Pool Party

Big Tits

I meet you at the door, in the outfit you’d requested-sundress, no bra, no panties, comfortable strappy sandals. You smile in appreciation before we kiss hello, then you lead me out to your car, opening the door for me and assisting me inside. I naughtily give you (and whoever happens to be able to see) a flash up my skirt as I climb inside. I have no idea where we’re going or what you have planned for us as you drive down the road, but we laugh and banter as we go.

We drive out of town and into the countryside, finally arriving in the early afternoon at a large, secluded residence. You help me out of the car, and we walk up to the front door. Quickly after you knock, the door is opened by a stunning brunette, apparently of Hispanic origin-dark complexion, beautiful brown eyes, thick black hair, wearing a very attractive bikini. She kisses you deeply, molding her body to yours. The kiss half turns me on and half makes me jealous, until she turns and does the same to me. At first I’m surprised, then turned on. After the kiss, you introduce us. Rather than shake my hand, she instead kisses me again, then leads us through the house and into the backyard. There, on the large patio, some people are lounging around soaking up the sun and enjoying themselves, some people are sitting near the outdoor bar and being slightly rowdy, and a few people are splashing around in the pool.

Our host calls to a few people, and they come over to greet us-apparently you know a few of them, because the men shake your hand and the women kiss you. Some light kisses on the cheek, some deeply. As they do, I realize that my jealousy is becoming less and less. As I’m introduced, some of the women shake my hand, a couple give me the European cheek kiss, and two give me full-fledged tongue kisses, with one of them stroking my bare leg below my skirt. The men almost all tongue kiss me, with two of them grabbing my ass. The last man I’m introduced to first looks me over, obviously appreciatively, then hooks his index finger in the cleavage of my dress to pull me to him, taking one glance down it before kissing me. His brazenness surprises me, leaving my mouth hanging open as he nibbles my lower lip in way of a kiss. He withdraws, winking at me and patting my ass before turning away and mingling with other guests.

I start to turn to you, but a playful scream has me turning towards the pool-a couple of people had started a “chicken fight”, and one of the women who was on the shoulders of her companion, was clutching her arms to her chest as the man across from her, supporting another woman, held her bikini top aloft and laughed. That apparently gave the opposing rider the chance to knock the victim off, only to be knocked off herself by someone from behind.

As I’m watching the horseplay, you come up behind me, wrapping your arms around me and kissing my ear. I cuddle back into you, even as you turn us. Not five feet away, an attractive middle-aged man is lounged back in a beach chair, with a younger blonde beauty straddling his lap, facing outward, utterly naked, riding his cock. As I watch in shock, porno she locks eyes with me, smiling in a combination of enjoyment, pleasure, and greeting. As we continue to be voyeurs, you keep nibbling my neck, one of your hands cupping my breast through my dress, the other reaching under and around my skirt to start teasing my pussy. It all turns me on to the point where I’m molding my body back into yours, one hand reaching around behind me and stroking your cock through your pants. You turn me a little more, and point out where a redhead is eating out a slender but rather butch brunette, with short hair and multiple tattoos and piercings. Your finger hooks inside of me, then spreads my wetness around.

Slowly, as I watch the goings-on, you bunch my skirt in your hand, beginning to expose me to the crowd. I’m barely aware of it, being caught up in the activities, as well as your fingers edging me closer. Suddenly, you stop and pull my sundress completely off, leaving me only in my sandals. Your fingers plunge back into me, then you use them to turn me to face a trio-a blond laying on her back on one man who is thrusting up into her, even as another is leaning over her and thrusting down into her. Her mouth is wide open in an “O” of enjoyment. A loud “smack” from close to us changes my gaze, even as a squeal of enjoyment comes from a muscular black woman being taken from behind by her even more muscular, and even darker partner. A groan of enjoyment comes from the middle-aged man you’d pointed out to me first, and he pulls his partner down onto him, thrusting his hips upwards in the tell-tale sign of his orgasm. The sight, coupled with your fingers, puts me over the edge in a small orgasm of my own, and my hips tremble and buck against you, my pussy spasming around your fingers. As the man releases his hold on the blonde’s hips, she unceremoniously stands up and walks over towards us, locking my gaze the whole way.

As she reaches us, her hand reaches down and she slides two of her fingers into me alongside yours, keeping my gaze as she leans in to kiss me. Her touch, coupled with the eroticism of the whole situation and the feel of her breasts pressing against mine, have me trembling in another small orgasm. I barely notice your fingers leaving me, nor you moving from behind me, as she guides me down onto a nearby pair of towels, pulling me on top of her in a 69. Still recovering from the back-to-back orgasms, I feel her licking at my pussy before I realize that I’m doing the same to her, cleaning a stranger’s cum from her unprotected opening. As I fully become aware, I realize that I’m enjoying what I’m doing, making her squirm in pleasure beneath me.

Almost before I notice the presence, I feel something being nudged into my hole. I’m so wet that little effort is needed to bury it in my pussy. Suddenly it’s gone, and I hear gagging-supposedly coming from my partner, even as I realize that I was just getting fucked, and now the cock that had been in me was now in my 69 partner’s throat. For some reason, that really turns me on, and I grind my clit into her chin. anime porno As I sink two fingers into her pussy and suck hard on her clit, I feel myself being penetrated in again. I moan in pleasure, then feel something nudging my head. I look up to see another cock. I take it in my mouth, allowing the man to work it in deep, then begin fucking my throat, the two men alternating their rhythm until as one slides in, the other is sliding out. After a few strokes, he pulls out and sinks down a bit to slide it into my partner’s pussy.

