Subject: Raising Boys 38 Thanks for all your responses to this story. Comments, questions or even criticism are always welcome at hoo Please remember that Nifty needs our donations to continue to provide these wonderful fty/donate.html RAISING BOYS 38 We all took quick showers and dressed again. We had time to grab a quick lunch before taking our Casper back to school. I took him to the office and checked him in and said good bye with a sweet hug. When I got back to the car, Sam was chatting with Gil. I had seen them exchange a quick kiss before they saw me. I liked that. When Sam saw me, she came in and hugged me. “How’s my handsome ginger god?” she asked. “Hardly a god, but if you’re asking about me, I’m great.” I said. “Dr. Goldman said everything looked good and released him.” “You guys will never know how much I appreciate you taking him for me. What guy wants to admit tearing his willy while masturbating to his mother?” she asked. “I’d rather have been shot in the brain myself,” Gil said, as we shared a laugh. “Rob,” she began, “Do you have any more free time? I’d love for us to run by Jack’s home and discuss a few things if you can.” “I’m yours, gorgeous,” I said, “for as long as you want me. Seriously, I’m free till time to pick up my boys. I need to check on the construction guys.” “What construction are you having done?” she asked. I explained my project and she was excited. “Your boys are so lucky,” she said. “It’s a beautiful thing to see.” “Why don’t I take your car?” Gil asked her. “You can ride with my buddy and he can drop you at the office or you guys can call me and I’ll come and get you.” “That sounds like a great plan,” she said. “Thank you, darling.” “Darling?” I teased. Gil blushed lightly. “Don’t you go teasing him, ginger boy,” she said. “It’s early and we’re just letting things go where they will. It’s your fault for putting such a handsome, sexy guy in my path.” “He is all of that,” I agreed. I gave him a good bye hug and a peck on the cheek. She gave him a kiss on the mouth. I was loving that they were getting along so well, wherever it might lead. After we got in the car, she was actually humming. “My God,” she said, “he is really a beautiful man.” “Gil is beautiful inside and out,” I said. “I’m privileged to have him as a friend. He’s very smart, he’s trying very hard with his girls, and I wish you could see him with the fraternity guys. He relates to each of them and they are all crazy about him.” We were quiet for a couple of minutes. “I really thought I was past all of that silly stuff,” she said. “Rob, I have to come clean. I have been feeling guilty about not telling you the truth. At least it wasn’t the complete truth.” “Sam, I said, “you never have to apologize to me for anything.” “I’d like to come completely clean,” she said. “It’s something I need to tell someone and you’re a goddamned good listener. You recall when I told you about how Donald’s father and I had dated in high school?” “Yes, I said, “of course I do.” “I told you that on the night he graduated, the other kids went drinking and we didn’t drink so we went parking up on the brow of the mountain. I was so in love with him and I actually begged him to make love to me. He wouldn’t because he was afraid I might get pregnant. I told you that I had regretted not making love to him that night as much as I’ve ever regretted anything.” “I remember all that, but Sam, you don’t have to talk about this if it is painful,” I said. “Please, Rob,” she said, “I need to unburden myself and you’re the victim,” she chuckled. “All of that was absolutely true. We went out a few times after that but he carefully avoided any situation where we might be tempted. He made sure we were with other people so I wouldn’t be in any danger. We had a powerful physical attraction and I think he was afraid he couldn’t control it. I didn’t want to control it. He recognized that. Well, he went off to Auburn. He would occasionally call me, usually late at night. He told me he missed me and that he felt we would eventually be together. He felt it was important we both finish our educations. By that time I had graduated high school and was at the University of Alabama. Just before Christmas of my freshman year, I had been crowned Miss Rocket City and would be representing my town in the Miss Alabama pageant. He called the night I won in the wee hours of the morning to congratulate me. I was going to be in Birmingham the following day for a gown fitting and would be staying at the old Tutwiler Hotel. I begged him to meet me. I actually begged. He did. I slipped my chaperone and we were together for about four hours alone. It was the best four hours of my life. He resisted, but I begged. He couldn’t refuse me. He made love to me. He was such a sweet man and such a sexy man. I was a virgin but he was a wonderful lover. He had told me he had been dating someone in Auburn and that he had sex with her. He said he didn’t love her and he felt guilty for having sex with her. I didn’t care. He told me he was going to break it off with her and he would be faithful to me. I knew I loved him and he loved me. I had duties for the upcoming year and I knew our love would last. I knew we could wait for each other. Then the big surprise came. Two months after our wonderful night together, I won Miss Alabama. I was the youngest ever to take the crown. We were all stunned. Late that night, Bill called me. He congratulated me. I could tell something was wrong the second I heard his voice. He told me he had broken up with the girl he was dating after we made love. He also said she had just told him she was pregnant. He said he would be marrying her. I had missed a period and was almost certain I was pregnant too. I went to the Miss Alabama Director’s suite there in the hotel at two a.m. told her I was pregnant. I told her I would resign my title immediately. Lora happened to