Subject: Post Deployment Dad, Book 2, Part 1 Welcome back guys. Sorry been gone so long. New job, stress, virus’s etc.. But lately I’ve been thinking about PDD and how well it was received. Tried to do a spin off but it didn’t feel right. “The Carrigans meet the Hogans”. So now I’ll bring some focus back to our favorite Marine and his family with a twist. The twist is Billy Ryan. A guy Wes met at the VA on his last stay. Hope you enjoy. All my stories are pure fiction from my twisted mind. I use real places but made up people. The situations are fantasies. Nothing more. I lose interest in writing the stories when the readers lose interest so please let me know how I’m doing. I’ve been know to slip suggestions into the stories. I’m not a prude, share whatever details you’d like. I’m just a pig in sheep’s clothing. Share your fantasies and maybe they’ll make it into a story. ail Live life how you wish on your own terms and do not judge others. Life is too short. Love. Please support Nifty!! Donate:: http://donate./donate.html Part 1:: Billy was sitting at the kitchen table, late on a Friday afternoon, with the phone up to his ear. The call had long since ended but he was still in a bit of shock and didn’t know what to do from this point. Well he knew stuff around the house needed to be done now but he didn’t know what to do with his emotions. This was a day he waited for but just didn’t know how to process it. Billy Ryan, born William Ryan the third, was now living in a small suburb to the south east of Baton Rouge called Dutchtown. Part of the Ascension Parish. He grew up there. Went to Dutchtown High School. And now, at 28, he was running his grandfather’s garage. The 6’1″ ex-Marine liked his simple life. But he was lonely at times. Besides his trips to New Orleans to meet with his councilor every week Billy had little contact with people other than his customers. When Billy was just 6 years old his mother and father were killed in a car accident on Interstate 10. They were only 22 years old. Billy was left to live with his grandfather, Bill Ryan, in the shot gun house his mother grew up in. Billy had already lived there before as his mother was graduating high school. His mother and father lived with Bill until only 3 years before they died when they had enough money to make a go of it on their own. Billy’s grandfather was only 38 at the time Billy came to live with him. Hell Bill was only 32 when he became a grandfather. It seemed to be a common theme in the family. Having kids at 16. Billy himself now had a son he hadn’t seen since he graduated high school. The mother, Gwen, ran off with another guy when they graduated. They took the boy with them. We’ll get to that later. Bill was minding his grandson when his parents were killed. Billy was the apple of Bill’s eyes. So it was natural for him to take custody of the boy. The father’s parents were never in the mix. So there were no custody battles. It was all above board. Bill lived in the house all his life. He inherited it, along with the garage that ran along the house, from his dad. His dad died young as well. Everyone seemed to in the family. But the house was perfect for Bill. The garage, with two stalls and an office, ran down one side of a corner lot and the house was facing the other side. Making an L shaped compound of sorts. The rest of the lot was fenced in with growth around it. Bill enjoyed the privacy. At 38 Bill was still a bit wild. Drove a hog on his off hours. If he wasn’t in his coveralls for work he was usually in worn out jeans and a leather vest with no shirt. It was always hot and Bill didn’t like cloths. At home if he wasn’t naked he was wearing some tattered old shorts. He was a big guy, well muscled, but not with a lot of definition. But he was strong. When Billy started to live there full time, after the accident, Bill didn’t change much. He still drank his beer and fucked a local once in a while. Whether Billy was in the room or not. And Bill wasn’t concerned with the sex of his partner. He liked women alright but he didn’t mind breeding a buddy’s ass either. Bill was a pig all the way around and he avoided commitments. The only one he was committed to was Billy. By the time Billy was 8 he was running around the house as naked as Bill. Couldn’t keep clothes on the boy. Billy also became more and more curious of his grandfather’s activities. At first he would just ignore the grown up games going on around him. By the time he was 11 he was watching more and more. He learned to love watching his grandfather in the moment. Sweaty with another person while they were writhing around on the couch or the bed. And Bill never sent the boy away. And, although he mostly ignored him during those times, in the back of his mind it turned him on more to know he was there. He knew he should think it was wrong but the feelings it gave him were hard to resist. It freaked most of the women out. There weren’t many that appreciated a young naked boy watching them getting their pussy rutted. But the drunken men that Bill fucked didn’t seem to mind at all. It seemed to turn them on. Billy secretly liked the men better than the women anyway. And every now and then, when Bill wasn’t looking or out of the room, the men would feel Billy up a bit. Caress his butt or play with his pecker. It made Billy feel good and he didn’t know why. Especially when they rubbed his boy hole. By 12 Billy was into sport. Baseball, football, wrestling, it didn’t matter. He loved getting sweaty and he was beginning to smell like