Poor Becca Ch. 03


Authors note:- This is a sequel to Ch.2 so I strongly suggest you read Poor Becca Ch.02 before reading this, or you may not understand the plot or characters.


It was winter time and I was feeling happy with my life. Several months had passed, since I was subjected to Lexa’s Bukkake party and her lesbian affections towards me. It had made me realise I was attracted to women, as well as men and I had now been seeing a girl for a few months.

Her name was Jemma and she was twenty seven. A little older than me, but we got on like a house on fire. She was petite and stunningly attractive. Her body was tanned and well-toned, with an ass to die for. She had small breasts, barely a B cup and big blue eyes. There was an instant attraction from the day we first met in a bar. We had practically moved in together, staying at each other’s apartments most nights and our relationship was blossoming. She had been a lesbian since she was sixteen years old and said she had always been attracted to women, rather than men. This sexual preference was cemented further, when she was raped by two men on her seventeenth birthday. They had attacked her on the way home from a party. She had been dragged her into an alleyway at three o’clock in the morning and they had taken it in turns to fuck her. She never knew who they were and they were never caught. It had put her off men for life. One drunken night she told me all about it and I guessed it took a lot for her to tell me. A few nights later I decided to tell her my own experiences.

I explained to her what had happened to me with Lexa’s people, how I was drugged, kidnapped and then gang raped by five men. I told her that initially it was a terrifying experience, but that in the end, I actually enjoyed it immensely. I also told her about the Bukkake party I was coerced into, with thirty men cumming all over me, and the lesbian teasing from Lexa. Jemma was shocked, but not entirely surprised, she knew what a freak I could be in the bedroom, and now knew where I had learnt some of my skills. I told her to tell no-one about it and that it was all part of my sexual history.

I was still attracted to men of course, but I was faithful to Jemma, even though I did sometimes crave sex with a man. Our lovemaking was soft and sensual, but it seemed to lack something I couldn’t quite put my finger on.

Jemma was working away all week and I had had a very busy week myself. I stayed up until about nine pm and then finished my wine and went to bed, feeling cold and lonely.


I was a little woozy when I came round, already knowing I had been taken by Lexa’s group. It was the remaining feelings of being drugged, yet again, that gave it away.

My surroundings were completely different to the last time I was there. The room was no bigger than an average sized hotel room, painted white, with a plush cream carpet. There were no windows and only one door. I was lying in a king sized bed and felt free to move around, as I was not tied down in any way. I pulled the back the black, satin bed sheet , swung my legs round and sat on the edge of the bed taking in the details of the room.

It looked like any other room apart from the lack of windows. There was a large full length mirror at the foot of the bed, a dressing table and a chest of drawers. Apart from that the room was empty.

I stood up and walked over to the door and tried the handle. It was locked, just as I thought, but it was worth a try. I walked over to the mirror to take a look at myself. Unlike the other times I’d been kidnapped, I wasn’t naked, which was slightly reassuring, although it did throw me a little. I was wearing white lace panties and a silky, white vest top which barely covered my breasts. The vest hung from my boobs showing my midriff and a lot of cleavage. I had no bra on and no other items of clothing. I spun from side to side admiring my reflection, sticking my ass or boobs out and pouting in the mirror. I thought about how sexy I looked and was busy posing for a few moments, before I noticed the camera in the corner of the room. I stopped immediately and went back to sit on the bed.

‘What did they want me for this time,’ I thought to myself, ‘more of Lexa’s sordid film making?’

I wasn’t overly concerned, I had been there twice before and had thoroughly enjoyed myself, despite my initial trepidation. No violence had ever been used against me, it was more like psychological torment, than anything else.

A few minutes passed and I heard a key in the door. My heart started pounding and I waited for Lexa to enter. The door opened and two large men in suits entered the room. They looked like doormen or body guards. As they parted and stood either side of the doorway, Lexa waltzed in.

“Welcome back Becca,” she smiled, “have you missed me?”

I instantly saw red and pushed off the bed, running towards her “Fucking bitch!” I shrieked, raising my hand to slap her across the face.

The guy on her left stepped forward, caught my arm şanlıurfa escort by the wrist and pushed me back towards the bed, like I was nothing. The back of my legs hit the bed and I tumbled backwards onto the mattress. My flimsy top flipped up exposing my naked breasts from underneath.

“This is why we usually tie you down Becca,” she laughed, stepping forward, “behave yourself and be civilised, we’re all friends here.”

