Pure Incest Ch. 01


No one under the age of 18 in this story.


My mother and I were home for the weekend while daddy was off on business someplace.

Mother was actually reasonably sober and seemed to be very horny again. It wouldn’t be the first time I was home alone with her and, as usual, she wasn’t wearing much in the way of clothing.

She was wearing a nursing bra, a black eight strap garter girdle to keep her belly tucked in, sheer dark stockings with a Havana heel, and one inch pumps.

No panties again and I saw her abundant growth of black pussy hair trailing up to her navel.

“Do you enjoy seeing me in my glory?” she asked.

“Of course I do.” I responded. “I also enjoy watching you piss and allowing me to fuck you when daddy is gone. In addition you have a glorious treasure trail of hair up your belly.”

“You know I am a very horny woman don’t you?” she asked. “I need my fill of cock more than your father can provide, so I enjoy letting you fuck me, even though you are my son. I presume you know I fuck a couple of other men too, don’t you?”

“Yes. I’ve come home and found you sucking Frank’s cock, then letting him fuck you.” I told her. “I guess Lee must be your other cock fucker. He’s the only other man I can think of that would have a big enough cock to satisfy you.”

She raised her arms over her head and asked “Do you like seeing my hairy armpits? You know daddy won’t permit me to shave don’t you? He’s afraid I might nick myself and bleed to death. So I also have hairy legs which you can barely see through my stockings. Now put your hand between my legs and play with my pussy. I have to pee, so you may get a bit wet if I dribble.”

“Why don’t you just go out on the porch and spread your legs apart and pee so I can see it?” I asked.

“Would you like for me to do that darling? Then we need to get in bed so I can have you nurse my teats. They are full of milk again and getting very heavy.” she said.

We went out on the side porch and she spread her legs wide apart and the pee began dribbling out. About thirty seconds later it was flowing like a waterfall going all over the floor of the porch.

“For not being drunk today and not drinking much, you surely had to piss.” I said as she finished.

“Now take your hand and wipe my wet cunt with it, then we are going inside and you’re going to nurse on me.” she told me.

As we were walking to her bedroom, she unhooked one cup of her bra and immediately her milk was forming at the end of her nipple.

“Oh dear me. I seem to really be full. Hurry darling and suck my teat so I can get rid of some of this.” she said.

We laid down on the bed and she turned toward me and offered me her teat. I latched on to her nipple and began sucking, the warm milk flowing into my mouth.

“oh that feels so good.” she said. “Just keep sucking it dear. You’re also making me horny.”

I nursed her for five minutes, then she told me to turn on her other side and she unhooked that cup and offered me her teat. again, the milk flowed freely and I began to get full. All the while, she is stroking my uncut cock with her hand.

“Get on top of me and stick that fucking cock inside my cunt.” she said. “I need a good fucking and you’re going to give it to me.”

I positioned myself between her legs and as she spread her cunt lips open, I stuck the head of my erect cock inside her and pushed it all the way in.

“Oh you big motherfucker.” she said. “That fucker is so big around you’re splitting me open with it. But it feels so good, so keep fucking me.”

I pushed in and pulled out about twenty times when she said “Hurry darling and shoot your baby batter inside me. I want you to knock me up and let me have your baby. I need to have another baby and daddy doesn’t think so.”

I blew my nuts off inside her and when I came, I thought I had blown the tip of my cock off inside her cunt. I gave her six or seven good spurts of creamy semen then lay on her and savored the moment. She was still wriggling around on my prick, but finally quieted down.

“Go over to my dresser and get a pair of sheer panties and bring them to me so I don’t have your semen running down my legs.” she said. “Get black ones if you can find them.”

I found a pair of black briefs and took them to her. She raised her legs and I slipped them over her ankles and helped her pull them up on her bra were still unhooked and her teats were flopping around and still leaking milk.

“Get up here so I can clean our juices off your cock.” she said. “I can’t believe how fast your foreskin has slipped down over the head of it. You know both of your grandmothers wanted me to have you circumcised, but I told them to mind their own business. I wasn’t going to have your foreskin cut off your little prick. So you still have that long piece of skin that covers all of your prick.”

With that she took my cock in her mouth and began sucking our juices off of it.

About that time the doorbell rang and she quickly let go of my cock and put pendik escort her teats back in the bra cups and hooked the cups on her bra.

Margaret slipped on a robe and said “I’ll see who is at the door.”

