Quick Flash – I May Need To Get Another JobPart 2


Katie,Last night was so frustrating! Jamal finished his last meeting and I waited around for him as he met with all the department heads. As he would pass by on his way to each department heads office, he would look at me and pout, as if to say, “Please get me away from these guys!”It was almost 7:30 and I couldn’t fake anymore work. You know how strict they have become about working overtime. I sent him a message that I had to leave and I gave him my number.I ran home and cleaned my apartment as fast as I could and ordered in some food. At 9:00 pm, he finally sent me a text that he was going to be leaving the office soon, but then at 9:20 he sent me another text that he had a flat tire. At 9:45 he said he couldn’t get the tire off of his car, and he was calling a tow truck. And then at 11:15 he sent another text and told me he was still waiting for the tow truck.I started to have doubts about all of the excuses, so I sent him a text and told him that he didn’t have to make anymore excuses. He didn’t have to come over if he didn’t want to, but I would appreciate some honesty.He sent back two pictures. One was of his flat tire, and the other was of the broken car lifter thingy. I felt really bad for doubting him.He then sent a few texts telling me he would love to grab the tire and put it in the stairwell, and then he said he would love to get his hands on the tire, and how badly he wanted to squeeze and spank the tire.At first, I thought the stress had gotten to him and maybe he was losing his mind! After I thought about it for a few minutes, I realized we were both on company phones and he was just being discreet. While I’m perfectly fine with losing my stupid job, I think he is definitely more concerned.Katie, that man has large hands and it felt great to have them all over my body. Mr. Asshole never touched me like that. Mr. A hardly touched me at all. I have no idea what I did, but after a few months he just stopped showing an interest. The funny thing is that I don’t even miss him. It has only been a few days, but I’m just so much happier without him. I should have taken your advice months ago.I was very tempted to Ankara bayan escort send Jamal a picture of my ass to remind him of the great view that he had in the stairwell. I even took the picture, but I couldn’t bring myself to send it. It is a company phone and if he wanted to be discreet, I could be discreet, but really the bottom line is that I really don’t know Jamal very well. I’ve only worked with him for six months and we had one brief encounter….but it was an intense, amazing encounter.At midnight, I sent him a text that I was tired and he should go home, and we could discuss the “forms” at the office. He protested for a while, but honestly, at that point I was too annoyed to have him over. So I went to bed alone…and very frustrated.So who knows what will happen. He looks really sexy today too. Since it is casual Friday, he wore loose fitting jeans and an over-sized baseball jersey. I smiled when I realized the shirt was really long…long enough to cover his crotch. I’m hoping that is the reason why he wore it…I know that is the reason why I wore my cute my tank top, the one that you always say shows my girls whenever I lean forward, and my A-Line skirt with the sexiest panties in my drawer. I was hoping Jamal would want another feel of my legs and hips again, but he has barely said a word to me today. Oh well, maybe it was just a one time thing.I wanted to ask you if you wanted to go to my sisters birthday party next Saturday. She is turning 21 so we were thinking of taking her to a few bars, and maybe even a club. She is a lightweight so I don’t know if she will even make it to the club but it should be a fun night. There are about twelve of us going. Some of her college friends and may-Look what I just received!__JAMAL S: Want to walk to the lobby? Usual route? 2 min?__Hell yes I do! He is talking about the stairwell! I’ll let you know what happens! Be right back!________________________________________________________________________________________________________Holy shit! Oh wow…My cheeks are still flushed and I’m still trying to slow down my heart rate. That was Escort bayan Ankara hot!My hands are still shaking but let me tell you what happened…He walked past my desk toward the door and I gave him a quick wink and pretended to keep working. I immediately had butterflies in my stomach as soon as I saw his eyes. After a few seconds, I started to gather some papers and headed for the copier room. On my way to the copier room, stupid Linda from accounting starting to ask me a bunch of questions about one of my accounts. I told her I needed to make copies and use the restroom and then I would stop by her desk and help her. I ditched her, cut through the copier room, and used the door there to get to the hallway. Jamal was just opening the door to the stairwell as I exited the copier room. As I walked to the stairwell, he held the door open for me and kept looking back and forth down the hall to make sure no one was coming.I quickly walked into the stairwell and down the stairs as he stayed behind to softly close the door. He closed it with a soft ‘click’.I walked down one floor and waited for him at the same door where we were yesterday. It seemed to work out well since it is an Exit Only door. It gives us a little time to escape without having to worry about anyone coming in .He quickly walked down the stairs, walked right up to me and gave me a really big hug. I wrapped my arms around him and we hugged tightly. My hands quickly slid down his back and I grabbed his ass. (It’s a delicious ass and I wanted him to know I was ready for some fun!) We both knew why we were in the stairwell, but I wanted Jamal to feel at ease and not worry that I was expecting something else.I spun around and put my back to him, just like yesterday. I reached out and put my hands over his large hands and I placed them on my stomach. The warmth of his hands gave me goosebumps. With my hands on his, I slowly slid them up my body until they were on top of my breasts, over my clothes. My nipples started getting harder than they already were when I felt how hot they were. He cupped my breasts in his hands Bayan escort Ankara and squeezed them softly. I let go of his hands and I slowly reached back and held his hips with my hands, and I pushed him back against him slowly until his back was up against the concrete wall. I then started to gyrate my hips and grind against him slowly.His breathing changed and his hands squeezed my breasts a little tighter. I could feel his cock quickly growing and it started to rub against my ass. I just kept shifting my hips so I could keep rubbing it with my ass as much as possible. I was getting so hot knowing I was turning him on and I was making him so hard.His hand started to slide down my stomach to my pussy, but I grabbed his wrist and turned around quickly.Whispering, I said, “Yesterday was my day, today is your day.”I winked and then I grabbed his pants and I unbuttoned the top button of his jeans and I slowly slid my hand down his pants as I put my left arm around him and pulled him close to me. I moved a little to my left and he put his right arm around me. He pulled his pants down as far as he could with his left thumb so I could get easier access.My fingertips quickly found his hot cock but I slowly wrapped my fingers around it. The heat was intense on my palm. I leaned my head forward and rested my head on his chest as I slowly started to stroke him. He leaned his head against mine as he let out a quiet moan. He then pulled me close and-KACHUNKShit! Someone’s entered the stairwell, but we could tell it was many floors above us. We stood there, motionless, as the footsteps stomped hard on each step. Thankfully, they were going up. I started to stroke him again, as slowly and carefully as I could as we listened to the footsteps, and then-KACHUNKSilence. We were once again alone in the stairwell. I slowly pulled my hands out of his pants and took a step back and fanned myself. The stairwells are not air conditioned so I was starting to sweat like crazy and I could tell my face was red. Jamal took a step forward, but I pushed him back with both hands on his chest until his back was against the wall. I then took a step back and grabbed the bottom of my shirt with both hands, I pulled it up slowly, and then I grabbed the bottom of my bra, and pulled it up over my breasts, letting them fall free, exposing them to Jamal.I’ve always been proud of my breasts but I still had to smile when his eyes opened wide and again tried to step forward.

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