Pool Party Mystery… Solved?

Big Dicks

“What are you staring at, sweetheart?” My wife asked as she peered out from behind the newspaper.”Charlie and the lady from across the street, Connie. They’ve been talking for quite a while and are pretty friendly, I’d say.””Imagine that, two neighbors acting friendly,” Susan replied sarcastically.”Haha, very funny, but I’m thinking Connie could be the mystery woman from our pool party we’ve been looking for.””Michael, if you have been looking for a mystery woman, leave me out of this. It’s been over two weeks, I thought you would be over this by now.””How can I forget about it? I mean our next door neighbor Charlie was getting a hand job in our bedroom from one of our guests. If it wasn’t for those damn sheer curtains you had to have, I could have seen who she was.””Get over it, honey. I mean if two of our friends want to have a little innocent sexual get together, why should we care.””I guess you’re right. I mean it was just a handjob. It wasn’t like she was polishing his knob.””Polishing his knob?” My wife asked with a confused look on her face.”Yea, knob polishing, you know, a blowjob.””Oh my God, Michael! Where do you guys come up with these names? For instance, a blow job involves very little blowing as I recall. It’s more sucking than anything else as I remember.””I kind of wish she’d have given him a blowjob. It was pretty darn arousing to see just a handjob.””Are you trying to find out who this mystery woman is, thinking maybe she would polish your knob, Michael?””Hell no, baby. I have you for that. You’re the best knob polisher I’ve ever had.””Hmm, thank you, I guess,” She said as she smiled shaking her head. “Hey, I have to get going. Tee time is in thirty minutes.””Ok, honey, have a great time.”I kissed ankara travesti my wife and headed out to the garage. As I backed out I saw Charlie and Connie still talking.”Yea, she’s got to be the mystery woman,” I reassured myself. As I rounded the corner at the end of the block I remembered I had forgotten my wallet.”Dammit, now I have to go three blocks before I can turn around because of all these one-way streets,” I mumbled to myself.Then I thought about pulling over and walking back through the alley behind the house. That would save some time and lots of aggravation.As I neared my backyard I could see through the shrubbery that Charlie was at our back door. He’s always coming over to borrow something. The door opened and he went inside. As I got closer to the house I could see my wife and Charlie through the kitchen window.”What the hell,” I yelled to myself.They were kissing. And it wasn’t your average hello how are you kiss.I was just outside the window now. Their faces were locked tight in a lip sucking, tongue swirling, let’s get it on kind of kiss.Just as I was about to go crazy and run into the house, I remembered the hand job I had witnessed at the party.”Oh my God, my wife Susan was the mystery woman,” I muttered to myself.Then I remembered how aroused I became watching them. I was starting to feel that same arousal as I watched them kiss. I’m sure most guys have a fantasy of seeing their wife with another man. I know I do. And what guy hasn’t thought about watching their hot little wife take on a big black cock at least once in their life?Now I have a chance to experience both fantasies without having to be questioned by Susan as to why I would ever have fantasies like that. travesti ankara Even though she may have gone along with it anyway, she would have had to act a little bit shocked so as to not appear too keen. So I decided to let my fantasies play out.When they finally stopped kissing, I could see my wife’s nipples were hard as rocks and trying to poke their way out of her shirt. Charlie had a huge bulge in his shorts. It bigger than any I had ever seen. I’m sure Susan felt it against her as they kissed.”You look hot, darlin’,” Charlie said as he stared at her tits.”Mmm, I am hot, baby, hot for your big black cock,” Susan replied as she rubbed his huge cock through his shorts. It was really turning me on to hear my wife talking like that.”Is this all for me?” She moaned as she squeezed his giant cock again.”All yours, darlin’,” Charlie replied as his large fingers began unbuttoning my wife’s shirt.My cock was now fully erect as I watched the two of them. I texted my golf buddies to let them know I wouldn’t be making my tee time.When I looked back through the window, Charlie had her shirt unbuttoned. His large black hands slid it off her shoulders. Her luscious firm breasts were fully exposed. Her nipples stood out like two ripe cherries waiting to be sucked. I rubbed my cock as I looked at my wife standing nearly naked in front of our next door neighbor.He reached out and cupped both breasts, one in each hand. Susan moaned at his touch. His hands covered them completely. I saw Susan’s head tilt back as he massaged her tits. I looked down and saw her hand was rubbing his cock harder now. I had to control my arousal. I didn’t want to be blowing my load just yet.She took him by the hand and led him ankara travestiler down the hallway to our bedroom. The very same bedroom where a few weeks before I had watched her give Charlie and handjob until his big black cock erupted in torrents of cum. I positioned myself so I could see our bed from the side and in such a way as to not be seen.They entered the room and kissed again. Susan put her hands on Charlie’s chest and slid his shirt off his shoulders. She then rubbed her fingers over his smooth black chest. His fingers were playing with her nipples, rolling them between his thumb and forefingers. She was moaning a low sensual moan. I knew that moan very well.She slid her fingers down his chest to his stomach and then to the button on his shorts. I gulped as I watched my wife undress my neighbor. She slid his zipper down. His huge black monster was pressed tight against his shorts, waiting to be released.As she slid his shorts down, his cock sprang out. I gulped again. It looked even bigger than I had imagined. I was wondering how my slim sexy wife was going to handle such a large black beast. But I sure was eager to see her try.She pushed his shorts to the floor. As she did her head was quite close to his cock. She smiled as she looked at it as she stood back up. Slowly her hands made their way down to his throbbing member. She cradled it with both hands as now it was Charlie’s turn to moan. Mine too.Susan has small slender fingers which when wrapped around his huge cock made it look even bigger. Her hands couldn’t even wrap the entire way around it. Not even close.She massaged his black beauty with both hands and still didn’t cover half its length. Placing her hands against his chest again, she pushed him back so he was sitting at the edge of the bed.Her hands immediately returned to his cock. She stroked it a few times and I prepared to watch another hand job. Only this time, I know it is my wife who’s jacking Charlie off. It made it even more arousing.

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