Subject: Rainy Day Fun With Dad – Part 2 Rainy Day Fun with Dad — Pt 2 I sat there motionless, staring up into my father’s sexy, brown eyes. His hot, salty cum had filled my mouth. He gently caressed he back of my head and smiled as I slowly swallowed the massive load, savoring its musky saltiness. “Good boy,” he had told me. “You like Daddy’s cum?” “Yes, Daddy,” I managed. I grabbed my throbbing cock. I was just going get off real quick looking at his still hard big, hairy cock in my face, but Daddy had other plans. “Let’s go to my room,” he said, grabbing me under the arms and pulling me up to my feet. He put his strong, rough hands on my shoulders and guided me across the kitchen of our small home to his room. It was dark and cozy. I loved Daddy’s room and sometimes would jack off in his bed when he wasn’t home. It smelled like a man, a little musky mixed with cheap aftershave and the scent of night after night drinking beer. His jeans and work shirts were in a pile in the corner. There were work boots and cowboy boots lined up along the wall. That’s all Daddy ever wore. Near the door was a hamper where I’d find my treasure when in there alone jacking it…Daddy’s dirty underwear. I’d put a pair in my mouth, sucking on the cum and piss stains while I whacked off, and another pair over my face to capture the scent of him. It always sent me over the edge. This time, though, I had the real thing. Daddy had put me on the edge of the bed and was down on his knees slowly stroking my cock. Just like him, I was oozing pre-cum. He grabbed my 6″ boner at the base and waved it back and forth to harden me as much as possible. The precum slid down my shaft and he chased it with his long, hot, wet tongue. He knew I was about to explode, but he also seemed to want his to last as long as possible. Like me, Daddy couldn’t resist sucking dick. Having a hard cock in your hand just naturally makes your mouth water. He opened wide and it felt like he was swallowing me whole. I his bald head moving up and down, silhouetted in the darkness. I felt his hot mouth moving up and down on my cock. It was heaven. His patented tongue moves felt so good I literally panted and gasped for air. And the next thing I know, I felt the most powerful orgasm of my life thundering up from my ass and balls. I shook all over and cried out in ecstasy. My hips rose up off the bed and I felt the tip of my cock lodging in Daddy’s throat, pulsing wildly as I shot my second load of the day. Dad swallowed hard a few times and looked up at me. “Damn son, that was quite a load. Proud of you. Get on up there, let’s have some cuddle time.” I wanted nothing more than just that. I wiggled up to the top of the bed. Dad reached over me to get a pillow and for a half second, I had gaziantep escort his thick, hairy armpit inches from my face. The dark hair there had always fascinated. I could smell its musky dampness, brought on by a morning of hot sex. I wanted to lick it clean, but I wasn’t sure how Daddy would feel about that. Later on, would find out how wrong I was to think Dad had any compunctions about me licking any part of his body! Resting next to him, he reached over for me and pulled me to him. I curled my body around his. His hairy chest invited me to rest my hand there, gently stroking and playing with his manly fur. “Son, this has to stay our secret, you know that, right?” “Yes, Dad.” “But I could tell you wanted it as much as I did.” “Maybe more,” I said with a laugh. He was silent. A wave of fear rushed over me. Was I supposed to say that? Then the mature bear chuckled. He squeezed me with his powerful arm, pushing me into his fur. I breathed in deeply and caught the scent of him. I wanted to drink it in forever. “So what all you do with boys. I assume you have only been with boys, right?” “Yes, Dad. You’re my first real man,” I said in as assuring of a tone as possible. “Just jacking together and some sucking. I want to learn everything, though.” “You been watching some pretty kinky shit on the internet, son.” So, Dad DID see my browser video! My secret was out now. I felt relieved and a little scared all at the same time. “A lot of those clips were where the Dad fucks the son’s ass. I think you want that pretty bad, don’t you?” “Uh…yeah…if it doesn’t hurt too much,” I managed. “Oh, I know how to get you used to it. You got to take certain steps and you got to take your time. Honestly, the best way to be a good bottom is to learn how to top first,” Dad said. “You think you might want to fuck your old man’s hairy ass?” I thought for a moment. It had never occurred to me that Dad might bottom for me. None of the videos I had seen had a younger top fucking an older bottom. I had always assumed it had to be the other way around. I told Dad that, and he explained that lots of men are “versatile” and like assuming either role on occasion. “Once you get used to it, getting fucked feels amazing. And topping a hot ass? Hell, it’s the best as far as I am concerned.” We headed for the tiny bathroom. In the closet was an old douche kit. I had never really known what it was for or why it was there. But after some private bathroom time on my own, Dad showed me how to fill it and use it to get me all cleaned out. “I do this every day after I shit in the morning and I put some lube in there. You never know what might happen and it feels good to be as clean and fresh back there as possible no matter what the day brings.” suriyeli escort Freshly showered and cleaned from the inside out, we headed back to his bedroom. He opened the