Punished for Peeking on My Cousin Ch. 03


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The following morning right on cue Dean’s dad told him that he and Joyce needed to get the final stalls mucked out in the horse barn. They both moaned about it but as soon as breakfast was finished they started out to take care of the job. They had been at it for about an hour when Dean’s mom showed up to ask them how they were doing and that is when Dean took a forkful of hay and threw it at Joyce.

“Hey you bonehead you didn’t have to throw the crap on me.”

“Sorry it was a mistake I was trying to throw it toward the door and it came off the fork two quick.”

“Yeah right now I am covered in manure thanks to you.”

“What’s going on in here?”

“Dean just through manure on me and now I am covered in it.”

“Mom I was not trying to hit her with it…it just happened…I am sorry about it okay.”

“No it’s not okay…Joyce dear why don’t you go on up to the house and clean up and Dean can finish mucking out the last stall by himself.”

“Oh thanks mom I really didn’t have anything else to do today anyway.”

“Just clean the stalls and keep your mouth shut,” Dean’s mom said as she walked out behind Joyce.

As they were walking up toward the house Joyce told Dean’s mom that he really did not do it on purpose and that he had actually slipped and she didn’t want him to get into too much trouble.

“It’s okay I will let him think I am mad at him for a while…it’s good for him to have to wonder if I am mad or not.” Joyce said with a laugh.

“Oh you are learning fast young lady. I have to run to town to get the supplies that did not show up when we were there yesterday. They were coming in this morning but I wish they had come yesterday so I didn’t have to make the extra trip.”

“If you are busy I will go and get the stuff you need. I am not doing anything and besides it will give Dean something to think about because I won’t be here.”

“Oh you are a dear. That would help me out a bunch. I will write down the directions to the place and will call ahead to let them know you are coming.”

“Great I will grab a quick shower and then go. How long does it take to get there?”

“It’s just under an hour away, but take your time. If you see something you want to look at go have a peek because we don’t have much left to do today anyway.”

“Do they have a mall?”

“Of course they have a mall silly we don’t live completely in the sticks you know.”

Joyce hurried through a shower and got the directions and a check from her aunt to pay for the stuff she was getting. She jumped in the truck and waved at Dean as she was driving by telling him she would see him later. He wondered what she was doing so he went looking for his mother.

“Where is Joyce going?”

“She went to town to get supplies.”

“If she would have waited an hour or so I could have gone with her.”

“I think she was trying to get away from you after your little stunt this morning.”

“How many times do I have to tell you mother it was an accident?”

“Well at this point it really doesn’t matter since she is on her way and you still have chores to finish.”

“Maybe by the time she gets back she won’t be mad at you anymore.”

“Yeah, fat chance on that one.”

Dean went about doing his chores not letting on to the fact that he was doing just exactly as Joyce had planned. Joyce in the meantime went to the store to get the items that they needed and then she headed back to the mall to see if there was anything interesting there to look at. Joyce pulled in the mall parking lot and checked things out not noticing anything exciting so she decided just to go ahead and go back. She had to take a different road on the way back since she was on the opposite side of town and she thought it was funny that there really wasn’t that much traffic. Not what she was used to anyway.

As Joyce was making her turn to get back onto the byway she needed she happened to look up and notice a big billboard that said Adult Books, Toys, and Novelties. She drove past the store and noticed that there were only a couple cars in the parking lot so she turned around and went back. She hoped that whoever was in there was a woman since escort ataşehir she would be too embarrassed to deal with a man.

Joyce walked up and pulled on the door and looked inside to see a cute redhead working behind the counter so she slowly walked in the door and started looking around. “Can I help you with anything honey?”

“I just want to look around for a bit if that’s okay but I will come and get you if I need help.”

“That’s great sweetheart just let me know if you need help and I will be right there.”

Joyce noticed a guy about 40 in the building as well and no one else. She started looking around and noticed all the DVD movies and books for sale. She saw clothing that might make Dean drool but did not think getting him to drool was a problem anyway so she walked on past them. She finally walked into the toy section and then she remembered Dean’s comment about vibrators. Joyce looked at all different kinds of things and had no idea exactly what she was looking for so she went back to the redhead and said, “Okay this is kind of tough but I need help. I don’t know what I want to get but I know what I want to do with it…can you help me?”

“Sure honey whatcha need?”

“I want to play around with my boyfriend and I know what I want to do to him but I don’t know what to get.”

“What do you want to do to him honey I can’t help you unless you tell me that?”

“I uh want to uh…well it’s that I like to uh…kind of like to uh…”

“Honey it’s okay just tell me I am not here to pass judgment on what you like to do I am here to help you. We all have our little kinks and that’s okay. Just ask my boyfriend how he likes it when I shove a dildo up his ass.”

“What did you say?”

“I get it that is what you’re looking for I can see it in the little smile on your face.”

“Well yes that is exactly what I am looking for so can you help me now before I get any redder?”

