Public Pool


Public PoolWhen I was growing up we lived next door to a Motel,it was only 200 feet from my house so in the summer month’s I went there like it was my pool. When friends from out of town came by to visit my Mom they would stay there and I would go over there and swim as much as I wanted to. The motel saw me a lot as I was over there like it was my Pool. When there wasn’t any guest’s that stopped over i would still go and use the pool,and when the motel workers asked me what room i was in I always told them a room number. I was never kicked out. I was a red headed guy and my Mom always dressed me up in anything Red including my bathing suit. I was a small guy skinny really thin and always put my goods inside my trunks upward. When I went into the pool area I never thought about how I looked,I just knew I wanted to swim. As I sit and think about my summer days at the Motel I can remember my red swimsuit and how it may have looked on me from the way others looked at me. I remember getting out of the pool and my goods were upwards in my suit so I may have looked larger,but I wasn’t. I always used the diving board and when I used the ladder to get out as my swimsuit was stuck onto me when they were wet showing everyone in the pool area anadolu yakası escort what was under my suit. I remember grabbing my suit and pulling it away from me as you really could see my small bulge. I ‘, sure I was a site for most who were vacationing there using the pool. I liked to lay on the cement next to the pool to dy as the cement was so hot after swimming for an hour or so. As I laid on my back my skinny frame was only covered by my red swimsuit and you could see what was underneath as it stayed wet for the longest time. When I felt warm enough I dove back into the pool and climbing the ladder to get out I was always upright in my suit pulling at my wet suit,so I didn’t show everyone there my goods. At night when the pool was closed (( pm) I was able to slide between the pump house and fence and sneak into the pool and did this often all through my college years. I started to think no one cared whether I used the pool after closing so I started to come over there later and later and swim around midnight. This was the 1960’s and as time went on i was more daring and daring and one time I took my suit off and swam in the pool naked. What a feeling this was as I could ataşehir escort see the office from the pool as it was lit up waiting for people to use the motel for the night and i did laps naked until I left. The next few nights I got more and more daring and those times I didn’t even bring a suit with me as I just stripped off my shorts and t-shirt and went into the pool nude. The next days I continued to swim there in the daytime wearing my Red swimsuit dreaming now a little more horny I was excited to show off my very wet swimsuit bulge,although I had a small bulge I enjoyed showing off. I now didn’t care if my wet suit was stuck on my goods when i got out of the pool,I just walked from one end of the pool back to the diving board flopping around in my red suit. This became a turn on for me and I’m sure the other guest’s. They had these steel chairs and tables around the pool for the guests to lay around,but being alone there I just came to swim and lay on the cement to warm up. I wonder if there were perverts watching me then as we see them today doing the same thing? I now think my red swimsuit was my favorite color to wear at the pool but it was how it clinged to myself after getting wet ümraniye escort and how it must have looked on me from the other pool goers. When I got a little older I told my friends about the Motel Pool and how we could go swimming at midnight and not get caught,but it was the daytime i loved the most and never went over there with my friends,I didn’t want to get caught and lose my pool rights. I think I just looked like I belonged there and was never worried about the Office asking me if I came there with my parents and what my room number was. Because this was way over 50 years ago now,there were no locks on the pool during the day,you just opened the gate threw down your towel and went swimming. At night it was a little tougher but being a skinny person I was always able to get into the pool area. This is where I started to be an exhibitionist and loved showing off my wet red swimsuit. We also had a municipal pool not too far away I rode my bike there and then when I got my license I drove over there,but it was the Biltmore Motor Hotel as they called it not 200 feet from my driveway that I went to for about 7-8 years growing up. They closed the Motel in 1986 as it wasn’t profitable and built an apartment building there. The memories of skinny dipping after midnight or wearing my red swimsuit during the day in the summer months is a memory I will never forget. Today after gaining weight (as an adult) I am on a constant struggle to lose weight and my motive is so I look good wearing something skimpy at the lake and beach during our summer months

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