closet, pulled out a small bag and unzipped it. I had never seen the bag before, mostly because I was afraid to go nosing around in the old man’s stuff. Later, I learned that he usually kept it hidden in a loose floorboard, along with some leather gear that until now, he didn’t want me to see. “From now on, no more secrets,” he said. “When we’re alone we’re two men who aren’t afraid to have fun with each other and enjoy one another’s bodies. I love you son,” Dad said, rubbing my head. He pulled out a dildo, some butt plugs and a big bottle of lube. I only knew what everything was from clicking on a Ft. Troff ad I had seen when watching daddy-son clips. That site had so many awesome videos of dudes trying out all the gear. Loved it! Daddy bent over and exposed his hairy crack. “It’s clean. You want to rim it, go ahead, or you can rub some spit or lube in there. That’s how a top always starts a good ass fuck.” I couldn’t wait to stick my tongue in the old man’s ass. I knew from looking in the mirror that my hole was round. His opened more vertically, almost like a cunt. It practically invited me to spread it and reveal the bright pink inner lining. It was hot and moist. I loved how musky and many he smelled as I lovingly licked and explored his ass hole with my tongue, keeping it pointed just as he told me. “Oh, fuck yeah, boy. Your little tongue feels so good on Daddy’s hole.” I lovingly caressed his low hanging balls, which hung like a bull’s sack between his legs. After several minutes of eating his ass, I shifted to licking his bag and feeling the weight of his nuts on my face. Then I went back to his hole and plunged my tongue straight in. “Oh fuck…yeah…yeah!” Daddy groaned and chuckled under his breath. “You sure you’ve only seen this done on video?” “Yes, Daddy,” I said. I spread his ass wide and gathered up all the saliva in my mouth I could and spit it inside his hole. I let it sink into him, then I plunged my tongue back in. He groaned and growled like a bear in heat. Following his instructions, I inserted one, then two curious fingers up my old man’s hairy hole. It took a moment to figure out what he had been talking about, but I found his hard, round prostate and gently massaged it. The old man almost hit the ceiling. “That’s it, boy…That’s it…. oh, fuck that feel’s good.” My cock was so hard I thought the purple-red head of it would burst. It was as erect as I ever get, rising up parallel to my body. I stroked it a few times and thought I had somehow shot off there was so much clear pre-cum oozing rus escort from the head. “You ready, Daddy?” I asked? “Yeah, son. Go for the lube.” He had told me to hold off on lubing his ass or my cock until I was done rimming. I carefully lubed the old man’s hole. Inserting fingers deep inside him to work the lube in as far as I could. I lubed my cock, too just as he showed me. Daddy was on all fours. I slowly mounted him, inserting the tip of my rock-hard boner into his cunt-like asshole. It felt so hot and good. I slid easily into him. Just as Daddy had told me, I paused with a third of my meat buried inside him. “That’s it boy, let me get used to that cock in me,” Dad said. When I felt his inner sphincter muscle relax, I eased my hips forward slowly. Now the top third of my cock was deep inside his ass. I paused again for him to accept me. After a few seconds, feeling him relax even more, I eased forward and felt my pubes and balls against his hot, hairy round ass cheeks. “Yeah, boy! Now fuck your Daddy!” I eased back out and felt his butthole grab my cock and almost pull me back in. It was heaven. I had fucked a girl just a few weeks ago. Her sloppy wet pussy was nothing like the hot, muscular grip of my own Dad’s ass. I knew right then I would always want to fuck ass, not cunt. I slowly picked up the pace. He seemed to be loving it, arching his back to get more and more of my young cock inside him. I felt like could cum at any minute, but I also felt a sense of power and control. It was heaven. “Fuck me as hard as you can, boy!” Daddy yelled. Just then the rain picked up outside. It was a wild, chaotic moment. Daddy rocking back and forth, me thrusting him like a horse in heat, my balls slapping against his ass cheeks. In one thrust, I found the advantage of fucking a fur-lined hole. Daddy’s coarse crack hair felt like heaven on my cock head as I pulled out and plunged back in again. The contrast between the roughness of the butt hair and the smoothness of his inner ass was getting me off. I wouldn’t last much longer. I pounded and pounded, and the old man was taking it. Sweat poured from my head and down my neck. I raised an arm to wipe it away and smelled my own man scent rising from my armpits. I felt like a total stud in that moment, owning my father’s ass. With that, I plunged into him and let go. I felt my dick pulse and fill the old man’s butt with my jizz. I let it finish pulsing and even shrink a bit before withdrawing. My cock head was still red. A tiny river of my white jizz followed my cock out of him and flowed down his balls. “Damn, son. That was fucking amazing.” Daddy pulled me to his bearded face and thrust is tongue in my mouth. We kissed for several long minutes. “Next time, it’s your ass,” he said. “Hell, yeah Daddy,” I answered. The rain poured on making white noise throughout our dimly lit, small home. It a was cozy and perfect setting for two lovers. I knew we’d be spending the rest of the day naked with one another, and I couldn’t have been happier.

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