“Sure no problem doll this is going to be easy. I have a couple of questions though. Do you want to put something in his ass that stays put or do you want to fuck him with it?”

Joyce’s eyes got as big as saucers hearing the salesgirl explained all the items that they had in the store and what each item was for. She explained to Joyce how she could either just make him uncomfortable with it or she could really make him uncomfortable with it. She told her how she needed to start slow and use plenty of lubricant. When she finished she had a nice bag of toys of different lengths and sizes to take home and surprise Dean with and she even found a nice leather paddle to use on his cute ass. She just hoped that Dean would use some of the things if not all of them on her as well but she wasn’t telling him that.

Joyce got home and she took the truck down to the barn so that they could unload the items that she purchased for the farm and it also gave her a chance to grab her bag and hide it in the barn until she could put it somewhere safe. Dean came out to help unload the stuff and his mother was right behind him. “So you still mad at me?”

“Nope unless you do something else stupid that is.”

“Oh so I am always in trouble no matter what I do.”

“Your male you should have known that by now.” Joyce said with a laugh which also caused his mother to laugh at him as well.

“Thanks for getting this stuff for me today Joyce you were a lifesaver.”

“Oh I didn’t do much.”

“You did more than you realize. You got things done for me and that gave me time to get other junk done around here. Now I have to time go to the movies and out to dinner tonight.”

Both Dean and Joyce heard that comment and a little smile appeared on both their faces as they looked at each other.

“I hope I can leave the two of you here together without another fight.”

“Oh my God mom we were not fighting.”

Joyce laughed and his mom just winked at her. “What was that wink for?”

“What wink I didn’t see a wink. Did you see a wink Joyce?”

“Nope never saw a wink I think he is seeing things.”

“Never mind I can see that I am not going to win. I know, I am male, I remember.”

“I think he finally figured it out. Joyce I am taking my little one to a friend’s house tonight when we go. We should be back later tomorrow. Can you two figure out how to cook for yourselves so I don’t have to worry about you?”

“Sure no problem I got this handled.” Joyce replied.

Dean and Joyce went ahead and got cleaned up and Dean was a bit disappointed that Joyce did not try to peek at him since his folks had left and it was just the two of them at the house. Dean walked out of the shower and got dressed and noticed kadıköy escort that Joyce was sitting in the living room watching TV. He looked at her and asked if everything was okay and she said, “Of course it is why wouldn’t it be?”

“Never mind it must just be me.”

“Let me guess you wondered why I didn’t try to peek at you with no one home?”

“Yeah but how did you know that?”

“I am female and we always know what men are thinking. Besides I am not the one who got into trouble today you did.”


“You got in trouble for the manure and hay, remember?”

“That was your idea.”

“Yes it was and it worked out even better than I had hoped for.”

“You lost me, so why exactly didn’t you try to peek at me?”

“Because stupid, you had already gotten into trouble so you are the one who is getting punished I didn’t need to peek on you I already had your ass and I am going to really have it in a little while.”

“I am not stupid, maybe dense, but not stupid.”

“If you say so… get your ass moving.”

“There is no one here but us so why are we going somewhere.”

“Because I want to and besides I have your punishment all planned out and I am going to love it.”

“Great…where are we going?”

“Head back to the feed bunk. It will work very nicely.”

Dean and Joyce walked back up the hill to the feed bunk. Dean wondered why they needed a lantern and a pillow. Joyce also carried a bag of stuff that contained all of Joyce’s purchases.”

“Okay get naked buster. I want you to strip down and then put the pillow in the feed bunk for your head to rest on since you are going to be there a while.”

“How long is a while?”

“Why do you think I told you to bring a lantern?”

“That long huh…what are you going to do to me?”

“Let’s just say that I might not need the light to get back to the house. Your ass might be glowing enough to light the path back down the hill.” Joyce said laughing as Dean got undressed.

“Remember it will be your turn next.”

“I know it will and I expect that you will deliver exactly what I give you in return.”

“Oh don’t worry I won’t forget.”

Dean laid the pillow in the end of the feed bunk and then lay down with his head on it and his ass at the end of the feed bunk. Joyce walked up to him and pulled out another pillow from the bag of stuff she was carrying and placed it under his hips at the end of the bunk.

“There that should get your hips and ass up to a height that I can handle.”

As soon as Joyce got Dean settled in she began to slap his ass with her hand. She gave him slap after slap and then told him she was just warming him up for what she planned to do to him later. Dean just groaned and continued to take each slap from Joyce.

“I am going to give you 50 slaps to each cheek of your ass and then I am going to begin your punishment. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I am going to.”

Marie continued to slap Dean’s ass cheeks back and forth until she had slapped each one 50 times. Dean’s ass had started to turn red as she had finally finished with his warm up as she called it.

“I am going to give you a little rest right now while I get some other things ready.” You are not to turn around and look you are to simply lay there and wait.”

