Reflections Within: Embracing Desires


Olivia was absentmindedly tapping her fingers on her wine glass while listening to Emma drone on about work.  The low hum of conversation and the clanking of the utensils throughout the room wasn’t helping her conversation.  That was until the smell hit her as a waitress whisked by taking a dish to a nearby table.  A hot and sweet ginger aroma wafted around her evoking a memory of a night long past.  “Oh, and I randomly ran into Ethan last week in Philly,” Emma interjected into her work story, perking Olivia’s ears.  Ethan was Olivia’s boyfriend for a bit less than a year back in college.  The thought of him sent the slightest buzz through her body.“Really?  And how is Ethan these days?” Olivia asked, trying to be as nonchalant as possible about checking in on an old flame.Emma took a long slow sip of her wine, “It seems he turned out just fine, after you broke his heart, that is,” she chuckled, giving the dirty blonde-haired woman a knowing look.“Oh, come on.  He knew it was coming.  Things had run their course and I was just holding on for the…” A pregnant silence invaded the otherwise loud restaurant.“Fucking?” retorted Emma filling the emptiness.  “I do believe that’s what made you keep him around so long.  No?” she asked playfully.“You didn’t answer my question, Emma,” she said sarcastically, ignoring her friend’s comment.“Married, three kids, still dumb as rocks, still hot as hell.  Fuck, Liv.  It brought back memories of watching him fuck you senseless in our apartment.”“I’m sorry, what?” Olivia gasped.“Ah, what?  Come on.” She paused and looked at her friend’s expression of utter shock.  “I suppose not then?  Never mind,” she concluded and was conspicuously looking away from her friend now doing everything she could to suppress a smirk.“No!  No, you don’t get to cut it off there.  What the hell, Em?  You watched me have sex with him?  When?” Questions were flying around, hanging in the air, unpopped by answers.Emma tentatively led back into the conversation, “When didn’t I?  I thought you guys knew.  I mean, come on, Liv.  You practically put on a show!” She looked at her friend still with a bewildered and somewhat angry look on her face. “You had to know I was home.  My god, Liv.  The dirty talk?  You just about screamed it at the top of your lungs?”A flush of embarrassment tinged with the tiniest bit of arousal came over Olivia.  She took a noticeably large gulp of her wine, emptying the glass.“I always thought you were asleep,” Olivia said meekly.“Asleep?  Asleep?  Who could sleep with you yelling for him to fuck the stuffing out of you over and over?  Not to mention the moaning and the banging of every piece of furniture in the apartment.”  Emma was getting a little overcome with the feelings this was stirring up.  She tried hard to push that aside, for now.“You watched me?” Olivia desperately asked.  “You watched me,” she then said incredulously.  “Did you… um…”“Oh my god, Liv.  You’ve got türbanlı gaziantep escort to be kidding me.  You were really lost in it, weren’t you?” she shook her head as spoke.  “I really thought you knew.  I wasn’t very quiet about it… usually.”Something moved inside Olivia.  The realization that Emma had watched her and her college boyfriend, multiple times, made her body hot, not so much from embarrassment, but something much more embarrassing to admit to herself.  She lost herself in the memory of Ethan relentlessly railing her until her toes curled while she screamed the dirtiest of things to him.Emma had watched it all and, in her own way, participated in the carnal coupling.  That made everything suddenly so much more… vivid to Olivia.  A familiar heat was pervading her body as the memories flooded back.As Olivia squirmed, Emma watched with rapt attention to her friend’s reaction.  She suppressed all but a wry smirk as she interjected into the uneasy silence that had developed, “I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it.  Watching you so confident in what you wanted.  Confident in what you needed from him,” she tailed off, whispering as the thought was getting to her.“Christ, I’ve had a voyeur kink ever since.  You have no idea what it feels like. It was better than any drug.  You were a fucking thrill ride, Liv.  I just–” she said sounding unsure, “I can’t even begin to…”  Emma was making a show of stammering suddenly.  “I’ve never got it to feel the same way again.  I’ve never been able to recapture that.  The way I felt, watching you.  Just you.  You had some fucking magical effect on me.  Fuck, I’ve tried.  A lot.  It just never hits me the way it did… watching you.”Emma was probing Olivia with her eyes.  She wondered if this was suddenly too much for her friend as she noticed a blotchy redness starting to envelop her friend’s neck as she slightly squirmed in her chair.Olivia swallowed dryly.  The residual taste of the wine was still sweet in her mouth.  Her body was suddenly burning from pent-up desire, clouding her head.  The thought of Emma envying her sexual confidence was igniting a fire deep within her.  That inferno was rapidly begging for her attention.  “I don’t know what to say.  It’s a lot to take in all at once, you know?” Olivia managed meekly.  The conversation was turning into longer and longer pauses as Emma let her friend’s intent build without an immediate response.  She raised her eyebrows expectantly at her while coyly sipping her wine as if to give Olivia the opportunity to take the next step.  The step that led to the cliff.“Can I get you anything else?” The waiter sent them both crashing back to reality.  Neither had noticed him approach the table.  They nervously looked at one another and then at him.  Olivia unsteadily responded, “I think just the check.”As the waiter walked away, Emma softly spoke, “I didn’t gaziantep türbanlı escort bayan mean for it to be a big deal.  I really thought you knew.  I’m sorry I said anything.  