be a very good friend of my mom. She told me never to say a word to anyone. I promised her I would keep quiet to protect my family. The following day she took me to a doctor she knew well. He confirmed that I was indeed pregnant and arranged an abortion which was done within 24 hours. No one ever knew about it except Lora and me. Not even Bea. Not even my mom. I shed a lot of tears. When I saw our beautiful Donald, I knew he was the boy Bill and I could have had. I instantly fell in love with him. When I found out how his mother had treated him and what he had done for Alejandro and his family, I can’t even begin to tell you how I felt. At first, I wanted to cry every time I saw him. Now the very thought of him makes me smile. And now I feel so much better after unburdening myself to my ginger god.” We had arrived at Jack’s house by that time. We sat in the car and I held her silently. She finally spoke again. “Rob,” she said, “I can’t tell you how many times I drove down to the dealership through the years. I knew where he parked every day. I would just watch him walk in. I really craved him. I always knew there was no point in trying to talk to him because there was nothing that could be done. He was too goddamned honorable.” We got out of the car. I gave her a very long hug. She had not shed a tear. I realized this beautiful woman had shed so many tears for her lost love and the baby that never was. I admired her strength and I knew her secret was safe with me for as long as she wanted me to keep it. She smiled at me and held my hand as we walked into the house. It was a different place. She said Bea had done some staging and it was magical. It was still a work in progress but the change was obvious. The walls on the ground floor were being painted, all in rich jewel tones. Most of the antiques were covered and the carpets rolled up. I could see that the finished product would be fabulous. I noticed the old contemporary chandelier in the two-story foyer was removed. Sam said it would be replaced by a shimmering chandelier with Swarovski crystals Bea had ordered from Austria. The old brass rail which had been on the circular staircase had been removed. She said Bea had ordered a handmade mahogany rail. She explained she had turned it over to Bea to make it beautiful. She said she had given her a budget of $40,000.00 and she anticipated the rise in price should be at least $200,000.00. Although I was no mathematician I knew that to be an excellent return on investment. I could see that the changes would turn the home into a showplace. We walked back to the pool area and I thought it was a different place than I had seen a few days earlier. Alejandro was there planting encore azaleas in a deep pink color. He came up for a hug as he took off his gloves. “My God, miracle man,” I said “You’re turning this place into Bellingrath Gardens.” “Thank you, Rob,” he said. “It is going to be beautiful when we finish.” “Unless you have an objection we may hold off on putting it on the market until spring,” Sam said. “When everything is planted and Alejandro finishes his magic outside and Beatrice finishes her work on the inside, the place could well double in value over what Bush had it listed for. I really hope you will encourage that boy to come back before it is listed again and reconsider whether he might want some of these antiques. I’m sure Beatrice would be glad to accompany and advise him if he’ll wear a Speedo,” she chuckled. “I hope you know I adore you,” I said. “Honey, you better know that feeling is mutual,” she said. “I’ve bared my soul to you. You better believe I trust your cute little ginger ass,” she laughed. As we got into the car, my cell phone rang. It was Michael. “You guys need to get over here to my office as soon as you can,” he said. He was laughing out loud. “I’ve got something for you and Kurt to see.” “Can we bring Stewart?” I asked. “You bet!” he said. “We’ll see you in thirty minutes to an hour.” I called Stewart. He and Michael were still at the library. He said they were about to leave and agreed to meet me at Michael’s office. I dropped Sam at her office. She gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek. “You take care of my friend,” I said. “Do you think he’d hate me if I told him what I told you today?” “After seeing my buddy as giddy as a schoolgirl, I’m not sure he’d hate you if you admitted to dropping the bomb on Hiroshima,” I said as I saw her off the elevator. I was uncertain how I should be feeling as I went into Michael’s office. Would good news be some damning evidence against Kurt’s wife or would that only be more hurtful to this new friend we were all so crazy about. We were all finding Kurt very special. Our baby boys thought he hung the moon. He loved spending time with them and reading to them and they loved feeling so special. I could tell Ren had a little crush on him just by the way the boy looked at the man. Sometimes you just don’t know what to wish for. Things would be as they would be. I was the first to arrive. I was given a cup of delicious hot coffee by Michael who seemed excited. I would have to say my confidence had been building in him. When something positive happened for his client, he got really excited. I guess he wasn’t the most stoic person in the world and I appreciated that. Kurt and Stewart came in shortly after I arrived. Both seemed in a good mood as we exchanged hugs. They said their morning had been beneficial and they felt prepared for their trip to Ohio. When we settled around his desk, Michael took the floor. He said that after we had reported Reverend Fee had been with Kurt’s wife at the hospital, his investigator felt we could get something good. It was his theory that serial adulterers are like any other serials. With each transgression they get more confident and sure of their ability to cover their escort kocaeli deeds. The