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Nature never prepared anyone for the speed Julia Coners was traveling. In fact, the speeds were far too much for Earths atmosphere to handle. Her shuttle was already warning her of G forces exceeding the mission parameters. Even the tech wasn’t built to handle this. She just had to hang in there a little longer. She was almost home. Her memories, hopes and dreams kept her mind on the task of surviving re-entry and resisting blackout.

Julia never did anything half-assed. When she as young she had decided to become an astronaut, and damn it, now she was in space. She remembered the days of staring out into the stars. She had gotten closer to them than any other human alive. When she agreed to marry John, she dedicated her whole life to him. But when her country asked her to go on an experimental mission and leave her husband and son, she had a terrible choice to make. They warned her that moving a decent percentage of the speed of light, her travel time would be about two years. However, the scientists weren’t sure how how the relativistic speeds would affect the time outside. It could be three, four, five, maybe even ten years. She would miss her son growing up, and some of her husbands best years.

She remembered even now his voice saying, “Julia, I knew who you were when I married you.” He had smiled. “I’ll be here waiting.”

And so she had spent a terrible twenty six months and five days away from earth. There had been dangers, the radio went dead early on, a couple of off course detours due to asteroids increased the travel distance. She had to to increase speed and spread out rations, but she was finally coming home. She wondered if she had missed her sons teenage years. She wondered if John had really waited for her. She knew he had needs, and she had told him not to wait too long.

Her hands were weak. She was shaking as the rickety vessel slowed. She hoped against hope that the ship could take the stress. She willed her body to stay strong. She looked down at her body. She felt suddenly, hilariously self conscious. She should be worried about her blood pressure, not how she would look back in a bikini. And yet, while she was working out over the years it wasn’t survival she was thinking about. She desperately wanted to stay looking as young and beautiful as possible. A lot of cardio and resistance training was possible if you were creative. She was toned, trim, and perky. Her hips and bust still had some of their motherly qualities, but there was only so much she could do with the hyper-efficient diet. She was certainly less of a woman on the way back.

Knocking her out of her self-pity was the first human voice she had heard in two years. Finally, jolted by the landing, some disconnected wires must have finally sparked into action. The communications began to work again. The lab techs had been useless thus far. It had been up to Julia to thread a needle millions of kilometers away without any need for feedback from ground control.

“Julia Coners?” She heard a garbled voice.

“Transmissions spotty.” She warned with a voice hoarse from disuse. She cleared her throat “Landing all clear?” She asked in a prettier tone. She felt the metal creak, it couldn’t take much more.

“Y-Yes.” The voice stuttered. “You’re alive?”

“Can’t kill me that easy.” She chuckled.

“Jul-” Static blocked most of the message, “Landing… Years… Ready for…”

“Sorry, you’ll have to tell me once I’m down there.” She responded. “Over and out.”

The landing was rocky. But felt short. Perhaps she had blacked out once or twice, she couldn’t remember. With a few final jolts and a splash, she felt the alien gravity on her body. It took quite some time before she felt like she was safe and finally back home. The force was alien and swept her side to side. At first she thought she was still slowing down, but no, she was on the ocean waves. Gravity was going to take a lot of getting used to. She could tell as soon as she popped her head out of her pod. Bright lights blinded her. She blinked and watched the boats drive her way. Technology had changed. She wondered how many years she had missed.

On the boat was a man she recognized. It wasn’t her commander, or any of the lab techs. It was John. The bastard had gotten front row seats to her return. Her eyes were watering as men in uniforms helped her out and onto the deck of the ship. She was crying and laughing in hysteric glee. It was like nothing had changed. She had gone on a short trip and now it was over. His features were strong as ever. He was clean shaven and his short hair had a golden brown glow. Disciplined hands caught her as she stumbled towards him. His eyes were more clear and beautiful than she remembered. He was stronger and more refined. Maybe that was because she was weaker and smaller. He held her with a smile and opened his mouth.

