Primal Attraction, Part 5


Primal Attraction, Part 5Her breathing had quickened as she anticipated what was coming. I removed my slacks and made sure that she heard them hit the floor behind her. I knelt on the second stair and checked my camera to ensure that it still had the perfect view of her love-hole, a mere 18″ above. I took my middle finger and without saying a word, plunged it into her wet depths. “AHHHHH” she moaned out, as she arched her back.I swirled it around for awhile and loosened up that neglected pussy.”I’m going to take you” I said “Take you HARD.”She moaned out again as I withdrew my finger. I was very hard at the anticipation of fucking this pretty little Mom. I lined up the tip of my cock with her furry opening. I teased and rubbed her outer lips, transferring her own wetness from her opening to all around her puffy vulva. It was very obvious, from her amount of wetness and her very swollen vulva, that she wanted this badly. I placed my index finger and thumb on each side of her tight opening and spread her fuck-hole as I aimed the tip of my cock. I placed the head against her. She moaned out and I stopped any further bursa escort penetration, soliciting a long, whimper from her.”Oh NO” I stated. “If you want this, you need to lean back and impale yourself!”She hesitated for a bit but then she arched her back and in one, quick motion, took the first three inches of my cock, and then stopped.”Mmmmmmmm” she moaned. “You’re so thick.” I took her by the hips and moved her forward and stopped just short of withdrawing totally. This was an attempt to transfer more of her moisture around my cock and her pussy.”If you don’t want this……?” I teasedShe quickly arched again and leaned back, this time taking more., but stopped again with a long moan followed by a little whimper.”I know” I comforted. “Let me take it from here.”With that, I once again withdrew almost all of the way, took her by the hips and then, without warning, slammed into her until I felt my balls slap her clit.”AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGG” she protested as I literally pushed the moan out of her lungs.As a small courtesy, I allowed her a few moment to get accustomed to my size, then I squeezed her hips between bursa escort bayan my hands to bring her back to me. I slowly withdrew and then plunged in all way again, with her repeating her earlier long, slow guttural moan. I now leaned back and twisted my body to try and look at my phone below. Yep, it was still recording and had an excellent view straight up to my heavy balls, my thick cock and her grasping pussy. *Let the fucking begin*, I thought to myself. I began a slow yet steady assault on her vagina. I could feel myself DEEP into the back of that cervical spot and her moans indicated that she was feeling a great deal from this fucking. I could also feel her walls gripping my shaft as her first orgasm quickly snuck up on both of us. I continued to thrust into her all through her first orgasm, driving her into an immediate second. A sheen of perspiration was now evident on her lower back. Her words were unintelligible as she moaned like a whore in heat…. MY whore in heat! I studently, and without warning, used my thumb to circle her tiny little hole as my cock slowed it’s assault on her escort bursa pussy. Since I had dragged some of her own cum with my thumb up to her little rosebud, as I massaged her anal ring, she then relaxed and I was treated to easy entry.”So” I said with a smile. “you LIKE where my thumb is?””Mmmmm Hmmmmm” she almost incoherently replied.”Not good enough” I barked. “Tell me where I have my thumb.””uh….” she hesitated… “in my butt.”I withdrew my thumb and slapped her HARD on the ass. I then plunged my thumb back into her anal ring.”Tell me, slut!” I ordered. “Use your big-girl words!” as added with a sarcastic laugh, as I wiggled my thumb as a not-so-subtle reminder.”It’s….” she hesitated again…. “it’s in my ass.”She was obviously embarrassed to be saying this out loud so I pushed further.”Finish the word” I calmly stated. “Your ass… WHAT?””Oh God!” she replied in frustration…… “my ass HOLE!” she almost yelled it out.”Good Girl” I said encouragingly. “Now, tell me….” I asked, with my cock still deep inside her very sloppy vagina, wet with her own cum, and my thumb buried inside her slightly spasming anal ring, “When was the last time that you felt a cock stretch-out this sexy asshole? When was the last time that you were ass-fucked and felt a man take your special hole….. and cum DEEP inside of your ass?”To be continued….

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