Remembrance of Twilight


Jake smiled as he opened the door, tossing his keys on an end table in the hall. He could feel her presence in the house, smell her perfume in the air. He’d not seen her in days, but he could always feel her. She lingered even when she left.

He’d met Cherise a few months ago. She was wild with need at every waking moment, so wanting and wonderful that it took everything out of him to satisfy her. She was more woman than any he’d ever been with.

He’d walked up to the roof one night to clear his head, only to discover her, leaned against the railing, half clothed and partially satisfied by her own hand. He’d heard her cries of ecstasy echoing through the night, so passionate and lustful that he’d been mesmerized by her. He’d not been able to move as he watched her, fantasizing over her heaving breasts, gulping at the way her lips wrapped around her finger as she tasted the juices she’d brought from her most intimate places.

Her thighs had been parted, just slightly, held together by her silk panties, thongs were all she ever wore. What an image of pure sex she had been. Yet, when she’d noticed him, she’d not even tried to conceal herself. On the contrary, she’d only smiled and said hello in that sensuous voice of hers.

And here he was, nearly obsessed with the way she moved, almost held by her dark wanting eyes. His body was hers’ and hers’ belonged to no man or woman. Her sexuality glowed even in the light of day, like an aura, cascading all who came near her in its spell. He was stiffening at the thought of her.

“Jake?,” she called from the bedroom.

“Yes,” he replied, his hand moving down to the bulge in his slacks, “Its me”

“Mmmm…We’ve been waiting,” another voice called.

He held his breath for a moment. Another woman’s voice?

His eyes were wide, all of a sudden, as his heartbeat increased. He could hear them together, now, giggling and touching. What a night this would be.

He stepped into the living room, listening to their calls as he edged closer to the bedroom. His cock must have swollen to twice its normal size. He could feel adrenaline rushing through his veins, flooding him with what felt like… power.

The door was wide open, inviting him into a night of unfounded sex.

They lay on the bed, legs entwined in one another, their hands sliding along each other, their tongues touching, softly, every once in a while. He saw the cool sheen of sweat that covered them as he realized that they’d probably been there for hours, teasing each other as they waited for him.

Cherise smiled up at him, sliding her fingers against the other girl’s nipples. She leaned lower, not breaking her stare, and ran her tongue around the soft brown flesh of her tit, pausing at her nipple to tweak it with her lips.

“Hi Jake,” the other girl moaned, her naked body stretched out in front of him, “I’m Terri.”

He smiled as he began to strip, nearly ripping the buttons on his shirt. The two girls moved into a more inviting position as he fumbled with his belt. And then he was standing there, naked, kızlık bozma porno his dick standing hard before him, curved upward a bit, looking down as Cherise squeezed Terri’s tight ass cheeks, pulling them apart. She slapped Terri’s ass, hard, making the girl moan and grind against the bed, wanting to be touched, needing to be fucked.

“She’s wet, already. I’ve been licking her tasty little pussy all day. Mmmm… You can just slide right in, Jake,” Cherise said, sliding two fingers into Terri’s well moistened cunt.

In a moment, he was behind her, on his knees and poised to enter her. His member was like skin covered steel as his eyes shifted between the two women. Cherise was stroking his cock, slowly, squeezing it, and whispering in his ear, her lips touching the lobe with every word. Her tongue would snake against his inner ear as she spoke about the body so willing that lay on its stomach before him.

“She tastes so good Jake. Her pussy’s so tight and wet. She just couldn’t wait to have your big dick inside her,” she chimed, pushing his cock into Terri’s opening, “We laid here fucking each other with our tongues all day. We warmed up for you, Jake. We want you so bad, baby.”

Cherise was behind him, now, her hands on his ass as she pushed him deep into Terri from behind. They could hear the girl begging for it. She wanted it hard. She wanted it deep. She wanted it so bad.

And Jake was fucking her good. His shaft was so deep in her cunt that he couldn’t even speak. All the way out to the tip, and back in, köylü porno his pace quickening with every thrust. Cherise was fondling his balls just before he’d cram his cock into her girlfriend. It was bliss.

And just as Terri seemed as if she could take no more of him, her legs would wrap around his waist, pulling his thick cock into her even deeper. Terri screamed as she came for the second time in minutes. She screamed out every time he hit the hilt of her.

“Oh, fuck. Cherise, come lay in front of me, baby. Let me eat you.”

There wasn’t a moment of hesitation as Cherise lay back, looking at Jake, and pulled Terri’s face into her swollen pussy lips. Her hands wrapped up in Terri’s hair as he hammered against the girl from the rear. He could see Cherise’s eyes go wide as her clit was stimulated. It was a perfect sight.

“Mmmm… Baby, want Jake to fuck your ass? You do, don’t you?”

As if in response, the girl between them slid her hand back, past Jake’s balls, to rub his anus, softly. At the same time, she began to finger Cherise’s tightest hole.

Terri screamed as Jake stuffed his hard on, into her ass without the slightest bit of resistance. She pounded back against him, trying to suck his cock in deeper.

The three of them writhed as they fucked each other, faster and faster, closer to orgasm every second. The smile on Cherise’s face was turning Jake on even more, and there was no way he could hold off much longer.

The two girls began to squirm, their breath short, screaming loudly. Each screamed out his name.

“Cum for me, Jake! Now!,” Terri commanded.

And with that, he pulled his cock from her, spraying them with his hot juice, covering Cherise’s tits and Terri’s ass.

In a few moments each had a cigarette in hand. They were silent. They were satisfied.

For the moment.

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