Receptionists and the client


It was a cold overcast February day when I stopped by my attorney’s office to discuss a matter of importance with him. It was almost noon but I knew that Jack, one of the senior members of the firm whom I usually dealt with, normally worked through the lunch hour when the other attorneys were gone. He typically took a late lunch, around 2 pm so I had little doubt that I would catch him.

I opened the door and entered the lobby of the prestigious firm to see Melissa, the trophy receptionist at her desk. I was always excited by her, a young lady of about 20 who is gorgeous! Always dressed in sexy revealing but tastefully fashionable clothing, her beautiful appearance always excited me and I was sure that she must affect other male clients in a very similar manner.

She smiled and addressed me; “Hi Mr. Gray, I’m surprised to see you today.”

I smiled and not understanding why she might be surprised, I asked, “Might Jack be available this morning by any chance?”

Still smiling, she responded, “No, I’m the only one here today; everyone else is off for the holiday,”

Her response surprised me and I asked, “Holiday? What holiday?”

“It’s Presidents day,” she replied. “All federal, state and county offices are closed today.”

As an independent business man who doesn’t pay a lot of attention to such details as holidays, I was taken aback. While my business deals with various professionals, I had not even considered that the law firm might be closed on a Monday.

Then I said, “If it’s a holiday, then why are you working today Melissa?”

“Even though it’s a holiday, the firm thought it best to have me here in the event any of the clients need anything. They’re paying me double time and a half to be here today.”

Hearing her words, I found it strange that they would keep the office open when no business could be conducted. With this in mind, I asked, “How many clients have came in today?”

“So far, it has been just you,” her picture perfect smile radiating.

Now I was much more interested in conversing with her than anything else at the moment, so I asked another question. “Have a lot of clients called for any of the attorneys?”

“No, the only time the phone has rang today has been a wrong number.”

As a man in my mid thirties, my mind was processing the fact that we are alone in the suite and she must be bored to tears. I pushed the conversation in a friendly tone of voice, “I see, but its lunch time, do you have lunch plans?”

“No, I’ll just have lunch at my desk, “she replied.

Still keeping my voice in a friendly casual tone, I asked, “You don’t get a lunch hour today?”

I’m noticing that her demeanor seems to be relaxing as we talk. I’ve taken a seat in one of the over stuffed chairs in the lobby getting comfortable. “No, I agreed to work from 9 to 4 today, so I’ll work straight through, “she explained.

“Darn, it must be terribly boring, being in the office all by yourself with no one to even talk too. It sounds to me as if they should be paying you more than double time and a half! They should also be paying you hazardous duty pay because you could suffer from severe boredom today,” I said in a teasing tone bahis siteleri of voice.

She laughed and replied, “I wouldn’t complain if they wanted to pay me more. Perhaps you might speak to the firm on my behalf!” She laughed again at her own joke and I joined in with her laughter.

We made small talk for a few minutes then I mentioned that I don’t have a sandwich but that I can order us hot food and since she’s alone then we can enjoy lunch together and she needn’t leave the office.

The thought appealed to her and after discussing a few details we decided to call the nearby Deli to ascertain if they might be open. They were open and we ordered sandwiches.

We continued getting to know each other as we waited for our lunches. She knew that I’m a regular client who she sees frequently but we had never had a chance to talk before. I learned that she is younger than I had thought. She confided that she is almost nineteen but wears extra makeup to make herself look older.

She said that she had graduated high school at the age of seventeen and had been hired by the law firm soon thereafter. She also said that she is the niece of one of the staff attorneys. About twenty minutes later when our food was delivered, she locked the door to the office and I followed her back to the break room where we had lunch. During lunch I learned a bit more about her and she about me.

When lunch was over and we walked back to the lobby, she took a seat near me in another chair and I noticed that she had made no effort to unlock the door. After a few minutes, I mentioned that Jack has a plush glove leather sofa in his office that’s a lot more comfortable than these chairs. She only smiled as I stood up and offered my hand. She took my hand and I led her into Jacks office which was very plush as well as roomy.

When we got to the office, I led her to the sofa and then sitting down, I gently pulled her into my lap. She came willingly and our lips met for the first time. After a long passionate kiss she mildly protested that if Jack should ever learn about this, she could lose her job. I assured her that he would never know as I nuzzled her neck and shoulder.

We teased and necked for a few minutes but it wasn’t very long before I had my right hand under her little dress and her thong pushed aside with my fingers exploring her pussy. We kissed long and deep as I begin fingering her. Within a matter of a few seconds I had both of my middle fingers buried deep inside her wetness with my thumb on her clit. It was a good thing we were alone in the suite as her moans of pleasure were quite audible.

Soon she was totally naked and her fingers were fumbling to get my belt loosened and my trousers off even as I unbuttoned and removed my shirt. We were quickly naked together on Jack’s super soft, luxurious mauve leather sofa. Almost quicker than I can tell the story we were in a 69 position pleasing each other with our mouths and hands. In our excitement we both climaxed within ten minutes and she eagerly sucked every drop from my cock as I continued to lick and gently nibble at her clit.