“Your no friend of mine,” I snapped, covering my boobs back up, “not after what you did to me.”

“Me? What did I do to you?”

“You know exactly what you did you selfish bitch!”

“I don’t recall, please enlighten me,” she said, calmly.

“You used me to get yourself off and then didn’t reciprocate.”

“Awwwww poor Becca didn’t get to cum,” she mocked, “is that all you’re angry about?”

“Not entirely, but the main reason, yes,” I replied, “there was no need of that, especially after all the teasing you did to me. You know I needed to get off.”

“Well I’m sure you’ve made up for it with that new girlfriend of yours,” she said, staring into my eyes, “Jemma? Is that her name?”

I was dumbstruck. I sat there open mouthed with a look of utter shock on my face.

“How did you…”

“We know everything about you Becca, remember?” she said, “Pretty little thing isn’t she?”

“Leave her out of this, she’s nothing to do with you,” I snapped, feeling angry.

“I would have left her out of this, but you’ve dragged her into it, haven’t you?”

“What? No! How? What are you talking about?” I asked, feeling confused, but knowing exactly where she was heading with the conversation.

“You told her about us, didn’t you Becca?” she said firmly, but still keeping very calm.


“Don’t lie, I know you told her,” she said, before I could finish, “we heard every word. The two poor victims, pouring their hearts out to each other. So sweet.”

“You’ve been listening in to us?” I asked, “What the fuck?”

“Maybe,” she replied, “or maybe we have other methods of tracking you. The fact is you told someone about us, after I specifically told you not to.”

“She won’t say a word,” I said, panicking, ” I promise, she’ll never tell anyone.”

She ignored me.

“This can’t go unpunished Becca,” she said, sternly “you know that right?”

I dropped off the bed onto my knees. I clasped my palms together as though I was praying.

“Please Lexa, don’t. Don’t do anything to her, I’m begging you, pleeeeassse.”

She looked at one of her bodyguards and nodded. He went in his pocket and took out a dog collar and chain. I had seen it before, last time I was there. It was white leather and studded with diamante. He walked over and strapped it to my neck, pushing me down on all fours and handing the leash chain to Lexa.

“Now that’s better,” she said, walking round the back of me holding the leash high in the air, “little bitches need to be kept on leash.”

I tried to stand up and sit back on the bed, but the she yanked the leash so hard it pulled me over onto my side.

“Down Becca bitch!” she snapped, “stay on all fours, like the lying dog you are.”

I got back onto my hands and knees and turned to stare at her defiantly, over my shoulder.

“Don’t look at me like that, and use my correct name when addressing me,” she said.

“Your names Lexa,” I replied.

She yanked the leash again and pulled me over.

“Try again. I thought I had you trained, last time we met.”

“What do you want from me?” I asked, getting back on all fours.

She yanked again, harder this time.

“My name? Say it, you little bitch!” she demanded.

“Miss Lexa, it’s Miss Lexa,” I said quickly, bowing my head and waiting for the another yank.

“That’s better,” she said softly, “see it wasn’t so difficult to obey me was it?”

I said nothing, just looked at the floor.

“WAS IT?” she shouted, yanking me down again.

“No. No Miss Lexa,” I answered submissively.

I was in turmoil, last time we met she was almost loving towards me. Now she was like a woman possessed.

“Now,” she said, “are you going to behave yourself like a good dog?”

“Yes Miss Lexa, just please don’t do anything to Jemma,” I begged.

She moved round in front of me and lowered herself to my level. She put her hand under my chin and forced me to look at her, by pushing my head back. I stared into her gorgeous blue eyes.

“I have a surprise for you next door,” she said softly, “you’d better do exactly what I say or they’ll be further punishment.”

I was terrified at her lack of facial expression.

I nodded.

She let go of my chin and my head flopped forward, like a shamed child.

She stood up again.

“Let’s give you some training Becca bitch,” she said calmly, pulling on my leash, “when I say up and pat the bed, you jump up on the bed, like a good dog.”

“Why are you gaziantep sarışın escort doing this? I’m sorry I told anyone. OK, Miss Lexa?”

She patted the bed and said “Up,” like a dog trainer.

I obeyed, not wanting my neck pulling again.

“Good girl,” her dog trainer voice was perfect.

She pointed at the floor and said, “Down.”

I obeyed again staying on all fours.

She started to walk round the small room, “Heel Becca bitch!”