I slipped on a robe and peeked out of her bedroom door.

“Oh hello Emmy. So nice to see you. I see you brought Herb and Becky and Christopher with you. Come in and stay awhile. Mac is out of town for a few days, so it is just John and me here tonight. Did you pack a small bag like I told you to do?” Margaret asked.

“Of course. I have one and Becky has one for she and Christopher.” Emmy replied.

“What are you wearing under your coats everyone?” mother asked.

Emmy and Becky opened theirs and I was dumbfounded. Each of them were wearing a cut out bra, garter belt, sheer full fashioned stockings and one inch pumps. Neither was wearing panties or Directoire Knickers so I saw Emmy’s belly full of gray hair and Becky’s belly full of coal black hair.

“Oh my. John will love it when he sees you two.” mother told them. “What do you and Christopher have one Herb? I can hardly wait to see.”

They opened their coats and to my amazement each of them were wearing eight strap garter belts and full fashioned stockings.

“Fabulous.” my mother said. “We’re all set for an evening of fun and fucking.”

Emmy said. “I need to piss and right now. I drank a lot before we left and it has gone right through me.”

“Well. Stand right here on the porch, spread your legs so we can all watch, and pee to your heart’s content.” I told her.

She moved over three feet, spread her legs apart and the pee began dribbling out of her cunt lips. Suddenly, it was like someone had turned a faucet on full force and it was splattering all over the concrete porch. She must have pissed for about ninety seconds, then it was done.

“Becky. Hand me a tissue so I can wipe my wet pussy.” Emmy said.

“Nonsense Emmy. Leave your fucking cunt all wet. It’s only going to get wetter as the evening wears on.” mother told her.

“That’s a great idea mother.” Becky said. “When I have to pee, I’m not going to wipe my forest either. It can just stay wet.”

Christopher said. “Becky. Just let me wash your pee off the porch because I really need to go too.”

My mother said. “That’s OK Christopher, but you can’t skin your foreskin back. I want to see you piss through it and see how it comes out. Herb. If you have to go, the same thing applies to you. No pulling your foreskin back. I like seeing it come out through your foreskin.”

“Well. I need to pee too so I might as well go while Christopher pees.” Herb said.

Becky, ever the sister, moved over to her brother, took his cock in her hand and told him to start pissing. She was going to aim it around and spray certain things. It took him a few seconds to begin pissing, but when he did, the pee flowed out of the end of his foreskin very nicely. Becky just aimed his cock at a variety of things like plants and bushes, getting them good and wet.

When he finished Becky squatted down in front of him, pulled his foreskin back, and stuck his very wet cock in her mouth and began sucking it. She was going to suck all the pee that didn’t get out of the foreskin and really clean his cock off for him. When she finished, she pulled his foreskin back over the head of his cock and stood up.

Meanwhile, Emmy took Herb’s cock in her hand and told him to start pissing. His piss flowed out the end of his foreskin in a nice arc, and when he finished, Emmy pulled his foreskin back and put the head of his cock in her mouth and began sucking him off. When she got him clean, she pulled his foreskin back over the head of his cock too.

Mother is standing and watching the guests as they played with each other and I can see she is getting a bit excited over it. I whispered to her that she could do that to me later on, but I didn’t have to pee right now.

“OK. The prelims are over, so let’s go inside and have a drink or two and some snacks. Dinner will be delivered in about an hour, so we won’t have to prepare that.” mother said. As we went into the house, mother took hold of Herb’s cock and stroked it a bit. I could him beginning to get an erection and I wondered how long she was going to play with it.

“Becky. You and Emmy take your overnight cases to the two bedrooms down the hallway and put them there.” mother said. “There are large beds in each room so you won’t have difficulty having enough room to sleep or play.”

“I’ve ordered dinner I told Christopher and Herb as we went inside. We’ll have time for snacks and drinks before it arrives. We can sit and talk or put music on and dance if you like.” Mother told them.

Herb said “Let’s wait and see what Emmy and Becky want to do. They may want to sit and smoke and drink a glass or two of wine before dinner. We can always play with each other later. can’t you see us walking around with our cocks stiff as a board trying to dance with the women? I’d be poking her belly or cunt with my maltepe escort peter.”

Becky and Emmy returned and Becky was glowing.

“You’ll never guess what mother just did to me.” she said.

“What did Emmy do to you?” I asked.

