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Quick FuckWe were dying to see each other. All week long, the texts kept going between us. “I need you” “I want you” “I miss you terribly” “Three more days” “Two more days” “I need to fuck you” “I can’t wait”. The anticipation and the waiting was driving us insane. Being married to other people causes complications. We have to plan carefully and be alert to our surroundings. On Thursday night, my plans to get away fell through. I scrambled to come up with an alternate plan. Not seeing him wasn’t an option. I not only wanted him, I NEEDED him. We had to alter our plans just a bit and get a hotel room Friday evening for a few hours, which we both gladly did. He was in the room waiting on me and telling me to hurry when I was headed his way. I had a small memorial service I had just came from attending, which gave me the perfect opportunity to show up in something he would love. I had on a very conservative silk dress. However, I was also in high heel black boots, a black and white lace pinstripe bra, and thigh high black pantyhose with a garter and lace thongs attached. By the time I got dressed, I could feel my moisture already soaking through my panties. He was going to love it. And what he loves turns me on. As I entered the hotel room, he was so fixated on touching my red hair, my lips, wrapping his arms around me, that he didn’t even notice my boots! The intensity in the room, the passion in his eyes, his deep stare, it set the tone for a very hot encounter. I sat down on the end of the bed, legs slightly apart, as he knelt in front of me on his knees. His tongue invaded my mouth and we kissed eagerly and deeply. His soft hands cupped my cheeks as to say this is the only place on earth he wanted to be. As he lowered his hands to my neck, then my waist, then made his way to my thighs, he caught a glimpse of what was under my dress. He had a very lustful look in his eyes and a smile on his face like a k** in a candy store. I slid my dress up just a hint more, and his hands were soon all over my thighs. He also then noticed the boots. I stood up and pulled my dress over my head, throwing it onto the floor. As we started to kiss and touch again, the level of intensity and urgency had picked up. He was admiring all of the goodies and touching them all. I reached between his legs and his rock hard cock was twitching ready to play with me. I made him raise up with me sitting in front of him so I could get my lips on that luscious cock I love so much. I caressed his balls and sucked the head of his cock, teasing it and flicking it with my tongue, before I began to work my lips down the shaft. I could feel his heartbeat in his cock. His fingers squeezed my hair in approval and as the head of his manhood tickled my throat, his body shuddered with the feeling of my whole mouth taking in his entire length. I produce a liquid in my throat when I give an oral favor. It’s not saliva, but a much thicker, slippier substance that comes from me getting aroused. It has a salty taste and I produce so much of it, that it will completely coat his cock and balls and ooze down below his balls. He loves that. I pumped his cock with my lips and my mouth and my throat, but only for a minute. I needed that cock inside of me. I was going to explode if I didn’t let him fuck me. I flipped over on the bed and stuck my ass in the air and begged him to fuck me while I was on my hands and knees. He slipped my thong to the side, and with hose and boots, and sexy bra still on, he wasted no time putting that cock where I needed it. Wave after wave of pleasure went through every fiber of my body as he slid inside my eager, wet pussy. He grinded his hips into mine as he went as deep as he could. His cock is such a perfect fit for me. He hits all the erotic spots I have. He spread my ass cheeks open so he could get a good view of him sliding in and out. He picked up güvenilir bahis the pace and fucked me harder and harder and I wanted it even harder, so I bucked my body back and forth and fucked that cock for him and slammed my body back on his cock as hard and as fast as I could. I love a slow gentle fuck just as much as the next girl, but a hard, fast, raw fucking session is what I love more than anything. As he has learned, the harder the better. I tell him all the time he can fuck me anyway possible, anywhere. And he can fuck me as hard as he can possibly fuck me. I love it…He moved me up the bed and had me lay down so he could once again take in the view. I could feel the hottness and the wetness between my legs. My clit was pulsating wanting him. I moved my panties to the side and let him take a look at what was waiting for him. God, I needed him to fuck me more. His fingers touched my pussy and he moaned in pleasure at the feeling. He brought his finger to his lips and sucked my hot, sweet juices off his finger. I needed to taste too. I ran my tongue inside his mouth with his finger still there. I could taste my juices all over his mouth. As I lay back again, he moved on top of me and began a slow, erotic, deep fuck session that had us both wrapped in each other’s arms, looking deep into each other’s eyes, and fucking each other with