Race Play Ch. 10


The city of Buffalo in New York is my new hunting ground. My name is Danica White and I’m a six-foot-tall, red-haired and green-eyed, voluptuous and big-bottomed white woman living in the big city. I’m a professor of criminal justice at the local community college. And I’m also openly lesbian. I like the ladies. Especially the black ladies. It’s just the way your favorite Irish lesbian gets down.

In my personal life, I’m into all kinds of kink. Race play and interracial lesbian BDSM are my favorite kinks. That’s why I’m having fun with this tall, curvy black woman named Victoria Hawks. She’s a student of mine at the local community college. And we’re into the same thing. Victoria Hawks is that rarest of black lesbians who enjoys being sexually dominated by white women. Since that’s right up my alley, I agreed to dominate her.

Presently, Victoria is kneeling before me just like the slave she is. My black female slave. I am enjoying this so much it’s not even funny. I love dominating black women. Especially those sassy black women of the inner city. They’re quite a challenge even for the most seasoned dominant. And I do enjoy playing the role of the dominant white mistress who tames the unruly black woman. It’s sexually stimulating.

Victoria escort bahçelievler looks at me adoringly with her lovely brown eyes. I smack her hard across the face. Why? Simply because I can. I am her mistress and she is my slave. My black female slave. I order her to lick my toes and she obediently begins to suck on them as if her life depended on it. And of course it does. I own her. She is my fuck toy. That’s exactly what I bought her for. I let Victoria know what she was in for from the beginning and neither of us ever breaks character. I own her and she is my own personal bitch.

As Victoria obediently licks my toes, I feel a sexual thrill deep inside my pussy. I love dominating sassy black women. I love to bring them to their knees. I love to boss them around and make them obey me. Victoria is really into this race play stuff. She tells me that lots of butch black women in the lesbian world have deeply hidden submissive tendencies. And Victoria chose to explore her submissive tendencies with me. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. To find a willing black woman who actually gets off on being dominated by white women. It’s simply wonderful. I am really lucky.

A lot of women escort balgat in the lesbian world are into race play. Black women. Asian women. White women. Hispanic women. Middle-Eastern women. Native American women. Some of them are deeply submissive and others are actually dominant. I guess it depends on the person and what they are into. I am a dominant. I get off on dominating other women. While I love race play, I am not restricted to it. I’ve been known to dominate other White women as well as women of other races. Simply put, I love to dominate. I don’t really care who it is I’m dominating. It’s just the way I get down.

After Victoria finished pleasuring me, I took her on the ride of her life. I absolutely love to sensually torture my black female submissives. They are so much more fun to dominate than other women. Black women are sexier, feistier and tougher. They’re also harder to break down. I took out my belt and punished her big black ass for being so damn tempting. I whipped her and whipped her good. Victoria yelped as she felt my belt hitting her big black ass. I loved the way her big ass bounced under the force of my belt’s wonderful hits. Oh, man. I absolutely loved it. It was excellent. Victoria’s screams escort batıkent of pain were the most delightful of music to my ears. I had fun whipping the strong and intelligent, college-educated, modern black woman who agreed to become my black female slave.

After whipping Victoria’s big sexy black ass, I took out my dildos and decided to fuck her. I ordered her to lie on her back and to spread her thick, sexy legs. I thrust a six-inch dildo into her pussy. Victoria gasped as my dildo penetrated her pussy. I laughed and spread her plump ass cheeks wide open. I pressed another dildo against her asshole and shoved it inside. I love fucking strong black women in the ass. My way of fucking the sass out of their truly sexy asses. Black women are sexy but many of them need to be tamed. And this dominant white lesbian was definitely the right woman for the job. I shoved my dildos deep into Victoria’s pussy and asshole. She screamed wildly as she got double fucked. I loved the sounds she made. As I fucked her, I asked her how a strong black woman felt about being fucked by a bossy white mama. Victoria shouted that she loved it, then she begged me for more.

I fucked Victoria’s pussy and ass until she cried and begged for mercy. Afterwards, she knelt before me and admitted that I was her dominant white goddess. Henceforth, she would be my very willing black female slave. In the bedroom of course. We’re both strong women of the world. Hard-working professionals. I respect her achievements. In the bedroom, she’s my bitch. End of story.

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