But he didn’t need to say anything. Onwin She had waited far too long to mince words. She pulled up and into him like he was a galaxy away and met his open mouth with hers in front of all the men and women present. He seemed shocked and passive as she held him tight and wormed herself around him. She wrapped a leg high around his tall hip and pushed against him with all the strength left in her. Hundreds of lonely nights were unloaded into her kiss and she left him breathless and ready to fuck right there on the deck. She didn’t care. She was here, and he was here, and they had both waited for so long. His face seemed to understand hers and he blushed madly. He had always been shy when it came to love. He shouldn’t have been so shocked, it wasn’t the naughtiest way she had greeted him before.

“You came.” She said with wild wonder. She was ready to leave it all behind now. She had taken her journey, her adventure was over. Now she was ready to start her next chapter with him. “I was so worried.”

He coughed and swallowed. He could be so dorky sometimes. Then he answered with a professional voice, “Mom, It’s been thirty years.”

“Ha.” She laughed, but no one laughed with her. It wasn’t like him to make that kind of joke. “You,” She looked around and saw the men and women with stern and awkward faces. They looked away, waiting for orders. “You can’t be serious.” She chuckled again. She suddenly realized that the man she held was wearing a uniform. He looked like the John she had met just after college, not the John who she had left. He was too young to be John. But still, “Harry?” he had just been a baby when she left. She was dizzy. She felt like she was going to black out again. The earth began to take her aching body, her legs slipped down his side and her grip loosened. “But, John-“

“He passed away five years ago.” Harry said slowly. “I’m sorry.”

Julia had never been so confused. She was ready. She had made a promise. They were going to wait for each other. It all came out in a flash and she felt all her energy leave her. She fell to her knees with her arms weekly holding onto the man in front of her. “No!” She cried out. She felt the world blur. Nothing made sense anymore.

“Julia, we need to de-brief you,” She heard unfamiliar voices crowd in around her. Sadness, relief, terror, love, all of it mingling inside of her exploded out. The voices talked over each other. Their voices are swirled together with the sounds of the waves on the boat. Everything was drowned out by dizzy, rocking, crashing sounds.

“Julia?” She heard a voice she remembered. It cut through the rest. She looked up at the man who looked and sounded just like her husband, “It’s going to be okay.” He said it like a command. Like he knew it wasn’t, but he was going to make it that way. She smiled despite herself and let strong arms pick her up and place her into a wheelchair. Her muscles were strained. Her body was drained. She defaulted into her training. She knew she was going to need a lot of physical therapy before she was normal again. The transition was hard enough without the new revelations. She needed to focus on one thing at a time. She needed to get better first. She tried to hold it together as they wheeled her off.

“So,” She asked as she ate dinner with her son at a fancy restaurant, “Are you married?”

“No. But I do have a girlfriend.” He smiled. His answer gave her mixed feelings. She had missed so much. She was happy for him, but it was also so strange to see John’s face say those words. She had to remind herself that it wasn’t her husband, but her son. She adjusted her new glasses, the lack of gravity had altered her vision.

“I’m sorry about how I acted on the boat.” She addressed the issue for the first time in weeks. “I was confused.” It had been at least a week since then. They had finally let her out of the hospital, and all the while she couldn’t stop thinking about that moment.

“I know.” Harry smiled. “It wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry I had to spring all of that on you so quickly, but-“

“I understand.” She nodded. “It must have been really awkward, your mom making out with you like that.” She chuckled. She had re-lived it time and again. It had felt so good, and yet, it had been one of the most embarrassing moments of her life. She had always tried to laugh at herself in times like this. It usually helped relieve some of the tension.

“Hah,” Harry nodded. “I was hopeing to forget that. Dad told me you always said what was on your mind.”

“Am I embarrassing you again?” She meant to say it shamefully, but she was worried it came out flirtatiously. She coughed, “I mean, if it is, I’ll stop.” It was so strange. She continued to fall back into her old habits. She had teased John like that all the time.

“No! It’s fine. Actually, Ashley thought it was cute when she heard about it.”

“Tell me about her.” Julia was very curious in ways she’s couldn’t articulate.

“Oh, right. We met in high school and were friends for a long time. Eventually we ended up together after college.”

“Interesting.” Julia sipped some white whine. “But what is she like?”