investigator told Michael he knew that Fee had been caught in adultery at least four times and his wife no longer seemed to care. He had reported the pastor’s son also knew and he had about the same moral values as his father. I had heard this previously but I had taken it with a grain of salt, figuring it was gossip. In remembering that at least part of the information I had heard was from the Vandenburgh sisters, I gave full credence. If anyone knew where bodies were buried, it was they. The investigator came into the room and Michael introduced him to us. David, he explained, had done a lot of work for him on all kinds of cases. He gave a couple of examples. My personal favorite was a work injury case he had been working for an insurer. A guy had claimed a back injury and he and his wife alleged he was unable to have sex. He had sued for total disability and the wife for loss of consortium. I didn’t know that term, so Michael explained it meant the husband was no longer able to fuck her. He then apologized to Stewart, who could barely hear the apology because he was laughing so hard. Well, David had followed the guy for three days. One day he went to a quiet place on a lake around twenty miles from the couple’s home. David thought the guy was probably just going to do some fishing until a woman showed up who was not the man’s wife. David got footage of the guy fucking the woman who was not his wife which totally got the insurer off the hook. Apparently the guy was not only able to fuck, but was able to fuck in pretty much all positions. The video made its way around and gave David bragging rights among other investigators for years. David said Reverend Fee had not proved as agile or inventive as the other guy but he felt he had gotten what we might need. He dimmed the lights sand turned on his computer screen. It opened in what we later learned was Kurt’s bedroom at his home. A woman we later learned was his wife was dressed in a slutty nurse costume. A man we recognized as Fee was covered in a sheet. The pseudo nurse pretended to take his blood pressure but that was comical as she had no idea how to actually work the sphygmomanometer. He finally just grabbed it from her and threw it on the floor. The nurse then took a stethoscope and began to listen to the man’s chest. Reverend Fee is not a physically attractive person. His features are simply mismatched, much like Mr. Bean. Except that he had red hair. Or rather, he had gray hair dyed red. It was such an obvious dye job and a very bad dye job. There wasn’t much hair left on his head and what was there he had styled in an elaborate comb-over. The guy was really skinny. You could count his ribs through his white paper-thin skin. She moved stethoscope down as the sheet was pulled lower, revealing a pitiful patch of pubes. He had a mangy looking crotch but he seemed proud of it. The sheet was tented and it was obvious the preacher was wanting to play. He threw the sheet off, revealing a huge angry-looking red cock with freckles on it. He really had hardly any pubes and what I saw were scraggly and gray. He was hard and proud of that ugly dick. He pushed her head down on it. She was gagging and fighting. God forgive, we were all laughing, including our precious Stewart. I thought Kurt might be upset but he was laughing hilariously. It was like something the Three Stooges might have created as a fuck movie. He tried to ram his cock down the woman’s throat. When she kept fighting and gagging, he threw her on the bed and exposed her butthole. He jumped on and started butt fucking her even as she protested. He used no lube other than the spit leftover from the aborted blowjob. It was obviously painful but mercifully short. He hadn’t been in that hole more than thirty seconds when he blew his load. Then he got all lovey dovey with her and started hugging her and cuddling with her. She bought it and as the screen went dark, they were kissing. When the video ended we were all silent. I wondered what Kurt was feeling after watching the woman he had been married to for fifteen years being butt fucked by an ugly old troll with a terrible comb-over. “Excuse me guys while I vomit,” Kurt said. That cracked us all up. None of us could believe what we had just seen. “Coming soon to the giant screen at Point of the Cross � Buttfuckin’ Preacher Man,” Stewart said. Once we all settled down, Kurt spoke first. “I think that probably puts us in the driver’s seat when it comes to a divorce, doesn’t it?” he asked. Ummm, yes,” Michael said. “I think you could say that. The question is how to use this most effectively.” There are a couple of things I would like,” Kurt said quietly. “First of all I hope my daughter never sees this. She may end up doing so but I will not be the one who shows it to her. No one deserves to see her mother acting like that. Secondly, I would like a couple of copies. I plan to share the video with my own parents who forced me into a marriage I didn’t want with this woman I didn’t love. I may also share a copy with her self-righteous asshole parents because they need to know who their precious daughter really is. I would like an agreement where she and my daughter may live in the house for five years � until Meghan is twenty one, at which time ownership of the dwelling reverts to me with her entitled to no share. I will agree to pay the maximum recommended monthly child support also until Meghan is twenty one and all school expenses for public schooling. I will do the same for college as long as she attends a state college or university. I will not contribute another penny to these bullshit institutions of higher learning operated by bigots, racists and homophobes. It she is not agreeable, I will give you permission to broadcast this fucker on Masterpiece Theatre.” My thought is that it is certainly damaging to Kurt’s wife, but it is even more damaging to the good