Bill and he liked it. Bill never wore deodorant or perfumes. Another thing that women didn’t appreciate much. But the other men seemed to enjoy it. Billy did too. He loved the way he felt safe when the smell of his grandfather surrounded him. One time, when Billy was 13, Bill had just picked him up and was bringing him home from wrestling practice. Bill was still in his coveralls from working in the garage. Billy just wore his singlet. Bill’s coveralls were unzipped all the way to his crotch with the top of his cock showing. Billy was stealing glances as they rode in the hot truck. Bill noticed and grinned. Bill liked being looked at and didn’t mind that it was his grandson doing the looking. And he noticed more and more that Billy like to look. Billy was all boy on the outside but Bill knew his grandson would come to like men much more than women as he grew older. He didn’t mind at all. As life went on he enjoyed men more too. Women never satisfied his perversions like men did. Billy, as they drove along, had taken the shoulder straps of his uniform down his arms and sat there shirtless with the uniform puddling around his waist. He couldn’t wait to get it off. As he got older he still didn’t shy away from being naked at home. He liked it. All of a sudden Bill said, “You can take it the rest of the way off boy. No one will see. I’ll just pull in the back of the house.” Billy looked up at his grandfather and just shrugged. He slipped out of the singlet and kicked it off onto the floor leaving in his little jock. He put his back on the passenger door of the truck and put his bare feet up onto the seat and sat there spread leg with his boy hole getting aired out. With the windows down and the hot wind coming in there was little relief from the heat but having the singlet off helped. It was more than Bill could bare however. That sweet bubble butt of Billy’s was already turning the man on more and more as time went on. And the boy didn’t mind flaunting it. And now he was sitting there sideways on the seat basically displaying his little brown hole without a care in the world. Then Billy did something that made Bill almost crash the truck. Billy brought his hand down to the crack of his ass and massaged himself a bit before adjusting his balls in his jock. “What’d you do that for boy?” Bill said as his voice cracked a bit. “What’s that Pop?” Billy wasn’t sure what he was talking about. “Why’d you wipe your ass like that?” Bill said trying to keep his eyes on the road. “Oh. It’s sweaty and if feels better if I rub it in. Why?” Billy asked. The tension was up in the cab of the truck and Billy could feel the change. He was just hoping he didn’t do anything wrong. But if he did he couldn’t think of what it was. “You like to rub your hole bud?” Bill said with apprehension. “Where did you learn something like that?” afraid that he already knew the answer. “The men you’re with like it when you lick their hole. Haven’t had my licked yet so I rub the sweat on it. It feels good.” Billy said as they were turning into their property. Bill got out and said, “Stay right there” in a stern way, and he went and closed the big gates of the back yard. On the way back to the truck he toed off his boots and let his coveralls fall off his body. After he kicked those off all he had on was his white socks he wore under his boots. He ripped them off as well. Naked and mostly hard he came around the passenger side of the truck and opened the door. “You wanna feel a tongue on your hole son?” Billy was scared at first thinking his grandfather was upset with him but now he saw the grin on the man’s face. It was warm and loving. “Well….” Billy didn’t know how to answer. “It’s ok son. I like it when my hole gets licked too. But it would have to be between us. Only me and you know. Ok?” Bill was rubbing Billy’s leg now. He was nervous. Never meant to cross the line with the boy. But the kid did put himself on display all the time. He was beyond being able to resist anymore. Bill took the boy’s foot in his hand and massaged it a bit. Billy looked apprehensive but not scared. “Let’s go inside the back porch son” Bill said nodding towards the screened in porch behind them. Then Bill walked to the screen door and opened it waiting for Billy to get out of the truck. Billy’s own cock was as hard as he’s ever felt it in his young life. That day Billy learned what it was like to have his hole eaten and played with. He also learned that he like the taste of his grandfather’s ass and pits. That’s as far as Bill would let it go for a few years though. He controlled himself till the boy was older. Wanted him to decide what was next. But the boy loved his pits. Sometimes while they watched TV together Billy would put his nose under Bill’s arm and just suck on them like a baby does with a tit. In the later years, after one of Billy’s High School football games, Billy would just come straight home to his Pop. Billy’s sweaty ass turned the man on and Billy never denied him a taste. By this time Billy also liked carrying the man’s load in his ass. Even when he was fucking a girl knowing that the load was up his ass brought his lust up a notch. After he gave himself up to the old man he would go out with his team after he was showered and dressed. The load deep in him with his muscular bubble butt keeping it all in. Billy dated girls but was aloof with them most of the time. His “I can take it or leave it” attitude just attracted more girls to him. None of them would ever get his class ring however. izmit escort The