Reconnecting Ch. 01


Mike had been taken completely by surprise by the phone call he received nearly nine months earlier. He answered the phone that day to hear sobbing on the other end of the line. “Mom?” he asked concerned, “Are you OK?”

“Tom left,” she gasped in between her sobs.

“Dad left?” Mike asked still trying to figure out what was happening. “What do you mean?”

After several more minutes Mike succeeded in getting his mom calmed down enough to talk clearly. She told him about how his dad had left her that morning saying that he wasn’t in love with her anymore and he needed to move on. He then packed up a few suitcases with his clothes and left. He didn’t say where he was going.

Mike and his mom talked for a while longer and tried to come to grips with what had happened. Still, when he hung up the phone Mike couldn’t quite believe what his mom had said. He had always assumed that his parents would stay married forever and never suspected anything like this would happen.

It was true that Mike hadn’t seen a whole lot of his parents lately. At 24 years old his budding career had taken him to the other side of the country from where he grew up. His job, his friends, and his girlfriend kept him busy enough that he had only seen his parents about once a year around the holidays for the past three years. Straight out of high school he had received a full scholarship to play baseball at a college down south, so he hadn’t seen them as often as some of his friends saw their parents during college. Over the summers when his friends would go home to visit he stayed on campus and worked on his conditioning or other skills. His dream had been to catch on with a pro team after college but an injury at the end of his senior season prevented that dream from becoming a reality. His parents had always encouraged him to stay at school and chase his pro dream.

All through college and in the years since he talked to his parents often on the phone and regularly traded e-mails with them, but none of that gave him the slightest indication that there were any troubles between them. He talked to his mom often during the weeks right after the initial phone call. It turned out that she suspected something was wrong but never had any concrete proof. She never dreamed that he would just up and leave.

She and Mike talked to many of her husband’s friends and co-workers and tried to piece together what had happened. As best they could determine he had been having an affair with his secretary for the past few months and those two had left town together the same afternoon he broke the news to Mike’s mom. He finally got in touch with Mike and told Mike that he had taken a new job and was going to start the process of officially getting divorced from his mom.

The divorce proceedings were short and turned out well for Mike’s mom. Tom, Mike’s dad, was a well paid executive at his company and apparently had been transferred to a new office within the same company with a big raise. For whatever reason he agreed to a settlement that was very generous to Mike’s mom. She was able to keep their house and only needed to pick up a half time job to make ends meet.

Mike had wanted to fly out and be with his mom but she told him that she was fine and that their near daily phone calls were of great help to her. They talked often and slowly Mike noticed his mom’s sense of humor and happy disposition returning. He felt like he knew her far better now than he ever had before and figured that if anything positive would come out of his parent’s split that was probably it.

As Mike and his mom talked one night she told him about a call she had received from a travel agent a few days earlier. It seemed that Tom had made a reservation for two on a cruise in about a month. “I called the cruise lines and the travel agent to try and see about getting the money back,” she said, “but they said that there were no refunds. It looks like I’ve either got to use the tickets and go on the cruise or waste the money.”

“Do you have any friends that you could ask?” Mike asked.

“Well,” she answered, “you’ll probably think this is silly but I was wondering if you might want to go. Before you say no, I know that you have a girlfriend and a busy job and all that, but I just feel like we have really been able to reconnect over the past few months. You have been so helpful in talking to me and getting me through the hard times that I would like this to be a way I can thank you for everything.”

Mike thought for a second and then said, “Sure, that sounds fun.”

“Are you sure that Cindy won’t mind?” his mom asked of his girlfriend.

“She’ll be fine,” Mike said, “besides, she has been giving me a hard time for not already having come out and visited you.”

“Good woman,” his mom answered with a laugh.

Mike got the dates and some of the other information for the cruise before he hung up. The next day he requested the time off from work and was told that it would be no problem. He didn’t often take days off so he had lots of vacation time to use. Cindy was absolutely fine with him going and he bursa escort was able to get his plane tickets without any problems. He would have to fly back across the country to meet up with the cruise.

