prego nurse wife feigns for dr bbc part 2


prego nurse wife feigns for dr bbc part 2I gripped the steering wheel tight turning into the parking lot of the outpatient center. My hands were sweating since I left the house and as I pulled into the doctor’s parking lot I could feel my heart begin to race. Why did I feel like I was on a date? My wife and I have been together for almost 10 years and the sensation in my crotch and chest gave me goose bumps. She wanted this I thought. She needs this I remembered. I was the first person she had been with to make her squirt. We worked for a long time to get her there. I just remember how her body was completely relaxed after that first orgasm. How satisfied and uninhibited every part of her seemed. How open to anything she became. She always wanted more after that. She was always a sexual creature but after squirting she became deviant.This thirst for Dr. C’s black cock was something carnal. How much hornier and in touch with herself it seemed she became with every unknown.My shook myself from my fantasy. The car was idling heavy, vibrating. It was an odd sensation coupled with my cock throbbing against the side of my jeans. Interesting. Just like a first date or first time with someone new I thought. I turned the car off. It shook and stopped.As I got out of the car I pushed my continually bulging cock down the side of my pants and looked up at the office. I wondered how many other people fucked here. It was basically an extension of the hospital with ample rooms and closet space for exploring. I was curious if all those TV shows were true and wondered if my wife had sucked any other cocks at work before.I paused and giggled. Yes, that would’ve been mine I laughed. When we first met we would have sex in the break room, in the records room in the basement, on the office’s reception desk, on patient tables. No surface was office limits. My pace quickened as I cleaned myself up and entered the building.Entering the elevator, I took a deep breath, sighed, turned around and pressed 4. The doors swung shut and I closed my eyes. Imaging her lips wrapped around my cock again. Her pregnant belly and engorged breasts swinging back and forth as she took me to the back of her throat.”How `bout we get some BBC”, she had said. That was less than a day ago.Then there was this morning.I remember her playing with my balls early in the morning and as I awoke her lips enclosed me. Pushing her head down she gagged on my cock ahd chocked a few times for effect. Such a turn on. She pulled me free and spun around. Her bump reflecting the glare of the street lights as I pushed inside her. She rode me until I exploded then rolled me back over and kissed me. “I’ll see you tonight at our little event” she winked before leaving for the morning.The elevator doors swung open. I paused and strolled out of the elevator walking 2 doors down and knocking. I waved to the custodian who was finishing up the night shift down the hall.Time stood still. I started fidgeting. Wondering if they had begun without me. Wondering if she had already become a crazed cock creature. Wondering what a pregnant woman and a BBC might look like. I had never been one to watch interracial porn but spent some time in between calls at work watching some. It was intriguing how woman reacted…and the door swung open.Dr. C stood. Serious as usual. He stuck out his hand like we were completing a business transaction. “Nice to see you again. How are you?”. For some reason I grinned widely and said “Yes, intrigued.” He laughed and opened the door further and I walked in.My wife was at the nurse’s station finishing up some notes. Still fully clothed I noted. No perspiration. Her scrubs were tight. Her breasts being squeezed generously by her sports bra. Her baby bump pulling the scrub top even tigher. Stethoscope sitting nicely. “I’ll be done shortly honey”. She smiled. It really did seem like business had already been handled.I gazed at her longer. Her pregnancy had engoged her breasts. What were 32C were essentially 36DD now. I bit my lip. Dr C took notice as he passed by. He put his hand on my shoulder “Those are lovely breasts she has aren’t they? I can’t wait to see them”. He smiled and walked down the hall. Dropping a few papers by wife then putting his arm around her opposite shoulder and leaning in to give her an update on their work. The throbbing returned to my crotch.She looked up at him. They seemed to move closer together. Almost like they could smell each other’s desire. I was jealous. Then confused and then turned on. My hands were sweating.Dr C slowly moved away. His arm gradually falling along her back, from one shoulder to the other, moving her hair along the way. Did he just inhale scent I thought? I bet she’s dripping. He walked back by me. “I can smell her pussy” he said as if knowing my thoughts. “She needs this cock”. He continued to the back of the office and disappeared into a patient room. My gaze returned to my wife. She had stopped mid-type and was sitting with her eyes closed. Her face looking up. Fingers still on the keyboard. Her legs spread. She was relaxing. Almost as if she was waiting for a kiss. I watched her breath through her mouth and could just barely see goose bumps along her neck. Wow, I sighed and sat in the reception chair and bursa escort just took her in.What seemed like 10 minutes was barely 30 seconds before she returned to reality and finished what she had been doing. She got up, turned off the monitor, then walked over and slid into my lap.”How was your day sweetie” she said. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me on the lips. “Someone is a bit hard.” She grinded in a circualr motion against my crotch to make her point. Her breasts and belly pushing into me a bit. I sighed loudly my heart beat quickening.She ran her fingers through my hair and began kissing my ear. “You’ve been thinking about this all day? Haven’t you.” She stopped looking into my eyes then pressed my face into her sports bra pseudo-cleavage. “Naught boy”. She pulled me free then kissed me long and hard. Her tongue probing the inside of my mouth.Her breasts felt amazing. I reached up my palms finding their intended target and squeezed a bit. She responded gently at first by kissing slower then her pace quickened and she rocked back harder against my crotch. My jeans began to bite into my foreskin as she worked her ass cheeks against me. I could feel her hunger and so wanted to be inside her. I squeezed her breasts harder and began massaging them through her scrub top.”That’s going to get in the way” she said pulling away. She reached down and pulled her top over hear head then reached down and grabbed the front of her sports bra. “Do you want to do the honors.” I grinned like a school boy and pulled it over her head throwing it on the reception desk. Her engorged breasts were warm and smooth. So soft. I kissed them as my hands began to massage her baby bump. There was something so hot about her tits touch her baby bump. Her fertility making my hardon rage. I reached up and began to play with her tits again kissing her neck through her long blonde hair.My wife moaned softly and tugged at my belt. I felt the buckle pop and there was zip. I kept enjoying her neck then her ear. Just as I found her nipples with my tongue she pushed me back and knelt in front of me. Unzipping my pants and pulling my cock free.”No boxers?” She smiled and winked. “Someone was thinking ahead.” She smacked my balls with one head and then took the base of my 8 inches in her hand and pushed the head of my cock into her mouth slowly. Such a cock tease I thought. Just suck it. Her tongue flicked at my pee hole then twirled against the sides of mushroom tip. She spit and began to stroke my cock. Licking the down shaft, tonguing my balls, then licking back up and pushing me half way into her mouth. I closed my eyes as she went to work.There was a rustle then a muted knocking. I paused and looked up. Dr. C was standing smiling above me watching her work. He moved forward and removed his white coat. He set it methodically on the table next to him then removed his badge and began unbuttoning his shirt. Watching with great intention.I was nerve wracked but my cock was in my wife’s mouth. I stuttered, “How long have you been watching I asked?””Watching?” He contended. “I’ve been enjoying this for 5 minutes too long.” He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. Stepping out of the dress pants he started to unbutton his shirt untucking it form his boxer briefs. He wasn’t hard but he had started to bulge. His arms and legs seemed to be in decent shape but he had a large middle-aged belly that hung over his briefs. I had noticed this before. Then again, I hadn’t noticed that he was just a few inches taller than my wife. How’s this going to work I thought?My wife squeezed my balls and tugged hard. I groaned in delight and she pulled me free. She reached up like a kitten, her paws grabbing the side of Dr C.s briefs and pulled down. His belly jiggled a bit but was firm. As she pulled down he said “Yes baby, that’s what your after. This what you’ve been waiting for. This is what you’ve been dreaming about.” His dick flopped free slapping against huge balls. I froze and wasn’t sure how to react. A massive thick black cock seemed hardly aroused by the scene but seemingly continued to grow. I watched as my wife marveled at it. She reached up grabbing both his purple nipples with her pale white hands and pinched them. Kissing his up and then down his chubby belly. She lay the side of her face against it slowly and then continued down.Her hands moved quicker now. Feeling his pubic hair then massaging his inner thighs. She worked up to his balls and took them in her hands. Kneading them she tugged once. Then tugged again. She looked impressed. She watched his cock intently then took it with both hands and pushed it out of the way. She pressed her face into his balls. Lapping at them, licking, suckling, For what seemed like an hour she played. His BBC throbbed and thickened in her tiny hands. I could feel precum dripping out of my exposed cock. He continued to watch. “Yes, this is what you want. Enjoy these. You deserve this. Taste me now.” He commanded. She obeyed.The veins on his dark rod throbbed and pulsated. His foreskin glistened as she took it and both hands. Time seemed to slow down as his cock approached her face.It was so thick. Maybe 9 or 10 inches long and the girth of a beer can. Dr C grabbed her blonde hair with two bursa escort bayan hands and positioned her head. She reached out and grabbed his