only reason he carried on with them was for appearances. Pussy did nothing for him. He fucked it but would never eat it like he remembered seeing his grandfather do with his sluts. But that just notched up his “love em and leave em” reputation. The sexy jock bad boy. During the beginning of his Sophomore year in high school Billy was 15 he was having all sorts of sex. Sex at home with his pops and sex at parties with the cheerleaders. He even fucked the kicker on the team more than a few times at his house. The second time Billy had the kicker there he left the door to his room open and Bill watched. The third time Bill joined in. The kicker, Johnny, came back for more from the Ryan men. And they were happy to both give him a load to take home. But it was one cheerleader, Gwen, that got knocked up. He wasn’t in love with her but he did his duty. Since he knew his preference was men like his grandfather not women he knew he would never love her like she probably wanted. But Gwen moved in and had the baby there at Bill’s house. Bill was a great grandfather at 48. Billy, now 16 and ready to start his Junior year, had a son, Sean, and he couldn’t be happier. Gwen stayed at the house until they graduated. She seemed like a good mother but the pressures were getting to her. She liked to fuck though. She gave it up to Billy anytime he wanted it and even let Bill fuck her a couple times while Billy sat there naked and watched. Bill and Billy were always naked. She wasn’t sure she liked that much. But she liked their cocks. She also knew that she probably couldn’t ever be true to Billy. She always dressed to attract more cock. Bill and Billy also were a lot closer than she liked as well. Although she never did see them have sex with each other they sure didn’t mind getting up close and personal while one of them were fucking her. She even saw Bill caress Billy’s ass as Billy’s cock was ramming her. It wasn’t sex exactly but it still gave her pause. This continued even after they graduated. By then Billy was working full time in the garage and was planning on going into the Marines. He figured Gwen would just live there with their son and they would raise him together with his Pops help. That is until one of the linebackers from the team, Terrell Washington, started fucking her. Once she had that big black cock she never went back. Billy had even walked into their bedroom while Terrell was fucking her once. He stripped down and started jacking off over her face. She was shocked at first that he didn’t make a scene but then she just went with it and started sucking his cock while Terrell fucked her. Billy was watching that ebony ass going up and down. He never even looked at Gwen. Terrell’s gleaming muscles with a sheen of sweat on them is what was turning Billy on. Terrell was a little freaked out but didn’t stop fucking. If Billy didn’t mind him using his girl he wasn’t going to mind either. They weren’t married and guys on the teams swapped bitches all the time. After that Gwen decided that she was tired of living the make believe married life. She also wasn’t sure she could handle the Ryan men and Terrell all being cool with fucking her. She told Terrell she wanted to leave. Wanted to go far away where no one could find them. Terrell liked the idea. He was into some petty criminal shit around here but too many people knew him and it was getting hard to get away with stuff. He needed a fresh start as well. So she and Terrell took Sean one night and simply went away. Billy and Bill looked for her. Notified the police. There was no sign of them. Terrell’s family didn’t even know where they went. And after a solid interrogation from the police they believed them. Billy kept his date with the Marines. There was nothing else he could do until the police tracked Gwen down. Unfortunately he saw some action. Too much actually. He saw people he worked with everyday get gunned down. He, himself, got shot in the thigh. But he was able to carry two men to safety while bleeding out. Six men got killed though. One of them his best friend since boot camp. After they were all rescued Billy had surgery, he almost lost his leg, and then spent a few weeks in the hospital. He got the purple heart but he had no one to show it to. Bill had died six years after Billy left. Sean was still no where to be found. About a year ago he spent a month in the VA. The PTSD was getting the best of him. He just felt lost. He wasn’t doing anything self destruction. He just needed to be put on the right track. The VA put him in a room with another PTSD Army solider who was just working things out as well. His name was Wes. The first few days they became instance friends. Then after the first week they shared all their secrets. Billy had pretty good gay-dar. That’s how he got laid so often. And he could tell that he and Wes would always be brother’s of the same sorts. Billy told Wes all about his childhood and his relationship with Bill. Pops. And how now Billy was really over women and can only get turned on by males. Wes told Billy about his life. The trauma of being captive with a Marine, Jason, and how they fucked. His life with Jason and his son Josh. Jason was his best friend and Josh was his lover. That’s when Billy had a light go off. He turned to Wes and said, “Josh is the boy….”