Punishing Amie


I came out of the bedroom holding a pair of handcuffs. Amelia was still asleep on the couch from the Netflix marathon we had earlier. I had a lot of plans for her; I just wasn’t sure how to start them. I walked over to her and started to think about what had been going on the last few weeks. It was nothing short of my worst relationship nightmare. How was I honestly supposed to choose between the two of them? I wasn’t really a lesbian, but Amie had taken me by storm from the moment I met her. But then there was Nick. He got me in ways I don’t think Amie ever could. I still don’t know if I can ever tell her about the horrors of my past.

I shook the thoughts out of my head and looked down at her. She was sleeping so well. Tomorrow she would be leaving for Russia and I wouldn’t see her for a month. While the thought scared me, I knew Nick would be here in New York tomorrow afternoon. All of it was too complicated. But for now, the sleeping blonde bombshell was laying in front of me. The things I wanted to do to her were making me wet just thinking about them. I knelt down in front of her and woke her up with a soft kiss. I smiled against her lips.

“Morning, love.” Amie whispered.

I stood back as she lifted herself off the couch. I captured her wrists in my free hand as she rested them by her sides. The look on her face told me exactly what I needed to know. She was as ready for this as I was. She made a move toward me and I blocked her. I was in control of this. I let her hands go and tore off the sheer pajama top she had on. Then I leaned forward and captured one of her nipples between my teeth. I let go as moan escaped her lips. I continued to push her back towards the bedroom. She called my name but I ignored bahçelievler escort her. I pushed her up against the doorframe to my room. I grasped her neck and pulled her towards me and then pressed my lips against hers in a rough show of dominance. She backed down as my bite drew a little blood.

“Please, Rae, hurry.” Amie pleaded. I just smiled at her.

“Patience, love.”

I moved her away from the doorframe and cuffed her hands behind her back. I slid the matching shorts off her body. She was already dripping wet and I wasn’t sure I could deny her much longer. But I wanted to drag this out. The look on her face was so sexy. Her lips were parted in this perfect pout and her eyes were closed. So I decided to stay here in the door way. I wanted a taste of her sooner rather than later.

“Eyes open, hun. I want you to see this.”

I steadied her chin with one of my hands. Oh, how I loved the way she looked at me. I let her chin go and grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled. Hard. She gasped and I pressed a kiss against the side of her jaw, not relenting my place in her hair. I traced gentle lines up and down her torso with my other hand. I continued kissing her down her neck. Laying light kisses across her clavicle and continued to her cleavage. This was where I let her hair go.

I sucked at her right nipple until it hardened in my mouth and heavy pants were coming from her. I used my other hand to tease the other nipple. One quick look up at her let me know that she was close to begging. I let my hand continue to trail down her body. I stopped at her belly button and started tracing slow, slow circles around it. I kept going even lower until I was balgat escort touching her pussy. I slowly opened her up and slid my fingers down the center of her. Her body bucked up against mine and she moaned.

“That’s it, baby.” I encouraged her, “Tell me how much you like it.”

“Fucking please, please.” She begged. I just smiled as I let her breast go. I plunged two of my fingers inside of her. I kissed her before she could make any sounds.

“Tell me how much you want it.” I demanded.

“Please, Rae. Please.”

“What do you want me to do, love?” I whispered in her ear. I thrust my fingers up inside her a little deeper. Her wetness was all over my hand. “Tell me exactly what you want.”

“Fuck me, bitch!” She said through gritted teeth.

“Gonna need more than that. How do you want me to fuck you?” I licked the outside of her ear. She shuddered underneath me as I pressed my body against hers. “Do you want me to eat your pussy? Do you want me to finger you until you can’t stand up anymore?”

I pressed up on her G spot, making her cry out in pleasure. I could see it written across her face. I used my thumb to press on her clit. She just continued to shutter against me. I kissed her cheek and started to kneel in front of her. I laid a kiss on her inner thigh and then shoved her legs apart. I took my fingers out of her and spread her perfect pink pussy apart for me to see.

“Is this what you want?” I asked her as I sucked her clit into my mouth. She bucked her body up against my face as I shoved my fingers back inside of her. The noise that came out of her mouth made my own body quiver.

I ran my tongue up the middle of her pussy. I loved how she batıkent escort tasted in my mouth. It was all her, and it was causing all of this pleasure. I could do this all day long. I looked up at her as I flicked her clit with my tongue again. Her head was pushing up against the door frame and her body looked like a work of art. I ran my free hand up her body and began to roll her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. It was all I could do not to cum at this sight. I sucked on her clit a little harder as I pressed my fingers against her G spot. I felt her muscles begin to clench around my fingers and started sucking on her a little harder. I wanted her to be in a puddle at my feet.

When I felt her orgasm start, I stopped what I was doing. Amelia screamed in frustration. I continued my work, but slower. I took both of her lips and drew them into my mouth. Her breathing was coming in short gasps, but this was too good to end now. I pinched her nipple hard, and let her lips go at the same time. She was starting to sag against the door.

“You ready, Amie?” I whispered this against her wet, wet pussy. She grunted in response.

I sucked her clit hard once more, and took my fingers out of her. I worked my way down so my tongue was inside her. She thrust hard against my face. I fingered her clit, and let my tongue go in and out of her. Her breathing sped up and I knew she was close. I didn’t let the momentum stop this time. She bucked against me one last time as she came on my face. I licked inside her until every last drop of her cum was either on me or in my mouth.

Amelia sagged to the floor and I gathered her in my arms. She was quivering, but in a way that let me know I did my job right. I kept her handcuffed. Who knew what I would want to do later. For now she was taking a nap. I stroked her long blonde locks and started to think. I wasn’t sure what I would do without either of them. I don’t think I could be me with just one of them. We were a unit and we weren’t supposed to be torn apart.

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