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Carlos still couldn’t believe what he was doing, but he kept on with it. Before him on his bed were his 19 year old twins Coryn and Suzy and his 20 year old son Mario. All three were naked and held themselves at the ready on hands and knees, lined up shoulder to shoulder.

When they’d first entered his room two hours before, wearing nothing but the hair on their head, Carlos, 49, at first thought he was dreaming. Then he thought that all three of his children were on drugs of some sort. Even when the two girls crawled up on the bed and began smothering him with kisses, his first impression was that they were stoned, especially when Mario began taking Carlos’ shoes and socks off.

Then things went on from there until Carlos found himself as naked as they were, being kissed and touched and caressed everywhere. He cringed at the touch of his beautiful daughters, each of them so much the same they had always been difficult to tell apart, but when one of them, Coryn, suddenly took her father’s cock in her mouth, Carlos, seized with revulsion and disgust, nevertheless quickly succumbed to the erotic pleasure of it and lay back writhing and moaning. But when he looked up from the wonderful feelings he was experiencing and found that his son had taken his sister’s place and was now fellating him, Carlos nearly kicked the boy off the bed.

But again the feeling of having his dick inside someone’s mouth was too much to refuse. The way the lips pulled and pushed and pulled was incredible as was the gentle, wet suction and the warmth. But his worries about his own manliness were suddenly pushed aside when Suzy squatted down over Carlos’ face and pressed her swollen pussy onto his nose and mouth. Instinctively he began licking, tonguing, and even when he, with a shock, remembered who this wonderful, wriggling girl was, years of loneliness and sadness wiped all other cares away. Soon, he reached up to hold her churning bottom to his face, and then things just went on from there.

Gasping, shivering seconds turned into minutes and Carlos could hardly catch his breath from the excitement of running his hands down smooth, creamy legs or sucking on rock hard nipples. Minutes added together and soon a half hour went by while he kissed bare toes, licked smooth underarms and kissed hands and shoulders. An hour approached and he watched as his beautiful twins took turns straddling him as he lay there, riding up and down on his dick as they brought themselves to orgasm over and over again. And when the hour had gone by he found himself laying in a circle with the three of them, turning this way and tonguing Coryn’s pussy as she in turn sucked on Mario’s cock who was at the same time licking Suzy’s weeping snatch, then turning the other way and taking up where his son had left off. It seemed that the world faded through phases of heat and warmth, of blurred and wonderful visions of youthful vitality, until Carlos found himself in the present.

And now all three of them waited, their lovely bare asses facing him and their anal rings already well lubed and stretched. Carlos had watched them doing that nasty, kinky-but-sexy thing to themselves and that, more than some of the other things he’d watched them do, had not only kept his interest up, but also his cock. Even watching Mario plunging greasy fingers in and out of his pucker was exciting to Carlos. The boy, though taller than his sisters, had always been faggy and soft spoken and Carlos had been disgusted with him for that reason. And when he had heard that Mario was starring in some all-male tranny review downtown Carlos had nearly disowned his son. But now he could see how pretty the boy actually was, and how much like his mother he gaziantep ofise gelen escort had turned out.

For a moment the similarity between Mario and Juanita, Carlos’ long dead wife, became evident—the facial features, the shape of the hands, the ears—and as he watched the boy reaming himself with one of the big dildos he’d brought with him, he remembered long ago days when he and Juanita had made love.

Moving on his knees, he now got up behind Mario and in a single slow thrust, pushed his rock hard cock all the way into the boy’s rectum. He stayed inside for a moment, then pulled and pushed, pulled and pushed, feeling the slickness of the lubricant they’d all used. It felt good; tight and hot, with the muscular ring squeezing in response to the intrusion. He pushed in harder and pulled and thrust, and then stopped, watching the boy shivering in pleasure. Then he pulled out and moved sideways behind Coryn.

The girl gasped even though her father’s prong had entered her rectally. She had had anal sex before and it had never felt as wonderful as when her pussy was being crammed with hard meat, but she was always careful to stretch and lubricate herself beforehand it was never painful or uncomfortable. She held her place, letting her father fuck her ass the way he wanted. But then he pulled out.