As the cruise grew closer he and his mom began excitedly talking more and more about it. It was a relatively short cruise at five days and four nights, but it would be stopping at some nice locations and neither of them had ever been on a cruise before so they were both looking forward to it.

Just less than two weeks before the trip his mom called and said, “I think there might be a problem with the cruise.”

“What’s up?” Mike asked.

“Well,” she answered with a slight hesitation, “I got a big information packet in the mail yesterday and it turns out that this is a special cruise.” She spoke slowly as if she was searching for the right words to use.

“What do you mean a special cruise? Is it like one of those Disney cruises or trips where there are a bunch of retired athletes?” Mike joked.

“Umm, not exactly,” she said, “it’s a couple’s cruise.”

“A couple’s cruise? What does that mean?” Mike asked.

She explained to him everything she had read in the packet and all that she had learned in the several phone calls she had made since receiving the packet in the mail. The cruise was designed for couples only, so no single tickets and no one under the age of 21 was allowed. Each day there were going to be lots of activities and classes offered that included ones with the titles of “How to Strip for Your Partner”, “An Introduction to Swinging”, and “The Art of Sensual Massage”.

“You mean dad planned this kind of trip and didn’t say anything to you?” Mike asked.

“I guess it was either going to be a surprise or,” she paused for a moment before continuing, “he wasn’t planning on taking me on the trip.”

A short silence followed that she finally broke by asking him what he thought they should do. “Clearly this isn’t going to be a cruise for mothers and sons,” she said. She started talking about Mike getting a refund on his plane tickets and canceling the whole trip.

“Hold on,” Mike interrupted. He then suggested that maybe they could still go. She initially protested at the very idea but Mike asked her to just hear him out. “So it is a couple’s cruise,” he reasoned, “that doesn’t mean that we would have to do any of the classes or that sort of stuff. We could just go on the cruise and do our own thing on the ship. Why would it matter if we relaxed by the pool of a couple’s cruise or a regular cruise? I wasn’t expecting to do a lot of organized activities anyway, so I don’t think we would be missing out on much.”

“I guess…” she answered uncertainly.

They talked more and eventually she agreed with Mike that they could probably have just as good a time on this cruise as on any other sort of cruise. She said over and over that it would just feel weird to know that it was that type of trip. Mike finally agreed with her that it would be a little odd, but he reminded her that nobody on the boat would know that they weren’t a couple.

“Won’t people think our mismatched ages are strange?” she asked.

“No way,” Mike said, “as long as we don’t act odd about it nobody will even blink an eye.”

They finally agreed to go ahead with the trip, but Mike did have to admit to himself that the idea of going on what could turn out to be a swinger’s cruise with his mom was pretty bizarre. He kept reassuring himself that it would be fine and eventually began to get more comfortable with the idea.

“I think we might have one more problem,” his mom said as they talked again about a week before the trip. “I called the cruise line to try and get a room with two beds but they said that they don’t have any on this trip. All of the rooms are set up for couples.”

“What about roll away beds or cots?” Mike asked.

“They said that there would probably be a few on the boat but that we would need to request that when we boarded. They said there wasn’t any way to request them at this point,” she said.

They talked for a bit more and Mike assured her that everything would be fine. “I spent many a weekend in college sleeping on the floor of a hotel during road trips,” he said truthfully. “There were times when we had 8 guys in rooms designed for 2 so I have no problem grabbing a blanket and sleeping on the floor.”

“OK,” she agreed, “but lets make sure to request a cot when we board so you don’t have to be on the floor.”

The rest of the time before the cruise passed quickly. Cindy gave Mike a ride to the airport and gave him a big kiss before he got out of the car. “I’ll miss you,” she whispered in a sexy tone that she knew drove Mike crazy. He had asked her before why she always used it when he was on his way out of town for a trip. She had replied that she wanted to make sure she was on his mind the whole time he was gone so she wanted to leave him looking forward to coming home. Mike kissed Cindy again and then walked into the airport.