reverend. She may have been just acting the entire time, but the impression is that the sex was non-consensual. This could certainly be construed as rape, although without a complaint from the woman it is unlikely a conviction could be obtained. Therefore, my recommendation is to use this as leverage to achieve a successful dissolution of the marriage and a settlement beneficial to Kurt. The best way to achieve that might be for me to notify her that I am representing you in a divorce action. We could invite her and her attorney, should she choose to obtain one, in here for a sit down � a sort of informal mediation. We could show her the video and present her with our demands. How does that sound to you?” We all thought for several minutes. “I think that’s a reasonable way to go,” Kurt said. “I would like to make one more attempt to see Meghan to see if there isn’t some pathway to a reconciliation with my daughter. I can even do that this afternoon and you can go ahead and contact Paula to set up the meeting.” We all agreed that seemed a reasonable way to proceed. I have a tremendous favor to ask,” Kurt said. “You guys have already done so much for me, and I hate to ask. But is there any way you guys could be with me when we do this?” he asked. “Try to keep us away,” I said. Stew and I went to him for a three-way hug. Kurt asked if we would join him at the hospital. We of course agreed, as I had plenty of time before school pick-up. I followed them to the hospital. On the way up in the elevator, I was surprised the two were still talking excitedly about all they had learned researching at the library this morning. I was amazed Kurt could put the video of his wife out of his mind so easily. I envied that ability. We tapped on the door and were told to enter. When the child saw her father, she didn’t look happy. She folded her arms and scowled. “What are you doing here?” she asked him. “Honey, I just came to check on you. I wanted to see if there’s anything I could do,” he said. “You just don’t get the message, do you, homo?” she asked hatefully. “Meghan, that’s no way to talk to your father,” Stewart said. “Fuck you!” the girl said. “You’re one of his faggy friends?” she asked “Meghan,” I said, “that is just not an acceptable way to speak to anyone, especially your own…” “Just who the fuck are you, buttfucker?” she asked angrily. “I’m a friend of your father and we are…” She interrupted again. Her voice was getting louder with each exchange. “My father?” she asked. “My father? That’s a laugh. He’s been too busy sucking cock to ever father a child. My mother says he’s not even my father. I heard her tell our preacher that. She said he’s such a limp dick there was no way he could ever…” I interrupted her. “Little girl, I don’t know what your game is or what your mother’s game is,” I said. “We are taking your father out of here right now because no one deserves to be treated like this. This man was willing to take care of you even though you have treated him like shit. He should write you off, right here, right now.” I had tried to calm her but I had failed. “Come on, guys,” I said. “This is pointless.” “Get the fuck out and don’t come back, faggots!” she screamed. We left the room. Stewart and I were shell shocked. Kurt was disturbed, but I got the feeling this kind of abuse was something he was accustomed to. Our timing was impeccable. As the elevator doors opened, off walked Rev. Fee and Kurt’s wife. “What the fuck are you doing here, faggot?” she asked. I stepped in front of Kurt and said, “Gosh, mommy and daughter are both a couple of potty mouths.” “Fuck you, creep” she hissed. We got on the elevator as Reverend Fee began yelling about how we shouldn’t have been there. Stewart turned to face the man. He put a very nice smile on his face as he extended his right arm in front of him and raised a sole finger. His middle one. “Bye bye, butt fucker,” Kurt said as the elevator doors closed. We howled all the way down to the lobby. When we got there, instead of heading to the car, I led the way to the stairwell. “I think we need to leave one more message,” I said as I led the others up the stairs. We passed Meghan’s room. The door was closed. We three went to the nurses’ station. I asked for the charge nurse. She was a very masculine-looking woman. “I need to make something clear to you,” I said nicely. “This man has been here twice to check on his daughter. Both times, her mother has shown up out of nowhere with a vile man who claims to be her pastor but whom we know to be having an affair with the woman. I know that someone on your staff has called her when her father visited to let her know. This is not coincidence. When I walk out of here, I am calling our investigator. He will find out which of your employees has been doing this. I assure you he will. And when he does, that person and anyone else involved will be fired. I suggest you get off your ass right now and, assuming it isn’t you, find out who it is and get them out of here. Immediately. There are few sure things in this world. Here is one. I will fucking find out.” She was speechless, obviously unaccustomed to being spoken to with such candor. After that terrible, horrible visit, the three of us laughed all the way to the car. Kurt asked if he could join me to get our boys. I welcomed him and Stewart said he would be along shortly as he needed to run by his office. When we arrived at school, our boys were hyper, wanting to tell us everything about their day. Everyone in their class was still talking about Ren’s visit. I had Flynn in my arms and Kurt had Landry. I looked and the boy was covering Kurt’s head in kisses. The man looked so happy. I was glad he was willing to love my boys. Ren was waiting when we arrived. kocaeli anal yapan escort He was talking with Charles and John, Cliff’s twins as they waited on their dad to pick them up. Both were really