Carlos moved again and pushed himself deep into Suzy’s beautiful, uplifted rear and the girl let out a soft moan. He fucked her in and out a few more times, then stopped and pulled out. He crawled back again and looked and decided that of all the men he knew who were fathers, he could honestly say that he had the three most beautiful children of any of them. He suddenly wished he had three cocks so he could fuck them all at the same time, but then remembered his boy’s dildos. He’d seen two of them, and the boy had brought them out of his gym bag so quietly and unceremoniously that Carlos had first thought them to be cucumbers for dinner. But now he glanced around for them, saw them laying on the floor and told his children to wait.

Getting off the bed, Carlos collected the two prongs then quickly went to wash them off at the sink. He could tell by the smell which one Mario had used, but he couldn’t be perfectly certain and so quickly washed them both with soap and hot water. When he came back all three of his kids were looking back at him and this time Carlos, knowing what he would do, in fact, suddenly knowing what he wanted to do, grinned back at them all.

Speaking softly and sweetly—for that was how he now felt—he had Mario move to the center of the bed with his twin sisters to each side, and then, holding a dildo in each hand, Carlos moved up behind his son and, using just the motion of his hips, pushed himself deep into the boy once again; the firmness of his cock needing no hand to guide it. Holding himself there, Carlos reached out and pushed a dildo into each of his daughters’ pussies and as he pulled his hips back for the first thrust into Mario, he also pulled back the dildos.

And so it went for another ten minutes, and though the girls were enjoying what was being done to them, Mario seemed to take his deep, forceful ass-fucking to an even more intense level. He was gasping, writhing, pushing back and forth against his father’s thrusts, and at least to Carlos, the boy was not overacting in any way. In fact he was amazed in that there seemed to be some sort of mystical transformation taking place, and that the boy had somehow changed into a woman before his very eyes; the way he moved, even the way he sounded as he moaned and gasped was more feminine than he could imagine any gaziantep öğrenci escort man ever being able to fake. Then, because of how anxious and passionate Mario had become, Carlos suddenly let go of the dildos and moved more directly on top of Mario’s rolling, swaying bottom. He was crouched over, lifted up on the balls of his feet, elbows on knees, driving his cock almost straight up and down into the boy’s rear and this seemed to take things to a whole different level.

The twins seeing what was happening, simply took matters into their own hands and moved together behind the torridly fucking father and son, using the dildos on each other. Their cries of release and pleasure added to the growing sounds of passion coming from their brother and the huffing and puffing of their father as he forcefully rammed his cock in and out of the boy’s ass, but they quickly became wrapped up in what they were doing and completely forgot about everything else. Carlos, caught up in that very same moment in time however, couldn’t forget—anything.

Gazing down at the rolling butt beneath him, then letting his eyes travel up the sleek, slender hips and waist, he realized that he had never before actually looked at his son. Ever since the first sissy thing the boy had done he had, he realized now, mentally disowned him. The boy had grown up fatherless even while living at home, and now Carlos felt tears welling in his eyes.

I was so blind, he thought to himself, and then, suddenly, he pulled out his son’s ass, reached down and turned the boy over onto his back. Pushing Mario’s smooth, hairless legs aside, Carlos spread his knees wide beneath Mario’s thighs, bringing his crotch down to the level of the bed. But then he paused, taking a breath and glancing this way and that at the legs now held aloft by the boy’s own will.

They were shapely. They were beautiful in fact; a woman’s legs. Full and shapely, smooth, tanned. Carlos turned a little more to catch sight of the boy’s left ankle and foot, then took hold of both ankles and brought the legs together, pushing them back. He stared down at the shins and the feet now presented close up to him, and couldn’t help but smile. His mother’s feet. Pretty. Sexy feet. They would look good in high heels or sandals or bare. It didn’t matter. They were perfect. Carlos’ eyes watered and then he gently kissed the very tips of the pointing toes, kissed the tops of the feet, and then placed them on his shoulders as he reached down to reinsert himself.