I didn’t mean to upset you.”Olivia felt a mixture of nervousness and pure lust like she hadn’t felt in ages.  The waiter returned with the bill and she had to consciously force herself to concentrate on splitting the bill correctly.  Her head was swimming in her own thoughts.  More specifically the thought of Emma watching her while getting off.  “This is awkward now.  I’m sorry I made it awkward.” Emma evenly said as she got up from the table.Olivia exhaled deeply, stood, and took a step towards her friend.  Looking at her in the eyes, she spoke, “It’s really alright.” She smiled and hugged her friend, catching Emma by surprise.“You just gave me a lot to think about, that’s all.” She stepped back and politely smiled again.“Let’s get together again next week for drinks.  It’s nice to get out and catch up like this.”“Anytime,” Emma replied.  “I’d like that.”They parted ways and what had started out as a night out just catching up with an old friend, turned into an avalanche of desire that Olivia had no hope of controlling.  As she drove home, she kept thinking about fucking Ethan in that dorm room, stretching her and hitting that spot that drove her wild.  She kept imagining looking over her shoulder to see a young Emma with her hand down her pajama pants.  Just staring at her, biting her lip, frantically strumming herself to the beat of Ethan’s thrusts.It was everything Olivia could do not to touch herself on the drive home.  The urge was overwhelming, but in the end, she had prevailed—barely.  Parked in the garage, she took a deep breath to collect herself and headed into the house.  “Hey, Liv.  How was your night out?” Jeremy said, lounging on the couch in the living room watching TV.“Interesting,” she hurriedly retorted.  “I’ll be right back.”Olivia climbed the stairs to the bedroom and started to enact a plan to satiate her burgeoning desire.  She walked into her closet and practically tore off her clothes.  Her panties were sopping wet and just the feel of the fabric brushing over her already sensitive clit when she took the panties off made her shudder.She looked up into the full-length mirror on the closet door, staring at her reflection. I still have it, she thought.  Staring back at her was a woman in her early thirties with a body she had worked hard for.  She rubbed her hands thinking about how many fucking hours at the gym a week it took to keep herself this way.  She even felt good about her breasts, for once, that she was now cupping in her hands.  Not as big as she wanted, but she thought they fit her body perfectly.  Her thumbs brushed her nipples and she involuntarily let out a throaty sigh.Olivia glanced up at her face, almost gaziantep türbanlı escort trying to seduce herself, and twisted her head to bring the curtain of dirty blonde hair seductively over one eye.  Her eyes moved with her hand down her body to where her need throbbed.  She ran her fingers softly through her neatly trimmed dirty blonde bush.  “Mmm,” she purred, as a fingertip brushed her button. Her legs just about buckled underneath of her with the simple touch.Olivia looked up into her own eyes, “Fuck it,” she said to no one in particular and licked her lips.  She had quickly decided on putting nothing on at all, except… an idea crept into her head.She reached over to the jewelry box on her dresser and pulled out a simple string of pearls and set about fixing them to adorn her neck.  These were her favorite.  Jeremy had bought it for her for their wedding a few years back.  She loved the way they looked on her.  She loved the way they felt around her neck, and the memory of them bouncing against her chest as Jeremy fucked her from behind on their wedding night.She shuddered at that particular thought.  The craving and the building need she felt were consuming her every thought.  She needed it now.  Looking at herself in the mirror, wearing nothing but pearls, she looked herself up and down, then slowly smiled.“Jeremy?” she called out. “Can you come up and help me with this?  I’m having trouble reaching something,” she said loudly, struggling to keep her voice even.  “One second,” she heard him reply distantly.Olivia calmly walked to the bed.  Each step was an electric shock of lust as her lips brushed together.  Thankfully, she made it to the bed without collapsing.  As she climbed onto the bed she heard Jeremy stirring below, footsteps ascending the stairs.Olivia propped up the pillows to push her head up just a bit as she lay back on the bed.  She brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked them, then trailed them down her supple body.  They stopped to knead her breast and her nipple immediately came to attention.  A playful roll of her now hard nipple between her fingers resulted in her ass lifting off the bed to meet nothing but air—thick, throbbing air.  Her hand ventured beyond her breasts and traced her taut stomach to her pussy that was soppily awaiting attention.  She almost closed her eyes, losing track of Jeremy’s footsteps.When he entered the room, he didn’t see his wife at first, but as he turned to face the bed, there she was, lewdly spread wide and teasing herself with her fingers.  He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out.Her inward gaze was abruptly shifted outwards as she heard him clumsily come through the bedroom door.  She watched his expression drastically change as the realization of what was going on washed over him.   She saw a wanton smile creep over his face as his eyes glazed over.“Are you going to help me now?” she whispered seductively as she tilted her head and bit her lip pushing the buttons she knew all too well.  Jeremy quickly shed his T-shirt and dropped his gym shorts and boxers in one swift movement.  His rock-hard cock sprung up as the shorts passed over it.  Olivia was transfixed by it.  Her mouth watered and she was suddenly starving for it.  He took two steps towards the bed when Olivia stopped him, silently motioning ‘no’ with a single finger.

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