. Wes finished it for him, “…that got abducted by an ex lover of mine.” Billy knew the story. Jason was a Marine and the story circulated even over seas. Every man and woman in the Marines was captivated by the story even after the abduction was over. And everyone of them wished that they could help the father and son through the ordeal. Jason was one of their brothers and Josh was everyone of their’s boy to protect. After that Billy and Wes would share a bed after the last rounds were finished for the night. Wes enjoyed the slow measured fucks the man would give him while they laid in that bed. But Billy really got turned on when Wes would describe his life with his newfound family. How Jason and Josh could be found fucking on their own sometimes. It would bring Billy back to getting rutted by Bill. It might seem strange to most people but it was one of the happiest times of Billy’s life. Now Wes, who lives basically understood and had the same life at home, would be a friend for life. Their connection would forever be solid. Even if he was Army. Now, 10 years after Gwen ran off, he was finally going to see Sean again. The phone call he hasn’t hung up on yet was from child services. They made an appointment to come see Billy and where he lived. Gwen was dead. Overdose. And Terrell was going into prison for a long list of stuff that the woman on the phone didn’t bother to explain. But she and a cop would be here tomorrow at 11 AM for a home visit and interview. Billy was the boy’s biological father and these were all formalities. He figured that they just wanted to make sure he had a house and wasn’t a drug addict. Billy, being a bachelor, had some cleaning to do. But, being a Marine, everything was always in it’s place. He was neat and orderly at all times. But he did let things like the bathroom floor and kitchen floor fall behind sometimes. Once he was over his shock and hung up the phone he stripped off his coveralls, grabbed a beer and went to work. It only took him an hour to have the house in ship shape. Then he went to the guest room and cleaned out the paperwork and files that he stored in the room and brought them out to the office in the garage. It was going to be tight in there for a while but he’d figure that out later. The guest room was still furnished from when it was him and Gwen’s room. After she left he never spent a night in there again. He slept with Bill until he shipped off. As Billy went from the back door of the house to the back door of the garage’s office, naked, he was sweating pretty heavily. He had just closed the shop up before the call and hadn’t had a chance to shower. But now his own heady smell was getting to him. He loved being naked outside as it was but now the smell of his own pits and crotch were reminding him it’s been a while since he got some ass. Some nice hard man ass. Or some daddy cock. He still liked to be fucked by older guys but he loved to fuck younger guys. It was his quirk. Then it hit him. He wouldn’t be living alone anymore. Him and Bill lived in this house as basically nudists most of Billy’s life. What would his son think? The kid was 12, going on 13, about the same age Pops started teaching Billy about stuff. Billy went inside and got a fresh beer and then sat out on the patio to think. Could he give up his nudist lifestyle? How about the men he had coming and going sometimes? In the end he decided Sean was more important and decided to take each day as it came. No need to worry about stuff that hasn’t happened yet. At the same time that Billy was contemplating life with Sean on his back patio Sean was sitting on his assigned bed at his temporary foster home in Fresno, California. He was there until he took the flight out to meet his dad. He would be flying to Baton Rouge on Sunday. That meant two nights with these strangers. Well, he thought, his dad was a stranger too. He didn’t remember him at all. The flight was long too but he wasn’t worried about that. He was worried about meeting his dad for the first time. Sean’s mother confessed to him long ago that she had left his dad to be with Terrell. He also knew that Terrell was no good for his mother. She’s been on drugs for years and he knew that it wasn’t good. In the past year she had faded from the women she used to be to a walking skeleton. Terrell stayed healthy though. He thrived selling his drugs and hanging with criminals. Gave Sean whatever he wanted. When it was just the three of them in the house Terrell would display himself to them all the time. He had since Sean could remember. Sean had also been nursing on Terrell’s cock since he could remember as well. Terrell would always tell him, you’re a freak like your daddy, you’ll always love my cock. Sean was always confused by this reference until his mother told him about his dad. His real dad. Terrell liked to be naked at home and he liked his “family” to be minimally dressed as well. He kept Gwen in a short nightgown with no panties giving him access at all times. He encouraged the boy to be naked like him. But he also taught the boy sports. He didn’t want to be living with a sissy he always said. So far in his young life he had been in gymnastics, wrestled, little league and football. Terrell actually treated him as a son. A son with benefits. Besides having Sean’s mouth on his cock his whole life Terrell started to play with the boy’s hole when he was seven or eight. He’d sit back on the couch with a beer or cocktail and watch TV with the boy. Sean’s head in his lap with his mouth caressing Terrell’s cock. Terrell’s hand on the boy’s ass fingering his hole. As Terrell would consume more cocktails he would get more verbal. izmit otele gelen escort “Someday I’m gonna own this hole. Going to put my daddy dick in