To Carlos it seemed that he only screwed this beautiful man-girl for a few seconds before he erupted in her but in fact it had been over twenty solid minutes of thrusting and pushing and feeling. The face he saw as he leaned over was familiar, but somehow changed: it was pretty, glowing almost; the dark eyes looking up at him in wonder, excitement, and something else which he only afterwards recognized—appreciation and love.

—Because Mario realized that his father finally saw him, saw him for what he was and not what he wasn’t. His father’s normally dark and grim eyes now gazed down at him not only in lust, but in understanding and approval. He felt himself shiver all through his body, and not only from the stiff, thick thing pounding greasily into his bowels. He wrapped his long legs around his father, pulling him closer, and knew that if the opportunity presented itself, he would kiss the man, or simply let his father kiss him; it didn’t matter which. But now the incessant pushing and thrusting was massaging that special place deep inside his body, giving him a tickle and a quiver, and suddenly Mario felt himself overflowing, oğuzeli escort as if his entire life was just about to come gushing out.

And now warmth, like sticky strings, played over his sweaty abdomen. Some of it reached his chest because of the way he was curled almost in half under his father’s pounding weight. He gasped and felt the tingling continue, making that stiff part of him vibrate and undulate as more and more of his pleasure came out.

Carlos heard the desperate, almost surprised gasp and felt the boy-girl’s anal ring clenching rhythmically around his sliding dick. He looked down, saw the expression of ultimate pleasure in his son’s beautiful face and increased the ferocity of his thrusts, wanting to give the boy every ounce of pleasure possible. Taking hold of the upraised legs, he pulled them in front of him and held them close, letting his lower half continue to work and push and pull, and a moment later, with his face turned to rest against the backs of the satiny smooth calves, Carlos felt himself ejaculating. It felt like a sharp ache as his cum gushed; it had been months since he’d last climaxed and it seemed that everything that had ever built up or become restrained or pent up, all tried to force its way out the end of his prick at the same moment. Then the spurting became softer and a shiver went up through his body as he held the delicate legs tight and continued to ram his cock in and out of that quivering hole. He lifted up slightly, bearing downwards, pushing the legs back, but with a final kiss to them, he let them slide down and around his sides, and leaned forward on his hands, gazing down at his son, wanting to see his face again.

Somewhere inside Carlos feared that he would look and see a man laying there and feel the shame and anger and guilt of the sin he had just committed, but instead the female he had felt such a deep need and love for was still there, long hair tousled, face shining with perspiration and eyes just now opening. For a moment their eyes met and Carlos saw those other eyes almost avert from his in shame; the same sort of thing he now remembered them always doing. And that had been his fault; his alone.

But before his son’s expression could fall, Carlos smiled and winked directly at the boy, then, slowing and then stopping his manic thrusts, leaned down further and further and kissed the sweaty brow. When he pushed back up, he whispered, “…you are the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. Do you mind if I call you Maria? Just sometimes—maybe when we’re like…this…?”

The boy’s face lit up but he only nodded, not knowing what to say. He’d never before felt so honored, so happy, and to hear his father, his very own father telling him that he was pretty! Swallowing the dry lump in his throat he felt that he truly was Maria who could then only lay there smiling up at her father. She felt in all ways female now, as she had never felt at any other time in her 20 years. Without thinking, she squeezed her legs tighter, drawing Carlos down, and when they were face to face, Carlos found he couldn’t resist any longer and placed a soft, warm kiss on his son-daughter-lover’s full lips. He went on kissing as those lips pressed back and turned and smeared and slid against his and despite the fact that he had only just now gushed, he felt a twitch of excitement in his still buried cock. Maria felt it too and gasped, and then, just as they were both beginning to laugh at the sheer joy of what they had just shared, there was a loud moan and a grunt from nearby.

Turning to look over his shoulder, Carlos saw his two twin daughters, now deeply involved in 69, rolling and writhing where they had been earlier, tongues poking deep into each other while they used the dildos in each other’s ass-holes. Neither seemed aware of anything or anybody else in the room.

Turning back and smiling down at his son, Carlos shrugged.

“Women….” he said and now they both laughed. They laughed until tears filled their eyes and overflowed, and in that overflowing every dark and desolate place was washed clean.


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