“When we got to a bedroom and I put my overnight bag down, she pushed me down on the bed and began masturbating my clit. The next thing I knew, she had her entire hand up in my cunt.” Becky said. “Then I’m having climax after climax while she’s twisting her fist around inside my cunt. My cunt is soaking wet from her playing with me.” Becky said.

“Oh my God. She fist fucked you?” I asked.

“Yes. It felt really good too.” she replied. “Now I know I’m going to be horny tonight and need to get fucked.” she answered.

I looked at Herb and Christopher and they now both had hard ons sticking straight out from their bellies.

“Oh fuck. Look what I did to daddy and Christopher.” Becky exclaimed. “I made their cocks get hard.”

“Come here Christopher.” Emmy told him. “I want you to suck my fingers so you see what your sisters cunt tastes like. I didn’t wash my hands after I fisted her.”

Christopher went to his mother and took her hand and put her fingers in his mouth. “Oh that tastes just great. I can hardly wait to eat her pussy.” he said.

“Oh Christopher. You’ve eaten my pussy before. You know what the hell it tastes like.” Becky said. “It won’t be the first time you’ve sucked my clit.”

This was coming from a young lady who I had rescued from a party several months before. She had appeared on our doorstep after nearly being accosted by a stranger at a party that got a little out of hand. Becky had never held a man’s cock nor ever seen one with an erection. All of that changed before she left our home later that weekend.

We adjourned to the kitchen so we could make drinks. Becky wanted Zinfadel, Christopher was also having wine. Herb made very dry martini’s for he and Emmy and I got mother a bottle of beer and made myself a Manhattan. Cigarettes were passed out with only Christopher declining. We toasted each other and mother tossed her beer down in three swigs and told me to get her another one.

“Don’t get drunk on me.” I told her. “You can’t be drunk and fuck at the same time. I know. I’ve seen you try it with Frank.” I said.

Everyone looked at me as if to believe I hadn’t said that.

“Is your mother a drunken whore?” Emmy asked.

“She can’t get enough cock in her cunt.” I replied. “Now let’s drink and have some snacks, then eat dinner.”

About that time, Becky decided to give me a good glimpse of her extremely hairy cunt, so she spread her legs wide apart. Her cunt hair was still damp from Emmy fisting her and I could barely see her pussy lips.

Christopher saw what she was doing and said. “Give him a good look sister. He probably hasn’t seen your hairy pussy like I have.”

“What do you mean ‘Like I have’.” Emmy asked.

“Oh mother. for God’s sake. I see her hairy cunt all the time. She runs around the house with what she is wearing right now. Seldom has panties or DK’s on.” he replied.

Becky sipped her wine then took a drag off her cigarette. “Right now I need to piss again, but I think another glass of wine will make me want to go even more in a little bit. So John, would you pour me another glass please?”

We were interrupted by the door bell ringing. I was sure it was dinner, so I told them I would answer the door. I slipped on a robe and got my wallet so I could pay the delivery person. It was dinner, so I paid him and took it into the kitchen.

“Dinner is here.” I said. “Let everyone freshen their drinks and we will eat.”

Herb fixed he and Emmy another martini. Becky and her brother had a refill on the Zinfandel. I fixed another Manhattan and gave mother her third beer. We toasted each other again and I looked at Becky and she winked at me, as though she wanted to fuck me or something.

We fixed our plates, ate, and had some dessert. Emmy told us she was going to have another dessert a little later when she went to bed. She also let us know she needed to piss again too.

So we went out onto the side porch and the three women stood in a line, spread their legs and cunt lips and peed. Mother’s pee flew the farthest, but Emmy’s and Becky’s streams weren’t far behind.

“Don’t you guys need to piss too?” Becky asked. “If you do, I want to hold my brothers cock while he pisses.”

We stood in a line and began pissing. Becky aimed Christopher’s cock all over the place like she was watering the garden with it.

“Oh. That was so much fun.” she said when he finished. Herb and I finished and we all went back inside. It was getting late so Emmy said she and Christopher were going to bed. I looked at Becky and she looked at her daddy and they got up and left, hand in hand.

“I guess we get to go to bed tonight with each other.” I said to mother. That’s good, because I want to nurse your teats some more.”

“Well. You’re going to kartal escort do more than nurse my teats.” she said. “I need some of that McKenzie cock in my cunt, juicing me up.”

