Rest Stop


I was dragged out of my bizarre dream by the deceleration and sudden shift of the seat inside the stuffy cabin. I couldn’t remember what flight I was on or what my destination was to be but as soon as my eyes finally focused through my Wayfarers, I realized wasn’t in a plane, but in the belly of ‘The Beast.’ We were headed for our beach house on the Carolina coast, where we would spend the next month.

‘The Beast’ was our nickname for the nondescript GM van Dad had bought years ago. The gleaming black thing had caught his eye one day as he was driving home from work. He stopped and gave it the once over, determined that it was destined to be his ‘dream machine’ reminding him of the van in ‘The A-Team’ he’d watched as a kid and he haggled a price with the lot owner.

Since acquiring it he had it repainted, had the interior redone, washed and waxed it weekly, had it serviced without fail and appointed it the official vacation vehicle for every trip we made. We called it ‘The Beast’ because it was a little intimidating at first sight, being completely black with dark tinted windows. Made long before hybrids or the thought of fuel efficiency Dad refused the air conditioning to be used since it was an unnecessary pull on gas. A successful accountant, he kept details of the milage of every trip carefully detailed in a small ledger stored in the glove compartment that Mom dutifully noted during trips as his designated secretary. The Beast lived under a separate parking canopy beside the garage over an ever increasing oil stain.

We glided to a stop under a shady spot of palm trees at the very end of the nearly empty parking lot.

“Why are you parking so far away? There are tons of spaces closer.” Mom asked.

“What’s the point of stretching your legs if your parking next to the front door? Besides, I don’t want assholes banging up this baby with their doors.”

Mom didn’t argue the point that there were only three other cars in the lot and I didn’t blame her. Arguing with Dad was taxing for even the young at heart and, believe me, I’d done my share.

“God, I need to take a dump.” Dad said.

“Evan!” Mom said, and although I couldn’t see her eyes, I knew she was wincing.


“Can’t you just say ‘I need to be excused?'”

Dad sighed, looking straight ahead, slumping his shoulders. “I didn’t burp or fart, so I don’t need to be excused. I need to take a dump. But,” he lifted his right forefinger from the steering wheel to accent his point, “give me another second and I’ll need to be excused.”

“Don’t you dare!” Mom exclaimed. “Just get out and I’ll wake the kids.”

“Don’t you dare!” Dad shot back. “Those two asleep is the only peace we’ll get on this trip. We’ll be stopping for lunch soon. Just let ’em be.”

“We can’t leave them alone.”

“Natalie,” bursa escort Dad said exasperated. “They’re eighteen, not eight. Anybody tries to take those two deserves what they get. They’ll be fine.” He grabbed the morning paper stowed in the carrying net behind the seat and opened the driver’s door. I watched them exit the van and walk over to the sidewalk. Dad had the paper crammed under his right arm that held his empty coffee cup while tugging the seat of his Bermuda shorts with his left hand freeing his boxers from his crack. Mom swatted his had away as if someone they may know might suddenly drive by. Anyone watching them knew they would stay together until death did them part.

I watched as they meandered up the stone path to the ugly stone and stucco building. I looked to my right at Hannah, who had wisely turned her swivel seat around facing the back of the van before we departed. Knowing the air conditioning ban we were both dressed in bare minimums. I was wearing only swim trunks and she was wearing her red polka dot bikini briefs and a cut off grey tank top with Bugs Bunny on the front with a caption saying ‘What’s Up, Doc?” She wasn’t wearing a bra but she didn’t need one. Hannah’s tits where only an ‘A’ size, but they were perky and perfect and her hard nipples poked out against the worn fabric. Her tan legs were stretched out on the bench seat behind us. Her long blonde hair was covering her right arm that her head was resting on. The white cord of her headphones spilled out below and I could hear but not make out what song she was listening to. It was just loud enough to drown out Mom and Dad.

I considered my options. I knew I wouldn’t go back to sleep and I should get out and stretch my legs. I could even stand to take a piss but, in the time it would take to put on my tennis shoes and make the journey up to rest center, Dad would already have rendered the facilities uninhabitable to anyone without assisted breathing devices.

All of the side windows were popped open and there was a humid but strong breeze blowing through. I glanced out at the three other vehicles, of which the farthest from us was inhabited by an oversized man stretched back sleeping, his left hand resting on his crotch, his right hand resting inside a bag of Doritos. The car beside his was empty, the occupants no doubt inside. The third was a Winnebago parked on the opposite side of the lot taking up four spaces. An elderly man and woman were walking a mangy looking poodle that would no doubt precede both of them in death, probably soon considering the painful way it walked looking for a place to relieve itself.

I looked back over at my twin sister in her white rimmed shades. She hadn’t moved since I woke up. I relaxed in my seat deciding to wait for Mom and Dad to return and folded my hands across my stomach. I looked down bursa escort bayan at my feet resting on the folded beach towel on top the cooler in front of me and watched as the tent slowly rose in my swim trunks.