sides right under his belly and opened her mouth. “Not yet” he demanded. With one hand he lifted his cock and rested it squarely on her face. “Smell” he demanded. I saw see her inhale. Her breasts glistening her nipples becoming erect. She spread her legs positioning herself better.He slapped her across face once. Then twice. Then five times with his girth. Then he slapped both cheecks and pressed his meaty black purple cock head against her lips. “I know you want this dick baby. You want my big black cock to stretch your out. You want to squirt all over and you want me to fuck you raw.” He stopped looking at me half grinning then continued. “Suck it” he said looking straight into my eyes.He pushed his cock against her lips. They pursed at first. Her mouth opening. “Wider now” he demanded. Her eyes looked at his cock almost unsure if it was going to fit. “Relax and suck” he said. He pushed at her face forcefully then slowed down as she opened wider. Her lips stretching. “Tongue out”. He pulled his cock free and slapped her face again with it. “Tongue out”. He pushed in again her mouth growing wider.Dr C pushed further in her mouth then pulled out. “Good”. Then began to fuck her. I could see her red lips stretching. Her tongue trying to cope with the enormity of his member. Trying to taste his balls or even lick it. It defied the space of her mouth. His cock began to lube with her spit. At first it was a drip then there was a steady stream of drool lubricating the massive shaft entering and exiting her mouth. She coo’d taking his girth, matching his rhythm. Her breasts slapping together as he fucked her face. Almost as if in response to her rhythm he pressed harder and she choked. “My throat” he said. He pressed further. I could see her teeth slightly gripping the top of his cock as he drilled himself deeper. Her eyes water. She coughed and gagged. More spittle. Her make up began smear. “Biiiiuuug cuuuooock” she grunted. He pulled his cock free from her mouth. Spit streamed from her mouth. She looked like she was crying but the dirty grin on her face as he rubbed his tip on her lips said something completely opposite.”Yes big fucking cock baby. Big fucking Black doctor cock for you. You love this big fucking black dick.”She rose and pressed his member between her tits. Her face kissing and licking his belly. Smothering it in drool. Dr C looked at me. “You’ve got a dirty girl”He pushed her back and picked up his coat. Laying it on the reception desk next to me. He looked around, picked his pants up then rolled them into a pillow and place it on top of the coat. “Take your pants off and sit” he pointed. He stroked his cock with intent. My wife pulled her panties and scrub bottoms off with one swipe. Her breasts were smeared with spit and precum. She grabbed both her breasts, squeezing them together and licking the tops of each. “Mmmmm, taste like chocolate she said.” I watched as she ran her fingers down between her breasts, over her swollen belly, and down between her legs. So fucking sexy I thought.She stepped back and sat on the clothes pillow atop the desk. One leg she placed on me. The other on the small cabinet beneath. She reached down and spread herself with two hands. Exposing her sopping juices. She had made a tiny puddle on the desk in no time. It was time I thought.”I told you I smelled pussy!” Dr C exlaimed. “Look at that tight little white pussy. Mmmmm”. He licked his lips and moved closer. She rubber herself quicker. Her fingers darting in and out of her hole. Dr. C responded by moving closer and rubbing his cock. First against her belly. Then slowly down to where her fingers were. His girth split her lips. He rubbed his tip against her clit feverishly. She moaned, laying back with both hands. “This isn’t even the best part” he said somewhat sarcastically and continued to rub himself up and down. Her lips began to redden. Her juices began to mingle with his precum. I leaned forward a bit. She was breathing quickly. Her body shivering in the air conditioned office but not because it was cold. Anticipation had her. I looked at her pussy again. It was puffy. Thick and tight. She bat at his cock like a kitten begging for him to enter. Dr C moved forward sucking on her tits. “I love pregnant titties” he siad. Aggressively he took her head and pressed his tongue inside her mouth. They seemed to bond in that moment. Sucking and sloppily kissing. His black cock rubbing her tiny inflamed pregnant white pussy lips. Her clit throbbing.Dr C pulled himself away. Rubbing harder. His fat cock head changing colors as it pressed harder and software against her moistness. Her moaning sped up. He wrapped one hand around her neck his pace quickening. She screamed and came. Her body shuddering as he rubbed her harder then pushed inside.Dr C groaned and pushed. “God damn” he said. And pushed again. She shuddered as his tip pushed in then slowly disappeared inside her. He reached back down with his hand and pulled his cock free. “White wife pussy.” he said. Dr C began to finger her gathering her juices and stretching her. He began to jerk off with her juices then pushed escort bursa back inside her.She moaned load as his cock head disappeared again. Her pussy seemed to expand as pushed 3 inches in. Then 4, 5 and 7 inches. At 8 inches she cried out. “You