there.” He would do this right in front of Gwen. Gwen was always so spaced out by this point she didn’t seem to care what was going on around her. By the time Sean was eleven he was getting used to being his mother’s replacement. He was also getting used to having that big cock in his ass. By twelve he was liking it. Terrell said once that he was becoming a bigger slut for his cock than his mother was. It was true. Although, to the outside world, Sean was all boy. Athletic, cute and doing well in school, he also had this inner need for men to use him. The way he grew up was obviously to blame but he didn’t see it as a negative anymore. In his young mind this was natural for him. Now, sitting on that borrowed bed, Sean was reliving the past few days. His mother died on Tuesday on her way home from a party of sorts. A drug fueled party that was supplied by Terrell. But Terrell was at home with Sean using his boy hole all night. Wednesday morning Terrell identified the body and the police questioned him. Child services questioned Sean. It was determined that he was indeed home with Sean all night and he had nothing to do with the party that lead to Gwen’s death. Thursday they had a small service and then sent Gwen to be cremated. That night Terrell was sitting back on the couch with a cocktail. Sean was sitting on his cock with his back on Terrell’s chest watching TV. And that is how the DEA found them when they busted down the door. An informant had told the police that Terrell was the supplier for the party and after some digging the DEA was called in due to the vast network that Terrell had distributed in. Terrell was in deep. And the DEA had a ton of proof so Terrell would be spending a lot of time in jail. But when they found him with his cock buried up the boy’s ass Terrell knew his life was over. Terrell was taken straight to jail and booked on a gambit of charges. Sean was taken to a hospital for observation and examination. It was determined that Sean’s young body had been abused for years by Terrell. But Sean still talked highly of Terrell to the officers. It was the only father that he ever knew. He seemed to not understand what they were doing, Terrell and Sean, was wrong. So Saturday morning Billy put on slacks and a polo shirt after he made sure to take a long shower. He wanted to be clean and presentable for the meeting. Then at 11 AM Billy welcomed the representative from child services and a police officer into his home. After a quick inspection the representative was impressed by the condition of the home. She was also happy that Billy worked on the property so child care wouldn’t be a problem. When the three of them sat down Susan, the representative, laid out Sean’s life to Billy. She knew the history and knew that Billy had no idea how his son had lived for the past 10, almost 11, years. She saw the sadness in his eyes as she told him that Gwen had been addicted for years and that Terrell had encouraged it. The same sadness was there when she described the abuse that Sean had gone through. She told Billy that Sean still respected Terrell because he was the only father figure he had to this point. Then she told him how the DEA had found Terrell and Sean. An appropriate look of shock was on his face. But what Susan didn’t see was Billy’s cock twitch in his pants under the kitchen table. He loved getting fucked by Bill so he was secretly happy his son liked getting fucked by his step-father. But he kept all that to himself. Bill had long ago told him how society would see their relationship and that it was best to keep it all under wraps. The women sitting in front of him right now had no idea that Billy and Sean were the same. She did suggest therapy for Sean somewhere down the road. Billy accepted the suggestion but he would let Sean decide in time. By the time Susan and the cop left they were both impressed by the young Marine. The file described him as a war hero that suffered a bit of PTSD but medical file show only positive and glowing reports. Billy only needed guidance. No signs of depression or suicide. Nothing about anger in his file either. And Billy was financially secure thanks to what Bill left him. Billy just seemed like a genuinely good guy. Susan asked if Billy could pick up Sean at the Baton Rouge airport Sunday evening and if he needed her there. Billy answered that he would be there, nothing could stop him, but that he would be fine on his own. He’s been wanting to see his son for years. She reminded him that Sean’s thirteenth birthday was in a week. Then he reminded her that his 29th birthday was the next day and he knew his son’s birthday well as he was the best present he ever received. And now he was getting that present given back to him. She seemed pleased. The last thing she did was give Billy a recent picture of the boy. So that he would know who to look for. Billy was mesmerized. The boy was definitely his son but was a beauty in his own right. His dark hair and piercing green eyes matched Billy’s. But he had some freckles Billy never had but Gwen did. Then Susan asked Billy to allow her to take a picture of him on her phone so she could send it to Sean. He needed to know who to look for as well. She could send it straight to his phone as he has had his own phone for a few years. He posed quickly for the pic and then she sent the pic off with a brief explanation. She then gave Billy Sean’s number and had sent Sean Billy’s number. This ensured Sean could contact Billy if he didn’t find him right away. Sean would be