously aroused cumslut that these men adored. My smell was pungently erotic and I could even smell myself as my white girl gooey had mixed well with their cum-cocktails tonight. I knew they still smell the sex that exuded from me.

“Climb up, Dani” he told me guiding me with this arm to sit upon the poker table. The chips were removed by now and I moved back from the edge but laid there resting on my elbows as my cunt rested on the edge. I felt this cock was someone new; it had a feel and hardness that I had not felt yet tonight. He grabbed my big girl thighs and pulled me even closer to the edge as he pumped hard into the remembered deep, dark moist abyss. He rammed his meat hard into me and pulled just at that instant to shoot his liquid silver all of my boobs. I could feel the warmth hit them as he shot a huge load. I was wild as I sheathed his rod again and then the blindfold slipped down and I was staring straight into the head Boys H.S. Varsity Basketball Coach’s face; my neighbor kitty-corner from my back corner lot.

Soon, the next guy stepped up and I saw he was the bank president of a local bank in our community; then the next guy; a 23 year old college son of the lawyer down the street; each shooting their jiism in my direction covering me in white sticky cum. The next guy came as did one more; all neighbors and acquaintances from the community. Goo dripped now, not only from my exposed cunt, but from the surface of my covered body. Each had taken me to the heights as they pounded my Dani-snatch and poked my g-spot, giving me multiples just before they pulled out and covered me.

The last guy, a professor, who I believed was the mastermind of the whole thing, pulled me up off the table. I stood there, dazed, covered and submissively willing. He faced me forward so everyone could see my face as he sat me down on his hard rock pole and fucked my pussy. His hands grabbed my tit flesh and pulled me down hard on him. “Ride me Dani…let that bewitching cunt of yours ride me like the good girl you are”. “RIDE Bitch” he said into my ear as I bounced and spasmed on his throbbing member. Everyone looked on holding their cocks. That was when my head went back into the crook of his shoulder and neck, and I screamed my orgasm as I came…”oh Dani, atta girl….squirt…I can feel you squirting sugar” he said. As I spasmed, I felt the rush of my climax hit as my white oozing cream engulfed his cock and dripped onto his balls. This was my next door neighbor who always ventured into a conversation with me outside; always helped me carry groceries, always said something about how I was looking that day. This was the one who whispered in my ear and teased deeply “you have guessed right, I knew you would.” He was the mastermind.

As the evening was coming to a close, each one took their turn with me. Passing me around and around to where each sat now on his chair, each one thrusting deeply into my used cunt. I was manhandled, fucked, fondled, massaged, and totally screwed by each of these poker players. I ejaculated, they ejaculated. I was soaking wet, the stockings totally wet with splashes of mixed cum. I was exhausted yet sexually still charged. Following the last cock, they had all vanished. I wanted to crawl up on the table and just go to sleep, but I was such a mess. I gathered up my clothing and slowly walked up the steps again. I was nearly naked but I did not care. I was pretty sure even the local police chief was there tonight. I shivered with excitement still as I climbed into my vehicle and started the engine. Looking down, I saw a note…”Dani, the fun is just beginning. You are the life of the parties and you, Big girl are ours. We will be in touch.”

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