Pros , Cons Ch. 05


We’re among the first people off the train, and Axel hustles us out of Union Station and into a cab within minutes after our arrival. I was somewhat still sore from the recent pounding I’d received just minutes ago.

“Just a quickie before we get off the train,” I’d said, my hand already wrapped around his thickness. He’d fucked me up against the window, my breath fogging the glass each time I moaned. It had been amazing, wonderful. The thrill that we might be spotted by some random stranger made the sex all the better.

But a small part of me regretted it. Not because I didn’t enjoy it. I placed a hand on my pelvis as I felt another cramp. It was a dull ache, not at all like the sharp pain I normally felt before my period. Maybe Axel and I could try not to fuck each other so hard next time. Slow and steady should do the trick just as well.

“You alright, darlin’?”

“Hmm? Yeah, just a cramp. I think my period’s coming soon.”

Axel placed his large hand on my pelvis and rubbed gentle circles there. Of course, this does nothing to alleviate the pain, but it did comfort me greatly. He put the other on my back and did the same right on the arch, and kissed my cheek.

“Do you need to stop for Tampons or pads?”

I laughed, his endearing behavior doing funny things to my insides. “No, it’s fine. I’ve got some in my bag. And some ibuprofen too, for the pain. I’ll take one with some water if it gets worse.”

He nodded, but didn’t stop his soothing. The anxiety I’d been feeling all day eventually eased, and I relaxed into Axel’s embrace.

“Where are we going?”

He pulled his face away from the curve of my neck and whispered the answer against my cheek. “A friend of mine. She’s going to put us up for the night, and then we’re all going to put our heads together and try to figure out a plan.”

The only friends Axel had mentioned were the crew he’d told me about earlier. So unless he’d joined a book club right after Magnus beat him, I could only assume the “she” Axel was referring to was Layla.

“Any reason in particular why we’re seeking help from one of your former gang members?” I asked snidely, my tone screaming my disapproval. “Otherwise we might as well call our would-be killer and let him know where we are.”

Axel made a strange expression and I frowned when I realised he wasn’t telling me everything. I stopped both his hands when he couldn’t quite meet my gaze and leaned in close so he couldn’t avoid me.

“No more lies, remember? What aren’t you telling me, bear?” I pressed, ignoring how the cab driver lowered the volume to listen in, as if the breaking news story about a young woman being kidnapped wasn’t as important as our relationship drama.

“Well, I know I can trust Layla because she’s the only one of us who didn’t really get along with M. We all worked together, yes, but M didn’t really like Layla much after she turned him down…for me.”

The cab driver made a curious noise, but kept his gaze firmly on the road. I blinked, then slapped Axel’s uninjured shoulder with the palm of my hand. “Are you absolutely crazy? You’re taking me to meet your ex-girlfriend?”

“Well, we mostly just fucked a lot…”

I growled, then pulled away from Axel to sit on the other side of the cab. I forced myself to look out the window, and folded my arms to deter him from even thinking of touching me. But Axel was big on physical contact. So, he reached over, picked me up and planted me right on his lap. His arms closed around my tiny middle when I attempted to escape him, effectively locking me in place.

“Calm down, sweetheart. It isn’t what you think. Layla and I broke up years ago. I haven’t even seen her in over three, and I haven’t fucked her for much longer than that. You have absolutely nothing to worry about,” he cajoled, his drawl working wonders on my temper.

Then he turned me gently so I was facing him, and kissed me deeply, erasing all my concerns with the sensual slip of his very talented tongue. I allowed it, needing to be comforted.

But as soon as the cab dropped us off just outside of town, in front of a pretty nice looking establishment that promised liquor and food, I found my palms itching with anticipation. Axel removed all the bags, carrying them so I wouldn’t have to, then nudged me towards the entrance.

The crowd inside was sparse, since it was a Sunday evening. Most folks were in bed by now, with the exception of those few who sat around the bar and filled the booths at the back.

They glanced at us strangely, but nobody seemed to give a fuck that we were there at all. My gaze swept the half-lit room in search of the woman in question. When I spotted her, I wished I had refused to come here.

She squeezed out from behind the bar with a gentle word to the man working beside her, and hurried over to greet us. My nose scrunched up with annoyance when she threw herself into Axel’s arms, and I nearly barfed when she giggled like a fucking idiot.