The cruise started very early in the morning so Mike had scheduled bursa escort bayan a red eye flight. His mom’s trip was much shorter so she was catching an early morning flight to the departure city. She would arrive about 30 minutes after Mike and they had planned to meet in the luggage claim area. The cruise company would take their luggage directly off the belts, but this would give them somewhere to meet and they could hop on the bus to the ship right away.

As his plane landed Mike adjusted his watch to just after 7AM local time. He bought a magazine and walked to the luggage area before finding a bench and sitting down to wait for his mom. About 45 minutes later he sat completely engrossed in his reading when he heard his mom’s voice say, “Hey stranger.”

He looked up and said, “Mom!?” The woman who stood before him now looked very different from the mom he remembered from previous visits.

“You like?” she said with a smile as she twirled around before him.

“You look great,” Mike said. The first thing he noticed was that since he had last seen her she had changed her hairstyle. Before her hair had always been long and straight and a plain brown sort of color. Now it was cut short enough that it just barely touched her shoulders. It also had curls to it that had never been there before, and her hair was bleached a slight reddish tone that really looked good on her.

In addition to the hairstyle change, she had lost some weight and looked much fitter than Mike remembered. As they sat on the bus to the cruise ship she explained that after Tom left she had decided to make some changes to herself. “It was time to start fresh,” she said. She joined the local gym and worked about nearly every day now. She had lost a bunch of weight and generally said she was feeling much better about herself than she had in a long time.

The final touch was that she had finally lost the thick glasses that she had always worn when he was growing up. Her frames were always a little out of date but she always insisted that they were comfortable. When he asked her about the change she said that she finally decided that it was time to update her look and got some contacts.

She had gotten pregnant with Mike very young and had him when she was only 19. Now, at 43 years old she said that she felt like she had the body and energy of a 30 year old. Mike had to agree and complimented her repeatedly on her new self.

Mike was proud of her for coming out of the divorce so well. She had never been too far out of shape, but her new dedication to fitness, her new hairstyle, and her new contacts left her looking great. Her shirt hugged her new frame closely and beautifully showed off her tits. They were just a little larger than average for her 5’7″ frame and didn’t appear to have been affected at all by her being 43. To finish off her outfit she wore a tight pair of jeans that hugged her ass. Mike noticed the bus driver staring at her ass as she had climbed on the bus back at the airport.

They pulled up to the dock next to the huge ship and everyone climbed out. As the driver took her hand and helped her off the bus Mike again noticed him staring except this time he stared at her tits. Once off the bus they were told to follow the ropes over the check in area at the bottom of the ramp that lead up to the ship. On the walk to the check in area she leaned over to Mike and softly said, “We should be careful about saying mom or son from now on. I don’t want people to think we are weird.”

Mike nodded and was glad that she had thought of that. It probably would have been really embarrassing to call her ‘mom’ while on this type of cruise. When they got to the check in table his mom stepped up and said, “Wendy Rogers.”

The women behind the check in desk were heavily made up and their tops were cut low to display their ample cleavage. One of them looked up and replied in an overly excited tone, “Welcome aboard Wendy! Here is your welcome packet that has the activity schedule and all the other information you will need for the cruise. Your cabin is number 417 and here is a map showing you how to find it. If your luggage isn’t there already it will be delivered to your cabin in the next hour or so. Any questions?”

The whole speech had been delivered so quickly that Mike was still trying to make sure he understood everything. “Just one thing,” Wendy asked, “would it be possible to get a cot or a roll away bed in our cabin?”

The woman behind the desk just laughed as if Wendy had made a great joke and said, “Oh, there isn’t any need for that on this cruise.” She then gave Wendy and Mike a knowing wink and added, “I think you two will be just fine without one.”

Wendy and Mike turned to walk up the ramp to the ship when the lady behind the check in desk called out, “Oh, Wendy! It looks like you are pre registered for one of our special private massage sessions.” Wendy and Mike walked back to the table as the woman continued, “You’ll love that. We have a whole team of massage specialists on board. Let’s see, you have the deluxe package so they will come right to your escort bursa cabin and give you each a private massage. By the time they get done you won’t have a care left in the world! Here is a card showing you when that has been scheduled and a number you can call on board if you have any other questions. Have a great cruise!”