I followed on all fours, my boobs swinging underneath me, rubbing against the silky fabric.

“Good girl Becca bitch, I think we have you trained.”

I knelt at her feet.

“You’ve bought this on yourself Becca, I told you not to tell anyone, do you remember?”

“Yes, I’m sorry Miss Lexa, I’ll do anything, just please let Jemma go.”

“Time to take my new pet dog for a walk,” she laughed, pulling on my leash, “come on Becca bitch, heel!”

She pulled on my leash again and I followed her on all fours, feeling utterly degraded and humiliated. She led me out of the door and into a corridor. It smelt of fresh paint and new carpets, like a show home. The two bodyguards followed behind me, sniggering at my wiggling ass.

She led me twenty metres down the corridor, occasionally pulling on the leash to assert her authority.

“Good Becca bitch!” she kept saying, “I’ve got a nice treat for you.”

I was filled with dread. Jemma had already been through enough bad stuff in her life and the last thing I wanted, was anything like this to happen to her.

We stopped at the door and she unlocked it and we went inside. The body guards followed and stood either side of the door after they closed it.

The room was larger than the one I had left and was empty, except for a large round bed in the middle of it and a couple comfy leather chairs. The room was filled with cameras and was brightly lit with video screens on the far wall. I had seen this type of set up twice before and knew I was about to be fucked or worse. I guessed this was to be my punishment.

The bed itself was covered with black, satin sheets and a few throw pillows, also in black satin. The most prominent thing in the room was a girl kneeling upright on the bed with a dog leash on, identical to mine. Another bodyguard in a black suit was holding her leash from the other side of the bed. She had her hands tied behind her back.

She was wearing identical clothing to me, white lace panties, silky, loose vest top barely covering her naked breasts. The only difference between her and me was that she had a white satin sack on her head. My heart pounded as I thought about what Jemma must be going through, scared and disorientated, like the first time I was there.

She looked sexy as ever, as I looked at her from bottom to top. Toned tanned thighs, slim waist, vaguely visible abs, huge breasts, soft neck line.

‘Wait. Huge breasts?’ I thought, ‘that’s not Jemma, no way. Jemma was a B cup at the most and this girl was at least a D.’

My train of thought was lost as I got a yank on the leash.

“Heel bitch,” said Lexa, pulling me along towards the bed, “I have a play toy for you, seeming as you like girls.”

I said nothing, just stared at the girl, feeling relieved that it wasn’t Jemma.

She patted the bed.

“Up bitch,” she said, “on the bed like a good dog.”

I obeyed and got on the bed next to the girl, the sheets felt silky smooth under my naked ass, as I sat up on my knees, the same as the girl.

“Two sexy little bitches together,” she giggled, “I believe you two know each other.”

I looked at the girl next to me. I knew it wasn’t Jemma, but she did seem familiar. I could smell her coconut body lotion, which I knew I recognized.

I played dumb, “I don’t know her,” I said, speaking for the first time since entering the room.

“Becca?” the girl on the bed asked me, “is that you?” she sounded scared out of her wits.

I recognised her voice straight away and I reached up to remove the sack from her head.

“Amy?” I asked, as I lifted the bag from my sisters head.

I went to throw my arms around her and give a hug, but I was yanked away by Lexa and my sister was yanked the other way by the bodyguard.

“How touching,” mocked Lexa, “two bitches from the same litter, what a lovely reunion.”

“What the fuck is she doing here? Let her go.” I ordered, rearing up to Lexa.

The body guard stepped up, but Lexa waved him off.

“I told you what would happen if you ever told anyone, didn’t I?”

“Let her go, she’s nothing to do with this.”

“What did I say to you? Repeat it back to me.”

“You said if I told anyone, you would bring my sister or mother in here and make me watch.”

“Watch what?” she asked, quizzically, “go on say it.” She was getting off on it.

I looked at Amy and I started to cry.

“Watch one of your guys fuck her in the ass,” I sobbed, shaking şehitkamil escort my head at Amy in apology.

Amy broke down in tears and collapsed on the bed. I moved over to comfort her. I put my arms round her and hugged her on the bed. She was shaking and sobbing uncontrollably.

“I’m so sorry Amy, I never thought this would happen,” I said to her softly.

“Your sisters got you into a lot of trouble Amy,” Lexa butted in, “she’s been saying things she shouldn’t have and now you’re both in for punishment.”