Hmm. I had eskort mecidiyeköy no idea I could be so catty…

Axel finally put her down, but she made no move to acknowledge me until he stepped back and said, “Sienna, this is Layla. She’s a good friend of mine.”

And a goddamn stunner.

She was a tall, slender thing with the silkiest blonde hair I’d ever seen in person and the most captivating grey eyes I’ve ever looked into. Her features were striking, with high cheekbones and a nose nobody would believe was natural. Her lips were naturally pouty and plump, and when she smiled I actually had to blink away the awe I felt in her presence. She held out a hand, slender with long fingers, and I took it, shaking it slowly while I tried to figure out why she put me on edge.

“Layla, this is Sienna.” And nothing more. I forced a smile, unwilling to show this stranger the hurt that washed over me at Axel’s introduction. It didn’t make any sense, but I was very annoyed with him. But then he added, “She and I are…sort of seeing each other.”

His hand was suddenly on my back, slowly wrapping around my waist. He pulled me close, his fingers already slipping under the hem of my sweater to tease at my skin, his thumb moving in lazy circles.

Layla’s eyes softened, and her smile widened considerably. I tried to find a shadow of jealousy or dislike or something I could hold against her, but there was nothing except genuine pleasure and delighted surprise.

“You must be really special if Axel’s decided to finally settle down,” she acknowledged, releasing my hand. “How about we take your bags upstairs while you settle in that booth over there? I’ll ask Carl to bring over some beer and snacks.”

She turned away, giving my “boyfriend” a look that spoke volumes. Axel escorted me to a booth closest to the kitchen and bar while Layla whispered something to the guy I now knew was called Carl. Axel kissed me soundly on the lips, leaving only after he was certain I was comfortable. He and Layla disappeared with the bags into a hallway I think led up to her apartment, leaving me alone in a room full of huge, muscled men. Some of them glanced my way, but nobody made a move on me. Probably because they’d seen me with Axel…

I looked up when a few beers were placed in front of, as well as a plate stacked with mouth-watering ribs. I said my thanks to the bartender, who nodded his dark head once before heading back to the bar. Not very friendly, I noted.

I’d just taken a sip of my beer and bit into a succulent rib when Layla and Axel came back. They weren’t in a hurry, both absorbed in the conversation they were having. The music was just low enough that I could hear her sudden burst of laughter, followed by Axel’s deeper chuckle. When they were walking together like this, it was easy to imagine them naked and wrapped around one another while they-

Axel slid into the booth beside me. He rested his thigh alongside mine and placed his hand firmly on my knee before reaching for his beer. Layla sat across from us, and snagged her beer, taking a rather long sip.

Axel leaned in and bit the best part of my rib between his teeth. I made a face at his terrible table manners, but he didn’t seem to care much. So I handed him the rest of the rib and used one of the napkins on the table to wipe the sauce off his moustache and my hands. He pulled back and frowned, to which I said, “Well, unless you want to sit there looking like an uncultured brute-“

“Oh, please. As if you’d ever want me to be anything else.”

I rolled my eyes for what felt like the hundredth time, but I put down the napkin when I realised Axel would not be deterred. Layla’s gaze was curious as she watched us, a small smile teasing her lovely face. She put down her beer, removed a box of cigarettes from her leather jacket and with grey eyes twinkling at me, she asked, “So how did the two of you meet?”

I almost choked on my beer. Axel rubbed his clean hand over my back while Layla held out a square of tissue. I croaked out a thank you while coughing, and took another sip of beer at Axel’s insistence.

“Ah, she’s just all nervous because she doesn’t want me to tell you we fucked the first night we met.”

I shot him a dirty look, and he merely grinned at me.

“I was having a beer at this fancy-ass place. First time there, since I was just passing through. I was actually about to leave when she walked in and…fuck. I just had to have her, you know. She barely noticed the amount of attention she drew. God, those legs. Hips swaying like she wanted my eyes on her ass, wanted me picturing all kinds of-“

I slapped his arm and his expression sobered some. I felt his hand close around my thigh and inch higher. My nostrils flared and my toes curled when he cupped my mound, then Axel leaned in close to finish his story.

“I wonder why she let me stick around. She could have any man she wanted, yet she chose to fuck me that night,” he whispered, fingers eskort bayan squeezing my mound. I swallowed the moan I’d been about to release and replied, “I saw you still had a full pack of cigarettes and I was almost out. It beat getting up for another box.”