“Well, she’s Roberts kid.”

“Oh, from down the lane?”

“Yea. Well, used to be. Her family moved away about a decade ago. Anyway, she’s kind, creative, and she can be a little stubborn, but I like that about her too.”

“She sounds perfect. I’d love to meet her.”

“Of course.” Harry filled the silence afterwards with, “So what are your plans? I mean, I guess you want some time to get used to things again.”

“I told John that this would be my last mission.” Julia mused. “But I don’t know anymore.”

“I’m sure we can still use your talent. Almost no one has worked with the tech you have. To tell the truth, almost everyone thought you were dead. The project was way off schedule, and we couldn’t read any signals from your craft. Now that the project is a success, the department is going to need to know how you did it.”

“They can just look at my logs.” She shrugged. “It was just quick calculus and duct tape. They can figure it out without me. I’m not really sure if I want to do it all again.”

“Oh. What do you want to do then?”

“I spent my best years on my career. I was hopeing to spend the rest on being a woman.” She responded. “But things have changed.”

“You have all the time in the world. You are a national hero now. Space travel is not going to be the same. You could get a job anywhere, heck, you could probably just retire now if you wanted.”

“There is one thing I’d really like.” She admitted. “Maybe…” her voice and thoughts trailed off. She didn’t know exactly what she wanted either, “Living,” She paused, “With you?”


“Never mind.” She said quickly. “It’s probably terribly awkward for you already. You’re all grown up now. You don’t need me. I just had these dreams of finally settling down and living with my family. You don’t want to live with your mother, especially not if you have a girlfriend.”

“She’ll understand.” Harry said sternly. “Mom, you have to understand, you are the reason I went into space exploration. I wanted to be just like you. Now that you are on the news and everything, everyone else sees you the same way.” He held her hand and she felt her body light up like a firecracker. He looked into her eyes from across the table. “I want to make up for lost time.” She must have been blushing furiously. He was more confidant than his father. Perhaps he got that from her.

A thought entered her head. It was a mixture of memories, drink, and years of lonely, raw passion. It was a terrible thought. It was wrong. It was immoral. And it was distinctly not a thought a mother should have about a son. Sure, he was cute. Sure, he had some tragic damage she could help fix. Sure he loved her unconditionally and was willing to do anything to help her cope with the death of her husband. Sure, he was about her age and she trusted him completely. But that was no excuse for wanting such intimate things.

The guilt and shame from such a thought caused her to bury it deep down inside her heart. Her fingers tightened.

But she still let him hold her hand. She let him because it still felt amazing. And it still made her tingle in ways she refused to admit were possible.

“Thank you.” She said softly.


Julia realized she was one year younger than her son, and one rank lower. She had left when he was just three. She thought she’d be back in time for middle school, or at least high school. But now he was her superior in NASA, having risen through the ranks even faster than she had. She had expected to return to her own house and help Harry learn to be a man. But everything was on it’s head. She felt like a little girl again in a world she didn’t understand. She wasn’t the perfect, bouncy, athletic wife anymore. She was a confused, be speckled nerd who needed to take breaks wile walking to the bathroom. Everything was different and confusing and things only made sense once she was in her old house. But it wasn’t hers. It was Harry’s. He had inherited it. He was teaching her, housing her, and caring for her. She was re-learning the presidents, re-learning history, re-learning fashion. She had no idea how to treat him, and she suspected he was the same. He acted more mature now than she had ever felt. She couldn’t talk down to a superior, or tell him to clean his room.

“Let me clean up around the house.” She asked in the morning after her first night back. “While you are at work. Let me earn my keep.”

“Only if you want to.” He chuckled. They both stood there at the doorway, wondering exactly how to say goodbye.

After a pause she gave him a quick hug and kissed his cheek. “I love you.” She said quickly.

“I love you too.” He left and her eyes lingered on him as he walked to his car and left. Now she was alone again. She sighed and walked around the empty house in solemn recollection. She was lonely. More lonely than she had anticipated. And tired. She was going to be very tired for a very long time. The doctors were shocked at how quickly she had been recovering already. She was going to meet Ashley tonight, and told herself she’d brave the outside to go shopping for some appropriate clothes. None of her old clothes fit well anymore. She was thinner now. She was supposed to stay home and get lots of rest. She was still recovering after all.