handsome, pleasant boys. My first impression of them had been that they were a little shy. They seemed a bit more open now, probably because of the developing friendship with Ren. When we got home, the little ones went up to change. I headed to the kitchen with Kurt to dish up some fruit salad for the boys’ afternoon snack. Instead of heading upstairs to change, Ren was taking bowls from the cabinet. I asked him what he was doing. “Why don’t you let me fix our snacks?” dad, he asked. “You and Kurt can hit the pool or the hot tub. I’m big enough now to help you guys out a little with the younger ones and I’d like to do this.” After the scene Kurt had been through with his daughter, my boy had brought me to tears. I went to him and held him. He was a great kid. I just held him and smelled his nice clean hair and his fresh boy smell. I saw Kurt watching us so I nodded for him to join. We had a nice three way hug. “Well, son,” I said, “if you’re going to take care of them, we’ll take advantage of the opportunity. The pool or the tub, Kurt?” I asked. “Well, that sounds great,” Kurt said, “but I was planning to run over to my apartment to get that set of Hardy Boys books for the boys. I thought I would give notice that I’d be giving up the apartment and grab a few more clothes while I was there.” “How would it be if, after you dish up the fruit, we all have a snack, Ren, then you might want to join Kurt and give him a hand with his books and his things?” I asked. “That sounds like a good plan, dad,” Ren said. We enjoyed our snack. The fruit salad I made was my grandmother’s recipe. I had always loved it and was glad my boys did too. The very smell brought back memories to me and I hoped the same would be the case for my boys. When we finished, Ren and Kurt left to go to his apartment and I settled the boys in my library with their assignments. I could tell the assignments were getting progressively more difficult, but the boys seemed to have no trouble with the assigned work. The phone rang and it was my sister. She was apologetic for not having called but said things had been just crazy there. She was still in Hong Kong and said she had hoped to get home for Thanksgiving but it wasn’t looking too good. I told her we would love to have her and that I was taking the boys to the beach for the holiday. She said she would love to join us but she didn’t think it would be possible. It was her intention to get home for at least a few days during Christmas. She sounded tired and that was unusual for her. I encouraged her to try to take it a little easy. She laughed. “You just have no idea what dealing with these assholes is like,” she said. “You’re damned right I don’t,” I said. “You know you can walk away from all of it any time and come home to us.” “I do know that, bro,” she said. “Sometimes knowing that is the only thing that gets me through the day.” We signed off. I had just returned to the kitchen when the phone rang again. It was Donald. He sounded great. He said he really missed us and he looked forward to getting home for the weekend. I was pleased when he used the word `home’. I told him Alejandro and the boys were doing great. He asked about our baby boys. He said he missed the sound of their voices. I took care of that by letting each talk to him briefly. It was a good call and I felt really good about where the boy was. I thought about the information Sam had shared with me earlier and hoped we would somehow be able to make Donald a part of her life. I could tell the boys wouldn’t get a lot done after talking with Donald so I asked if they would like a swim. They, of course, said yes, so I sent them up to get naked and put their clothes away. While the boys were upstairs the phone rang again. It was Michael. He had a call from Kurt he had missed and he was returning it. I told him Kurt was away. I knew he wanted the attorney to know about what had transpired at the hospital. Michael said he had an appointment with the wife scheduled for Monday morning. I agreed to pass the message along to Kurt. I had sat down with my newspaper when the younger boys came back downstairs, naked and ready to swim. Each climbed up on one of my knees. I put the paper down. I told them Kurt and Ren had gone to Kurt’s place to pick up the books he had promised to read to them. Both were excited about that. “I like Kurt a lot,” Landry said. “He’s really nice to us.” “I like him too,” Flynn added. “Does he not have any little boys?” he asked. “No, guys,” I said. “He doesn’t have any boys of his own. But I can tell he really loves both of you and your brother. Like all of us, he needs love too.” “We can love him.” Landry said. I hugged both boys and we headed to the patio after I grabbed a beer. The boys asked if we could do the hot tub before the pool. I think they realized we were a person short for splashdown. I helped each one into the tub as I undressed. Both were watching me as I undressed, as boys sometimes do when watching a man undress. I took my time. I was enjoying the moment as much as they were. The boys were enjoying the warm water on their little bodies. I was enjoying the feel of their little bodies wiggling all over me. Eventually, I draped my arms onto the side of the tub and lay my head back, closing my eyes and just enjoying the quiet and the peace. I heard the boys giggling conspiratorially and I raised my head to see the boys kneeling on the bench in the tub with their backs to me. I asked them what was so funny. “Daddy, this feels so good on my wiener,” Landry said. I took a closer look and Landry was positioned with his crotch right in front of one of the jets. Flynn had done the same thing and both their willies were hard. I chuckled and thanked them for the information. They were trying to get me to position myself in front of the jets to make my willy feel good like theirs when Stewart came home. The boys were