His grin spread, and he closed the distance between us with a single purpose. Before he could kiss me, Layla made a retching sound so loud that we were forced to pull apart. I blushed and bit down on my lip just as Axel’s fingers let go of my aching pussy.

Layla held out the box to us, offering her cigarettes. We took them, waited for her to light them. Silence descended while we smoked, each of us in our thoughts.

Axel nodded towards the bar, his gaze neutral as he regarded Layla. “So you date now?”

Layla rolled her eyes. “I’m letting him stick around for a bit. He’s got some experience behind the bar and he’s good to me.”

I nodded, still uncertain why a woman like her would date someone like Carl. Not that he wasn’t cute. His shaggy curls made him seem younger than he was, his eyes a dark shade of brown. His face had the right look to make him handsome, attractive. He had some muscle on his bones, but nothing like Axel.

He watched Layla like an eager puppy, as though afraid she would run if he took her eyes off her long enough. Insecure and possessive, a turn off for most women. But Layla didn’t seem to mind it at all.

“Uh-huh,” Axel muttered, sounding just as uncertain. “You can tell us if you’re only sticking around for the sex. Nobody’s going to judge.”

We all laughed. Axel blew smoke out of his mouth and watched his friend, waiting for some form of response.

Layla shook her head, her voice almost quiet when she replied, “Honestly, it’s nothing to write home about, but he fulfils my needs right now. I’m not one for relationships, anyway, so this is fine for me.” I took another sip when she added, “I’m happy with what I have. I know you won’t get it.”

I inhaled slowly, let the smoke drift out of my mouth rather than blow it out. I was too busy watching Axel, too curious about the sudden stiffening of those massive shoulders.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“All those randoms we were surrounded by…it means you never enjoyed the meaningless sex as much as we did. All those women you fucked might have left you sexually satisfied, but you never looked happy afterwards. You’ve always been happiest when you have someone in your life, a partner to share shit with.”

I winced when Axel’s grasp tightened around my thigh, his fingers digging into my limb rather painfully. He wasn’t even aware he was doing it, because he was regarding Layla with no small amount of anger.

“I’m happy that you found someone. Out of everyone, you were the one who always wanted a home. Bren’s too scarred to ever trust anyone long enough to let them close. Michael is a fucking sociopath and I… Well, I belong to the game. I’m too much of a drifter to ever settle anywhere. But you want a family. You want someone to come home to. I just worried that you wouldn’t ever find someone with as much capacity to love as you do,” she explained. Her gaze locked on mine and she smiled. “I’m glad I don’t have to worry anymore.”

I risked a glance in his direction. Axel flicked his cigarette into the air, and it landed on the floor beside the booth. In a second, he had his beer on his mouth and he was slowly chugging it down, his icy gaze glaring daggers at Layla. That done, he slammed the bottle onto the table harder than was necessary and slid out of the booth without another word. We watched him saunter towards the bathroom, his shoulders tense with emotion.

“I’m sorry. I thought you two had already… Axel doesn’t attach often, so I figure you two spoke about…” She looked as guilty as a pretty blonde with mesmerising grey eyes could, and then sighed softly to herself. “I’m sorry if I upset you. I should head back to the bar. He’ll cool down and come back, but I doubt that’ll happen if I’m still sitting here.”

With an apologetic smile, she slid out of the booth and went back to her place behind the bar. I took a sip of my cold beer, and glanced in the direction Axel had disappeared in. From where I sat, I could see the entrance of both bathrooms and another door on the left. It probably led to a store room or a supply closet, because the back exit was on the other side. I crushed the cigarette in the tray nailed to the table.

An idea sparked, and I took one last, long gulp of the craft before I left the booth as well. Axel was just heading out when I made it into the hallway, and I grinned at him. He didn’t respond at all. At least, not until I grabbed his hand and pushed the door open.

It was dark enough that I couldn’t see anything, but I closed the door behind him and pushed him against it. He groaned when I kissed him, his body still rigid with tension. Pulling away, his hands closed around my arms and kept me at a distance.

“Not kağıthane eskort now, Sienna. I’m not in the mood.”

There was a bit of light drifting in from beneath the door, but not enough that he might see me roll my eyes. But all I could do was sigh and argue, “You’re always in the mood. I’m pretty sure your dick is hard right now.”