I hadn’t jerked off since yesterday morning. After we had spent the day packing and preparing for the predawn departure I was exhausted and fell asleep early. I knew by the time we reached our beach house later that evening I would have a severe case of blue balls.

I pulled the waist band of my shorts up with my right and looked at my thick, semi-hard cock. When I measured it last week, it was six point nine inches long. I was really hoping for a full seven inches, but was satisfied what I had. I glanced once more outside at over at Hannah, then wrapped my left hand around the shaft. I stroked until it was completely hard then put my feet on the floor and lifted my hips. I pulled my shorts down to my knees and with my free right hand, I cupped my balls. I closed my eyes and started jerking off.

I squeezed my shaft and tugged my balls, feeling them getting tighter when, all at once, I felt a hand grab my trunks and jerk them down my legs and off my feet. My eyes popped open and I saw Hannah on her knees in front of me. Like a cat, I never heard or saw her move. She had pushed her shades on top of her hair like a braid. “What the fuck?” I said. She just smiled and said, “I got this, bro.”

She pulled my hands away and took my hard cock in her left hand slowly jerking the shaft. She leaned forward and took my right ball in her hot, wet mouth. She sucked it deep while running her tongue all over it, massaging my left ball with her right hand. Once the right ball was saturated with her saliva, she sucked the left one in, running her tongue back and forth between them both, sucking them deep in her mouth. I pushed her gold hair back and caressed her shoulders looping my fingers around the straps of her tank top.

As I pulled her shirt off, Hannah released my balls from her mouth, cupping them in her right hand, tugging them with her fingers. She put her tongue on the base of my dick and slowly began working her way up the shaft. When she reached the head, she licked the pre-cum dribbling from my slit, then took the tip in her lips. She squeezed and jerked my shaft tight as she licked my throbbing head over and over, making me moan with pleasure. Then she began swallowing the whole shaft down her throat.

Hannah was sucking my dick like it was the most delicious piece of candy she ever had. Sweat was dripping off my ass onto the striped beach towel covering my faux leather seat and I was bucking my hips in motion with her bobbing head. She hooked her thumbs in her bikini shorts and slipped them off, then straddled my lap as I leaned the seat back. She took my throbbing cock in her hand and pushed escort bursa the head against her slick slit. I jerked involuntarily at how hot her pussy was as she lowered herself on top of me.

We fucked hard, our blonde pubic hair smashing together. I squeezed her gorgeous tits together, licking her hard nipples as they jiggled with each thrust. She was so hot, tight, wet and beautiful.

Hannah wrapped her arms around my neck and put her mouth against my right ear, panting hard. I pinched her red hard nipples tight and felt her cum a little and she squeezed my dick tighter and fucked me faster. I felt my load building, and pushed myself off the seat, matching her thrusts with the rhythm of my hips slapping against her. She grunted deep in my ear as she came, hugging me tight. I kneaded her ass cheeks until my balls exploded, squirting a hot huge load deep inside her.

We continued thrusting until each other was completely spent. Then she collapsed on top of me, her head resting on my right shoulder. I felt something wet dripping on me and I grabbed her forearms and pushed her away. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. “Did I hurt you?”

She brushed her face with the back of hand and said, “It felt amazing, Harper.”

Hannah hugged me and I smiled and was about to speak when something caught the corner of my eye.

“They’re coming!”

My sister raised off me, my wet, hard dick slapping against my stomach. She grabbed a can of moist wipes and started jerking out sheets, handing me some first. We cleaned ourselves up, stowed the used towels in the trash and pulled on our shorts. Hannah giggled when I said her T-shirt was inside out. She quickly corrected it and resumed her seat. I ran my fingers through my hair and settled the Wayfarers back in place. I had just returned my seat upright as the van doors opened.

“Holy, hell! It smells like a Mexican whorehouse in here.” Dad exclaimed as he settled into the driver’s seat, the van rocking slightly from side to side as they got in.

“Evan!” Mom said in that same, exasperated voice.


“Just turn the air conditioner on for a while.” Mom said as she reached for the control.

Dad gently pushed her hand away in mid-reach. “I got this, babe.” He reached into the console and pulled out a green tree wrapped in plastic. Unwrapping it, he waved it back and forth a few times, then draped it over the rear view mirror. “There, smells like a new car.”

Mom shook her head and I stifled a laugh as Dad keyed the motor and “The Beast” roared back to life. I looked over at Hannah who had settled her shades back in place and a was sitting with her hands in her lap. But as I looked closer, I saw her left hand was inside her shorts. She pulled her hand out and put her forefingers in her mouth, tasting our mingled cum. My dick stirred again as I yearned to lean across and taste too.

Suddenly the van lurched back and I just relaxed in my seat. As we pulled back onto the interstate I started dozing off looking forward to our next stop.

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