giggling wildly. Stewart asked what was so funny. I suggested the boys get Flynn’s dad to do what they had been after me to do. When Stewart heard what the boys were talking about he excused himself to grab beers for both of us. “Daddy, get undressed and see how good this feels,” Flynn said. Both boys were now all over Stewart, trying to get his tie off and his shirt unbuttoned. Stewart leaned in and kissed me as he undressed. I loved watching this man undress. He was still so sexy to me. He got his shirt off, then his undershirt. His hairy chest was so beautiful I could have looked at him for hours. He removed his slacks, then his socks. Even his hairy ankles were sexy. He took off his briefs and I saw that he was very slightly tumescent. I wondered what was causing that. He stepped into the tub and sat beside me, kissing me again. The boys were not to be ignored. They were pulling on him trying to get him to put his willy in front of the jets so he could see how good it felt. He gave in and knelt between the two boys, his crotch in front of the jet. “That does feel good,” he told them. He hugged each of them and then sat beside me, taking a long drag on his cold beer. As he sat back down I noticed that he was more tumescent than previously. Flynn was in his lap, wiggling all over him as Landry was in mine. “You guys are wild little Indians today, aren’t you?” he asked them. I told him they hadn’t really calmed down since the call from Donald and they were also excited that Kurt had gone to retrieve the books he planned to read to them. He asked about Donald and I told him the boy sounded great. He put his arm around me and pulled me close. He dropped his other hand under the water and began to gently fondle me. It felt great. “Are you horny, guy?” I whispered. “You make me horny,” he said quietly. “I’d love to get you alone right now,” he whispered. “What would you do?” I asked him. His long fingers were now rubbing my hairy tummy. My dick was hard. “I’m not even sure what I’d do first,” he whispered. “You’ve really awakened my curiosity. There’s nothing I wouldn’t be willing to try with you. It scares me a little bit to trust anyone so much.” He said. He kissed me. Our boys saw that and decided we’d had enough private time. They jumped back in our laps, paying no attention to our rock hard cocks. We started a man-boy-tickle-wrestle fest. “Can we go to the pool and play horse?” Flynn asked. “Of course we can,” I replied. I lifted him onto my shoulders and Stewart did the same with Landry. We naked dads carried our naked boys to the pool, our daddy erections leading the way. It was great fun playing with our boys in the pool. Stewart was definitely horny and he would make our cocks brush under the water at every opportunity. There were plenty of opportunities as we played for over forty minutes, losing track of how many wins and losses each team had. It didn’t matter. We had great fun just playing, wrestling, touching and being together. Just as we were wearing out, Jack and Bradley showed up to take our place in the pool with our tireless boys. As soon as they arrived, Jack asked if Ren was home. I told him he was off with Kurt. Jack was excited because he said Coach had asked if I might allow Ren to come and practice with the college team tonight. He had thought it might be good for my boy to swim with the older team members. I was pleased that he would be invited and told him Ren should be home soon. Jack asked if I would be okay with that and I said that of course I would. I never had to worry if my boy was with Coach, Jack or Bradley. Stewart and I left the pool, spreading our towels on one of the large double chaises and catching some rays. We were no longer hard but neither were we soft. Ren and Kurt arrived shortly after we left the pool. Ren stripped immediately and jumped into the pool to join the others. Kurt undressed and lay down in a chaise beside mine. I noticed his cut cock was slightly tumescent. I advised Kurt of Michael’s call regarding the meeting with his wife. He said Monday morning would be fine. He asked if we were free at that time to join him. We both told him we would be there with him if that was what he wanted. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you guys,” he said, “but whatever it was I sure am glad I did it. You know, the thing your wife said today about you not being Meghan’s father?” Stewart asked. “Yeah,” he said. “I’ve been thinking about that. Whether she is biologically mine or not, I still feel she is my daughter. Even though she wants nothing to do with me, I feel some responsibility for her. Am I crazy?” “Maybe we’re all crazy,” Stewart said. “I think I understand what you’re saying. You’ve taken care of her for a lot of years and you certainly feel some responsibility. Even if you make a decision to continue to support her, would it really be harmful to know the truth about whether you are her father? I don’t think it would affect the way you feel about Meghan, but I think having that information could possibly be some leverage for you to use against her mother.” “I think you’re probably right about that. I’m sure it won’t be voluntary. I guess we’ll have to compel her to submit to DNA testing.” “Or maybe not,” I said. “Let me make a call or two.” “Oh shit,” Stewart said. “Inspector Clousseau is on the case.” I excused myself and made quick calls: one was to a florist and the other to my friend Shaggy. The boys in the pool played for a while longer, then Jack, Bradley and Ren got out to head for the outdoor showers. It was a sight to watch these three boys, rinsing and soaping izmit yabancı escort one another. All three were totally unself-conscious about being naked in front of each other and uninhibited about lathering, scrubbing and rinsing each other’s bodies. Our baby boys had gotten out of the water with the other boys and they were now lying on