He scoffed, the sound filled with male indignation. “I am not-“

I reached forward blindly, my hand finding the blooming erection beneath his jeans. He inhaled sharply, his grasp weakening just a bit. Begrudgingly, he admitted, “Well, my cock is clearly stupid. Let’s go. We’ll find somewhere else to crash tonight.”

I frowned in the darkness, and let my hand trail higher until I found his face. “Is this about what Layla said?” I checked, because I didn’t want to assume anything where he was concerned anymore.

He said nothing. If he replied, he would most likely have to give an explanation for his feelings and he wasn’t ready to show me every part of him just yet.

“It’s okay if what she said pissed you off, Axel.”

He grunted, pulling away. I grabbed his beard and held him in place even though I couldn’t see him. It probably hurt like a bitch because I was not gentle.

“I know things are very real right now, and we have to stay focused. But we’re allowed to have these little moments for ourselves, right? You’re hard for me, and my pussy is gushing for you. Can’t we just enjoy each other, then figure out the rest later?”

I unbuttoned my jeans, lowered the zip and pushed his hand between my legs. I’d washed off his cum from earlier, so the wetness he felt now was all me. He didn’t do anything at first, but having my cunt on his actual fingertips weakened his resolve because soon enough, his middle finger was gently rubbing against my clit.

I let go of his beard, cupping his jaw in my tiny hand. Before I could second guess myself, I crashed my lips against his and kissed him with every bit of desire I felt for him.

And it was a lot.

I pushed him hard against the door, fingers combing through his hair, the others working quickly to free his cock. Returning my kiss, Axel parted his lips and let my tongue slip into his mouth. It was a fevered, chaotic and crazy thing, this kiss, mostly because we were both trying to get into each other’s pants in the darkness.

With a frustrated grunt, Axel grabbed my hips and lifted me. He had me up against the door so fast that I didn’t realise what was happening until his hand wrapped around my neck and he slammed me back against the wood.

His other large paw was under my sweater and pulling my bra down, spilling my tits out of their uncomfortable confines. By now I had his cock in my hand, stroking him fast and hard, wanting him hungry for me. I needn’t have bothered, though, because if the way he kissed me and squeezed my tits was any indication, I was in for another memorable fuck.

“Jeans. Off. Now.”

His mouth was on my tit again, my sensitive nipple sucked deep and hard, eliciting soft moans. I struggled to lower the denim – I couldn’t do much with Axel trying to swallow my tit whole. So he yanked them off for me. Just the one leg, which he hikes over his shoulder in the next second.

His cock nudged between my legs, finding my opening easily after all the time he’d spent there. My breathing was heavy when he managed to work an inch in, my eyes squeezed shut from the pain…because I was still a bit sore from earlier.

He put his mouth next to my ear, and hissed, “This is what you wanted? You wanted me to fuck you in some supply closet while everyone sits within earshot? Do you want them to hear us fuck?”

“Yes,” I breathed, relaxing as he fed me more of his cock. “But you’re not fucking me yet, bear. Do you not want to fuck your little slut’s tight cunt anymore?”

I got my response when he shoved deep inside me, making me gasp. His hand was on my mouth a second later, keeping me quiet while he rammed into me. Every inward thrust took my breath away, while he claimed my soul with each withdrawal. Axel fucked me so hard against the door, slamming me into it with such power, that it smacked against the frame rhythmically. Luckily with the music blasting…

When had they turned up the volume-

Oh God, what was this man doing to me? I was crying actual fucking tears while he drove that cock inside me, but they were not from pain or sadness or grief. I was overwhelmed, horny, thrilled, and without a doubt on my way to the best orgasm of my entire existence. I sobbed against his palm and he pulled it away to ask one question.

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Please… Don’t… I… Need… Fuck. Me. Axel.”

Deeper he fucked.

Harder he bucked.

“Is this what my little slut wants? Is this gonna set your cock-hungry pussy off? Make you squirt all over my jeans? Make you cream all over my cock?”

His hand was back on my mouth to keep my screams silent, his fingers and palm now wet with both my tears and saliva. My nails were digging painfully into his forearm, and I’m sure I drew blood but he never once complained. He took the pain while I took the pleasure, fucking away whatever fears he had and bringing me indescribable ecstasy.

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