In an instant her attention turned to the next couple in line and she had already launched into the same overly enthusiastic welcoming speech. With a shrug Wendy looked at Mike and said, “Shall we Mike?”

He smiled and said, “Sure thing Wendy.”

They walked up the ramp and found their cabin without any problems. Their luggage had already been delivered and sat next to the small closet. The cabin was pretty small and was dominated by a single bed in the center. A small desk sat against one wall and a tiny dresser against another. A doorway led to a small bathroom that had a stand up shower, toilet, and sink.

They sat on the bed and began to look through the information in the welcome packet. “It looks like our massage is tomorrow night at 8PM,” Wendy said. “I guess I should call and cancel that,” she said reaching for the phone.

“I think it will be fine,” Mike said. “The woman said that a masseuse would come here and do it. If it makes you uncomfortable I can leave while you get a private massage. Besides, it is already paid for so you might as well do it.”

The ship pushed off from shore a few hours later and Wendy and Mike began exploring the ship they would call home for the next few days. It seemed like everywhere they looked there were either things to do like swimming pools, climbing walls, gyms, and loads of other activities or there were restaurants or lounges offering great looking food and drinks. The rest of the passengers they saw were couples of all different shapes, sizes, and ages who also seemed to be excitedly exploring the ship. None of them seemed to even look twice at Mike and Wendy as they walked around.

They decided to change into their bathing suits and claim a couple of the comfortable looking chairs by the pool so they made their way back to the cabin to change. Mike changed first in the small bathroom and then sat on the bed waiting for his mom to change into her suit. She emerged wearing a thin white robe and a pair of sandals. They walked to the pool and found a couple of chairs in the sun. “Something to drink?” Mike asked. He took her order and walked over to the poolside bar.

From across the pool he saw Wendy begin to arrange a towel on the chair before she sat down. He let his eyes wander across the other people sitting around the pool and noticed a few really hot women already lounging in skimpy suits. He ordered the drinks and began to walk back to his chair when he looked up and saw his mom applying her sunscreen. She had on a two piece suit that wasn’t overly revealing for a bikini, but it was certainly more revealing than anything he had ever seen her wear.

She smeared the sunscreen all over her exposed skin and Mike quickly noticed her new level of fitness. She no longer had the extra weight on her stomach and sides that he remembered and she looked fabulous for a 35 year old, let alone a 43 year old. He sat down next to her and applied his own sunscreen. For most of the rest of the day they either lounged in their chairs or they swam in the warm water of the pool. “The perfect start to a vacation,” Mike thought to himself.

By watching some of the couples together Mike could tell that this was a couple’s cruise. Most of the couples sat close together and spoke softly to each other as they held each other’s hands or arms. Several of them took their time massaging lots of sunscreen into each other at regular intervals. Mike found the whole scene to be rather sexy and exciting. He was particularly excited by one couple he noticed sitting discreetly in a corner of the pool deck. The thing that made this couple stand out was that it was two women. Neither was a total knockout but neither was unattractive. Like most guys, Mike found the idea of two women together very exciting and he watched the two women out of the corner of his eye most of the day. He paid particular attention when they began to apply sunscreen to each other and had to shift a couple of times to allow his growing cock some room in his suit.

Despite the fact that this was a couple’s cruise Mike noticed lots of flirting between members of different couples. Two couples in particular seemed to really have taken to each other and all four of them shamelessly flirted with each other in and out of the pool. Mike remembered the course his mom had mentioned about swinging and wondered how many couples on the cruise would be swapping partners and trying new combinations.

As the afternoon turned to evening they decided to return to their cabin and get changed for dinner. Wendy showered first and emerged wearing one of the thick, terry cloth robes the ship had provided. Mike took his turn in the shower and came out to find Wendy dressed in a nicely fitting pair of black dress pants and a pink top. The top hugged Wendy very attractively and had a v-neck that plunged down to her cleavage. It wasn’t an overly revealing outfit but it definitely flattered her new look. Mike whistled at her and said that any man would be lucky to be with her.

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