each side of Kurt. Kurt was telling them about the Hardy Boys book he would start reading them tonight, The Tower Treasure. Both boys were so excited, I think they would have skipped dinner and have gone to bed right that minute. Kurt was telling them some general background about the brothers and their father. He made it sound so intriguing I was thinking I might have to read the series again. Each had a hand in his chest hair, rubbing him lazily. It was another beautiful image for the photo album in my mind. We all rinsed off and headed up for showers. When we got upstairs, the boys headed into my bedroom, assuming they would join Stewart and me in the shower. Kurt headed to his room and we were all done with our showers and dressed for dinner in short order. Stewart was in the mood for some red meat, so we went to Outback. Stewart and I enjoyed a nice cold draft beer, while Kurt stuck to soda. Our boys insisted on sitting on each side of Kurt and he seemed to be very happy. Stew and Kurt were feeling well-prepared for their upcoming trip to Ohio to meet with two pipe organ companies about providing an organ for the church to replace the one destroyed in the tornado. Stewart said he had learned more about pipe organs in the past couple of days than he ever knew before. He commended Kurt on his quick grasp of knowledge and his ability to translate it all for a non-musician. Stewart explained that both the members who had differing opinions on the organ were owners of companies and both were strong-willed individuals who were used to having his own way. Both had indicated he would donate $200,000.00 if the selection went his way. Stewart was hoping for a compromise that might result in both men donating the money they were dangling. Our boys had been given sheets to color and crayons so they were in their own little boy world, ignoring our conversation. “How are you feeling about the meeting on Monday?” Stewart asked Kurt. “I’m remarkably at peace about things right now,” he said. He glanced at the boys to make sure they were not paying attention to us. “I thought I would be upset after seeing that video once I had some time for it to sink in. The truth is that I really feel nothing for Paula any more. I’d like to say that I dearly love my daughter, but I’m no longer even sure of that. They feel really toxic to me. Even if I did just adore Meghan, I despise how she is currently behaving and she obviously hates me.” At that moment, Shaggy walked up to our table. We had to wait to introduce Kurt and to get our hugs because both our boys were all over him. Both were excited to see this guy. Once we had the boys settled back down, Shaggy handed me a white bag. We tried to get him to join us but he said he was about to meet Alejandro and his boys over at Chili’s. He told us that we need to get back over and maybe bring the boys over to ride horses. We promised we would soon. I thanked him and he left us after another round of hugs. Stewart and Kurt were dying to know what was in the bag. “After our conversation, I called and ordered some flowers for your daughter, Kurt,” I explained. “Instead of having them delivered by the florist, I had Shaggy pick them up and deliver them to Meghan at the hospital. They thought he was the florist’s delivery man. While he was in the room, he grabbed a plastic cup she had been drinking from and a little plastic container containing her sputum without her knowledge. I will get it to Michael and he will have it tested. That way, Kurt can know if what his wife said about Kurt not being the girl’s father is true without having to compel them for DNA testing.” “But that wouldn’t hold up in court,” Stewart said. “Who’s going to court?” I asked. “With the buttbanger blowjob video, there is no way this ever goes to court. If the DNA results are favorable and if that information is needed for court, then Michael can compel testing. This way Kurt knows what he’s dealing with without tipping his hand.” “You sneaky, lovely bastard,” Stew said as he raised his glass. We all clicked our glasses. Even the boys joined us although they had no idea what they were toasting. The boys were hungry as little beasts. I noticed Landry and Flynn at every bite of their broccoli and Landry even had part of mine. “That’s great, guys,” he said. “Eating vegetable will make you big and strong,” he said. Landry put his hands around one of Kurt’s biceps and Flynn mirrored his action on the other. “Big and strong like you are?” Landry asked. Kurt blushed. “I think you have a fan club,” Stewart chuckled. “I think my older son is a member too,” I said. “He told me about the wrestling singlet you gave him today while you guys were at your apartment. That was very generous.” “I haven’t worn it since high school,” he said. I had been offered a wrestling scholarship to the University of North Carolina so I brought that light blue singlet cause that was their color. Unfortunately, my parents sent me instead to Falwell U. God, I can’t tell you how much I hated that place.” “I was recently told a story which upset me,” Stewart said. “One of our kids is a senior in high school this year. He’s an extremely bright kid and a super guy. He had a sit down with his father recently and he told his dad something he thought would be between them. Nile told his dad he had some affectionate feelings toward a male friend. He asked his dad not to discuss this with anyone else but his dad chose to tell the boy’s mom. She freaked out. She has always been one of the pillars of the church but she freaked out. She and her husband loaded the son up, telling him that they were going to visit William and Mary College, a place the boy had expressed interest in. Instead, his parents hauled him up to Liberty U. They had one of Falwell’s assistants hotbox him while they convinced the parents they could turn the kid straight. Nile was furious. He made