our bodies and our hearts. He wanted me so bad. He held me tight and kissed me deeply and never took his eyes off of me. His lustful stare and hearing him say “I love you” makes my body shudder from deep inside. I spread my legs wide as to say please go deeper. I wrapped my hands around his head and we loved each other and fucked each other passionately at the same time. The words we mutter to each other are so taboo, but so honest. Our spouses don’t fuck us like this, nor do they love us like this either. What Mike and I give one another is physical and emotional needs that we feel on a level we never knew existed. Fucking in itself is hot. But fucking someone you have a burning passion for is so much hotter. He began to increase his pace and pant more than breath. He rocked me all over the bed and fucked me with gusto. I loved it. But I knew he had to kiss my pussy. I knew he wanted to lick me and lap at my snatch badly. So he f***ed himself to stop, and worked down my body, kissing and licking and sucking all the way down. The instant his tongue touched my sensitive clit, I felt electricity throughout my body. I almost instantly came he had me so worked up from the fucking. As he settled his face in on my pussy, the waves built high and I shook all over and began cumming all over his mouth, over and over. My body tightened and as each orgasm came over me, it was just as intense as the first one. He has such an expert tongue. He brings me to the brink of orgasm sometimes and then stops. I have to grab his head and grind my pussy on his face as to say please keep going! He couldn’t stand it any longer. After pleasuring me over and over, he moved up again and began a feverish pace of making love to me. As he fucked me and fucked me, I felt an orgasm build from a different spot deep inside of me. I spread my legs further and grabbed his ass in approval of the pounding he was giving me. I said please keep fucking me. I asked him if he fucking liked it. If he fucking wanted more. I told him to fuck me hard and cum inside my pussy. I told him to keep going. Fuck yes. Don’t stop. Please cum for me. Give it to me baby. As my words got filthier and my orgasm got closer, I clinched my pussy around his cock and he moaned as he felt me tighten up around him. I started cumming and moaning and begging for more. God, it felt incredible. He was pounding me hard and I could feel his body stiffen tighter. Knowing he was going to cum in my pussy sent me into another orgasm I couldn’t believe was so intense. türkçe bahis I had to bite my lip as to not scream in pleasure. Slamming inside of me over and over, he finally began cumming deep inside of me. His heart was pounding and his breathing labored as we came almost simultaneously. He shot a huge load deep inside of me and he loved it. God, I have never been fucked with such vigor in my life. It was missionary position sex and it was the hottest thing ever. Who knew it could be that fucking good? As he lay there, panting and sweating in the afterglow, and trying to recoup, I knew where his dirty, adventurous little mind was going. And I knew right where his mouth was going too…He worked down my body, which was still twitching from the hard, fantastic pounding I had just received. My cum and his cum had filled my hot pussy and I could feel it trickling down to my puckered little ass. He wanted to taste it and to lap it all up vigorously. I spread my legs in approval and let him bury his face in my drenched pussy. His tongue worked up to my clit and all the way to my ass, tasting and licking every drop of cum from the both of us. His tongue settled in on my clit again and sent me on another wave of orgasms that rocked my body over and over. He generously kept licking my cum up for me. I needed to kiss him now. I needed to swirl my tongue in his cum and my cum and taste it and smell the aroma of the two of us. We kissed deeply and held each other and cuddled for some time after. We had another intense, hardcore fuck session as soon as we were both up for it. The fucking, touching, kissing, kept going on for quite awhile, as did my orgasms. I had already lost count as to how many he had managed out of me, and the night was still young. We left the hotel and grabbed a bite to eat and headed to my house. He loves fucking me in my marriage bed. A little food, a little alcohol, a little rest, and we were soon back at it. Clothes were back off, the touching and the petting and the kissing started all over again. As we began fucking intensely and roughly once more, I came hard again as he gave it to me so good and so deep and hard. All the soft, sensual lovemaking was out the window. This was raw, hot, hard fucking. He’s never fucked me with such intensity that much and I loved it. He obviously was loving it too cause before long, his orgasm was building again too. He kept slamming that cock into me and I begged him to please cum for me again. Give me more cum baby. I want it. And he obliged. He began to shudder and shake and let out moans of pleasure like never before and I loved the feeling of his cock jerking and squirting inside of me deep. He had to literally collapse after another fuck session like that. But we were by no means done. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We touched and teased and kissed each other, and began all over again. With his cum and my cum coating my pussy again, he had me lay down and spread my legs so he could enjoy touching me. I rested my hand on his and urged his finger inside my dripping hole. He moaned as he felt the inside of me and the wetness. He worked two fingers in and slowly finger fucked me. I felt an eerie, strange sensation work over me as I knew what he wanted to do to me. I was a little scared, but I spread open wide for him as he worked in his third finger in my very tight pussy. The finger fucking and the finger massaging kept on until he got four fingers inside of me. It was pressure, and a little pain, but my mind raced at the odd pleasure I felt too. He was watching his fingers slide inside of me and he had this look of desire and lust and just naughtiness that he wanted so bad to shove his whole fist inside of me. As four fingers and part of his thumb spread my pussy open, he pressed gently. The pressure intensified. I was afraid he was going to split me open with his güvenilir bahis siteleri hand. But I trusted him. And as badly as he wanted to make it work, he would never hurt me, unless I asked him to. He gently pressed and massaged my tight snatch around his fingers and got to his knuckles. The pressure was more pain than anything now, and he could feel me tense. So he stopped his pursuit of giving me his fist inside my obviously tight, inexperienced pussy. But my juices were flowing from trying…With his second load of cum deposited inside of me, I couldn’t help but take his cock in my mouth again. And surprisingly, in very little time, his cock was hard again. I wrapped my lips around his cock and worked my mouth all up and down it. I had him lay down and I slinked across the bed and turned my body on top of his as I positioned my mouth once again on his cock and gave his mouth access to my dripping pussy full of mixed cum. We got into a very hot 69 and fucked each other intently with our mouths. From this angle, and with his cock hard again, I realized I had the perfect access to bury his whole cock deep in my throat. Deeper than ever actually. I pressed my head down over his cock, and it hit the back of my throat. I had to relax my muscles, and pushed harder, allowing his cock access to be deep down my throat. Mike jumped at the feeling and let out some incoherent words. I heard things like “Oh fuck” “damn” “oh that’s fucking deep” several times. I began rocking my whole body back and forth as I fucked his cock with my mouth and he fucked my pussy with his tongue. It was great. This whole night had been a fucking session like we have never fucked. It was harder, deeper, more intense, and more of it than we had ever done. We were both spent. We had fucked for hours and hours and a little rest was needed on our part, for sure. I awoke in a few hours to find Mike hard, groping me, and wanting to kiss me. What a nice surprise to wake up to. There was some more intense oral sex, some pics, some naughty fun, and believe it or not, another over the top hard fucking session. We couldn’t fuck each other enough during this little outting. I came over and over again and he reached deep within himself and fucked me with such passion and such vigor that he worked himself into a fucking frenzy. I grabbed his ass and dug my long, red nails into him, gesturing for him to keep fucking me. I ran my nails up and down his back hard and begged him to cum for me again. I told him he better cum for me. I wanted it. I spread his asscheeks wide with my nails digging into him, pulling that cock as deep as it would go inside of me. Before long, I was screaming in pleasure as I began to cum. It was long and hard and I couldn’t believe how good it fucking felt. I yelled for him to keep going. Keep fucking me. I asked him if he wanted to cum for me. I begged him to give it to me with clinched jaws as my body began to build another orgasm. I told him don’t stop. Fuck me. Make it feel good. I screamed again as his cock rubbed me so good and hard and put me over the top again. I clinched my pussy around his cock and dug my nails in his ass again and told him again to keep fucking me. Give it to me baby. He was fucking so hard and so deep and fast like never before. He pounded me like a slut and this slut loved it. He held my shoulders down with his arms as to get in even deeper. The sweat was pouring off both of us. He wasn’t stopping until he shot his load inside me again. Harder and deeper he went again. I pulled him inside of me and said again to keep going. Keep giving it to me. Come on baby. Fuck me. I wanted more cum from him. And just when I thought he couldn’t possibly keep up that fucking pace anymore, I felt his body stiffen, he threw his head back, and he slammed that cock deep in me just as he cum. It was incredible, for both of us. Needless to say, there was cum all over the bed, down the sides, and all over us. We can’t wait to try and top this experience next time. We have so many more things we want to experiment with and try, but the fucking just got in the way this time 😉

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