I help him guide it in, and angle my head so that I can tongue her clit as he’s fucking her, with my tongue occasionally licking along his shaft as he pumps in and out. Several strokes here, then as he pulls out of her to put it back in my mouth, I replace his cock with my fingers inside her. A few thrusts into my mouth and he’s back into her pussy, but this time, for some reason, I slide my pussy-lubed finger into his ass. He doesn’t seem to mind-in fact, he cums deep inside her after only one or two strokes with my finger deep in his ass. This seems to trigger something for my partner, because she sucks hard on my clit, making my pussy spasm in pleasure, clamping down hard on the cock inside of me. He pushes hard into me, and I feel more wetness leaking from my pussy. As I partially collapse on my female partner, I feel the man in my pussy withdraw, as does the one in my partner’s pussy. I roll off from her and lean up to see her, and we grin at each other before going our respective ways.

As I stroll through the gathering, I realize that now most people are naked, and having some form of sex. I dab my finger through the wetness between my legs, tasting it, and realizing that my male partner had cum inside of me. I’m lazily hoping you don’t mind, as I get a drink from the bar. Turning around, I sip my drink as I scan the crowd. Nearby, two women are on their knees, taking turns sucking a cock. One woman is furiously working her fingers in and out of another woman on a chaise lounge, who in turn has two men wanking off over top of her. One man, on his hands and knees, is eating out a woman who is watching him get plowed from behind by another man. Even as I watch, another man slides underneath of the one on his hands and knees, and takes the man’s dick in his mouth, slowly and sensually sucking it. My gaze sweeps over to two men at the side of the pool, hardons at full mast, feet in the pool, just chatting as they look around at the revelers.

Suddenly, a thought strikes me, and I look back at the foursome of 3 men and 1 woman. I’m shocked-the guy who is getting sucked off, and taking anal sex from another man, is you!!! I had no idea that you went that way! My feet take me towards your group, my drink forgotten on the bar.

About halfway there, a large black male intercepts me, reaching up from his chair and lightly taking my hand. The large bulge in his swimming trunks has me complying with his gently tug down so that I’m sitting on his lap. I keep facing your group so that I can watch you, even as his hands begin arap porno to lightly knead my breasts. I lean back into him as he begins kissing my neck and shoulders, one of my hands idly teasing my soaked slit. He lightly pinches both my nipples, making me gasp in pleasure. I look down at his dark arms and hands contrasting with my pale skin and feel a slight gush in my pussy. I grind my bare ass against his hard cock, feeling it slip into my crack. I bring my heels up to rest on his knees, splaying my legs wantonly, making my slit gape open. One of his hands traces its way down my body, teasing my outer lips, even as I’m teasing my hard clit. I feel the hand that had been on my breast leave, and then him fumbling to get his trunks untied and slid down. My wetness begins to spread, leaking down over my asshole as I feel his bare pole become free.

His hand comes back to play with my breasts, alternating between my nipples, lightly squeezing them, or slightly tugging them. My pussy clenches and spasms in pleasure, then he uses his other hand to tease the entrance to my hole. A few more flicks to my clot while he’s doing that, and my pelvis is starting to follow his finger around, hoping for penetration and pleasure. Suddenly, two of his fingers find my clit and grasp it roughly, driving the breath from my body and my hips to buck in orgasm. I give a short scream of pleasure, quickly bit off, before he takes advantage of my bouncing to slide his cock into my pussy. There I am-in full view of you, if you turn your head, bucking like a bitch in heat, block cock buried in my pussy, legs spread wide, giving anyone who would want a show. He keeps up his play with my nipples and clit, until I’m riding him mindlessly, going from one wave of pleasure to the next. I sense, rather than realize, that I’m giving off moans and occasional cries of pleasure. He gasps in NY reservation he’s cumming, and I flop my hips down hard on his cock, desperate for it to be inside of me. You and your group are forgotten as I grind down hard, wanting every square in of him inside me, and clenching my vaginal muscles, desperate to have his cum. He thrusts up hard into me, giving a roar of satisfaction as he floods my womb.

As we come down from our sexual high, I notice you standing over us. You smoke and lean over to kiss me, then get between our knees and start licking my slash. My partner turns my head so that he can kiss me deeply, even as he resumes his play with my breasts. The situation, combined with the sensations of being full and being licked, plus the breast play, has me reaching yet another orgasm very quickly. My hips writhe and grind against both of you, and my knees clench together, locking your face into my slutty pussy. Your tongue keeps working though, and combined with the persistent filling of my pussy, I have the longest series of orgasms I’ve ever experienced. One is barely ending before I’m up into the height of another one.

Finally, something happens that his cock slips out of me, and you stop licking me. As I recover, I’m completely spent, and slowly come to the realization that we’d been surrounded, and that people were clapping over our show. I blush, embarrassed by the attention, as you help me up. Realizing I can barely walk from exertion, you help me into the house and into an empty bed so I can recover…..

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