She tried not to think of John. He’d want her to move on. They had talked about it before. Neither of them wanted the other to be alone. She grimaced at the guest bedroom she’d slept in the night before. She was a visitor at her own house. She walked to Harry’s room, her and Johns original, and stood at the doorway for a moment before barging in. Sure, it was his room, but she was his mother damn it.

The room was a bit messy, but not as bad as she tended to leave things. She made the bed and picked some clothes off the floor to wash. One of the shirts had been from the day before. He had worn it all day, even outside in the hot weather. It was still a bit sweaty.

She smelled it. It smelled like John. The memories began flooding back. She shuddered and tried not to think about it. She examined the shirt again. It was white and plain. She should throw it in the wash with the rest. Her fingers itched at the fabric as if she could touch him again through it. She remembered their wedding. She remembered their last night together. She remembered their promise.

She went to the guest room and closed the door. She was getting emotional again. She couldn’t concentrate on anything. She laid down and put her face in her arms. She noticed that she still had the shirt, and it was all around her now. The smell almost made her feel euphoric. She dug her face into it and held it tight.

She found her her hips rocking the mattress. Her sex had found a pillow to grind. God, how pathetic was she? She was so disgusted at herself that she rose her hips up off the bed to keep from humping it. She arched her back and lifted her rear, but the position made her feel even more horny. Her clothes were tight on her groin. She reached a hand to her waist to loosen them. Then her hand strayed and went under.

“Hmm!” She shuddered at her own touch. She lowered her waistband to her knees, Her white panties were wet where she touched them. “John!” She coo’ed into the cloth. She remembered his hands and tried to imitate them. She groped her breasts over her clothes and toyed with her sex. She remembered how she’d get ready for him when he was late from work. She’d start without him, get deep into the mood and then she’d hear him open the front door, and she’d pretend not to hear. She’d hear him walk to the room. She could almost hear it now. “Hmph!” She grimaced as she dug under her panties and touched her desperate wetness. She loved the way he looked at her. She shook her ass like she used to as she opened herself up. She remembered how he’d open the door to see her ready, on edge, and-

“Julia?” She froze and heard knock on her door. “Hey, it’s Ashley, can I come in? I know i’m early, but a client canceled,”

Julia grabbed her jeans and squeezed her sex and ass back into them like a hermit crab back into a shell. She quickly buttoned and bound herself back into them again, “Y-Yes!” she chuckled at herself as she quickly hid the shirt under the sheets just as the door opened. She stood to face her. “Nice to meet you!” Her fists covered her groin bashfully.

Ashley had slender limbs and dainty attire. She wore expensive jewelry and long painted nails. Julia felt suddenly very intimidated. Ashley had obviously dressed for the occasion of meeting her boyfriends mother, but Julia looked like she had just woken up and put on some work clothes. Thankfully, Ashley didn’t look too judgmental. “I can’t believe I’m finally face to face with you.” She said cheerfully. “Harry talks about you so much, even though he didn’t know you for long.”

“Oh.” Julia smiled dumbly. “Really?”

“You really are a hero to him. And not just him. I wanted to get to know you bett-” She stopped mid sentence with mild embarrassment, “I’m sorry, you must have been taking a nap in here. Harry told me you would still be recovering. I’ll wait-“

“No, not at all!” Julia shook her head and consoled her. “If anything, I have a lot of energy today! Let’s get started!”

“Oh. Okay.” She smiled, “Then what were you doing in here?” She looked at the messy bed covers.

Julia paused for too long before saying slowly, “Napping.” She tried to explain quickly, “But just, you know, not doing a very good job. I’m so antsy.” She chuckled.

“Oh, then let’s get started!” Ashley smiled. “The mall has changed a whole lot since you’ve seen it.”


It certainly had. Everything had changed. She found herself being very dependent on the other woman to lead her through the crowds. It helped that she was so tall. She felt exhausted by the time they reached the clothing store. “I think I may rest a bit.” She admitted.

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