Rainy Afternoon


Rainy Afternoon[ For something different. Taking inspiration from something that happened, for real, way back in 1983; during the declining days of my first, and very unhappy marriage. This one is dedicated to the memory of Marvin, who was the first guy to ever suck my cock! Thanks for the memories, Marvin! You have NOT been forgotten! ]The slightly musty smell of a dank basement under an older house…that’s a smell that summons up for me the type of location where I got my very first blow job.It was summer. 1983. It had been a steamy-jungle-of-a-summer that year, if memory serves me right. I’d been laid off from a job I’d had for a while, and to make an income so that I could pay my rent, and buy groceries, and gas for my car, I started painting peoples homes. I didn’t mind doing that, except that summer the humidity was intense; but, I needed the money, so I just kept at it no matter what.I need to mention that my first wife and I were separated, by mutual agreement. We’d never had a great marriage. What I remember most were the frequent arguments she and I had, over the slightest thing; and it became more like with time. So, in a way, when she and I separated, I felt kind of relieved. I wasn’t eager to get divorced; or, not at that time, at least, though that would change as that summer came to an end.Something I’d never done before then was to go to adult bookstores; but as our separation went on, I got curious about what they might be like. I had a number of Penthouse magazines, and others like it, that I’d bought here and there at different convenience stores around town, so I decided that since my wife and were separated, why not check a few of them out; and that’s what I did.The effect they had on me was to stimulate my feelings of horny-ness all the more! Though I’d never thought of myself as gay (and I’d never heard of the term ‘bisexual’ at that point in my life), I found myself intrigued, or curious, about what that might entail; and so one day, on a whim, I rented a gay porn video tape and watched some of it in a booth for viewing videos in te back of the store.I watched maybe only twenty minuets of it, but I remember how strangely—‘excited’, güvenilir bahis and sexually provoked I was when I left the store. I went home and jerked off. A couple of weeks later, I began painting another residence, and this time for an older guy by the name of Marvin (he was probably around sixty, or so). I was twenty four. I put in a lot of time scr****g and preparing his house. It took almost as long to paint it as it had to get it ready to be painted.One day, as I was scr****g the last wall of his house (I’d painted the other three), Marvin came out of the house with a glass of iced tea, and offered it to me. I was thirsty, and I gladly accepted it. We stood in the shadow chatting about how good the house was looking, and the weather, and things like that. But there was something else that I sensed. Though friendly Marvin was, there was a sort of subtext to it, and there was something erotic to it. At first I ignored it. But then one day, just as I was about to finish up with the last small touches and details, Marvin ‘made his move.’He asked me if I’d be interested in making a little extra money? His words were: “You interested in making a little extra cash?””Sure,” I replied.He hesitated, as if not quite sure if he should go any further with what he had been going to say to me; but then he just came out with it: “Your a very good looking young guy. I like good looking young guys and I’d be willing to pay you—say, twenty extra dollars, if you let me suck your cock.” No one had ever said anything like to me before. It was kind of a risky thing to ask someone you didn’t really know how they would react, but I surprised us both by saying I’d be willing to earn that extra cash like that!Immediately, he smiled.”Good!” He replied. “I’d hoped you might say that. When your done here, come on in through the back door and I’ll get you your money for the paint job, and…the rest of it,” and he turned and went back inside the house again.When I was inside, he handed me the remaining cash for doing the paint work.”Come on down to the basement,” he said, as he started descending the narrow wooden steps; and, as kind of crazy as it might sound güvenilir bahis siteleri looking back on it now, I followed him.He switched on the lights as he got to the bottom of the steps, and I could tell the basement was unfinished; with cement foundation walls and a cement floor. As I stepped off the bottom step and onto the floor, that slightly dank, musty smell of old house basements, greeted my nostrils.There were some boxes, and other unrecognizable stuff stacked against the walls. It was asmall basement. Not as big as the over all size of the house above. A partial basement, they would say. Completing the rest of the clutter was a washing machine and a drier, both looking pretty old. The ‘ambience’ was anything but inviting, and yet, just as it had been at the adult bookstores I’d been to, there was that very similar sort of atmosphere; and, though it may sound strange, I found it more than a little erotically compelling!I wasn’t sure just what to do, but Marvin had, apparently, done this sort of thing before me; and he drew up an old, beat up wooden chair and sat down; and then he had me get my cock out and come up close to where he sat waiting.I confess that I was both nervous, as well as a slight bit scared, but I was also starting to feel excited! However, having watched that gay porn video several weeks earlier, I could picture what was about to occur between us; and that made my cock get hard.Marvin, without saying a word, put one hand between my legs and gently took hold of my balls, and with the other, he guided my cock into his open mouth; and that, as they say, is how that began. His mouth was just as warm, and wet, as my estranged wive’s pussy had ever been; and yet, he seemed to move it around in such a way that I really liked it; and it didn’t take long before was about to ‘blow my wad’, as it was said back in those days!I wasn’t sure if I should just go ahead and come without telling him, so I warned him, in case he didn’t want that, but it became apparent that this was exactly what he wanted me to do; and so I did not disappoint him! When I came, it was the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced before; and though iddaa siteleri that surprised, it also was a very, very nice one; and, what was even more surprising (and pleasing) was that Marvin swallowed every last drop of cum I had. The whole experience, though somewhat risky, had ended up one of the most pleasurable ones I’d ever had. To say the least, I liked it very much!It took me a moment or so to ‘recover’ from the powerful effect of such an orgasm. But, as I took a piece of paper towel Marvin had handed me, and cleaned up a little, he complimented me, profusely, on what a nice cock I had, and especially what a nice big load I’d had; and though flattered, on the one hand, on the other, it felt slightly weird.He handed me the extra $20.00 he had promised me for letting him suck my cock. He did so with a friendly, and reassuring smile.”I’m serious,” he said. “THAT was a really NICE load you just had. And I appreciate very much you giving that to me. Really. Thank you!”I said something like ‘Your welcome.'”Well,” he said, smiling, “It’s YOU that is owed the thanks!”I finished zipping up my fly, and then we went back upstairs. As I led the way, I had the feeling that Marvin was eyeing my ass as he followed me.It was a slightly strange feeling, but I also kind of liked it. He’d treated me as something very special, and that felt good. My estranged wife at the time certainly didn’t treat me that way!Before I left through the back door, Marvin thanked me once again for allowing him to suck my cock. “If,” he said, “you ever want to drop by again…I’d be more than happy to suck you off again. I’m just saying. Keep it in mind. You never know, you just might need another good draining! And I’m here to do it!” He smiled again. He even ran his hand, lightly and gently, between my crotch.”You’ve got a really NICE cock,” was all he said, and then, stepping back, I thanked him, once again, for the equally nice blow job.”MY pleasure!” He said grinning. “And yours too, so it would seem!” It most certainly had been, and that was not the last time that Marvin took a load of sperm from my balls! In fact, he did so quite a number of other times.So, every time I catch a whiff of that stale, dank, musty basement aroma, I cannot help but remember 1983, and that basement where Marvin became the first man to ever suck my cock! Aromas, so they say, can be the biggest, and most powerful ‘triggers’ to memory.The End

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