traveling alone with the airline looking out for him. After she and the cop left Billy stripped off his cloths and grabbed a beer. He was half hard ever since Susan described the scene the DEA walked into. He couldn’t help imagining himself being Sean with that daddy cock stretching his hole. He called up one of his regulars, a local sheriff, Buck. Buck was in his early forties and had a huge cock. He was built like a brick shit house and kept his head buzzed to accentuate his muscular body. Buck threw on some gym shorts and tennis shoes to head over. Just carrying a shirt with him. Buck was over within the hour finding Billy horny as he had ever seen him. Begging for a hard fuck. Buck was always more than willing to fuck the hot Marine. Buck knew about the relationship Billy had with his grandfather. It always turned him on. He knew Bill Ryan well. Bill was a stud in his own right and him and Buck had played around a few times. He had actually first fucked Billy when he was fifteen. Using his hole after his grandfather did. Hell he was there once when Bill and Billy were taking turns on Gwen. Buck was always a pervert in his own right so he enjoyed the times at the Ryan house. As Buck now slammed into Billy’s hole Billy told Buck about his son. All about what the DEA found. Buck was turned on more than he ever could be at this point. But Billy, while needing to get fucked, also knew that telling Buck everything would keep an ally in his corner. Law enforcement no less. Buck would keep prying eyes away from the Ryan house as he always did. Their friendship has always elevated Billy’s standing in the community. So now it was more important than ever to keep that bond tight. Whatever the future was for him and his son he knew Buck would watch over them. After Buck bred Billy they took a couple of beers and went to sit naked on the back patio. Billy had two lounge chairs and a table in between. He wished he had a pool and now putting one in was in the back of his mind. Sean would love it. There was plenty of room and then some. Buck sat back in his chair and watched the young strapping Marine deep in thought. He couldn’t believe his luck that he was still getting to fuck the handsome stud. Billy was almost 6′ 2″ and built. His Irish good looks shown through. His dark hair had grown longer in the past year, parted in the middle and behind his ears, almost to his shoulders. His muscular pecs had a medium amount of hair covering them. Just enough to be sexy as fuck. His large biceps and thick shoulders, his thick thighs and big muscular ass, all of which contributed to being a man that people stopped and looked at. But Billy was humble and basically unaware of the effect he really had on people. His good nature helped make him one of the most attractive people Buck ever met. And the bonus was Billy’s secret perv gene. Buck was lucky alright and he thanked his lucky stars everyday. As Billy sipped his beer he played with his freshly fucked hole. “What you thinking about Billy?” Buck asked. Not being able to tear his eyes away from his load seeping out around Billy’s fingers. This snapped Billy out of his thoughts and he turned to Buck, never removing his finger tips from his hole, “What life is going to be like with my boy here. How much I’ll have to change, or not change, I don’t know. I guess I’ll find out.” “Sounds like he used to the nudest lifestyle that you live. May not have to change too much.” Buck stated matter of fact. “I know. But I don’t want to fuck him up more than he already is. Hell I’m fucked up. I just hide it well” Billy chuckled as he put down his beer and put that hand through his hair. His swampy pit coming into view making Buck’s mouth water. “I’m sure it will all be fine. Didn’t you say he’s 13?” Buck asked. “Yep. Next week anyway. I had just turned 16 when he was born.” Billy remembered fondly. “Well he sounds like a chip off the old block Billy. Not sure you’ll have much to worry about. Just take it slow with him. I’m here if you need me.” Buck said as he got up, “I gotta work the evening shift bud. You want company to the airport tomorrow? Or you wanna handle it alone?” “I’ll be fine Buck. Thanks though. For everything.” Billy grinned as he took the fingers from his ass and brought them to his mouth. If Buck didn’t need to go he would have plunged right back into the boy. He had to leave right now. “Um….er….you bet. Fucker. I’ll need that ass again soon.” Buck said as he went to fetch his clothes inside. “Anytime bud” Billy yelled out laughing. Billy grabbed another beer and stayed out on the back patio for a while longer. The heat of the day and that fresh ‘just fucked’ feeling was really relaxing him. But within the next hour Billy received two unexpected texts. The first one from his friend Wes. “Can I call?”