So, we went in her bedroom and got in bed. She opened the cup on her right teat and pulled my face to it.The nipple was big and fat and immediately leaked milk all over her teat. I latched on to it as quicly as possible and began nursing.

“Oh that feels so good.” she said. “I just want to you drink as much as you want. I’m such a cow these days with lactating and all.”

Down the hallway Becky says to her daddy. “Daddy. I just simply it when you fuck me with that fat prick of yours. I love feeling the foreskin going back when you stick it in my wet cunt and then when you blow your nuts off in my I’m in ecstasy, so get on top of me and slide it in nice and easy so I can enjoy it.”

“You’re just a little whore you bitch. I can’t believe you like having your daddy fuck you so often. Even your mother can’t believe it although she fucks your brother pretty regularly. She always wants to know what you do after I blast my nuts off inside you.

“What do you tell her daddy?” Becky asked.

“I tell her you want me to put a pair of black panties on you so all my juice can leak into them and make them wet.” I told her.

In the last bedroom Christopher is telling his mother he wants to eat her pussy before he fucks her.

Emmy tells him she wants him to suck her nipples first because her teats are heavy. She says to him “I wish I was lactating like Margaret then you would be able to have my milk.”

“Alright. I’ll nurse on your teats first, but then I’m going to give you another good fucking with my cock.” he tells his mother. With that he fastens his mouth on one of her elongated nipples and begins suckling her teat.

“Oh you motherfucker.” Emmy exclaims. “That feels so good when you nurse me.

Now I’m going to spread my legs and cunt lips open and I want you to shove that cock of your inside my cunt as far as you can.”

“You know I love to fuck you mommy.” Christopher told her. “You’ve got such a hairy cunt and I love the grey hair on your belly. You’ve also got a clit that looks like a small prick and I love to suck it. Becky’s clit is also quite long and can be sucked.”

“Do you ever suck Becky’s clit?” mommy asked him.

“Well. I have a few times, but she would rather get fucked, just like you do.” Christopher replied.

“But you love it when I piss all over your cock don’t you darling?” Emmy asked.

“Of course I do.” Christopher replied. “It is always so nice and warm when you piss all over it. Now spread your fucking legs so I can get my cock in your cunt.”

“Well. Slide that slender peter of yours in me and shoot your warm sperm filed semen all over the inside of my vagina darling. I may have an egg or two left and if you breed me, that would be just fine. I’d love to have your baby.” Emmy told her son.

Meanwhile Becky was stroking her daddy’s prick and said. “I’m going to spread my legs apart and I want you to push that cock of yours all the way inside my cunt. I want you to soak the inside of it with your warm sperm filled semen and breed me. You could not only be my father but the father of my child.”

“But Becky. Emmy would have a fit if I bred you and you had a baby with me as the father.” Herb told her.

“Fuck her daddy. What do you think she is telling Christopher right now? She’s telling him she has one or two eggs left that are fertile and she wants him to breed her.” Becky said. “Now get that hard uncut cock of yours inside me and fill me up. I’m ready to have an orgasm already.”

Herb mounted his daughter and slipped his long fat cock inside her vagina until he reached her cervix.

“That’s it daddy. Just let it lie there for a minute then give me a god fucking with that hard peter.” she told him.

Back in the bedroom with mother, I was still nursing her milk filled teats and stroking her fat cunt lips with my hand. I had her clitoris puffed up and hard and really wanted to quit nursing and get between her legs and suck on it.

“Mommy. I want to quit sucking your teats and get between your legs and suck your clit.” I told her.

“Well then. Let me hook my cups back up so I don’t leak milk all over the place and I’ll spread my legs and you can eat me and suck my engorged clit.” mother told me.

I moved between her legs, pushed them wide apart at the top of her thighs, spread her labial lips wide open, and put my face in her cunt. I found her quasi peter immediately and began sucking on it She went ballistic at once.

“You cunt licking motherfucker. Even your daddy doesn’t do that to me. He licks at it, but doesn’t suck it. It feels so good so don’t stop doing it. You’re making me climax again and again.” mommy said. “Now put that fine cock of yours in my wet cunt and breed me with it. Don’t pull your foreskin back. I want to feel it go back as you slide your cock inside me.”

Suddenly there was a loud squeal in the next bedroom and we heard Emmy say. “Oh Christopher, you’re such a motherfucker. You’ve filled me with so much of your warm semen I can feel it leaking out of my cunt already. Now just leave that long hard prick of yours in me and keep fucking me.”

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