Portia and Grace Chapter 2


There was nothing I could do. Somehow Grace had figured it out all by herself, although it wasn’t  like I was hiding my crush very well. Sitting there with her thumb between my lips it was impossible not to feel my desires to submit to her deepen. She took her thumb back and her grin disappeared.”Portia, I asked you a question. Don’t you think you’d better answer me? Hmm?” Grace’s voice broke my thoughts, she was commanding but playful and ended the statement by tapping my nose. I was blushing terribly.” Yes, sorry… I would very much like to call you… Mistress Grace.” I lowered my gaze to see Grace had reached forward and began unbuttoning my blouse.”First we need to take this off… and the rest.” The smile was back, Grace was enjoying this a little too much.I stood up and shrugged off my Escort Fatih shirt. I  hooked my thumbs into my skirt and pushed it down my thighs to the floor and tried to step out of it but stumbled a little, Grace steadied me. I was still a little dizzy with nerves and adrenaline. It didn’t really feel like this was actually happening.Now I was stood there in just my underwear, a black matching pair of lace panties and a thin bralette. Grace stood in front of me and squeezed my shoulders, her touch was cool and firm, exactly as I had hoped it would be all these months. Her cool hands found their way to my stomach and caressed along my ribs to my bra.” I think we should play a little, would you like that?” Grace’s caress and whisper made me melt further and I let out a Fındıkzade escort rather pathetic ”Yes.”  I was snapped from my trance suddenly as Grace roughly grabbed my tits.” Yes what?””Yes…Mistress…” I gasped as her grip tightened.”Good girl.” Grace let me go and kissed me deeping, biting my lip as she did. I felt a pluse in my panties- I was soaking wet. I had always been very sexually submissive but in my current state I was already very close to cumming. It didn’t take long for Grace to notice. It seemed to amuse her. She guided me through by the hand to the sitting room, she sat on the sofa.”Why don’t you kneel here?”  She tugged on my hand as I knelt down in front of her. She reached forwards and tucked a stray strand of my hair behind my Gaziosmanpaşa escort ear. She exhaled heavily and slumped back onto the sofa. “Take off my shoes Portia.”I careful took off her heels and placed them to the side. My heart of pounding even at her fairly innocent order. Her feet were soft and she had elegant toes for someone who wore heels so much even in down time. I couldn’t look at her, this evening was turning into my wildest dreams and I was mortified at my own excitement and willingness, given that I had been found out quite so easily. Although Grace seemed to know exactly what she was doing and was enjoying it. Her nails were painted a deep red. I didn’t need to wonder long, she seemed to read my mind and asked me to kiss her feet. Obediently I leant forwards and brought her foot to my mouth, I kissed along the arch of her foot from her ankle to her big toe. She pulled away and demanded I do the same with the other one. When I had finished my face was flushed hot with embarrassment, I was extremely turned on. I managed to bring myself to look at Grace. She was biting her lip.

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