it clear to his father he would never trust him again as long as he lived and he gave his mother absolute mind-blowing hell. When the parents came to me, I supported the boy. They are now over there with Reverend Buttbanger. His dad is resisting but he’s a weak, pussywhipped kind of guy, I’m afraid. The kid is still living with the parents but things are not pretty. He has my number and I told him to call my cell number any time, night or day. I’m really worried about even leaving town for a couple of days. He has a full ride at Purdue but he’s got a while to go before then. His relationship with his parents worsens by the day. It has also put a real strain on the relationships between his two older siblings and their parents. They support their brother. ” “if anything happens while you’re out of town, just call me or have the boy call me. We can always make room for another boy,” I said. “I guess that’s why I’m having an easier time letting go of Meghan,” Kurt said. “I think I realize our relationship was never what I fantasized it was. It is only now, seeing the relationship you guys have with your boys � not just your biologic ones, but also your adopted ones � that I realize how unhappy I have been for a long time.” “Fee may not go down easy on this, Kurt,” I said. “Are you prepared to fight?” “I know I am now, Rob,” he said. “I think by Monday I’ll be absolutely ready to go to the mat, if I may use a wrestling term.” By this time we had all finished our dinner. Both boys were in Kurt’s lap and he seemed happy to have them there. “Are you guys ready for your trip to Ohio,” I asked my dinner partners. “I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready to referee what has potential to be a dogfight,” Stewart said. “I think we’ll be fine as long as our shepherd is there to guide us,” Kurt chuckled. “What time does your flight leave?” I asked. “Pretty early,” Stewart said. I could tell Stewart was being evasive. It didn’t take much to find out they were flying in a church member’s plane. I was not happy with that. I had never trusted small planes since losing a good friend in a crash. I always hated even flying commercial, but had gotten used to it when I was traveling so much on business. I knew Stewart had not wanted me to know this since he knew I would worry. Both of them assured me the pilot was a very good one and that they would be fine. Once we got home, the boys were ready to go to bed. I was surprised at that because usually they liked to stay up as long as we would let them. They told us they were ready for Kurt to start reading them the Hardy Boys mystery. I told them to be patient and that he might not be ready yet, but Kurt said he was eager to begin just like the boys were. Kurt excused himself to change into his pajamas but the boys wouldn’t hear of that either. “We always sleep naked,” Landry giggled. “You don’t need jammies” Kurt looked at me for an answer. “Honestly, Kurt, we are not the biggest fans of pajamas in this house,” I chuckled. “If you’re more comfortable in pajamas, by all means, do so, but don’t feel they are necessary.” “When in Rome…” he chuckled. Stewart and I decided to take advantage of having someone to entertain our boys and enjoy a few quiet minutes in the hot tub. I grabbed beers for both of us and joined him on the patio, where he had opened the tub. I flipped the switch that lit the grounds with twinkling lights. It was a very quiet night. Even the cicadas weren’t making much noise. I undressed and slipped into the warm water. I watched as Stewart undressed. When I saw him naked, I felt a little quiver, as I always seemed to do. “I love watching you naked,” I said as I kissed him. He put his arms around me. “I never feel safer than when you hold me,” I said. “I know that sounds like a teen-age girl thing to say, but it’s true. Ren told me once that he felt safe when I held him. I’m not sure I understood at the time because I never experienced that with my own father. I understand it now.” “I love the life we have now, Rob,” he said. The crazy hectic schedules and a house full of active boys makes me incredibly happy. But I hope you know how much I treasure these quiet times. I treasure you.” We sat there. He held me. We really didn’t talk for a while. No words were necessary. After a while I felt him making circular motions with his hand on my hairy tummy. I reached under the water and he was hard. I looked at him and he smiled. I guided him into a standing position facing me. I was sitting and his cock was right at the level of my mouth. I took him into my mouth all the way and started sucking on him. He moaned softly. I pulled my head back until his cock was almost out of my mouth. I pursed my lips tightly and as I went back down on his cock, I retracted his foreskin with my lips. He moaned louder. As I held his cock in my mouth all the way, I began to knead his hairy ball sack. I used my middle finger to massage his perineum. His cockhead was swelling. I started moving on his cock, in and out, with increasing rapidity. On the outstroke, I held his cockhead in my mouth and really sucked on it as hard as I could. He was getting very close as I again went all the way down on his cock. I could tell his knees were buckling so I came off the cock again, keeping only the head in my mouth. He tried to pull me off as he came. His cock was hypersensitive as he filled my mouth with his sweet seed. I knew there was so much pleasure that it hurt. I held on until he was completely spent. Then I took my mouth off him, pulled his skin over the head of his cock to protect it and put it back into my mouth. I then guided him back into a seated position and kissed him, sharing his own seed with him. After a couple of minutes, he pulled me over to him and sat me down between his legs. He draped both arms over me and held me.

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