Dean didn’t move and Joyce reached into the bag and got out a small butt plug and some KY and then proceeded to put on her gloves again. She did not want Dean to know yet what she had so she started in just like she finished before. Joyce coated a finger with KY and then rubbed it around Dean’s asshole and listened to him groan. She knew he was expecting this part but not what was to happen later.

Once Joyce had him ready to take her finger she just shoved it in without any warning. Dean moaned and she began pumping the finger in and out. Just as he was getting comfortable Joyce added another finger and continued to pump them in just as fast without missing a beat. Dean was starting to leak fluid from his cock and when Joyce noticed that she added a third finger and pumped them in faster than she had before. Dean was moaning and then she suddenly pulled them from his ass.

“You didn’t have to stop you know.”

“Oh you liked that did you?”

“You know I did so why did you stop?”

“I thought it was time for some more spanking but since you seemed to like that so much I have a little present for you.”

Joyce reached over and got the small butt plug that she had purchased and lubed it up and shoved it straight into Dean’s ass. It was about the same size as three fingers so she knew he could take it. Joyce reveled in the maltepe escort bayan moans she heard from Dean and then picked up her brand new paddle and walked to Deans left side and started to spank him with the paddle.

“Oh where did you get that?”

“Where did I get what?”

“Well something is in my ass and you hitting me with a paddle of some kind.”

“I had to go to town remember so I bought myself a few toys to play with.”

“I am going to give you about 25 swats on each cheek with the paddle and then I think I will play with your ass some more.”

Joyce started swinging the paddle as Dean’s ass grew redder and redder with each swing. He moaned with each shot as she started to swing harder. She knew he was enjoying this as much as she was by the consistent moans and the fact that he was dripping come from the end of his cock the entire time.

When Joyce was satisfied with how red his ass was she put down the paddle and moved back to Dean’s ass. She reached down and pulled the plug from his ass and then shoved it right back in. She started to do this over and over again which caused Dean to shove his ass back towards the plug. “I am going to shove this in your ass 25 times just like I did with the paddle and then we will see what else I can do to your cute red ass.”

Once Joyce had finished with the toy she pulled it from Dean’s ass and grabbed a larger plug and lubed it up and slowly pushed it into Dean’s ass. This caused Dean to begin to hump forward like he was fucking the pillow.

“I see you are enjoying my little toy.”


“I hope so but for now it is time to paddle your ass some more. It is not red enough for me yet.”

“It feels like it is three sizes bigger than when you started.”

“Good I was hoping for four sizes bigger so let’s get started.”

Dean could only lay there and moan as she started to deliver more strokes to his already sore and red ass. Joyce gave Dean another 25 strokes with the paddle but these were not as forceful as the last ones. She only wanted to keep it red and she wanted him to wonder what she was going to do next.

“How is your ass feeling baby?”

“Warm and full.”

“I can’t wait till it’s my turn.”

“I have an advantage over you and next time I am going to use it.”

“Oh and what advantage do you have over me?”

“I have this new invention called a cock.”

Joyce laughed and gave Dean another five or six quick slaps to his ass. “So you think you have that much of an advantage because you have a cock huh?”

“There is no substitute for a good hard dick.” Dean replied.

Joyce walked behind Dean and reached into her bag and pulled out a strapon with a cock attached to it that was about two and a half inches thick. She stepped into it and pulled it tight and then walked up behind Dean and said, “You said there is no substitute for a hard dick so I want to introduce you to my new friend.” Joyce placed the tip of it at his opening and then grabbed his hips. Dean tried to look back over his shoulder just as Joyce started to push her [cock] into his ass.

Dean started moaning and Joyce started pushing into him slowly in and out. She grabbed his hips tighter and then started to fuck Dean’s ass faster and faster. Dean was in a haze and Joyce loved every minute of it. She could feel herself starting to get wetter as she pushed and she knew it would not be long and the pressure from the strapon on her clit would cause her to come.

Joyce managed to continue to fuck Dean’s ass for about 10 more minutes until she finally came. She laid over Dean in the feed bunk with the cock still firmly up Dean’s ass. When she finally had collected herself she stood up and slowly pulled the dildo from Dean and looked as his ass was gaping at the loss of the dildo.

“If your ass keeps gaping like that one of these days I might just stick my hand up in there you know.” Joyce laughed as she slowly unbuckled the strapon.

Once she had taken off the strapon and put the other stuff away she walked up to Dean and helped him to slowly stand on his own feet. It was starting to get dark outside and the bugs were beginning to look for someone to bite. “We better get to the house before the bugs start to carry us away Joyce.”

“I think that is a good idea.”

“Once we get in the house though we are going to take a shower together so that I have a chance to put my tongue on your clit and get you off again.”

“That sounds like fun to me and I am going to suck that magnificent cock of yours since I know it still needs some attention.”

“Remember my mom and dad are both gone for the night so we can sleep in my bed and misbehave for as long as we want tonight. The only thing I am looking forward to more than tonight is for it to be your turn to get punished and that my dear is going to happen very soon. You can count on it.”

Continued in Chapter 4 of Punished for Peeking on My Cousin

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