Pretty Lady


Pretty LadyI met her at the lingerie store. We were both buying sexy panties. She was so pretty and asked if I thought the panties were sexy. She said she loved sexy panties. I told her I thought she would look good in them. She then bought six pairs and we went and had coffee. After coffee I took her to my house and she was going to model the panties for me. She stood in front of me and began to strip for me. She had long dark hair and a beautiful face. When she removed her bra her tits were firm and perky and nipples I wanted to suck. Then she removed her jeans and panties. She was so hairy you could not even see her pussy. I grabbed her and lead her to the bathroom and sat her naked body on the counter and told her I was going to shave her bald. I spread her legs wide and lathered her hairy pussy. As I lathered her I felt her and tweaked her clit then poked a finger in her hole. She had a very tight cunt and I was going to enjoy it once I got that bush removed so I could see her sexy pussy. I went to work shaving her and when I got her clean and bald and so smooth I washed all the soap from her. As I got her all cleaned I then looked at her pussy and then began to kiss her. I grabbed her clit with my teeth and sucked her as I felt that clit get hard. She had big thick pussy lips and a very large clit. I sucked her lips and clit and got her canlı bahis leaking cum. I put her legs over my shoulders and then began to lick and suck her as she pulsed and moaned. I pulled back her pussy lips and really began to sucked and lick her clit. Her clit grew longer as I sucked it. I loved the big long clit and really gave it a sucking workout. She gripped my head with her knees wanting more from my ravaging mouth.I then licked down to her cunt. She was soaking wet and dripping cum. I licked all around her hole and then I pushed my tongue deep in her cunt. I heard her scream and she grabbed my head and pushed it tight to her wanting me to tongue fuck her hard. I licked her cum and she tasted so good and she was flooding me with her big gushes of her juice. I pulled her ass to the edge of the counter and as my tongue fucked her cunt my nose rubbed her big long clit. I then found her ass with my finger and shoved a finger straight into her asshole. She screamed and covered me with cum. I began finger fucking her ass hard making her cum harder. I soon added another finger to her tight ass and kept fucking her. I then grabbed her clit with my teeth and sucked it and then grabbed a pussy lip and sucked and bit it. I never let up on her ass and I loved finger fucking her hole. This girl was horny and needed a good fuck. I went back bahis siteleri to her cunt and began tongue fucking her as she gushed cum onto my tongue. I grabbed her clit with two fingers and pinched it. Her clit was long and her pussy lips did not cover it when she was being fucked and so horny. It was a pleasure to suck it.I then pulled her off the counter and put her on her hands and knees. I reached into he drawer and got out my strap on. I added a medium size cock to it and strapped it around my waist. I raised her ass in the air and spread her legs far apart and shoved the cock into her cunt and began to fuck her hard. I rammed that cock all the way into her cunt as she screamed and her big tits swayed as I pushed on her. I gave her ass a few smacks as I fucked her and then gave her tits a few more smacks. I spread her ass cheeks and looked at her sexy asshole. I reached in the drawer and grabbed a dildo and shoved it in her ass as I began to pound her cunt. The fake cock was fucking her cunt hard and I was shoving the dildo in her ass deep as she covered my strap-on with her cum. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back and shoved a big rubber cock into her mouth and told her to suck that fake cock. I now was fucking all three holes on this horny slut. She wanted all I could give her. She wanted it deep and hard. I reached canlı bahis siteleri on the counter and grabbed the hair brush and began to spank her ass hard as I pounded her cunt with the dildo. Her ass was bright red and I then pulled the strap on out of her cunt and grabbed a thicker and longer cock and screwed it into the strap on and then rammed her cunt with it. This big cock really stretched her tight cunt and I then began to fuck her hard. I would spank her ass with the brush and pull her hair as I fucked all three of her holes. She loved it and could not get enough. She was not ready for a bigger dildo in that tight ass. I grabbed the biggest one I had and pulled out the smaller one and shoved the big thick one deep in that nice ass hole. I heard her scream as it entered her ass but I knew she would get used to it. I held that big dildo deep in her ass as I grabbed the brush and gave her a good ass whipping. Her ass was now on fire inside and outside. Her ass hole was stretched so wide I thought about putting my fist in her but I left the dildo in her instead. I would double fist her ass and cunt later. I fucked her ass and cunt for almost two hours as I spanked her ass. I knew her ass hole and cunt would be raw from all the fucking but she did not complain and I wanted to keep fucking her as I had not had a sexy horny slut like this for a long time. She loved her ass and cunt being ravaged and could take all I gave her. I let her rest a while and then decided I would play with her more later. She was a fun fuck and I intended to keep her with me for a long time.

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