. Billy wrote back right away, “Sure bud. I’m not doing anything.” Wes called right after he got the text. “Wes! Haven’t heard from you in a while. Where you been?” “That’s why I’m calling Billy. The family and I moved. We bought a house in Palm Springs. Sorry I didn’t get to see you before we left.” Wes said. “Well shit. Palm Springs eh? Been there once. I liked it. So there for good huh?” Billy asked. “Yeah. Here for good. Jason sold the property instead of building a new house. So I was calling to see if you wanted to visit. Josh gölcük escort has been dying to meet you. Jason has also for that matter. What’d you think about coming out for a long weekend?” Wes asked. “Well. If you called two days ago I would have been all over it. But my son is coming tomorrow. He’s coming to live with me.” Billy said. The reality of his words made him smile. “What? You found Sean? That’s great man. I’m so happy for you. How did you find him?” Wes asked. Billy gave Wes the quick but accurate version of the story. He didn’t leave much out. He and Wes talked a lot, even after the hospital, about their lives. Nothing he told him would freak him out. Nothing. “Wow Billy. Just wow. I’m really happy you found him man. I’m really so happy for you. I’m sure everything will be as it should be now. But, you know, once Sean gets settled we have room, plenty of room, and a pool. He would love it man. And I know I’m not speaking out of turn. Once Jason found out you were a Marine and a bit more like us than other’s need to know about, he would love to have you anytime. But you and the boy get settled and I’ll call you in a week. I want to hear all about your first week and what your plans are. Maybe it’s time you change your life too. Make a big move. You have family out here, with me at least, and I know the others would love to have you around man. But we’ll save that for later.” Wes was really excited for Billy and it showed in his voice. They talked a little longer, Billy playing with his cock the whole time, thinking it would be nice to sink into Wes again. The fucker was totally a freak in bed. He really wanted to meet the family as well. He had a whole fantasy how that would go. After they hung up Billy went inside and laid on the couch and put the tube on. Wasn’t really watching it. Just laying there sipping on some more beer. It was getting dark out and he was looking at the time on his phone. 8:30. Then his phone pinged again. “Dad?” it was Sean. Billy was very happy at that point that he made the effort to save his number in his contacts with Sean’s name on it. “Sean! Are you alright?” Billy answered right away. “Can we Facetime?” Sean asked hoping his dad had an iphone. “Um..sure son…now?” Billy aware that he was naked. But Sean would only see he was shirtless. Before he even finished the thought the phone was ringing the Facetime app. Billy answered it and saw Sean laying back on a pillow of a bed also shirtless. Billy smiled at the image of his son and said, “Hi Sean”. Sean, shy at first, said, “…dad” his cheeks turned red and Billy’s heart turned to mush. “I’ve missed you son. I’ve missed you so much.” Billy said knowing a tear was leaving his eye. “You have?” Sean asked. “More than you can ever imagine. If I had known where you were you would have gotten sick of me. I would have been around all the time.” Billy said. “Mom told me she left you and didn’t tell you where we went. Why did she do that?” Sean asked. “I don’t know son. Only she would know that. But after tomorrow that won’t ever happen again. I’m never letting you out of my sight.” Billy chuckled with some tears. “You mean that dad? I’m sort of scared.” Sean confessed. “Scared of meeting me?” Billy asked unsure of what Sean meant. “Well sort of. I mean. I’m not …..well….how did the cop say it…..I’m not innocent anymore.” Sean said with fear in his voice. “Son. I know. It’s ok. Child Services was here today. Told me everything. It’s ok. Someday I’ll tell you about me. We’ll have no secrets. Deal?” Billy hoped to make him feel better without to much information. “Really dad? It doesn’t disgust you? The things that I’ve done? There was a cop that said it was all disgusting. So I was scared you would reject me.” Sean explained. “Nothing would get me to reject you son. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow in person. Can’t wait to fucking hug you.” Billy said. That made Sean giggle for a moment. Then he said, “You’re better looking than Terrell. Mom wasn’t very smart.” That made Billy laugh. “There is more than looks bud. Sometimes people just don’t work together.” “I hope we work dad.” Sean got red again. “We will son.” they chatted for a while longer and then Billy noticed Sean yawning. “Get some rest son. You have a long trip tomorrow. I love you.” he said clearly. Wanting Sean to know that he was wanted. “Thanks dad. I’ll see you tomorrow.” and just like that and he hung up. It was after 9 now. Billy decided the best thing to do would be to turn in for the night. Tomorrow he’ll take care of the spare room and get it ready for Sean. Buy everything new. He’ll have enough time to set it all up before he left for the airport at 3 to make sure he was there for the 4 PM arrival. In the morning Billy, after breakfast and a shower, set off for Target. He threw on some old cut off shorts and a tank top with flip flops. At the store he got all new linens for Sean’s bed and some stuff to cheer the room up. He would let Sean do whatever else he wanted to. Then, when he got home, he stripped off and put the linens in the washer. After it was all done he made the bed and made sure the room was clean. Had a quick lunch and one beer. Then he made another trip around the house ensuring everything was in order. All of a sudden it was 10 minutes to three. He checked the flight info and the flight was on time and could be a few minutes early. He stepped back into his shorts and pulled on his tank top. Grabbed his keys and then slipped into his flip flops. The Silverado was gassed and ready to go. He was at the airport at 3:35. He parked and went into the arrival portion of the terminal and waited outside the security gates with everyone else. 15 minutes later the group of arrivals came through the exit gates. After about 50 people he saw him. The