After a few minutes we broke apart and soon she was on her back with me kneeling between canlı bahis siteleri her thighs guiding my once again engorged cock head between her pussy lips and inside her. With one thrust I drove my fat nine inch cock balls deep into her and almost as if by instinct, she wrapped her legs around me, locking her ankles near the small of my back. With her elevated in this position I was able to get every millimeter of my cock inside her for a long deep, hard fuck.

Her initial mews of pleasure had intensified into moans that might’ve been heard through out the suite but as our fuck grew more intense, her moans turned into words and not just words but loud words as her excitement built. “Oh God, fuck me! Fuck me harder she almost screamed as she approached her climax. Fuck me! Fuck me like you hate me!” she cried out in a pleading voice. Hurt me with that big cock! Hurt me bad!” she screamed.

She had multiple orgasms during our fuck and by the time I filled her full of my hot cum she had been fucked into a whimpering pile of female flesh, whispering how much she loved it all. We pulled apart again and this time I just held her close as she recovered.

After a few minutes of silence, she whispered, “Sir, may I call you Jim?”

I hugged her close, “Of course, please do, Melissa,” I whispered quietly.

“Thank you Jim, I really needed that”; she said in a soft voice.

“I needed it just as much as you Melissa,” I whispered.

“No, you don’t understand,” she whispered so quietly I had to strain to understand her words. “I’m engaged to be married. We live together but he doesn’t have any idea of what I need. He always treats me as if I’m breakable or some thing. He never fucks me hard and fast. I mean, I love him but I need to be treated like a woman and not some little girl’s toy or something. I’ve dreamed of being fucked hard but until now, I’ve never been fucked this way before.”

I lay with her in my arms, saying nothing as I listened to her speaking. When she paused, I said nothing, waiting to see if she was finished or not. I gently kissed her forehead and she continued talking.

“I know it was wrong for me to be with you today, but I’ve wondered what it might be like to be with you and the truth is that there was only one way for me to find out. It might be wrong but I’m really glad that I know now and I have no regrets about any of it.”

After a few seconds when I was sure that she had finished what she had to say, I responded. “Melissa it’s good for both of us. Maybe today is special since you seem to have a better idea of how it is to be with another man whose different than your boyfriend. Perhaps you might better understand your desires and needs.”

“Yes, I know,” she whispered.

“We still have some time, are you finished or might you like to continue playing for awhile?”

“I want to know more,” she whispered. “I want to learn everything that you can teach me.”

“Do you enjoy anal sex,’ I asked? Do you like being spanked? Do you like your breasts being played with roughly and spanked? Do you like having your pussy spanked, Melissa?”

“I’ve tried some of those things, but never with a man like you. I’m still canlı bahis interested in everything you can show me,” she said quietly with a bit of a mischievous smile.

I spent the next few hours showing her how a woman should be used and treated. I was careful not to leave lasting marks but I spanked her nipples and areolas with the tip of my belt until they were dark maroon colored. I spanked her outer labia lips until they were both bright red in color and I used my open hand on her ass until both cheeks were glowing red. She had several small orgasms during this time then we engaged in anal sex with my fat cock being slowly worked into her ass after it was stretched and lubricated. She explained that her fiancé’s cock was much thinner than my own.

During anal sex she had cried, even pleaded for me to stop then moaned in pleasure and climaxed hard. After her climax, she begged me to never stop. When I filled her ass with my hot cum, she had yet another massive orgasm. Afterwards, we went into Jack’s private bath and took a sensuous shower together. She retrieved towels from the linen closet so as not to disturb the towels on the racks in the bathroom. She said that she would take them home and laundry them and get them back into his linen closet before he came in the next day.

After the shower we snuggled and talked for awhile longer. When I got off the sofa where we had been laying, I reached for my clothes but she stopped me and kneeled before me where she proceeded to give me another blowjob. She worked gallantly to take the full length of my cock into her mouth and throat. After a few minutes she was able to get her lips to the base of my cock. Taking her head in both of my hands I begin face fucking her in long deep strokes, pulling my cock out until only the head of my cock remained in her mouth then pushing all the way into her again and again. Later she reached around me and grabbed one of my ass cheeks in each of her hands and on my inward thrust, she tried to pull me even deeper on each stroke. Finally I shot another load of cum straight down her throat.

After we were dressed, she didn’t hesitate to ask about when we could get together again. Before leaving the office, I took one of the damp towels and wiped Jack’s sofa to insure it was perfectly clean while she used the other towel to wipe down the shower and bathroom fixtures. It was after 6:30 pm before we left the office and I walked Melissa to her car.

Because I traveled a lot in my business, it was three weeks later before we were able to reconnect again. We spent a long three day weekend at a local hotel for a repeat performance. Soon thereafter she had broken up with her vanilla boyfriend. Once she was unattached, she moved in with me in an open relationship. Naturally she continued working for the law firm. Jack knew where she lived and who she lived with but couldn’t say a word because of the amount of money he made from my business.

A few months later, over cocktails Jack asked how I had connected with Melissa so quickly. “I didn’t have any idea that you two had anything in common,” he commented. Refusing to take his bait I simply said, “Well Jack, there’s some things you just don’t know, isn’t there?” He grinned and nodded, realizing that the conversation was over. He never knew about what had happened on his sofa while Melissa was being paid double time and a half.


© Jim grayfeather February 2017

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