‘Research’ Project Ch. 02


Emily decided to share her story with her man, but managed to do it without exploiting the last weekend she spent with Alexis. He truly needed to know so he would not be completely startled on arrival. Emily knew that many men fantasize over such encounters but when it comes down to it, they really do not want to let it out of the fantasy bag. As comfortable as she was on the last trip, she may not be so much this journey because of his presence. They had to agree to take it slow and realize what their limits were. Enough talking had taken place already, and he wanted to have a little fun before they arrived.

As Emily warned, he may not like it and he wanted to be sure at least one load was delivered prior to the women getting connected again. He lifted her dress and as he tried to remove her panties, there weren’t any. He nonchalantly shifted her knee to bring her leg up to the seat and he positioned himself for a round of parking-lot style between her soft thighs. Since his hands were on the seat back and on her shoulder supporting his weight above her, she helped to guide him and they enjoyed a well-paced traditional round of sex. Not having done it this way in ages, it felt extraordinarily good. The position brought them both back to a time when sex in the backseat meant you were sneaking around. It added a dose of a thrill.

The sweat created between them was helping to build the mood. She found the thrusting rhythm to match his and they danced until he was about to cum. Knowing his ways, she pulled on his hips just at the right moment and he pulled out. With a quick and accurate grab at his popping cock, she was able to get him close enough that she could catch a shot or two for good measure. Whatever landed on her belly and chest was icing on the cake as he moved to finger her and massage her breasts until she could cum as well. As much as she wanted to, she resisted offering him a lick of her tits that were now glistening with his honey. She’d save that for some other time.

They finally arrived at Alexis’ place. The limo pulled right in, opened the doors and off they went for another research-filled afternoon. Just as Emily was güvenilir bahis about to ring the bell, Alexis popped her head out and they wrapped their arms around one another as though they hadn’t seen one another in years! He stood back in admiration waiting for the introduction. It was just a formality since they had all spoken of one another for so long.

He smiled with a sinister kind of sexual grin. Unsure of how to greet Alexis, when she put her hand out, he took it into a polite handshake and gripped tighter to pull her into a fast hug. She hugged right back, taking him a bit by surprise. When the hugging and greeting ended, they all went inside for a cold beverage.

Alexis spent all morning preparing for the visit. Not knowing any taste preferences, she had a wide assortment of food and drinks. They began with some appetizers to cut the appetites, sort of like on the limo ride over…the drinks began with rum and juice. The afternoon also finished with rum.

It was the activities in the middle that created the variety. He got a tour of the apartment so he’d know how to find everything on his own. Alexis pointed out where “his room” was. They continued along the hallway and immediately, Emily ducked into the bathroom to begin filling the tub. She found the bubbles and added them to it. Alexis winked at Emily from the other side of the hallway, not caring that he saw. She actually wanted him to see it. She was verifying to him that any tales Emily shared were truth, not fiction. He could feel the pressure growing in his pants all over again.

The strange position he was in was feeling like a kid tagging along on his sister’s date. He watched every touch, every interaction and listened to every word and every unspoken word too! This afternoon was so much better because he knew he was fully invited and he was meant to be there. What he was not sure of was who goes first.

Settling that unasked question, they all headed to the bubbly tub. All those bubbles hid the hot inviting water underneath. Since Emily was the common denominator, she undressed first, throwing her dress on the bed. She was the only one not undressing türkçe bahis for a stranger. Alexis and he followed, watching each other remove one slow article at a time. Emily finally began to assist. First, unbuttoning Alexis’ blouse, then helped unlatch her bra. As soon as the tension of the bra released, Emily had her mouth slurping two fast tastes on one nipple. She then coached and encouraged them both to be comfortable with it. She did, after all choose a woman who could accept him equally well as Emily does. He was a lot to accept, but it was far from a task to do so. He was a beautiful man, and he was confident enough to be there with two great nude women.

The tub was soon holding the three beautiful bodies. They were all anxious to know what was next. Unable to decide and not willing to hold court over it, Alexis spread her legs and placed one foot in each of the other’s laps. Besides the floating bubbles, the only things in the room that moved were their eyes. Scanning the response to her feet, it seemed an alright place to begin. Emily and her man followed her lead. Everyone now had two other feet in what was left of their laps and everyone’s legs were parted as far as comfortably possible. With this, they all slouched and hung their heads along the rim of the tub. Tilting heads backwards, they shut their eyes and felt Alexis massaging their legs and feet. It only seemed right to begin a casual and slightly sexual round of Simon Says.

The rubbing continued. The massaging continued. The bubbles dissipated and the water began to cool. They could see more of one another’s bodies as the excitement grew. Or maybe seeing more flesh grew the excitement. Either way, it was a thrill to have a large batch of 2-on-1 soup steeping. When Alexis pulled his foot down off her thigh and between her legs, his eyes flashed quickly to Emily. Nervously looking for her approval, she had no idea what was going on beneath the still thick layer of bubbles. He smiled and allowed Alexis to guide him. She pulled him closer by the ankle. When in the right position, she angled his foot for his toes to brush against her bare silken pussy. Once in the area, he maintained güvenilir bahis siteleri control of his foot and pressed his toes beyond her lips and into her.

Her large smile let Emily know what was happening. Emily took it as a cue to do his other foot in the same manner. Now, both of his feet were manipulating these women who both now wanted him. The ladies wound their arms around each others’ on the edge of the tub and they winked. He saw that but didn’t know where to look. He shut his eyes and tipped his head back. He learned that the wink meant something. In a flash, he felt two opposing feet clasping his cock and begin stroking it. The more stimulated he became, the faster and harder his feet moved against their pussies.

The ladies finally wanted more of his great body and less of his feet. They floated to him and each sat their wet pussy on a thigh. Turning their heads only, they now faced each other and took on a suspicious look. They moved slightly closer to one another with a look he had never seen in Emily’s eye’s before. He just witnessed the expression that takes over as she’s about to French kiss another woman. They were sitting far enough on his legs that they could feel his hard cock growing harder and longer. They held hands below the surface and made sure that his cock was between them. As he was getting a subaquatic jerk off, the ladies were getting off on the kiss and the feel of his thigh between their legs.

The kiss grew into more physical contact, with their breasts floating and bumping and stimulating one another as his hands grabbed and massaged them. He was thoroughly enjoying the way their nipples matched up with little adjusting or effort. The kiss was less sensual than if it were he and Emily, but only because he held her true passion. But, they both still held his stiff one. Not too much time went by and they turned to include him in this kiss. It had become a three-way kiss that soon became a patternless swapping of kissing and grabbing and groping. The ladies would let go of his cock to tweak a breast or nipple or two, his and their own included.

Alexis again had thought ahead to warm all the towels. She got out, helped the others and wrapped towels around them before she scurried off to grab the refills of their drinks. She came back with a tray full of all the necessities to avoid any interruptions once they climbed into bed.

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