kid was already 5′ 6″ and looked athletic. He was beaming with pride already. Sean was wearing basket ball shorts and a tee shirt. An airline worker was with him. Sean pointed out his dad and they went straight for him, “Mr. Ryan?” the worker asked. “That’s me” and then he grabbed Sean into the biggest bear hug he had ever given anyone in his life. “Oh my god son. I’m so happy right now.” “Me too dad” Sean hugged back enjoying the warmth of the stud that was his father. “Well I guess that’s my exit. Sean you were the best passenger to date. You all take care now.” and the worker went off as Billy yelled out thank you. Billy took Sean to luggage and then, once they retrieved what he had, they headed out to the truck. “Wow, nice truck dad” Sean said visibility impressed. Billy smiled as he put the luggage into the trucks bed. “Thanks son. It’s the only thing I ever spent any money on.” They got into the truck and Billy rolled the windows down. “No air conditioning?” Sean asked. “I hardly ever use it. I like the heat. Usually just take off my shirt and let the wind whip around me. I’ll turn it on if you want.” Billy said reaching for the knob. “Nope. I’m good.” Sean said as he removed his shirt. Billy laughed and removed his too. Then he made sure they had on their seat belts and headed down the road back to Dutchtown. As Billy drove Sean took glances at his dad. The dude was built. Everything about him was nice to look at. Billy was now barefoot as he had kicked his flips off when they got in the truck. All he had on was his cut off shorts. And the mound in his shorts was impressive. Sean knew all about that type of stuff. Terrell had taught him well. “What are you thinking son” Billy asked noticing Sean looking at him. “My feet are hot.” he said referring to his tennis shoes and socks. “Take off your shoes. I wear boots at work otherwise I like my feet as bare as I can get them. Get comfortable son.” Billy winked at him. I’d like to be naked on your lap Sean thought. But he didn’t want to scare the man away. He wanted all this to work. He felt safe with him already. He never felt safe with Terrell. Even though he liked what Terrell did with him he never felt safe with him. But he did take off his shoes and socks. “I’m not much for clothes around the house Sean. Just wear whatever you’re comfortable in. I’ll try to keep some shorts on at least.” Billy chuckled. “You don’t have to” Sean blurted out and then regretted it. Billy looked surprised and then said, “What do you mean?” “You said no secrets right?” Sean asked. “Of course. And I meant it.” Billy said. “Terrell was always naked and I was too. He said we were nudists. I liked it. I was afraid you wouldn’t like it.” Sean confessed. Billy laughed. “You are a chip off the old block. You do whatever you’re comfortable doing. And I will to. Deal? But if someone comes over we have to wear at least shorts.” Billy couldn’t believe they were having this conversation so fast. But Sean was a lot like him. Direct and to the point. Liked what he liked. “Deal” Sean said and smiled. Nothing he said has turned this guy against him yet. Billy thought as he drove that the kid was mature beyond his years. He saw and experienced a lot in his young life. He was sad and proud at the same time. He felt Sean’s spirit would never be broke but at the same time wished he was there to protect his son from everything. He pulled into the back gate and got out, still bare foot, and closed it. Then he grabbed the luggage and started for the house. He was almost to the door when he noticed that Sean wasn’t following him. “Everything alright son?” he looked towards the truck. Sean jumped out, “All good dad.” But he was still scared. He was so afraid this guy Billy would reject him. Billy showed Sean his room. It was almost 7 pm. “Do you want a burger or something? A hot dog? You must be hungry.” “Not really. I’m ok. Unless you want something. But I could just use a snack. Nothing big. Do you have peanut butter and crackers?” Sean asked shyly. Billy laughed. “I do! Crunchy ok?” Billy fed Sean his snack and then they sat on the couch and talked for a while. Sean yawned again. “It’s time for bed son. You’re wiped out.” Sean didn’t put up a fuss. He was tired. After Sean was put to bed Billy stripped down and got into bed himself. A bit later, after he had just fallen asleep, Billy felt the bed move. He looked over and Sean was in bed with him. “You alright son?”. “I’m kinda scared. Do you mind if I sleep with you?” Sean was scared to ask. “Of course you can. Come here son. I’ll hold you.” and as Sean scooted over Billy was surprised that he was as naked as he was. Part 2? Some other stories of mine: http://www.//gay/incest/searching-for-my-identity/ http://www.//gay/incest/when-dad-got-out-of-prison/ http://www.//gay/incest/wildcat/ http://www.//gay/celebrity/lust-in-space/ https://www.//gay/incest/runaway/ https://www.//gay/incest/my-uncles-trailer/ https://www.//gay/incest/the-family-hogan/ https://www.//gay/incest/buck/ https://www.//gay/incest/college-break https://www.//gay/incest/enough/ https://www.//gay/incest/salisbury-to-san-diego/ https://www.//gay/incest/searching-for-my-identity/ https://www.//gay/incest/trailer-park-heat/ https://www.//gay/incest/post-deployment-dad/ *Please support Nifty*, donations are needed to keep this service going. There is nothing like this out there and it would be a loss to let it go. Anything helps. Go to the Nifty main page to find out fty/donate.html

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