“Please don’t,” I said, “do what you want to me, but let my sister go.”

“I don’t make empty threats Becca, she’s going to get her ass fucked and it’s all your fault.”

Amy regained some control and looked up at me with big, sad, wet eyes.

“Who are these people?” she asked me.

“A bunch of fucking sickos,” I replied, looking at Lexa.

Amy spoke up, “Are you in charge here?” she asked Lexa.

“My, my, the little bitch has a voice after all,” she said sarcastically, “yes I’m calling the shots.”

“Let us both go and I’ll do what you want, just don’t hurt my baby sister.” Amy said, drying her eyes.

“You’re the older one? Oh I thought your slut sister was older than you. She’s a filthy bitch you know. Do you know she likes to fuck girls?” laughed Lexa.

Amy looked directly at me with a puzzled look on her face, before she carried on.

“Yes I’m older by three years, so what? Let us go, I’ll do what you want.”

“I know you’ll do what I want,” she said to Amy, “You have no choice in the matter. Have you ever had a cock in your ass?”

Amy didn’t answer, but looked away. Her silence gave her away.

“You have! Well , well, it looks like being a slut runs in the family, you pair of filthy bitches,” she said, looking at each of us in turn, “one loves big cocks, spunk and pussy and the other likes anal.”

We both fell silent, neither of us wanting to admit our perversions in front of each other.

Lexa looked back towards the door.

“Bring them in,” she yelled.

The door opened and three men came in. They were naked and already hard. They lined up next to the bed.

“Pick one,” she said to Amy.

Amy looked at the three men’s cocks, probably trying to find the smallest, or so I thought. They were all shaved and varied from six to nine inches. She picked the smallest at six inches.

“I don’t think so,” said Lexa, “I’m sure an anal whore like you can take it bigger. You can have this one.” She pushed the eight inch guy forward.

“No I can’t take that, I’m used to smaller,” said Amy.

“Thanks guys, you two can leave.” she ignored Amy and the other two men left the room.

“How do you want it?” Lexa asked Amy, “on all fours like a dog, or you on top?”

“I’m not taking that,” she replied, “it’s too big.”

Lexa looked at the body guards, “Pin her down, we haven’t got all day,” she ordered.

Before I could do anything Lexa yanked my leash and pulled me off the bed. A bodyguard picked me up and pinned my arms behind my back with one hand. He grabbed my chin and pointed my gaze in the direction of the bed, making me watch.

The other two bodyguards grabbed Amy and pushed her face down into the pillows on the bed and pulled her ass up into the air, spreading her legs open. She screamed and tried to fight free, but they were too strong and she stood no chance.

The naked guy lined himself up with her ass, dribbled saliva onto his cock and pulled her panties to the side so he could slip into her like a prize bull claiming his female mate.

“Look Becca,” Lexa said, “Your big sisters about to take a cock in the ass, against her will, because of you. How do you feel about that?”

“Fucking let her go,” I shouted, trying to escape, “No! Don’t do it. Not like this.”

He started to push into her and she screamed and bucked, managing to shake him off.

“Stop!”, shouted Lexa, just as he was about to push into her for a second attempt.

“Please. No,” I begged, “Don’t do it by force, she said she’d do it, but not like this, she’s not even aroused properly yet. Remember your saying Miss Lexa, about it not being rape if she’s wet.”

“What are you suggesting?” asked Lexa.

“She needs foreplay, at least let her enjoy it.”

“Hmmmmm, my boys don’t do foreplay Becca, and I’m not going to get her wet. So I guess that just leaves you.”

“You sick bitch, she’s my sister,” I replied.

“I know she’s your sister, but that’s a great idea Becca,” said Lexa, more seriously, “Yes. I think you should get her nice and wet and then she can take it in the ass. He can use her pussy juice as lube. And we can film your incestuous acts, for our clients and kill two birds with one stone.”

“I didn’t mean me,” I said, “Maybe Kate or Stacey could do it?”

“No they’re busy girls,” she said, dismissively “it’s either you or I just let him fuck her cute little ass. It’s your decision. I’ll give you five minutes to talk it over with big sis.”

She looked at the bodyguards and the naked guy and nodded. They let go of my sister and left the room with Lexa.

I jumped on the bed, untied her hands and hugged Amy tight. She was sobbing into my chest and she put her arms around me.

“It’s alright Amy,” I said softly, trying to reassure her, “we’ll work this out, I promise.”

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