like that” he said. Dr C grabbed her hips with both hands. Thumbs massaging her belly as he slowly to squeeze two more inches in.My wife rocked back and forth as Dr. C’s cock disappeared inside her. She was sweating now. Her breasts had tightened and she seemed to be lactating. Her breathing was uncontrolled. He began to pump. The black member disappeared in then reappeared. Each thrust was accompanied by a louder groan from my wife. She cried in pleasure and pain. The last two inches weren’t going so well. “Flip over he said” half instructing and half guiding her off the table and turning her around. “Hands on the table.”She obeyed. Her body still shuddering from the first orgasm. She presented her ass, wiggling it in the air. Her breasts gently resting on the table. Her belly hanging in the air. Her gash still dripping.He moved closer. Grabbing her ass and spreading it. He stretched her lips further inspecting her moistness. Pushing one, two, three, then four fingers inside. Trying to make room. He grabbed his cock, and pushed all 10 inches smoothly in.I could see her grow immediately wide. She bit her lip and then closed he eyes moaning loudly “Ooooo my fucking goooood”.”Yes baby. This is your god” he said and began pumping. Her pussy seemed like it was going to explode if it kept taking any more of his cock. He pushed balls deep again and again. His massive balls swinging and sometimes smacking her legs. The pace quickened. Her tits began to slap harder against the table. He slapped her ass twice then began to massage her asshole.She cried aloud again and spams. Her body locked hard against the table as she exploded. Juices spraying against the table. “Good girl” he moaned loudly continuing his relentless thrusts.He pushed his thumb inside, pulled it free, then began pushing his meaty index finger into her ass. “Such a fine ass baby,”He pulled his cock free as if to let her breathe and slapped it against her now moist asshole. “What do you want?” Dr C asked as if knowing what her answer would be.She didn’t hesitate. “Fuck my ass. Fuck my ass. Fuck it now”. He pushed slowly then crammed his dick into her asshole. She screamed loudly until almost 8 inches were in her and then moaned in approval. She pushed him int and out. His balls slapping against her pussy. He went deep and on the fifth thrust she came again. Juices sprayed their legs. “Yes yes yes yes” she screamed her body quickering as he continued to fuck her ass. He pulled free and pushed her to the floor.She followed his gaze and took his cock into her mouth. Trying to clean it. Tugging his balls harder. She stroked his enormous shaft with two hands. His eyes rolled back in his head. His balls slapped against her tits. My wife stood pulling his cock and him into a patient room. She climbed onto the seated exam table and kicked out the stirrups. Slow and seductively she kicked out her feet, running them down Dr. C’s body before placing them in the sitrrups. Spread eagle he pushed into her pussy with ease this time. Balls deep with each thrust. Dr C fucked her. Her juices spilled onto the table. All I could see was black stretching inside white. All I could hear was a loud sloppy slapping noise.She came again….and again. and again. He kept fucking her for 10 minutes straight. She became even more wild. Her howling intensified with each squirt. Her was red, swollen and stuffed.Dr. C pulled her down from the bed and turned her around. “Sit boy” He told me. I sat. “Suck him.” He commanded.She bent forward. Chuckling. Giggling. It was almost surreal her love of cock. “I want your cock too baby” she moaned.He pushed her back down. Her ass up in the air he pushed inside her again. “Fuck yes” he said. She pushed me to the back of her throat. I sat and watched. She took control. Grabbing and squeezing my balls. I reached up grabbing her tits “Mmmm hmmm” she said. “Mmmm hmmmm”.Dr. C pushed his thumb back into her ass. “Mmm hmm” “Mmm hmmm”. I was at the back of her throat when I heard Dr C yell. “Gaaaaaaawwwwwd dammmmmn.. Fuucccck”. His body shook and spasmed as he unleashed his seed into my wife’s pussy. Then I came. Hard. So fucking hard. I was still coming as he pulled free. She kept sucking me. Trying to empty my balls. I could barely sit still.”Now fuck.” Dr C said, pushing her up.Again she obeyed. She righted herself and then pressed me inside her. She drove me inside balls deep. Cow girl on the waiting chair. She reached back and grabbed Dr C’s arm. He steadier her as she rode me with intent. Her tits slapping together as she rubbed herself back and forth then up and down my cock. Harder and harder. Her ass slapped against my crotch. Again and again she drove herself down.”Uhhh Uhhh Uhhh Uhhh” she kept saying. “Uhh Uhh Uhhh”. Over and over. Her juices mingling with my juice a creamy whiteness buidling up as we lubricated one another.Then she exploded. Her juices flowed freely. Dr C grabbed her propping her up as her body spasm’d on my cock. Her breasts shaking and quivering. She was crying with joy. And then she was giggling. And then she was cumming again.And then I came again.Dr C helped her down and to the exam table. She lay down. Her body quivering.”You my friend are one lucky man” said Dr. C. “That is one amazing white pussy.”.

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