Poking Alice

Poking AliceAlice and her husband, Bill, lived next door to me for as long as I can remember. As I entered into puberty and started to notice girls Alice would pop up on my radar, she had the biggest tits I had ever seen. And the best part was that I would go over and help her with her work in garden and she would wear these loose fitting tops with out a bra. We would be working that soil all bent over and I would get to stare at those succulent tits as they swayed back and fourth. And I mean I got a great shot, the whole boob, nipple and all. And she would make no attempt to cover up. I think she liked showing off those huge fun bags to me. The rest of her was nothing to get excited about, salt and pepper hair that was short, slightly over weight, but those tits. So anyway I had gone over to help Alice again, this time Bill was there. He would read the paper and not pay attention to my infatuation with Alice’s tits. This day When we got up to clean up Bill came over as Alice went in the house. “Pete, I have noticed that you and seem to have a thing. I mean she really likes you and you two seem to click.” Bill said to me making feel a little uncomfortable. He continued “Well how would you like to get to know Alice better, you know, she has said she would like to have you join us, Alice wants to have sex, with you.” Wow I thought to myself. I turned and Alice smiled and nodded. My dick began to grow. “We can sivas escort go back there right now and you can have a whirl with her.” “Yes, yes, that would be great!” I stuttered. Alice took my hand and lead me to the bedroom. She quickly undressed and got on the bed. Again she was no super model, I mean she did not even look like a person that has sex, but those tits, my swelled even bigger. I undressed and got on the bed. Alice wasted no time and moved on me, kissing me, rubbing my cock, fondling my balls, she even took my cock in her mouth for a minute. Then she put me on my back and stradled me. She guided my cock into her wet pussy and lowered herself down. Her hairy cunt was tight and wet and felt good, well of course it did as it was my first. She slid all the way down then back up again ever so slow. ‘am I your first?” I nodded yes. “Good, I was hoping I could be your first. Just hold it in as long as you can and then when you can’t hold back anymore just let it flow deep into me.” Alice said with a seductive smile. Those tits swaying in my face, I could not keep my hands off them. Then I noticed Bill walking around looking at us, well at our privates. He was watching my cock going in and out of Alice. Alice ribbed those tits in my face taking my attention away from Bill. I got to the point of no return really quickly. I mean I held it till my balls hurt so bad and then I let loose.I thrust my escort sivas hips up trying to get as deep into Alice as I could as my balls started to empty. Alice smiled real big and and let out a soft moan.I finished after what felt like a gallon of semen must have shot out of my dick. Alice lifted herself off my cock, a large glob of jizz fell out of her and landed near my limp cock. She stayed on all fours hovering above me letting those tits sway in my face. That is when Bill mounted her doggy and started pounding her. At first I was not sure what was happening. Those huge tits swayed as he pounded deep into Alice’s sweet cum filled pussy. The sloppy sound of his cock and their wet skin slapping. It was over in a matter of a minute or two. Bill filled Alice with his cum and pulled out. Again, another glob of jizz dripped onto me. Bill surveyed his work and slapped Alice on the ass and left the room. Alice rolled off me and layed on her back with her legs all spread out letting her cunt get some air. My cock was hard again after all the tit action so I got on top of her and fuck her real quick blowing another load into already full pussy. I liked the feel of her cum filled pussy. This became a regular thing for us. I would go over and help Alice and we would end up in bed fucking, sometimes with Bill sometimes with out. Alice liked getting two cocks. I enjoyed getting easy pussy and those huge tits. sivas escort bayan Then one day When Alice and I had fucked and gone back into the garden Bill showed up with some guy. They came in and the guy was all over Alice and within minutes they were in the bedroom. The man mounted Alice and fucked her hard. I sat there watching getting turned on. Bill walked around naked watching those fuck, sticking his face right up to his cock as it pounded away. The man buried his cock and started grunting and arched his back. I knew he was cumming inside Alice. He waited a minute and pulled a limp cock from her, Bill cleaned it with mouth. They shook hands and he man told Bill thanks and he dressed and left. Bill looked at me “you want sloppy seconds or thirds?” I jumped up and mounted Alice. I liked the texture of Her pussy after another man came in it. Plus all the goo made it so I could last longer. I finally drained my balls deep in her, my cum mixing with the strangers, then I got up. Bill jumped in and made it only a minute before he flooded her too. The thought of three just cumming inside Alice kind of turned of me on as I stared at her sperm soaked bush. I mounted her again I fucked that sloppy pussy till she orgasimed and then added even more jizz to the pool inside her. “Thanks Pete, I needed to get off.” Alice said as she used a towel to clean up the mess around her pussy. “Bill likes to watch me with strangers, he likes to watch them cum in me and then fuck me afterwards. I had told him I was not going to do that any more if he did not let my have you.” She said. I smiled and told her it was good to fuck her. We hugged and kissed.

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