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Subject: ‘Redd’ & the Wolf. (11) This is a fictional story that follows the ‘Red Riding Hood’ tale. It’s an alternate idea for the story. The main character is not a girl but a Ginger kid named ‘Redd’. Still sent to visit his grandma. He is sent by his single father to take grandma her food and medz. There is some wolf fun in this story too. So there is some animal sex in this story. So of this bothers you, please move on. The rest follows the original tale.. Somewhat.. Hope you like this sexy version…. ‘Redd’ & the Wolf. (11) … Redd was almost frozen there. Looking at the huge Vander. The big hairy woodsman that lived out here in the forest. The large man stood there naked before him, save the small briefs containing his member. The big man stood before him like this, offering Redd his body, his dick. And Redd wanted to touch him. He wanted to touch and feel and do everything possible with this awesome specimen of maleness. This man that dwarfed his father. He slowly lifted his hand up to reach for the man. To reach for that bulge and body. His loins aching to have this man. All of him. His hand shaking as he lifted it up to reach to him. But it was moving. Inching towards the lower body of the huge Vander. “Come boy. Touch me” Vander said “Feel this real mans body” Vander grabbed his hand and then placed it to his crotch. The boy felt the heat of the mans groin. It was an intense heat too. And the thing underneath throbbed back at his hand. It felt so big too. Definitely bigger than his father. And that excited him. So I rubbed at the bulge and gazed at it in awe. He felt the hunger in his ankara rus escort belly. A big hunger that needed to be quenched. “Feels good boy” Vander said “Keep rubbing at it” “It likes your hand on it” “Now take it out” Redd rubbed at it more. Feeling as it grew under his hand. The tube pulling up along the crotch area to the left. “Kiss it” Vander said “I need you to kiss it boy” So Redd moved in closer and pressed his face to the bulge. And then he kissed the shaft of the mans dick through the underwear. Feeling the heat on his lips. And he loved it. He then reached for the waist of the mans briefs. He then tugged at it and pulled down He had to free the mans member. He had to see thing that was right before him. To see another mans member other than his father. And to see this huge mans member. So down the briefs came. Pulling down over the mans rod and down his thick manly thighs. “Wow” Redd huffed as the mans dick fell out “Look at that” Vanders rod was about 7 and a half inches and pretty thick. The meaty bulbous head was definitely larger than his father. And the shaft thicker and had a large amount of puffy veins that circled the meaty shaft. Redd again licked his lips as looked upon it. He reached for the mans big cock and he grabbed for it. It was a so big in his hand. And it throbbed and swelled nicely as he held it. “Wow.” He huffed “So big sir” “Well son.” Vander said “Go on and have it. I give it to you” Well Redd could hold off no longer. He pulled the large member to his face and then opened his hungry mouth. Then he slipped down the shaft. It çankaya escort was still swelling in his hand and mouth as he moved onto it. Vander sighed as he felt the boy mouth on him. It felt good. Very good to have him sucking on his rod. It had been a while. A long while. So he moaned more as Redd continued to suck on his member. Redd moving up and doen the hardening dick.. “Eat boy. Yes eat my dick” he groaned “That feels very. Ughn. Nice” Reds loved the big rid as it grew to full proportions. It had a lovely curve to it as I looked at it for a moment. Coming off to get some air. “It’s so big” Redd said again The big man just told him to continue to suck on his dick. So Redd did. He grasped at the mans dick again and went back onto it. Sliding his hungry mouth over the dick again. Slurping up and down on Vanders rod. Giving him a nice sucking. Vander continued to.moan as the boy was doing a very good job on his member. He had needed it for some time now. The feel of a mouth and or ass or vagina on his dick. And with this boy he intended on the boys ass to be sliding on his cock. “More Redd, more” he grunted “Get me nice and hard son” “I will then slide my rod into your body” Redd pondered this as his rod was sliding into his body. His mouth. But it took him bit a moment to figure what the man really meant. Vander was going to take him as his father had done so before. This huge bear of a man planned on having sex with him. And as he licked and slobbered in the mans rod he pictured this. Himself bent over that table just a few feet away from where they were. Bent ankara escort over it and held to it as Vander thrust his big member in to his butt. Driving all that dick into him. Redd loved the imagery. Loved the thought if this massive man on him and giving him his dick. Feeling the huge mans body press to him. All that fantastic hair on his torso raking against him. “Yess boy. Ohh yes” Vander chirped “That feels soo good” “Just a bit more Redd. Just a bit more” And Redd did more. Stroking at the mans thick tube as he sucked on it. Feeling the moist hot fleshy tube in hand as his wet mouth moved up and down it. Feasting on the saliva covered shaft. The sounds of his hunger for Vanders dick was loud and sloppy.wet slurping sounds that fill up the small cabin the big man owned. “Yes boy. Ohh yes!” Vander cooed “That is it. That is wonderful” “Best oral pleasure I have had in a very long time” Then Vander pulled from Redd. He stepped back as the kneeling boy stared up at him. List in his eyes. “Now I shall take your body” Vander said “Come. Get up” Then the huge man lead him to the big bed on the far side of the cabin. He instructed Redd to get on the bed and present him his butt. Redd did as the man asked and climbed his naked body onto the bed. Like a dog he moved there on all fours for Vander. The big man gazed down at Redd as he crouched there on his bed. He looked at the small form body and the lovely white butt. He placed a huge hand onto Redds butt cheek. Feeling it in his palm. “Hmm. Such a nice firm butt son” he said to him “Beautiful young body” Redd felt the big meaty hands in him. Rubbing at his buttocks and lower back. He sighed as he felt the mans fingers move in between his butt cheeks. “Hmm.” Came the soft sigh Then Vander thrust a big thick finger into him. He hasped at the suddenness of this action. The unexpected penetration in his hole….. More to come

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